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United Kingdom Netflix Dns

Uk DNS codes for Netflix – British Expats

Mar 9th 2014, 8:51 pm
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Uk DNS codes for Netflix
Hey guys! English expat living on Vancouver island here. I’ve currently got my Apple TV set up to watch US netflix but would like to change it to the uk version! I don’t want to pay for any extra Vpn service Etc so was wondering if anybody would be kind enough to give me the DNS codes to watch the uk version of netflix in Canada? Thanks
Mar 9th 2014, 9:45 pm
Re: Uk DNS codes for Netflix
Originally Posted by Jimmyjokerz
So you want someone to pay on your behalf?
Mar 9th 2014, 10:38 pm
Unblock-us is $5 a month. If you want to watch UK Netflix that’s not an unreasonable amount to pony up is it?
Mar 9th 2014, 11:01 pm
I use media hint and air play it from my laptop
Mar 9th 2014, 11:42 pm
No, there are codes all over the net for the us version on Apple TV, which I didn’t have to pay for but I just can’t find any for the uk one! Wasn’t sure if anybody had any
Mar 10th 2014, 5:44 am
208. 122. 23. 23
208. 22
Mar 10th 2014, 2:25 pm
Originally Posted by Danny B
The above is set to your own IP and wont work on his.
Mar 10th 2014, 2:31 pm
Originally Posted by cbrown89
Indeed. I believe the IP gets ‘whitelisted’ in connection with the DNS setting but I may be wrong.
$5 a month is a bargain imho.
Mar 10th 2014, 9:48 pm
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Originally Posted by Atlantic Xpat
I use Hotspot Shield Elite VPN and it works very well. $19. 99/6 months fair enough!
Mar 11th 2014, 12:43 am
Originally Posted by MargauxHSS
The chap does not like to pay.
Mar 11th 2014, 1:22 am
I second Unblockus. $5/month.
And no, you cannot simply use unblockus’s DNS servers without paying as your IP is whitelisted as being a paid customer.
A free alternative although only available on PC is the Hola unblocker addon for Chrome/Firefox
Mar 11th 2014, 1:56 am
MediaHint is free?!
Mar 11th 2014, 5:41 am
Originally Posted by The4BellsLondon
I used to use MediaHint when it was free but then it suddenly started to ask me for money one day so I switched to the Hola browser add-on.
Mar 11th 2014, 5:55 am
Originally Posted by burks
Odd.. I’m not paying for anything..
Mar 11th 2014, 6:00 am
Maybe they had to backtrack on the fees?.
UK ISP DNS Server Settings | Increase Broadband Speed

UK ISP DNS Server Settings | Increase Broadband Speed

Looking for the best and fastest DNS servers in the UK, or the best DNS settings for the PS4 or other games consoles? Here is our list of the best free public DNS servers and the DNS servers of the major ISPs in the UK. We recommend changing your DNS settings from their default settings (provided by your ISP) to those of the top Public DNS servers (e. g. Google, Cloudflare or OpenDNS). DNS servers are required to convert domain names (which are understandable names of websites) to IP addresses (which are necessary for your device to download a webpage), as described in our article Speed Up DNS Look-ups For Faster Web Browsing. Below are the DNS server settings for the main UK ISPs and Public DNS servers, such as ovider/ISPDNS serversGoogle (Public DNS)8. 8. 4. 4 8. 8Cloudflare DNS (Public DNS)1. 1. 1 1. 0. 1OpenDNS (Public DNS)208. 67. 222. 222 208. 220. 220BT Broadband DNS62. 6. 40. 178 62. 162 194. 72. 9. 38 194. 34 194. 98 194. 114 194. 74. 65. 68 194. 69PlusNet DNS212. 159. 13. 49 212. 50 212. 9 212. 10Sky Broadband DNS90. 207. 238. 97 90. 99Virgin Media DNS194. 168. 100 194. 100TalkTalk DNS62. 24. 134. 1 62. 243. 2Zen Internet DNS212. 23. 3. 100 212. 100AAISP DNS217. 169. 20. 20 217. 21Hyperoptic DNS141. 144. 64 188. 172. 120iDNET DNS212. 69. 36. 23 212. 23EE DNS87. 237. 17. 198 87. 166Vodafone Broadband DNS90. 255. 90 90. 255Vispa DNS83. 217. 161. 24 83. 25Comodo Secure DNS (Public DNS)8. 26. 56. 26 8. 247. 20Quad9 DNS (Public DNS)9. 9 149. 112. 112Verisign DNS (Public DNS)64. 64. 6 64. 6Level3 (Public DNS)4. 2. 1 4. 2 4. 3 4. 4 4. 5NTT (Public)192. 250. 35. 250 129. 251Sprintlink (Public)204. 117. 214. 10 199. 252. 10Google Public DNSGoogle’s Public DNS servers, which launched in 2009, have become popular among broadband enthusiasts. Google claims that its DNS service is the largest public DNS service in the world. Google’s DNS servers implement a number of approaches to minimise DNS look-up times, which include:over provisioning of servers (to provide high-volume input/output and protection against possible Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks)load balancing for shared cachinghosting in data centres worldwide, with look-up requests sent to the geographically closest data settings for Google’s Public DNS are:8. 88. 4We strongly recommend trying these DNS settings as an alternative to the default settings for your ISP. Our article Speed Up DNS Look-ups For Faster Web Browsing explains how a software utility called Namebench can be used to identify the best DNS server settings for your particular oudflare DNSCloudflare launched its public free DNS service in April 2018, and has rapidly gained an excellent reputation for speed and privacy. Cloudflare claims that its DNS service is the fastest in the world, in part because it is deployed on Cloudflare’s 1000+ servers worldwide. According to measurement site DNSPerf (at the time of writing this), the Cloudflare DNS server delivered the fastest query speed of all DNS servers – worldwide and across Europe, with OpenDNS and Google being second and third in Europe. The settings are:1. 11. 1Open DNSOpen DNS – which is now part of Cisco – delivers public DNS services in a similar way to Google. Open DNS claims to offer the “world’s largest, fastest and most reliable” DNS service. The settings are:208. 222208. 220Open DNS offers its ‘Family Shield’ service (free of charge to registered users), which provides parental control by disallowing DNS look-ups to certain types of web content (e. adult material) popular pages:Increase Broadband Speed Guide – our guide to substantially increase your broadband speedsOnline Speed Tests – how to use them and which are the bestWi-Fi Optimisation Guide – how to speed up your WiFi connectionWhat is Fibre Broadband?
How to Unblock US Netflix with Smart DNS - DNSFLEX

How to Unblock US Netflix with Smart DNS – DNSFLEX

How to watch US Netflix from Anywhere around the World with Smart DNS
With DNSFlex Smart DNS, you can access the full US Netflix Library from anywhere around the world. With Smart DNS technology, your network connection will never slow down – unlike with a VPN connection. Our mission is to deliver the fastest, most reliable internet connection for high demand availability to support 4k and HD Netflix streaming quality across all of your connected devices (Smart TV, Android, IOS, PC Desktop and Gamin Consoles).
Ever since Netflix has expanded outside its original US base, the story has been much the same. Its worldwide Global catalog pales in comparison to title selections available in its US library.
Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings announced at CES 2016 that Netflix had flipped the switch on immediate global availability, excluding China, Crimea, Syria and North Korea. China is tricky due to government regulation, while Crimea, Syria and North Korea are excluded due to US government trade restrictions.
You can imagine the demand for availability around the world, territorial licensing restricts content based on region as opposed to subscription. For example, a user physically located on a network in the UK will be unable to stream a Movie or TV Show that someone from Canada or the US have access to.
Netflix applies a Geo IP filtering mechanism to detect VPN and Proxy usage. When a user logs into the Netflix account, a catalog of titles are presented in the dashboard supporting the local access Region. Second – The Content Distribution Servers will determine if the source IP’s origin is in the US and if its registered to a US Residential ISP. This technique weeds out users trying to access the service via a Datacenter VPN or commercial Proxy. In this case, a message will appear on our screen “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy”. synonymous amongst many VPN providers.
The chart below, provides compiled data on every available Netflix territory for its Movie and TV offerings where that data is available. You can sort each column depending on your taste in movies or TV to see how each country compares to the mammoth US library.
Country# of TV Shows# of MoviesPercentage of US TV Library (by title count)Percentage of US Movie Library (by title count)United States11574593100. 00%100. 00%American Samoa985453885. 13%98. 80%Puerto Rico1073380792. 74%82. 89%Martinique803373669. 40%81. 34%Guadeloupe803373269. 25%French Guiana803371069. 40%80. 78%Benin (Dahomey)462317139. 93%69. 04%Equatorial Guinea1071311492. 57%67. 80%Anguilla657291356. 78%63. 42%British Virgin Islands697291160. 24%63. 38%Turks And Caicos Islands696289960. 16%63. 12%Jamaica686289059. 29%62. 92%Saint Vincent And The Grenadines686288759. 86%Dominica686288059. 70%Trinidad and Tobago686287959. 68%Grenada686287959. 68%Saint Kitts And Nevis686287259. 53%Antigua and Barbuda646287155. 83%62. 51%Suriname672285958. 08%62. 25%Dominican Republic669285457. 82%62. 14%Haiti671284557. 99%61. 94%Honduras671284557. 94%El Salvador672284358. 08%61. 90%Nicaragua672284358. 90%Peru672283758. 77%Ecuador672283758. 77%Paraguay676283458. 43%61. 70%Panama676283458. 70%Bahamas646266755. 83%58. 07%Canada623256253. 85%55. 78%Cayman Islands656247356. 70%53. 84%Chile561247048. 49%53. 78%Aruba712246161. 54%53. 58%Belize646243855. 83%53. 08%Isle Of Man546242247. 19%52. 73%Jersey546242047. 69%Ireland544241947. 02%52. 67%Guernsey547241947. 28%52. 67%Mexico592240651. 17%52. 38%Costa Rica538239846. 50%52. 21%Lithuania539239846. 59%52. 21%Argentina640239455. 32%52. 12%Bolivia630239454. 45%52. 12%Cuba407238035. 18%51. 82%Uruguay637231055. 06%50. 29%Bermuda652226856. 35%49. 38%Colombia630222054. 45%48. 33%Venezuela632221854. 62%48. 29%Barbados646216255. 83%47. 07%Tanzania483192741. 75%41. 96%Denmark351178930. 34%38. 95%Norway347177729. 99%38. 69%Sweden353176730. 51%38. 47%Finland339175729. 30%38. 25%Brazil562167248. 57%36. 40%Greenland331166828. 61%36. 32%Iraq443158638. 29%34. 53%United Kingdom442158638. 20%34. 53%Australia443158538. 51%Australian Antarctica443158538. 51%Christmas Island443158538. 51%Cocos (Keeling) Islands443158538. 51%Norfolk Island443158538. 51%New Zealand440156938. 03%34. 16%Luxembourg373155632. 24%33. 88%Netherlands390149433. 71%32. 53%France387148533. 45%32. 33%Switzerland329148528. 44%32. 33%Papua New Guinea403148234. 83%32. 27%Belgium437147437. 77%32. 09%Guatemala356144430. 77%31. 44%Pakistan328144028. 35%31. 35%Bangladesh328144028. 35%Greece328144028. 35%Germany3281, 44028. 35%Belarus328144028. 35%Lebanon328144028. 35%Kuwait328144028. 35%Afghanistan328144028. 35%Tajikistan328144028. 35%Bahrain328144028. 35%Malta328144028. 35%Brunei Darussalam328144028. 35%Yemen328143928. 33%Serbia328143928. 33%Azerbaijan327143728. 26%31. 29%United Arab Emirates328143628. 26%Qatar217143018. 76%31. 13%Andorra328143028. 13%Armenia217142918. 11%Fijian Islands403141934. 83%30. 89%Austria281139724. 29%30. 42%Georgia228135519. 71%29. 50%Uzbekistan217129418. 76%28. 17%Japan393118133. 97%25. 71%Libya326111728. 18%24. 32%Kazakhstan327108128. 26%23. 54%Tunisia327108128. 54%Spain236104220. 40%22. 69%Oman327103328. 26%22. 49%Turkmenistan327103328. 49%Italy196100016. 94%21. 77%Kyrgyzstan32796828. 26%21. 08%Iceland18077715. 56%16. 92%Guinea19975517. 20%16. 44%Iran12965311. 15%14. 22%Niger19964817. 20%14. 11%Sri Lanka (Ceylon)17958515. 47%12. 74%Cape Verde Islands (Cabo Verde)19756717. 03%12. 34%Ukraine20356217. 55%12. 24%Slovakia20356117. 21%Macedonia20056017. 29%12. 19%Latvia20156017. 37%12. 19%Czech Republic20055917. 17%Croatia20255817. 46%12. 15%Poland20655517. 80%12. 08%Slovenia20455517. 63%12. 08%Romania20255417. 06%Moldova20255417. 06%Estonia17055014. 69%11. 97%Bosnia and Herzegovina17054914. 95%Hungary17154814. 78%11. 93%India19753717. 03%11. 69%Portugal21553718. 58%11. 69%Bulgaria20353617. 55%11. 67%Burundi19953617. 20%11. 67%Bhutan20253417. 46%11. 63%Cambodia (Kampuchea)17551215. 13%11. 15%Mongolia20051117. 29%11. 13%Democratic Republic of Congo19951017. 10%Russia1135099. 77%11. 08%Malaysia17450915. 04%11. 08%Philippines17450715. 04%Vietnam17550715. 04%Mauritius22549919. 45%10. 86%Turkey18848916. 25%10. 65%South Korea14848012. 79%10. 45%Republic of the Congo19947317. 20%10. 30%Nepal20147117. 37%10. 25%Singapore16946914. 61%10. 21%Cameroon19946717. 17%Rwanda19946717. 17%Swaziland19946717. 17%Burkina Faso (Upper Volta)19946717. 17%South Africa20146617. 15%Uganda19946617. 15%Ghana19946617. 15%Zambia19946617. 15%Sierra Leone19946617. 15%Namibia19946617. 15%Gambia19946617. 15%Lesotho19946517. 12%Mali19046416. 42%10. 10%Senegal19946417. 10%Togo19946417. 10%Guinea-Bissau19946417. 10%Gabon19946417. 10%Nigeria19946317. 08%Kenya19946317. 08%Malawi19946317. 08%Mozambique19946217. 06%Botswana19646216. 94%10. 06%Ethiopia19946117. 04%Madagascar19945617. 20%9. 93%Israel14343812. 36%9. 54%Indonesia17043114. 69%9. 38%Central African Republic19943117. 38%Jordan16842914. 52%9. 34%Egypt16842614. 27%Saudi Arabia16842614. 27%Algeria16942514. 61%9. 25%Somalia17042214. 19%Hong Kong13439211. 58%8. 53%Taiwan13538511. 67%8. 38%Chad17037614. 69%8. 19%Mauritania17037314. 12%Sudan16435914. 17%7. 82%Comoros16735114. 43%7. 64%Eritrea16734514. 51%Angola1002918. 64%6. 34%Thailand942108. 12%4. 57%Albania332002. 85%4. 35%Zimbabwe46619940. 28%4. 33%Morocco391183. 37%2. 57%
Follow these steps to Unblock US Netflix now!
UPDATE – 2020-05-21: Netflix Smart DNS on Smart TV and Gaming Consoles are no longer supported.
Step 1 – Sign Up and Create Your DNSFlex Account
Head over to to create your DNSFlex account.
Choose a plan that includes Smart DNS –
Step 2 – Log into the DNSFlex Dashboard
Log into the Dashboard to find the DNS Server IP’s closest to your area
Step 3 – Configure DNSFlex DNS IP’s on your System
No matter what device you are using to stream US Netflix, we have you covered! Follow these simple instructions in our setup guides to get you up and running in minutes.
Note: Due to the de-centralised nature of DNS, updates may take up to 10 minutes to fully propagate. Please be patient, most issues can be resolved by rebooting your device or clearing the browser cache.

Frequently Asked Questions about united kingdom netflix dns

What is the DNS code for UK?

UK ISP and Best Public DNS Server Settings for 2021Provider/ISPDNS serversVirgin Media DNS194.168.4.100 DNS62.24.134.1 Internet DNS212.23.3.100 DNS217.169.20.20 more rows

Does Netflix work with DNS?

With DNSFlex Smart DNS, you can access the full US Netflix Library from anywhere around the world. With Smart DNS technology, your network connection will never slow down – unlike with a VPN connection.

Can I access US Netflix in UK?

American Netflix Content is blocked in the UK because Netflix limits its content to every region. Users residing in the UK cannot access the US Netflix library’s content and vice versa. To get rid of this geo-restriction, you will need a VPN that can easily unblock different Netflix libraries.Oct 1, 2021

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