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How Much Is an Instagram Account Worth? – Market Realist

Instagram, the photo and video-sharing app owned by Facebook, caters to individuals who want to share content instantly. Instagram has grown considerably since Facebook acquired it in 2012. Article continues below advertisement“The deal was a great strategic fit for Facebook’s mobile offering while removing a potential rival, ” according to Yahoo Finance. By August 2020, the platform had about 1 billion active monthly users. Source: UnsplashArticle continues below advertisementA widely-followed Instagram account can be worth a lot of money for the people creating its content. Major celebrity names like Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, and Cristiano Ronaldo make a lot of money from Instagram. Anyone with a devoted following can also earn a significant amount of money. While Instagram doesn’t directly compensate Instagrammers for posts, there are multiple ways to earn money through Instagram including brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and directing customers to your business or products. Article continues below advertisementBrands make deals with those who are deemed “influencers, ” who have a certain number of engaged followers on their Instagram account. In general, those with higher numbers of followers and a high level of engagement from those followers will command a larger payday. 10K Instagram account is worth $100The number of followers isn’t the only factor that determines how much an Instagram account is worth. Although a high number of followers is important, the compensation also depends on whether the followers are actively engaged with posts. Article continues below advertisementThe average engagement level for an Instagram account is about 3 percent, according to InfluencerMarketingHub. Therefore, “Any engagement rate above that, combined with a high number of followers, suggests that you are an influencer amongst your peers. ” Some digital marketers suggest one cent per follow as a basic rate of compensation, which would mean earning $100 per 10, 000 followers. A 10K-follower account’s worth also depends on other factors like engagement. Article continues below advertisement50K Instagram account is worth $500Using the one-cent-per-follow estimate, a 50K Instagram account might be worth about $500. Again, Instagrammers can earn money in various ways — marketing their own products, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing. 100K Instagram account is worth $700–$900A sponsored photo posted by an Instagram account with 100, 000 followers might be worth $700–$900, according to InfluencerMarketingHub. Article continues below advertisementSource: UnsplashHow much is an Instagram account with 1 million followers worth? An Instagram account with an extraordinarily large following like 1 million followers is likely worth a lot of money. Reportedly, Kylie Jenner earned $1. 2 million per Instagram post last year. Her account has over 200 million followers as of December 2020, according to Statista. Article continues below advertisementA lesser-known area of Instagram monetization is that of curated accounts where the owner shares other creators’ work. One user explained that he earned $36, 000 over four years running a curated Instagram account with 1. 9 million followers, according to Medium. How to calculate Instagram username worthThere are online calculators where you can plug in your Instagram username to receive a rough estimate of your account’s worth. People do sell Instagram usernames (and usernames and accounts for other social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube). However, Instagram actually prohibits the sale or transfer of any part of your account, according to Vox.
How Much Does It Cost to Sell Online With Instagram? - Ecwid

How Much Does It Cost to Sell Online With Instagram? – Ecwid

If you’re a small business with little to no marketing budget — you’ll want to read this one. And we’ll cut to the chase, it costs you absolutely nothing to start selling online with Instagram! If you have time to spare, then you’re no associated cost to sell online with Instagram, it’s a free marketing tool that can be used to expand your reach. And with over 1 billion users, why wait to set up your Instagram shopping page. Let’s read through a few beginner questions and make sure you sign up for your free Ecwid E-commerce store at the end! How to sell onlineTips from e-commerce experts for small business owners and aspiring enter a valid email addressDoes It Cost Money to Sell on Instagram? The great news for small businesses — Instagram is free to use! Even if you want to enable shoppable posts, the cost to apply is zero. You may encounter costs when setting up an e-commerce store, but by doing so you gain access to more channels and expand your you decide you want to start advertising online with Instagram, you’ll want to have a marketing budget. As this is one of the ways it costs to sell on Instagram. However, if you simply are looking to post and promote your products, using Instagram is free! Now that we know costs for selling on Instagram are minimal. Let’s take a look at how you can sell online with Instagram. So you can start setting up your own Instagram shopping page for your customers! How Do You Sell on Instagram in 2020? If you don’t have an e-commerce store, you’ll want to get one ASAP — preferably with Ecwid! The reason why? One of the native features of Instagram, is shopping tags. It gives shoppers more info about a product and direct access to purchase by clicking the product tag directly on the Instagram post. And to enable this feature, you’re required to have an online catalog. With this catalog, it should be relatively easy to be approved for shopping on Instagram. The ability to tag products on Instagram will be a game-changer for your business in you don’t want to invest too much time and money into a website and need an easy and fast online presence to connect Shoppable Posts, consider Ecwid’s Instant Site. The robust and free one-page site builder enables any merchants regardless of their technical skills to create an online store and connect it to Instagram (as well as Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, and more! ) have your e-commerce store and business account, now what? Check out how to get approved for Instagram Do I Make My Products Shoppable on Instagram? Once you’ve been approved for Instagram Shopping, it’s time to tag products on stagram uses a Facebook Shop catalog to find and tag products. Once your products are tagged, customers can see a bag icon and tap a link to view the item’s name, pricing, description, extra photos, and a direct link to your storefront product page to further purchase a Ecwid, you can sync and connect your Facebook Shop with your Instagram business profile in a couple of clicks. Learn how to tag products on Instagram! How Many Followers Do You Need to Sell on Instagram? This isn’t necessarily news, but there’s no official follower minimum for selling on get started, you’ll need: A Business profile An up to date bio and contact info A good-looking profile picture Several quality posts A bunch of relevant can sell successfully with as few as a thousand followers. The only feature that has a follower minimum is the Swipe Up in Stories. To be able to add links to your Stories, you need to have at least 10, 000 followers (or a verified profile. )Here’s an example of a Swipe Up from Ecwid’s Instagram profile (“See More” leads directly to our website):This feature enables you to drive Instagram traffic directly to your online store. However, if you’re not there yet, there are plenty of other opportunities to promote your Instagram Can I Sell on Instagram Without a Website? There are a few easy ways to sell on Instagram without a website. Some can be implemented right away, while others require some work. Let’s take a look! Not ready to commit to a website? You can still find alternative ways to sell on Instagram. Here are 4 ways you can sell on Instagram:Direct messagesYou can post pictures with your products in your Instagram feed and ask followers to reach out to you via Direct Messages to close the sale. In this case, you can accept payments in cash or by providing your PayPal email address. After getting paid, you will need to update each customer manually on the order a look at these Instagram DM examples to see how other businesses use Instagram! Instagram storiesThe disappearing videos that only last 24 hours, create a sense of urgency for customers to purchase your product before it’s gone. With a quick product upload to your stories, customers can shop through your stories and claim their products by sending you a DM for each, before you’ve uploaded your video or image to Instagram Stories. You’ll want to make sure to set up a payment or invoice system to accept payment. And similar to selling in direct messages, provide your PayPal email address. And make sure to follow up with customers on the status of their will require some additional work, but if you have a small product inventory that you can keep organized. Then selling on your Instagram Stories would be a great way to sell on Instagram without a mmentsThere’s a slightly easier way of selling on Instagram with no website — CommentSold, which automates selling on Instagram comments. It works like this: a customer leaves a specific comment on one of your posts. That triggers the app to create an order in the system and it directs the customer to the checkout where they can pay with either credit card or opping tagsInstagram Shoppable Posts allow sellers to add a product tag to the picture. When followers tap it, they can see the full information about the product, and what is best, they can buy it at once. This creates a one-tap shop, which makes it easier to buy and sell on the platform. Learn how to get approved for Instagram out even more: Selling on Instagram without a website! What’s Next? Need a product catalog? With an Ecwid E-commerce store, you can set up a product catalog to connect to Instagram. You’ll be on your way to your first sale with Instagram Shopping!
Buy Instagram Accounts Safe and Easy | Social Tradia ...

Buy Instagram Accounts Safe and Easy | Social Tradia …

Buy Instagram Accounts Safe and Easy | Social Tradia Instagram Marketplace to Buy and Sale Accounts
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Buy Instagram AccountIt is super easy and safe to buy Instagram accounts from Social Tradia. We filter all the Instagram accounts for sale to make sure you get real followers who engage with your content. You can put an offer on any of your chosen Instagram accounts, then we will negotiate with the seller and once it gets accepted you will receive the Invoice to buy the account. Social Tradia might ask you to sign a contract for the Instagram accounts you are purchasing. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if we can’t complete the account transfer within 5 business days after the payment. Enjoy the safest way to boost your Instagram social media presence by Social Tradia.
You have come to the right place if you want to sell your Instagram account with real followers. We have demands from all over the world to purchase your Instagram account for sale. The good news is we only charge a small fee once your account gets sold out. We have no doubt you will enjoy selling your Instagram accounts back to back via Social Tradia.
We claim Social Tradia has the safest transactions when it comes to buy Instagram account. We use several trusted payment gateways and back it up with solid contracts to protect both the buyer and the seller. You might want to consider claiming your Instagram account purchase as your marketing costs for the tax return. You are in good hands with our platform!
Our Delivery system is as quick as 3 business days. The clients who want to buy an account pay first, then we take over the accounts from the sellers and the last round would be sending the payment to the seller of the Instagram account. The buyer clients receive all the account credentials which will be sent to their emails and the contract/ID might be needed as part of the delivery procedure. The whole transaction might take even 3 hours but not usually more than 3 business days depends on the account seller! Our platform customer service makes sure you are logged in and happy.
Find your Instagram account
Why buy Instagram accounts from Social Tradia?
Are you looking to buy an Instagram account for your personal or business needs? You have come to the right place since Social Tradia provides you with lots of Instagram account options. One of the main reasons we recommend you to buy Instagram accounts is to save time, money, and energy which makes us believe life is too short to grow an Instagram account.
Especially when there are Instagram account sellers who mastered all the growth techniques and started growing your potential account from way back in time. You might have heard of this famous Chinese proverb before: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. ”
However, at Social Tradia we make it happen for you to buy the tree which got planted 20 years ago and exchange money for your time, which is the most expensive commodity in the world. See our Instagram account categories page to find yours.
Fine, but what values does the Social Tradia platform bring to the table? Well, let’s start with every Instagram account you see on the platform has passed the authenticity check and although it is very time-consuming, our evaluation team filters out all the non-qualified accounts so you don’t waste your time and money. On the other hand, we are proud to claim that SECURITY is our TOP PRIORITY and CORE VALUE when it comes to buying and selling Instagram accounts.
We make sure that our buyers receive the account, our sellers get their payment and absolutely irreversible for both. It might sound obvious but before Social Tradia’s existence, so many people got scammed from both sides and that’s the main reason we are here so it doesn’t happen again. Last but not least, we truly care about customer service, so satisfaction and confidentiality are guaranteed when you buy Instagram accounts with Social Tradia.
Do you have an Instagram account for sale?
Do you have an Instagram account for sale and want to make some money? Does your account have real followers and engagement? If Yes, you will love Social Tradia since we do all the heavy lifting for you! You can visit our sell instagram account section for more details.
We have clients from all over the world who will browse your accounts and make offers. We do all the negotiations on behalf of you and let you know whenever a solid and serious offer to buy an account comes up. Then, upon your approval, we will proceed with receiving the payment from the buyer which initiates the takeover of your Instagram account. Right after that, you will be paid and as you know our payment will be irreversible which is what Instagram account sellers love about Social Tradia.
We are confident that if there is anyone who can sell your Instagram account; it is Social Tradia so feel free to submit your account by filling out The Form and wait for our Account Procurement Manager to contact you once your account passed the evaluation process.
If you own more than one account and want to get into the business of growing and selling Instagram accounts, Social Tradia is your ultimate partner. The moment you sell your first account, you can apply to become one of our trusted sellers and we are going to provide you with amazing shortcuts so you can focus on what matters the most (growing Instagram accounts).
If you have questions, please check the answers to Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to selling an Instagram account. Also, by any chance, if you already have a potential buyer and looking for an escrow service to secure your Instagram account transaction quickly, you can definitely use which is the Escrow feature of Social Tradia.
Customer Feedback & Reviews
We are proud of our outstanding service when it comes to selling Instagram accounts. Only don’t take our word, see our clients experience with us.
Augest 06, 2020
“I bought instgaram account for my bisness from these guys, they answered all of my concers, it took like 3 days but good experience… ”
“I originally heard about socialtradia from a friend of mine over a year ago. Last week when I decided I was ready to sell my own account, I immediately went to socialtradia. I received a solid offer on my account within a week and decided to move through with it. Everything went smoothly, and Ana always responded to my emails promptly. I received payment for my account about 12 hours after the takeover. I’d definitely recommend using socialtradia as they have great service and it’s secure for both buyers and sellers. ”
July 21, 2020
“It was a good experience for me. The process was very positive. Socialtradia is a very reliable company. I am excited to work with them again. My rating is 5 stars for this reason. ”
July 9, 2020
“Was a great experience with this platform. I sold my first account at a very good price and i received my payment on time, everything was done perfectly and manager was really supportive. If you want to sell or buy Instagram I recommend SocialTradia is absolutely safe. ”
July 8, 2020
“It is a very trustable place. ”
April 23, 2020
“Social tradia is best page to sell or buy your Instagram account. Trust them. ”
May 19, 2020
“The company is very professional. I had a successful transaction with Social Tradia. I recommend! ”
May 7, 2020
“Great service, fast replies. Everything is clear and super easy. ”
April 21, 2020
“Seemless transaction and took 3 days to receive my payment via transferwire. I was skeptical at first but these guys are legitimate. Highly recommend as a trusted 3rd party service for selling/buying IG accounts. ”
April 9, 2020
“Dealing with you guys is such a breeze!!! The whole transaction took only one business day! It was a pleasant experience. They replied quickly, were there when I need assistance and I did not have any issues whatsoever. ”

Frequently Asked Questions about instagram buy and sell

Can you buy and sell on Instagram?

With Instagram Shopping, people can buy your products directly from your photos and videos. Learn more about how you can inspire people to purchase your offerings. … Take your community behind-the-scenes using stories to see the hard work that goes into making your products.Oct 10, 2019

How much is a 100K Instagram account worth?

100K Instagram account is worth $700–$900.Dec 29, 2020

How much does Instagram charge for selling?

With no associated cost to sell online with Instagram, it’s a free marketing tool that can be used to expand your reach. And with over 1 billion users, why wait to set up your Instagram shopping page.Mar 8, 2020

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