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4K Mmr Account For Sale

Buy Dota 2 Account: All MMR & Ranks (Herald, Divine...)

Buy Dota 2 Account: All MMR & Ranks (Herald, Divine…)

Nothing beats the original; that’s why in the MOBA scene, there’s no title like Defense of The Ancients. Now, after many years of being a simple Warcraft III Frozen Throne custom map, DoTA was then bought by Valve and became a game of its own: DoTA 2. It kept its colorful heroes, fast-paced yet strategic and team play-oriented gameplay. The game continued with its RPG-like elements, including leveling up and attribute-upping items. There are smooth and beautiful graphics, with intuitive features. Check out how things have changed and stayed the same for the better in the game, including dota rankings.
Buy DoTA 2 Account: New Metagame
For the inexperienced (if there is even any), DoTA 2’s metagame follows the style of the original DoTA. The game is about choosing a hero, killing opponent heroes, and destroying the enemy’s central structure (the Ancient). DoTA 2 features a complex metagame that requires strategy, teamwork, in-game knowledge, and individual skill to win.
What’s important is for players to choose heroes not just how they look, but by what hero fulfills a role that is necessary to win. Bonus points if the team’s hero picks have perfect synergy, and/or counters the enemy’s team picks.
Knowing the different builds and roles of heroes is also vital for every player and the need for an item build depending on every situation. Having excellent in-game knowledge is important, specifically, if you want to raise your DoTA 2 MMR, especially your DoTA 2 solo MMR.
Other than the regular buffs and nerfs balancing in every update, DoTA 2 has added a wide plethora of game-exclusive items that give unique attribute bonuses, such as Monkey King. Perks, which have replaced passive attribute bonuses that merely add to Strength, Agility, and Intelligence in every level, are passive skills. The abilities either increase certain traits or skill properties. Each hero has his or her unique set of perks, and each set has up to ten. However, only five can be selected, as this particular progression is set like a skill tree. If one perk is chosen, you’ll forfeit the other perk for the same level.
Getting Into the DoTA 2 Market
DoTA 2 also makes account-related changes. First is the DoTA 2 account progression system. Similar to heroes, DoTA 2 accounts now level up for every game, which gives players a sense of achievement and giving them an incentive to continue playing. Second are the cosmetic items that either modify the looks of heroes, wards, and even UI, or add effects on them. Cosmetic items mostly customize hero looks, and all function specific to one hero.
There are hundreds of cosmetic items in the game; many can be bought, others are given as rewards for playing, and some are earned by finishing certain missions in season passes. These cosmetic items can also be traded with other players or sent as gifts, which gives the game a sense of community.
Since Valve added a level-up system and item trading to the game, some players have opted to buy DoTA 2 accounts. Why? Well, it would spare them the hassle of leveling up and getting cosmetic items one by one, and they can jump to the fray in style. If you want to get in on the action, you can always turn to the DoTA 2 market and buy accounts. The problem, however, is that there are DoTA 2-related third party selling sites that are scammers. Good thing that PlayerAuctions is a legitimate and reputable source.
DoTA 2 Account for Sale at PlayerAuctions
PlayerAuctions is a player to player online trading platform. Players can conveniently buy and sell to fellow gamer things related to online gaming, including DoTA 2 accounts. If you want an account with a high DoTA MMR, then you’ve come to the right place.
To ensure that our client’s personal details are safe, we have put in place the PlayerGuardian system. We also have the five-tier PowerSeller system, which our buyers can use as a guide to check the reputation of our onsite sellers. Also, PlayerAuctions has a customer support team who’s available to help via email.
The challenges in DoTA are never ending, especially without an account. Grab yourself a DoTA 2 account at PlayerAuctions. Elevate the game!
Selling Dota 2 MMR Accounts - VikingDOTA

Selling Dota 2 MMR Accounts – VikingDOTA

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Dota 2 Accounts
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Buy DotA 2 Accounts For Sale | Shop here - CNL Gaming

Buy DotA 2 Accounts For Sale | Shop here – CNL Gaming

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– Rank: Crusader 5
– MMR: 2250
– Behaviors:9245
More information here:This account have no phone number, we can add phone number in as you wish
ATTENTION: If you want to change the email to your own, in the Steam settings, click change email, then click that you do not have access to the phone, the code to change the email will come to the provided Email.
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$0. 00Add to Cart7 Days Insurance
– Rank: Crusader 3
– MMR: 2000
– Behaviors:10000
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– Rank: Crusader 4
– MMR: 2010
– MMR: 2120
$25. 90
– Rank: Archon 1
– MMR: 2270
– MMR: 2300
– Behaviors:9711
– MMR: 2340
– Behaviors:9895
– MMR: 2240
– Behaviors:9765
– MMR: 2360
– Behavio: 9870
More account information here: This account have no phone number, we can add phone number in as you wish
$26. 00$27. 90
– Rank: Archon 5
– MMR: 3000
– Behaviors:9543
$26. 50
DotA 2 is a video game which fall into the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre. The game was delelopved and published by Valve, based on an Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos community custom map called “ Defense of the Ancients”. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams, each team will have a strong hold called “ Ancient” and 5 players, each player will choose a hero for his/her own from the hero pool. Which team destroy their opponent ‘s “ Anciens first, will be winning team.
DotA 2 requires a heavy amount of teamwork, consideration or even sacrifice between teammate in order to achieve victory. Unfortunately, not every DotA 2 player is friendly, many of them are selfless and toxic. In fact, it has been proven that, the lower the rank, the more toxic attitude from the player. Because of that, it is very frustrating to climb from a low rank, since no matter how good you are, your toxic teammate will just throw & ruin your game if you dont follow their idea of playing. Therefore, to enjoy the game, you should buy DotA 2 Account.
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What kind of DotA 2 account for sale is available?
At CnlGaming, we offer great variety of DotA 2 accounts for sale, from low mmr account to high mmr, Immortal account, smurf account for praticing,
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_ Herald, Guardian, Crusader, Archon, Legend, Ancient, Divine, ImmortalWe also have 100 hours unranked account in our stock by ” Dota 2 account for sale”, we mean, ready to play account, come with full information which you can adjust however you like. Not enough? We also offer 24/7 support for our Dota 2 account for sale, so you can sit back and enjoy the game without having to worry about you are looking for a DotA 2 account marketplace, you should definitely try our store, it wouldnt be too biased to claim that we are one of the best, if not the best DotA 2 account store on the market.
How to buy DotA 2 Account?
Buying is simple, in just a few simple steps:1. Choose your favorite account2. Proceed to payment3. Receive login detail via your e-mail address*The delivery guarantee time is 24 hours. Most orders are completed within 2 hours*4. Login to check account detail5. If everything is okay, change account login informations to your own6. EnjoyIf you have any questions, feel free to contact our support, which available 24/7. CnlGaming – Your go to DotA 2 account marketplace.

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