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Sneaker Reselling Discord

Discord servers tagged with sneakers | DISBOARD

Discord servers tagged with sneakers | DISBOARD

Waiting room for Chefs EU membership!
We are a UK/EU focused cook group aiming to provide top quality information and resources to our chefs so everyone can cook all the best and most profitable releases.
– The fastest UK and EU specific monitors for stores such as Zalando, FTL, Mesh, Offspring, Solebox and more.
– Expert release guides with full site lists.
– FREE Chrome Extention and Toolbox
– PID scrapers and inventory info
– Expert bot restock information on drops
– Extensive guides useful for both manual users and botters
– Provider channels on brickflips, lowkey flips, cards and more!
– Constant support from our dedicated team and 1:1 help
– Groupbuys for a whole range of bots and services
– Top level Hold or Sell guidance
– Cheap, reliable ACO providers plus an in house service.
Main Twitter: Success Twitter:
GOT ´EM CITY, dein Platz für Sneakers, Fashion and more.
Was bieten wir?
– Wichtige Releases info und drop Info
– Resell Predictions
– Sneaker drop /Raffle
– Alarm für drops
– Twitter Monitore
– Hold or Sell
– Legitchecks
– Marktplatz für Sneaker / Bots
In progress:
– Monitoring
– Sl0t
– Bot
Wir sind kostenlos:)
Nous sommes un fournisseur de proxies et de comptes SNKRS.
Q’est-ce qu’un proxy?
Nos proxies ont pour but d’avoir le même rôle qu’un VPN soit délocaliser/modifier votre adresse de connexion, cela permettra lors des DROP de pouvoir vous inscrire avec tout vos comptes sans tous les localiser a la même adresse de connexion et ainsi éviter d’être banni:satellite:.
Les comptes SNKRS vous permettent d’avoir plus de chance de COP des sneakers (avec 50 comptes SNKRS, vous aurez donc 50 fois plus de chance de COP qu’une personne avec un seul compte, c’est-à-dire la plupart des gens. ).
Notre particularité?
Nos bas prix et nos comptes SNKRS créés et entretenus manuellement par nos soins, avec numéro de téléphone vérifié.
En plus de ça, des giveaways sont faits régulièrement (drop de comptes SNKRS, de proxies… ).
N’hésite pas à nous rejoindre!
Qu’est-ce que NotifyFrance?
NotifyFrance est un cookgroup ayant pour objectif de vous former à devenir un revendeur expérimenté. Ainsi, vous pourrez chaque mois gagner de l’argent grâce à la revente de Sneakers.
Nous proposerons des guides complets et nous avons aussi une équipe expérimentée pour vous aider et répondre à toutes vos questions!
Grâce à nos partenaires, nous pourrons vous proposer des outils pour pouvoir cop plus efficacement à la main ou avec des bots.!
En plus de cela, nous proposons toutes les features nécessaires pour être le plus performant possible lors des releases. ✅
Le groupe est actuellement stock épuisé❌
Ce que l’on propose:
⚡ Shock Drop

Fast Monitors
SMS Notify
Guides & By-Pass
Sitelist Complète
✨ Groupbuys Exclusifs
Twitter Monitor
Assistance 7/7
Communauté FR
✅ Sl0ts/ACO
Marketplace Privée
Extension NF
Random resell
Monitor GPU
Welcome to 6438money
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬. Friendly server. Leaked eBooks, methods, tools & lots more!. Boost rewards. Giveaways. Drops. And lots more join now!
Introducing Ping Plugs, a cook group to help you in your reselling journey.
What we offer:
Helpful staff,
Fun games to play and members play trivia for prizes,
1 on 1 Reselling And Bot Help,
Monthly Release Calendar,
Weekly Release Calendar,
ALL Links To Profitable Shoes or Items,
Cheap and Free Aco,
A free marketplace,
Free legit checks,
Monitors (Coming Soon)
And So Much More
We offer some of the best and limited sneakers and hyped clothing for under payout on stockx and goat! Additionally, we have autocheckout slots for almost every release!
We teach you how to Hustle and Resell Items for Profit!
Come join the Best Cook Group that Exists!
We have Exclusive Monitors and Providers over all listed below!
Pokemon Flips
Yugioh Flips
Lowkey Flips
Hot Wheel Flips
Funko Flips
Comic Book Flips
Sports Card Flips
Toy Flips
Lego Flips
Vinyl Flips
Collectibles Flips
NFT Flips
Top Shot Flips
Sneaker Flips
Brickseek Flips
Instore Flips
Online Flips
Come join today don’t miss out!!
Copped Inc. ist ein deutscher, anfängerfreundlicher Discord Server rund um das Thema Resellen.
Unsere Features:
→ Einstellbare Benachrichtigungen
→ Nike SNKRS, Afew Store und Supreme Monitore
→ PS5 Restock Benachrichtigungen
→ Bot Restock Benachrichtigungen + Guides
→ Tägliche Erinnerungen
→ Shock Drop Benachrichtigungen
→ Eigene Tools
→ Bot Twitter Monitore
→ Groupbuys
→ alle Infos für wichtige Releases
→ alle Infos für wichtige Supreme Drops
→ Raffle Listen
→ StockX Price Checker
→ Ebay Viewer
→ Giveaways
→ eine nette und hilfsbereite Server Leitung und Community
→ “Hold or Sell” Beratung durch die Community
→ Legitchecks durch die Community
→ Marktplatz für Bots
→ Marktplatz für Sneaker und Streetwear
→ und vieles mehr…
We give you the opportunity to pre-order 100% authentic sneakers for well under resale value through backdoor connections
How do we work?
Our team has exclusive partnerships with some of the biggest backdoor suppliers in the US. Since we put in millions of $$$ worth of pre-orders per year, we get access to extremely discounted prices. You can use these deals to fill your personal collection, or you can use these deals to run an extremely profitable reselling business. Our premium members average 40%-100% returns on their backdoor pre-orders
How many pairs can I get?
Non premium members are limited to 2 pairs per release. Premium members are typically able to order 100’s to 1000’s of pairs per release
Why does shipping take so long?
Pairs ship from our suppliers 1-3+ months after release day. The time frame depends on the shoes availability on the backdoor market
How does being a Premium Member benefit me?
Premium Members get access to multiple benefits, including…
– Special Premium pricing
– Remove 2 pair order limit
– Free shipping on all orders (Not including International)
– Premium Member role
– All for 25/ month
How do I become a premium member?
All the information you need will be in the server
Thanks for joining! I look forward to growing your business with you
Seth (Owner)
Avec Izi Cookz, vous ne manquerez plus les sorties avec des L et des OOS (out of stock) en boucle.
Nous proposons des infos en temps réel, des guides, des tips, et tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour cop des sneakers, des consoles, des cartes graphiques, et des cartes pokemon.
Débutant ou confirmé dans le monde de la sneakers, tout le monde à sa place dans notre communauté.
Plus d’infos sur
The Ultimate Free Cook Group!
and more…
Free Beta, we are here to help you guys make money! What we have to offer:
– Top of the line monitors: AIO, retail sites, footsites, shopify, raffles, etc..
– Exclusive Sneaker Bot To The Group
– Release Info
– Early Links
– Lowkey Flips
– Steals and deals
– Stock numbers
– Investments
– Brick Links
– Invite competition for $100!
Francify est un cookgroup français ayant pour objectif de donner toutes les informations nécessaires pour cop en tant que collectionneur mais également à vous former à devenir un revendeur compétent.
Nous proposerons des guides complets et nous sommes la pour vous aider et répondre à toutes vos questions!
De plus de cela, nous fournissons également tous les liens dont vous avez besoin pour être le plus efficace que possible lors des drop.
Vous pourrez chaque mois gagner un maximum de paire pour votre collection personnel ou même gagner de l’argent grâce à la revente de sneakers!
Nous vous invitons à rejoindre ce serveur, si tu souhaites cop un max!
En somme, ce groupe est aussi bien fait pour les collectionneurs, que pour les revendeurs.
QwikCooks is premium cook group providing everything you need to secure your purchases and make the most profit.
We have monitors for over 300 retail sites, release info, early links, FREE auto checkout service, FREE tools, shock drops, restock alerts, bot-setup guides, in-house proxies, and more!
| Release Info
| Daily/Weekly Drop Calendars
| In-House Proxies
| Shopify Monitors
| AIO Monitors
| Supreme/Palace Monitors
| Bot Market Monitors
| Bot Setup Guides
| Restock Guides
| Discount and Brickseek Guides
| Sneaker Investment Calls
| Flip Guides
| Sports Card Release Info
| Sports Card Investment Flips
| Early Links
| Drop Alerts
| Groupbuys and Partnerships
| Discounted Bot Rentals
| + MORE
#1 place for chill and fun
We have for you
Amazing people
Funny bots+ sneaker bots
✅ Active owner and staff
Music and Voice channels
Fun and active chats
10+ emojis
reaction roles
Daily updates (shoes) and daily info about the releases
About us
Amazing server to learn about shoes, in sneaker world its not just sneakers you meet new people everyday and last but not least you can make new friends in sneaker world!!
We are
️ Waiting you to Join right now!
️ Looking for staff & mods!
A community where we goof around and have fun! We talk about everyday life, games, sneakers, music, etc.
We have game nights, movie nights, and other fun events!!!
– We have a few channels with gaming bots to have fun and pass time.
– Giveaways!!!
– Gaming tournaments (been inactive but will return soon)
– and so much more to come!!!
Join and have fun with us:)
Salut! J’espère que tu vas bien!
Es-tu un fan de sneakers et tout ce qui tourne autour de la sneakers? Si oui tu tombes à pic!
— Qui y’a t-il sur ce serveur? —
・Des salons consacrés aux sneakers (balances tes sneakers, des leggits-check si jamais tu veux chopper une paire etc….. ).
・Des salons consacrés aux vêtements où il y a aussi des leggits-check pour les vêtements aussi!
・Des giveaways réguliers! ( plus particulièrement Nitro)
・Des évènements travaillé par notre équipe d’animation! Des thèmes variants selon vos choix!
・Grâce au serveur vous pouvez être au courant des sorties sneakers de la semaine!
・Une équipe à l’écoute et active afin de vous réserver une expérience inoubliable!
・Partenariats ouverts mais pas d’échanges de pubs!
・De nombreux avantages pour les boosters!
Et bien plus encore!
Pour découvrir tout cela nous t’invitons à rejoindre le serveur, en espérant te savoir parmis nous! ^^
Ładny discord
Wszystkie informacje o dropach!
Share with us!
Legit Checki!
Sezonowe porady!
Wojny outfitów!
Wiele roli!
FREE reselling server!
-NFT & Crypto
-All Console/GPU Info
-All Site Monitors
Join to change your life
Join Sneaker Club for a friendly, helpful community. We have Active polls, moderating and dedicated channels for sneakers, fashion, sports, reselling and much more as well as music and promotion for resales!
Free Sneaker Reselling Cook Group Server designed to help you cook sneakers for retail.
– Sneaker Flips/Investments
– ACOs
– Release Dates/Guides
– Legit Checks
– Early Links, Leaks & Alerts
– Deals, Discounts & Freebies
– Marketplace
– Giveaways
– Group buys
– AIO Fee Calculator
– Helpful links
+ So much more!
NEW SERVER – Welcome to Collecting by WAX. We see our collectibles as assets. There is a lot of crossover in what people like to collect and we believe there should be a conversation around the lifestyle.
If you are you looking for a collector-focus discord server and want to talk about your favorite collectible category:
-NFTS – new
Don’t see your collectible of choice, let’s add it.
Mesh Monitors provides a collection of fast monitors and tools at a competitive price. We have all the essential tools needed to accelerate your group members’ profits!
Shopify Monitors
• Monitoring over 200 sites
• Filtered & unfiltered AIO channels
• Anitbot bypass
• Individual channels
• Password monitor
• Quick tasks dash with autofill and bot configurations
Supreme Monitors
• US and EU monitors
• Droplist
• News
• Sellout times
AIO Monitors
• US Footsites
• CA Footsites
• Hibbett
• Meshsites
• Offspring Releases
• Solebox Releases
• Ssense Releases
• Zalando Releases
Twitter Monitors
• AIO monitor
• Filtered restock monitor
• Filtered giveaway monitor
Deal & Retail Monitors
• Amazon
• Argos
• Best Buy
• Brickseek
• Canada Computers
• Gamenerdz
• Gamestop
• Newegg
• Target
• Walmart
Tool Bot Commands, Bot Modules, Filtered Monitor Channels, Success Collage Generator, Twitter Success & Points Leaderboard, Server Setup
Sneaker reselling discord: SNKRS - Reddit

Sneaker reselling discord: SNKRS – Reddit

Hi guys me and a couple people and decided to start a discord on sneaker reselling and over all sneakers if you would like to join feel free, don’t be shy to ask for things in the server we can add what u want as long as it’s appropriate The discord will include Slot forms Quick flips Upcoming releases A sneakers chat where we can all talk everything shoes And much more thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast
level 1Have been looking for something like this for awhile let me know when a new link is posted.
Public Discord Servers tagged with Sneaker

Public Discord Servers tagged with Sneaker

Social | Community | Anime
Friendly café server dedicated to customers looking for pleasant, meaningful conversations. Over 20, 000 members | 100 Nitro café emotes.
Technology | Business
Quality sneaker bot servers powered by AMD EPYC
Business | Financial
—————–Sky Notify——————-
Why Choose us?
Sky notify has a team a active and dedicated staff here to help you turn resell into a career. With our large amount of features we can point you in the direction of checkouts and make your resell game explode.
>24/7 Support
>Release Guides
>Exclusive groupbuys
>Free Giveaways
>Resell advice
>Drop info
>Pre Orders
>Bot rentals
Community | Hobbies
Singapore’s Newest Sneaker and Streetwear Discord Community. Join us to discuss anything streetwear!
Design | Social
Free cook group for supreme Nike Adidas etc,
Business | Investing
Free Cook Group that will help you earn a sustainable living off of selling sneakers and streetwear from the comfort of your home. The server comes fully equipped with many tools to take your reselling to the next level.
Gaming | Growth
Cyber Proxies provides the fastest, unbanned, unthrottled residentials proxies at the best price. The setup is simple and easy and you can generate up to 500 proxies at once. If you are looking for a proxy provider that can provide uncomparable speeds at an affordable price, Cyber proxies are for you. Cyber Proxies are a fairly new company meaning they can dedicate their time to you as their customer.
Community | Financial
Lucky Notify
Deutsche Cook Gruppe…..
Werde ein Teil von uns und bringe dein Sneakergame auf ein anderes Level!
Investing | Business
Deutscher Sneaker Resell Discord Server Anfängerfreundlich und kostenlos. Lerne bei uns das Resellen!
Bot | Business
Community | Investing
Chicago Exclusive cook group, All members are from Chicago and the surrounding help with in-store restocks, in-store raffles etc…

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