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How To Use Xrumer

How to use Xrumer Properly | BlackHatWorld

How to use Xrumer Properly | BlackHatWorld

How to use Xrumer Properly | BlackHatWorld
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Black Hat SEO
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Oct 31, 2010
Reaction score
Hey My name is zeeshan. i am going to tell you my story about internet marketing. If you think that online money making is very easy then you are wrong.
Because its a job like 9 to 5. But the problem in 9 to 5 job you have to look first job then you need to do
hardworking may be your boss happy and the job goes for longterms. However same with internet marketing You have to do hardwork in the begining then slowly fruits.
I was searching bhw in 2007 and i see many posts about xrumer. That time i heard that this software can break captcha automatically so i wish to buy it and i got some money in 2008 that time xrumer license was on 420$. I directly contact botmaster and sent money through moneygram and then chat on icq about license details. My goodness botmaster first confirm that payment then he sent me details of full xrumer license.
I got everything but i just learn from bhw how to use xrumer and i got some idea how to create forum profiles and posting.
Then I just bought hosting and domain. I created backlinks to that niche i got first page ranking and i was monetizing with adsense.
I was so happy Because on second month my keyword rank on first page with many long tail keywords. More than 30k traffic i got that month and was shock to see 580$ in my
adsense. Westion union pin i got it. I just leave that site without any seo and i earn every month 400$ to 500$ from that blog 1 year.
I also start service on fiverr forum profiles backlinks and posting service too. I created many sites and monetize with adsense.
I was so happy I learn alot from bhw. But now adays forum profiles forum posting is effective but only in tier 2 and tier 3 and it boost ranking.
Who says xrumer is using for negative seo then you are wrong. Xrumer is still playing very important role in ranking tested by me. If you create 10k backlinks in direct to money site ofcouse your site would be penalized and you would be dissapear from google.
first Tier Unique content buy some high page rank domains and many hosting accounts if you have some extra money for Private blog network.
Create site with wordpress, joomla and some other platforms. Also use web 2. 0 direct to your money site.
Variations of anchor text is required.
Second Tier with Gsa Search Ranker Also use new unique 500 to 800 words article spun with spinrewriter or with other sofware.
Create contextual and ******** backlinks with gsa search ranker.
Tier 3 with xrumer which is best and good for creating huge backlinks
forum Profiles and forum posting.
You can use High page rank profiles in tier 2 too.
Don’t stop tier 2 and tier 3. your Ranking will be stable on first page.
sorry for my bad english.
Apr 25, 2012
it is not working anymore
lesser and the better
i like only human verified backlinks due to recent changes
Nov 10, 2008
1, 234
xrumer doesn’t work anymore
As i think i am talking about to use in tier 2 or tier 3 Not direct and I tested it working very best with new xrumer update. Also I got many hits on facebook too using one of xrumer plugin soc plugin.
How can you say its not working do you have your own xrumer geniune license I am using not only xrumer. I am talking abou the combination of xrumer, gsa search ranker and gscraper too. I am also using PBn in first tier and Web 2. 0 too using unique content.
i am not targeting xrumer to main site. Direct blast is just use for one time impression.
I am using High page Domain Profiles in Second Tier. Actually You have to learn Xrumer then You would know the power.
well i dont waste any time with automation backlink tools anymore
if you want to have a long run real business
best to make human verified backlinks slowly it ranks a lot better
Apr 6, 2015
My question is there any manual how to use xrumer + hrefer properly to doesn’t get banned from google? It’s simple to harvest thousand of links and post, but how to do this properly to get effect without delete own domain from G.
Dec 29, 2008
1, 041
Is the new version has the built in email account creator with pop3 and spam filter disable. Is it required to have private proxy for account creation.
We a making lessons, making videos and tutorials of How to USE XRumer and of it’s additional components and plugins…
more read on tech forum of XRumer..
Simple demonstration of work of “AntiSpam 2. 0” thematic posting technology:
forum profiles means absolutely nothing
it should be able to post threads to be able to useful
My message is exactly about it, about intelligent created threads where you can hide ur links!
And those messages will look mostly as human created with messages related to topic of thread.
Sep 15, 2010
Yall are so full of crap to say Xrumer Does NOT work anymore. Xrumer works very well and Much better than GSA because of all the money that you spend in Captcha.
Nov 12, 2012
I had heared alot about this tool but its not working anymore.
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How to use Xrumer to find foot prints for GSA Search Engine…

How to use Xrumer to find foot prints for GSA Search Engine…

Use Xrumer to find foot prints for GSA Search Engine Ranker link list scraping I know of several GSA Search Engine Ranker users whom also own a copy of Xrumer. Some purchased it long ago and some only recently got it when Xevil Captcha solver was added to Xrumer. Xrumer traditionally had a really difficult learning curve and there most users do not understand exactly how it work or what some of the functions are used for. In this post I will share with you a handy function within Xrumer which could be used to extract footprints from your existing link list, which you can then use to scrape additional link list for GSA Search Engine ranker. The function i will show you in Xrumer is called “Links Pattern Analysis” Before we start with how to extract the footprints, likes have a quick look at exactly what is a footprint and what will it be used for. What are Footprints (In a Nutshell): Footprints are bits of code or content that is found in a website’s code or in the content. As an example when you creates a WordPress site, the you will always have “Powered by WordPress” in his footer of your site ( unless you have manually removed it). Every Content management system ( CMS) will have its very own footprints within the content code or the URL structure or the site. So when you want to scrape for links, then you tell Google to go look for sites that contain specific text in the url, title or content of a site Without going in to much details you need to understand the following basic three search operators: Inurl: – This will search for sites with specific words or paths in the URL of the site. Example: inurl:apple Intitle: – This will search for specific text in the title of a site. intitle:apple Site: – This will search domains/URLs/links from a specified domain, ccTLD etc. For a more detailed list of all types of Google Search Operators, i suggest you have a look at this site: [spacer height=”2px”] Watch the below step by step video tutorial showing you all the steps to follow in GSA SER, Xrumer and also Scrapebox How to prepare your GSA Search Engine Ranker List for footprint extraction: To start with we need a link list that we can feed into Xrumer. For GSA Search Engine Ranker” GSA Search Engine Ranker users the list you want to use to extract more footprints from should be your verified link list, because you know that GSA SER were able to successfully build links on those site. So we want to get the footprints from the verified list so we can go and scrape for similar sites. You can either select one of the files in your Verified list, if you ONLY want to scrape for footprints from a specific platform. For example if you only need footprints for WordPress Articles directories, then you will use the file called: sitelist_Article-Wordpress Article, or if you want to scrape for Media Wiki sites then use the file: sitelist_Wiki-MediaWiki If you want to check for footprints in all of the verified list, then we need to do 2 things first; Merge all the verified files into one single file. After you merged it, you need to remove the duplicate domains Fortunately GSA Search Engine Ranker have the tools to make the above to steps easy for you. Make sure you watch the YouTube video that is attached embedded with this post to understand how to use the below 2 functions [spacer height=”2px”] How do we extract the footprints using Xrumer OK, so now you have prepared the list from which you want to extract the footprints and we can finally get to the Xrumer part of extracting the footprints, or as Xrumer call it, do the “Links Pattern Analysis”. Follow the below simple steps to do the extraction. On your Xrumer Menu, browse to “Tools” From the drop-down list select “Links Pattern Analysis” At the top of the Links Pattern analysis screen, browse to where you saved the link list of which you want to extract the foot prints. For Analysis Scope: I suggest go with “/filename” as that will give you the most results. But i do suggest to also try the other options, as they will give you additional results. Under “Report Format” you want to select: Google “in URL“ From the next 4 check-boxes, check only the option: “Restrict Report For” and then change it default 1000 results Click Start When it is done, Where it says: TXT | TABLE | CHART — Select the tab: Text Select all and COPY all the results, open a notepad file and paste it in there. Save it as whatever you want. Now you can go thru the list and remove footprints you do not want, things like keywords, if you are not sure what to remove, then just leave it all. Google is fine for scraping using the footprint inurl but unfortunately some search engines do not work with INURL. If you are only planning to scrape Google then you do not have to do anything at all to your list of footprint. But if you plan to also scrape other search engines then i suggest you make a copy of the footprint files. In the copy you have made, select EDIT from the menu and select REPLACE. For find what enter: inurl: For what to replace: leave blank. This will now remove the inurl at the front and you can either save the file, and do a separate scrape for non Google search engines, or you can copy it back into the original file if you want to run just 1 scrape with all footprints [spacer height=”2px”] How to use your new footprints to scrape using Scrapebox Now that you have sorted out your new footprints, it is time to put them to use. Since most people have Scrapebox and since it is the easiest to use I will walk you thru the steps of how to scrape using Scrapebox and the footprints from Xrumer. On the main window of Scrapebox, select Custom Footprints. Enter your keywords or import them from a file. Best to use keywords related to your niche, you can add as many as you want, the more you add the longer it will take to scrape. Next click on the “M” ( Which is the load your footprints and to merge them with your footprints). When you click the “M” it will open a pop up to select a file, here you want to select the list with the footprints that you have saved from Xrumer. This will now merge the footprints with the keywords. Now click on START HARVESTING From the list of Search engines to scrape, i suggest you only do Bing and or Google. You can experiment later with the other engine, but these 2 are the biggest and will yield more results. Under the Harvester PROXIES tab, select the option: “Enable Auto Load (from file)“, and then click on Select “Auto load proxies file” and then select the file containing all your proxies. Click START to begin the harvesting For a detailed guide on using the Scrapebox harvester, you should have a look here: [spacer height=”2px”] This then conclude this tutorial on how to scrape for GSA Search Engine Ranker footprints using Xrumer. I hope that the post was of help to you. If you have any questions with regards to this process then please feel free to leave a comment of contact me.
Xrumer Tutorial - 1 on Vimeo

Xrumer Tutorial – 1 on Vimeo

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