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Kicksta: Get Instagram Followers | 100% Real Followers

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of today’s most powerful marketing tools. Whether you’re a business, agency, or individual, Instagram enables you to share content, build brand awareness, run ad campaigns, grow your influence, engage with fans, gain customer trust, and ultimately generate revenue. But if Instagram is your marketing tool, then followers are your marketing fuel. Instagram’s true power comes from your base of followers who engage with your content on a daily basis. Having more followers on Instagram gives your brand more legitimacy and gives you more opportunity to communicate with your audience and convert them into lifelong customers and believers.
When it comes to Instagram followers, we all know the recipe: more = better, right? More followers mean more opportunities to generate leads, engage with fans, and establish brand legitimacy. Well, it’s not quite that simple. Yes, follower growth leads to business growth. But it’s not just about the number of followers. It’s about who those followers are. What would you rather have: 5, 000 Instagram followers but 60% of them are fake accounts or bots, or 2, 000 real followers who are die-hard champions of your content and products? Here’s the actual recipe for success: more REAL followers = more sustained growth for your followers are followers who actually choose to follow you because they like what you stand for, what you’re saying, or what you’re selling. These are followers who are genuinely interested in you and your brand. They’re more likely to become lifelong customers and they’re more likely to be champions of your content and share it with their friends. These REAL Instagram followers are the foundation of your growth as a business. This recipe has proven to be successful whether you’re a brand, agency, or influencer. Growing your base of real followers on Instagram will lead to growing your business.
As a brand, more Instagram followers translates to more brand visibility, legitimacy, and opportunity for sales. When used correctly, Instagram can be useful at all stages of the sales funnel, helping to generate awareness, establish familiarity and trust, drive actual sales, and build loyalty over the years. As you gain followers, you’ll be able to more effectively use Instagram at each of these stages of the customer journey—your content will have more reach, your leads will find your brand more trustworthy, your products will be more visible, and your customers will feel more engaged with your brand after they make a purchase.
As an agency, growing your Instagram follower base is important for establishing legitimacy and growing your area of influence. Having a strong follower base shows your clients that you create content that people like to engage with. An engaged follower base can help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your particular space, which will help you gain more clients. ‍
As an individual or influencer, your Instagram followers are everything. They’re your fans, your champions, and your business. Growing your follower base with consistent, engaging, and quality content is the name of the game, and you want to make sure that you’re gaining followers who will share and engage with that content. More followers mean more opportunity to grow your following. More followers also allow you to generate more revenue from things like affiliate sales and sponsorships. ‍
Instagram boasts over 1 billion monthly users and over 500 million daily users. That means there’s tons of opportunity for you to find your audience and grow it. But you want to be careful how you go about building your following. ‍
According to some reports, almost 10% of Instagram’s massive user-base could be bots and fake accounts. Buying these types of followers and likes for your posts might feel tempting as this has been a common practice by many businesses and individuals in the past. People feel that if your account has more followers, it will appear more legitimate and trustworthy.
But these practices actually can cause your business more harm than good. One reason is that Instagram is looking to crack down on fake users and accounts that are buying these users. Instagram wants to make sure that accounts are not misleading their followers or instilling a false sense of trust in them. If you engage with these fake accounts or load up on fake bot followers, you run the risk of Instagram deleting those accounts, which will delete them as followers. Not to mention, in some cases, Instagram may even put restrictions on your own account for trying to build your follower base with fake accounts. ‍
Another reason not to buy Instagram followers is that none of those followers will turn into customers. Since many of these accounts are fake, they can’t actually provide any value as potential leads or customers. Sure, you might appear more legit with 20k followers as opposed to 5k and that legitimacy might turn into a few extra real followers who may have not followed you otherwise. But for the most part, people follow accounts because they like the content or the product, not because they have tons of followers. You’ll see much more success with fewer numbers of followers who are really engaged with your product and content rather than a ton of followers who don’t comment, like, share, or buy.
The last reason not to buy Instagram followers is that you lose out on opportunities to learn things about your customers and fans. Running a successful Instagram account (and business for that matter) requires you to know who your audience is. Data about what your customers like, who they follow, and what content they consume and engage with is crucial for building your brand and your product. With fake followers, you lose out on the opportunity to interact with and learn from real people. They won’t engage with your content because they are either fake or don’t actually care for your content, and therefore you lose out on marketing data. ‍
Creating a strategy that looks to build real Instagram followers can solve these problems and more. Of course, it’s much harder to build your following organically than it is to make a quick purchase of followers on a fake account. But the effort is worth it, and there are some great resources to help you are some of the top reasons that real Instagram followers are worth the extra effort. ‍
First off, real Instagram followers are real people with real interest in your brand and business. These followers are much more likely to engage with one of your posts and share it. That means that one real follower can actually turn into a follow-generating machine. Every time one of your followers shares one of your posts or likes and comments on it, you get access to their whole follower base and get a chance to gain some of those people as followers. People are way more likely to trust something that their friend follows and likes.
Another reason to target real Instagram followers is that they’re more likely to buy your product. Whether you’re advertising a product through an affiliate partnership or selling your own, you’re much likely to convert a sale with a lead who chose to follow your account on their own accord. ‍
A third reason to focus on gaining real Instagram followers is that you’ll actually be able to build legitimacy. Modern day consumers and Instagram users are quick to identify accounts that seem fake or seem to have an inflated number of followers. With Instagram followers who are actually following your account because they like what you post, you’ll likely have more engagement on each post which means when someone new visits your page. People look for this engagement (likes, comments, shares) as a litmus test for authenticity. Accounts with tons of followers but not a lot of likes might appear fake or inauthentic. ‍
One final reason that real Instagram followers are the real path to growth for your business is that you can actually gain insights about your customers and audiences from those real followers. Watching how people respond to your posts and tracking metrics that measure their engagement can give you tons of insight on not just what type of content you should be posting, but also how you should be addressing customer pain points and how you should be building and refining your product. This type of direct user data is invaluable for businesses, brands, and individuals and having a strong base of engaged, real Instagram followers is a great way to get consistent, reliable market data. ‍
Like we said, building your base of these real followers is much harder to do than buying fake ones. But the payoff is much higher. And while it may seem daunting to start building your following with only a handful of Instagram followers, there are tons of tools and strategies out there to help you. Remember to post consistent, quality content and comment, like, and share other content that is relevant to your brand.
Kicksta Review – Is It Actually Safe and Effective? - Social ...

Kicksta Review – Is It Actually Safe and Effective? – Social …

Kicksta Review – Is It Actually Safe and Effective? Whether you’re just getting started with your
Instagram account or you want to supercharge your growth ahead of a new product
launch or promotion, there is certainly no shortage of Instagram growth tools
to help you reach your cksta is an Instagram growth service, but it takes a different approach compared to much of its competition. We’re taking a closer look at the service and its features, along with nine alternatives to help you decide if this is the platform you want to use for your Instagram marketing Kicksta AlternativesMr. InstaViralRaceYoViralUpleapGrowthoidiDigicKrootezCheapIGFollowersFriendlyLikesBuyIGLikesFastWhat is Kicksta? Kicksta is one of many Instagram growth tools,
and one of many that claims to be the most powerful options on the market. They
pride themselves on the fact that they do not use spam, fake followers, or
bots. They promise organic growth that’s powered by artificial sign up, you’ll provide Kicksta with a
list of target Instagram accounts that have the kinds of followers you want to
attract. You should look to competitors, influencers in your niche, and
complementary brands to generate your, Kicksta will “like” one or two photos
from all the users that are following those target accounts. Those users will
receive a notification that you liked their photo, and hopefully take a look at
your profile. Because you’re targeting accounts similar to yours, it’s likely
that those users will also like your brand and want to follow many other Instagram growth platforms
offer additional services, such as following users, commenting, scheduling
content in advance, and even sending DMs to people, Kickstart doesn’t do
anything more than like photos on your cksta FeaturesKicksta uses a quick sign up process so all
you have to do is alert them to the accounts you want to target. They do not
follow those accounts, but rather focus on the users who are following those
are two different pricing plans to
choose from, the standard plan for $49 or the premium plan for $99. Sometimes,
this plan is $149. On the standard plan, you can expect moderate growth, video
onboarding, and 10 the premium plan, you’ll get the maximum
growth, video onboarding, 40 targets, VIP email support, live chat support,
advanced targeting, and a cksta Pros and ConsPros:14-day money-back guaranteeNo software to installNo contract, pay as you go, cancel
anytimeCons:No free trialOnly facilitates growth through
likesSupport limited to those on the
premium planGiving someone else control over
your accountIs Kicksta Safe? Kicksta is safe, but the growth rate is unpredictable. Because they only like one to two photos from each of the followers on your target accounts, you have to be sure the people on your target accounts are actually legit, active, Instagram your competitors have purchased followers who are fake or spam accounts, then it doesn’t do you much good to invest time and energy into getting them to follow Thoughts on KickstaKicksta is an alternative to directly purchasing followers, likes, and engagement. The issue with it is that because it only likes the activity of the followers on the accounts you recommend, there is no real guarantee that the engagement will do much to help your account you don’t research the accounts you recommend to Kicksta’s account managers, you could end up with activity that doesn’t really benefit your business, for a hefty price tag. 9 Alternatives to KickstaIf you’re not sure Kicksta is right for your Instagram account and its goals, take a look at these 9 alternatives that are more effective options to grow your Instagram account. 1. Mr. InstaMr. Insta works on a “follow for follow” basis, meaning that new Instagram followers are delivered to your account within 12 hours of you following recommended profiles that cater to your interest. These are real people with real accounts that follow you, and you can be guaranteed that you won’t receive any bots. The best part is that this is completely free! There is also a paid plan where you gain 15 followers every day without having to follow any profiles first. All you have to do is subscribe to the monthly plan only for $20. The only requirement, after you sign up, is that your profile must be public. This plan is 100% automatic, which means you can gain new followers without you having to do anything at all. The great thing about this platform is that the sign-up process is really simple. You don’t need to download any app, nor do you have to share your Instagram password at any point. Not having to give up control of your account and still gain real followers every day is a huge advantage. If you are not looking for new followers but would like to increase the number of likes you receive on your posts, there is also a free plan, as well as a paid plan for a monthly subscription of $20 where you will receive 25 likes per post. 2. ViralRaceUsing ViralRace lets you buy real and engaged followers, views, and likes. Once you sign up with ViralRace, the platform pushes you content to active Instagrammers who are predisposed to liking content that’s like ensures you can get a rapid increase in followers and engagement on your account. Plus, users can choose to have everything delivered instantly or gradually, depending on your increased engagement helps you land on the
Discover page faster, which exposes your content to a much larger number of
users and helps speed up your Instagram growth. 3. YoViralIf you want something that’s like ViralRace,
YoViral is another platform where you can buy likes and high-quality views from
real Instagrammers. You can choose between instant or gradual delivery, based
on your goals. If you purchase a monthly plan, YoViral will automatically
detect your newly uploaded content within 30 seconds and start sending likes
right because there aren’t any limits on the number of posts every day, you can get likes on all of your posts – no matter how much content you publish every day. If you’ve got a couple of seconds, that’s all it takes to get started – just enter your username and set up your influencers and brands are using this service with great success, and you can use it to land better brand deals or build a stronger audience. 4. UpleapLike Kicksta, Upleap assigns your account to a dedicated account manager. The difference is that beyond liking the posts of people who follow the accounts you provide, they will like the content and watch Stories to provide service is fairly pricey for what you get, ranging from $39 to $99/month depending on the plan you choose. This service requires you to provide access to your Instagram account to someone else. 5. GrowthoidGrowthoid is off to a rip-roaring start in the Instagram growth industry. This relative newcomer offers custom-tailored managed plans to grow your Instagram for you have signed up you will have a conversation with an agent who will take your requirements on board and craft a plan of have reported high levels of organic, manual growth in as little as 8 weeks. Their pricing is affordable and promises do not have to provide anything more than
your email address and your username, so there’s no handing the keys to your
Instagram account to an account manager. Because you control the delivery
speed, it is a safe alternative to many of the Instagram growth services
available today. 6. iDigiciDigic is an Instagram marketing company that gives people another platform to
purchase likes, followers, and views to get a quick engagement boost. Their
website indicates they provide instant delivery using only real, active, and
top-quality profiles, backed by a satisfaction been around since 2011, the company’s
longevity is a good sign that the company plays by the rules so your account
isn’t likely to get shadowbanned by Instagram. Unlike other competitors out
there, iDigic focuses solely on ’ll pay anywhere from $2. 95 for 100 likes
to $69. 95 for 10, 000 likes. Your order will be split amongst various posts on
your profile to ensure the most naturally appearing ’ll pay anywhere from $2. 95 for 100
followers to $39. 95 for 5, 000 followers. And when it comes to views, you’ll pay
anywhere from $1. 95 for 100 views to $74. 95 for 50, 000 views. 7. KrootezKrootez is a robust Instagram service with a list of marketing products that help you grow your account. With Krootez, you can buy followers, likes, views, and even automate it. This allows you to make the most of your time and increase your productivity. With their assistance, you can focus more of your effort on content creation, so you can be sure you’re consistently producing content your audience will ootez doesn’t seem to deliver bulk bots. It’s said they provide natural accounts made by real people, and the reviews confirm it. Custom service, targeted products, orders of greater volumes, and management are available by demand – they are ready to provide it icing starts at $3. 99 for the smallest package of Instagram followers, and at $2. 99 for likes. All plans come with a 30 days retention warranty and the service promise professional and fast support line. 8. Cheap IG FollowersCheap IG Followers claims to allow you to effortlessly gain a massive global fanbase on Instagram. They say their growth experts will get you up to thousands of real followers every month. There are real humans making the decisions about account just like Kicksta, but they do more than focus on followers and CheapIGFollowers, you tell them about the audience you want to target. DIscuss your brand and demographics so they know the kinds of followers to look for on Instagram. You’ll have access to a dedicated team that builds a customized growth plan that’s specifically designed for your account. Then, they will constantly engage with that audience to get their attention. You’ll get 24/7 customer support to support your do not require you to provide your Instagram password to access their features since their service is quite simple-designed. All you will do is focus on content creation and posting, while CheapIGFollowers handles the there isn’t a free trial, you can arrange a free consultation with one of the Instagram experts to learn more about the service before jumping in. 9. FriendlyLikesFriendlyLikes is an Instagram growth service. All you have to do is long with your Instagram account and you can see it in action for three full days without committing to paying for a regular plan. It is completely different from Kicksta, and operates much like sellers, not can grow likes and views on your posts along with gaining real followers, target it by location, make orders from any device with an internet connection and more. Each package from their list offers real improvements and requires no plans on FriendlyLikes are devoted mostly to gaining auto likes. You’ll pay $24. 90/month for their starter plan, $42/month for the medium one, and their Pro plan costs $59. 90/month and allows you to batch getting 500 likes on every post you do. Their monthly plans for followers and views are available by request. 10. Buy IG Likes FastBuyIGLikesFast is an old and trusted company that allows you to buy everything you need to build a strong account on Instagram. Along with having a complete list of services for Instagram, they offer marketing products for Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube, but their main focus is website promises fast and authentic boosts for Instagram likes, views, comments, and followers. You don’t have to provide your password to receive from them. With their prices starting at only $1. 99 and their 30 days free refill warranty on all the services they provide, BuyIGLikesFast is worth your try if you are looking for a way to grow on social media quickly.
Kicksta Review 2021: Is It Legit, Reliable, or a Scam? - Growth Boost

Kicksta Review 2021: Is It Legit, Reliable, or a Scam? – Growth Boost

Growing your followers on any platform is very hard. At the very top of the social media hierarchy tower, is Instagram. And building up a large following base on Instagram is extremely hard. It takes a combination of great content and numerous shoutout from larger accounts before your account can start getting some you know what’s the problem? Shoutouts are crazy expensive. Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our comparisons and recommendations. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for accounts can charge anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a single post to thousands depending on their audience size. If you plan on growing a decent size following base to the point where you can monetise the account and charge others money to promote their products via your brand AND you don’t have a bucket load of cash to spend growing your account THEN this crafty tool will help you. Let me introduce to you Kicksta. Kicksta is a marketing automation platform that will help you grow your followers on Instagram. Instagram bot is the main (and only) service of Kicksta. You can set the bot to follow the other Instagram accounts and to leave comments and likes on their posts, and view their stories on behalf of your Instagram account. Catch others’ attention to your profile, and if they like the content, they’ll follow you. Instagram botting is one of the best ways you can grow your account’s followers if you don’t want to pour cash into paying for shoutouts or into Instagram icing Kicksta VS InstazoodKicksta VS Ingramer (Now Inflact) Is Kicksta safe? Is Kicksta a scam? Conclusion Pricing Kicksta’s pricing is very simple, it has two plans: Standard and standard plan covers 10 targets for you to follow and unfollow, and the premium plan allows up to 40 accounts for you to target. Another distinct feature the premium account has is advanced targeting. Although they don’t say what the advanced targeting feature is, a rough guess is that it simply allows you to target accounts based on their size, location and engagement rates. This allows you to target account’s that are even more relevant to your brand. Kicksta VS InstazoodKicksta and Instazood both say they can grow your Instagram following through their follow and unfollow strategy. And that’s basically where their similarities cksta’s biggest let down is their lack of additional automation features to go alongside the application. They explain that this is because the other features are too spammy – but let’s be honest, using bots on your Instagram isn’t the cleanest way already. If you use a bot to follow and unfollow accounts already, you’re already taking a risk to grow your account. So why not future utilise other features to get the most out of automation? Instazood’s Additional Features:Instagram Auto DM: Instagram DM Online is a smart tool to engage with fans and followers. Auto DM Instagram is one of the Instazood services to operate Instagram direct online and automatically. With Instagram auto DM service, automatically post welcome DM to the new users, send DM automatically to followers, or to accounts who aren’t your followers. Instagram has some limits for sending DM; we’ve considered these Limits, so don’t worry about the Instagram account’s hedule Posts: Schedule your posts ahead of time so you don’t need to worry about posting it at the times when you get the highest level of engagement. Another handy feature is that you can schedule posts deletion too. There is no need to spend your time to delete the advertisement and temporary posts. Instazood will do it for stagram Search tools: This feature will help you find content from other accounts. An extra benefit is that you can copy posts that you find directly to your feed to share it with your audience. As you know, there’s no ‘share’ feature built into Instagram, but this feature will definitely come in mments Tracker: Pretty self-explanatory feature, but this tool will help you manage all the comments directly on Instagram. Instagram isn’t very user friendly when you access it from the computer, so if you have a large number of comments to manage on your posts, this feature will come in handy. Instagram Auto View Story: This new feature let you automatically view Instagram Stories even when you’re not online. This is one of its kind on the market. You can view hundreds of stories daily to boost your Instagram’s engagement level. Those you viewed their story will definitely get interested in your profile when they see you doing it a price comparison, Kicksta is more expensive than Instazood, with Kicksta’s standard plan priced at $49 a month, compared to Instazood’s mere $11. 99 a month. Winner: InstazoodKicksta VS Ingramer (Now Inflact) Putting Kicksta against another competitor, Ingramer, we can see a similar issue. Kicksta again falls short due to their lack of features. Ingramer has ALL the features of Instazood, so we won’t explain all of them again. What sets Ingramer apart is the pricing. Set at $37 for two weeks or $18. 50 a week, Ingramer is still cheaper than Kicksta. Winner: IngramerIs Kicksta safe? Kicksta carries the same amount of risk as any other automation program we discussed today. Using a bot will always carry some risks, but if you believe that the rewards of increasing your followers for a low cost, outweighs the risks, then I suggest you to try it out. Because Kicksta has limited features, they say it is safer than the rest, as they see their competitor’s features such as DM automation and post sharing as spammy and will put your account at risk. But that’s like saying, because your car is limited to going only slow, it makes you, it’s safer, but it’s also holding your account back from it’s full potential. Is Kicksta a scam? No. Sure, Kicksta is quite overpriced and offers very little compared to their competitors, but it’s not a scam. They do have reviews on other sites, and you can sign up for a trial account to test it out. Conclusion To round it up, Kicksta positions itself as a safer and more premium alternative to its competitors. With a price that’s exponentially higher than its competitors Instazood and Ingrammer and with its limited features it’s hard for me to recommend you to try Kicksta. If you were to use a botting software, go for Instazood, a program that’s robust with features at a fraction of the cost.

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Does Kicksta work for Instagram?

Is Kicksta Safe? Kicksta is safe, but the growth rate is unpredictable. Because they only like one to two photos from each of the followers on your target accounts, you have to be sure the people on your target accounts are actually legit, active, Instagram users.Dec 3, 2019

Is Kicksta legitimate?

No. Sure, Kicksta is quite overpriced and offers very little compared to their competitors, but it’s not a scam. They do have reviews on other sites, and you can sign up for a trial account to test it out.Jun 23, 2020

How do you use Kicksta on Instagram?

For a username target, Kicksta will then like 1-2 photos of each of that username’s followers on your account’s behalf—essentially acting as a “tap on the shoulder.” These people see your account liked their photo(s) and then the hope is they’ll check out your account and follow it.Mar 19, 2019

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