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What Is a Private Proxy? [Quick Guide 2021] - Blog | Oxylabs

What Is a Private Proxy? [Quick Guide 2021] – Blog | Oxylabs

A private proxy acts as an intermediary between a client and the internet. Applying a private proxy means that one client is exclusively using the dedicated IP address at a given time. When a private proxy is in use, requests run through the proxy server (which masks the client’s original IP address) first, and only then connects to the internet resources to fulfill client’s requests.
Whenever you connect to the internet, your IP address allows other websites to track your browsing activity, regardless of its nature. The only way to stay anonymous is knowing how to hide IP address, and this is where private proxies come in handy.
When it comes to proxies, there are a few different types of proxies one can look into:
Residential proxiesDatacenter proxiesShared proxiesPrivate proxies
Also, exclusivity is something that defines their quality and, usually, the price. That’s why most proxy providers offer shared, semi-dedicated and private proxies. Shared proxies can have their own benefits but usually buying private proxies is the way to go as the former can experience significant slowdowns, reduced privacy and increased chances of blocked IPs. Today, we’re taking a closer look at private ones.
What is a private proxy?
A private proxy, also known as dedicated proxy, refers to a proxy type that is used only by one user at a given time. It’s not shared with anyone else, so you have full control over how and when this proxy is used.
A private proxy carries an exclusive IP address allocated to one single user. Since the IP address belongs to one person only, there’s no need to be cautious about other proxy users performing activities that might lead to the IP blocking by specific websites, thus preventing you from accessing the same websites. Owning a proxy privately gives an increased level of privacy and control over your proxy, but it also comes with higher prices compared to shared and public proxies.
Private proxies for personal and business needs
Private proxies provide you with the highest level of anonymity, and that’s why they are used not only for personal but also for business purposes. While personal use cases usually involve anonymity and you can setup your Chrome browser to use a proxy which will route all traffic via a specific endpoint, business uses are more sophisticated.
For example, ad verification companies use private proxies to check advertisers’ landing pages anonymously. Or, let’s take travel fare aggregators whose businesses almost entirely depend on private proxies. For travel fare aggregators proxies enable automated data collection of flight company websites, online travel agencies, and other sources without IP blocks or bans.
Private proxies are also used to get pricing data (e. g. for MAP monitoring), buy limited edition products, create and manage social media accounts, and for many other reasons. Of course, to perform these tasks with the use of proxies requires users to understand the differences between residential and datacenter proxies. Residential private proxies are better when imitating an average internet user is important while datacenter proxies are better when high internet connection speeds are required.
Private residential and datacenter proxies
Proxies differ not only by their usage but also by their point of origin. Two common points of origin are residential and datacenter proxies. Both of these types can also be shared or private proxies.
Residential proxies are servers that are created by Internet Service Providers. These proxies are hosted on real, physical machines and they provide a dedicated IP. Additionally, these private IPs are the best choice for ad verification, pricing intelligence data gathering and many other internet activities where maintaining the identity of a regular consumer is critical.
What is a residential proxy? A residential proxy is a dedicated IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider to a homeowner. It is a genuine IP address attached to a real physical machine.
Datacenter proxies, on the other hand, are created by hosting virtual machines on powerful servers. One server can host large amounts of proxies without compromising connection speeds. These private IPs are perfect when traffic-intensive activities (such as email protection or market research) are being performed.
What is a datacenter proxy? A datacenter proxy is a virtual IP address created by a server. These dedicated IP addresses are generally provided by businesses instead of Internet Service Providers.
Dedicated IPs from datacenter proxies do have a drawback – they all come from the same subnet. Destination servers can see that a large amount of similar dedicated IPs are using their services which might trigger anti-bot detection algorithms.
Understanding the differences between datacenter and residential proxies is incredibly important whenever a decision to buy a private proxy is being made. We have outlined these differences in greater detail in our blog post where we compare datacenter and residential proxies in general.
The advantages of using a private proxy
Private & secure
The main benefit of private proxies is that, well, they are, in fact, private. If you buy these proxies, no one else will have access to them. By using private proxies you’ll face little to no risk of having your personal information compromised which gives you a higher level of ivate proxies will always show up as a different IP address than your usual one. Residential private proxies will provide an additional layer of privacy as it will seem as if a regular internet user is browsing the Internet.
Multiple locations
Usually, private proxy providers offer IP addresses from various locations. This enables you to access content that may otherwise be unavailable in your location. For example, use a Germany proxy to access content in Germany, or Brazil proxy, to browse the web as if you were in Brazil. This can come in handy for multiple occasions. For instance, if your target website uses geo-blocks or if you want to get localized SERP data.
Extremely fast
Private proxies won’t negatively affect your browsing speed. They are assigned to one user, so there’s a little chance of the bandwidth overload. Private proxies are also more reliable than shared ones and, in most cases, have unlimited bandwidth. If a datacenter private IP proxy is chosen, the internet speeds will be extremely high as servers generally have an enviable internet connection plan.
Wrapping up
The main downside is that private proxies are usually more expensive. However, they come with many benefits. If you’re interested, we suggest you read our dedicated IP vs shared IP article to understand the main differences between shared and private proxy types.
Using private proxies proved to be the most reliable option for many of our clients. If you want to find out how proxies can boost your business, discover other useful tools for data acquisition, decide what to choose according to your business needs: proxies or a scraping API, we have many great blog posts available!
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10 Best Private Proxies Providers of 2021

10 Best Private Proxies Providers of 2021

You will agree with me when I say scraping data from the Internet and social media automation is not possible without a proxy service. And when it comes to proxy service provision, private proxies are one of the best options for is a private proxy? A private proxy is a proxy that only you have access to and is not shared with anybody else, unlike a shared proxy which, as you can guess, is shared between two or more people. They are made for use by one person and are usually more reliable and secure than shared more, Why use Private Proxies, and How it works? You should always stick to private proxies when you can afford it, unless if you have a not so common use for the proxy, where you can be certain whomever you’re sharing it with won’t be using it for the same nerally, private proxies are premium proxies and as such, they are not free. However, regardless of their subscription price, some have been known to provide better security and anonymity, as well as better protection against IP 10 private proxies that have been found worthy in this regard are discussed below. 1. LuminatiLuminati is the world’s largest proxy network in the world with over 72 million IP addresses distributed across all the countries in the world. They provide one of the fastest residential dedicated IP addresses in the world. With a low failure rate of less than 1%, Luminati is one of the best private proxies in the market. Because of their huge IP addresses and rotation, they hardly get blocked by websites. Luminati proxy services cut across the provision of datacenter proxies, residential proxies, and mobile proxies. > Private Datacenter ProxiesYou can target locations by either their ASN numbers, cities, and even by country names. Unlike many other datacenter proxy service providers that rotate IP by a specified time, you are in total control in the case of Luminati when it comes to IP rotation. They are quite good and provides a 7 days free trial for those that want to test the effectiveness of their service. They provide good live support for their ever, unlike many other premium companies, Luminati does not provide a refund for any payment made regardless of if you are OK with the service or not. Their services can be said to be a pricey dashboard not intuitive enough for first-time users. > Private residential IP ProxiesAlso, Luminati provider the private static residential IPs also, but this type of proxies is much expensive than datacenter lated: The Difference Between Residential and Datacenter of Luminati:Over 35 million IP addresses across countries of the failure rate is very have a variety of packagesHardly get blocked by websitesTotal control of IP rotationCons of Luminati:Not an affordable optionThey do not provide a refundDashboard not intuitive2. MyprivateproxyMyPrivateProxy is one of the best private proxy servers in the market. They have over 100, 000 dedicated proxy servers that have been made to be super secured, fast, and reliable. These 100, 000 servers are distributed across 9 US states. MyPrivateProxy has been developed with SEO and social media automation as well as sneaker sites in dedicated private proxies work seamlessly with ScrapeBox, Sick Submitter, Answer Assault, and other SEO tools. People also use it for social media automation tools like Jarvee. One thing I love about these proxies is that they restrict access to fraudulent requests and PrivateProxy is one of the Green proxy service providers out there. It runs on wind energy which is considered sustainable and earth-friendly, making it a green technology. Aside from having proxies in the United States, it also has in France, Romania, Ukraine, Australia, and the United terms of authentication, MyPrivateProxy provides the two-common mode of authenticating proxies – username/password authentication and IP authentication. MyPrivateProxy’s proxy subscription starts at $1. 49 per one in a month. They offer a 3-day refund doubt, MyPrivateProxy provides one of the best services when it comes to private proxy provision. However, their customer support is terribly bad according to some of their customer’s of MyPrivateProxy:Specifically made for SEO and social media automationHas servers in different countriesThe energy source is green and sustainablePerfect for Sneaker sitesCons of MyPrivateProxy:No live-chat only support ticket support3. StormproxiesWhen it comes to private proxies, Stormproxies dedicated premium private proxy service is one of the top 10 private proxies in the market. They provide a 99. 9% uptime and provide unlimited bandwidth with no hidden charges. Their processes are automatically automated and need no human admin to activate your subscription before you can use mediately the system confirms your purchase, you have access to the service. Just like any other dedicated proxies, Stormproxies’s private proxies can be authenticated using both username and password authentication or IP authentication (IP whitelisting) completely anonymous online with Stormproxies 5 private proxies billed $10 monthly. The $10 plan gives you the capability of sending 100 concurrent requests. This will come in handy when you have multiple devices that utilize the same proxy server. However, since they are private, only you have the right to make use of them. If 5 proxies aren’t enough for you, you can always subscribe for more proxies up to 400 private proxies for $400 more details about Stormproxies private proxies download speed of Stormproxies is swift and they provide a 2-hour refund policy. This means that you can always ask for a refund within 2 hours of using their private proxies. After two hours, you lose the opportunity to ask for a refund. Their customer support has also been praised by many ever, just like many other premium proxies, you do not have the option of a free trial. Also, their private proxies are only suitable for people who want to surf the Internet using United States IP addresses as that’s the only address they of Stormproxies:Superfast download speedGreat customer supportAffordableThe United States compatibleCons of Stormproxies:Available only as US IP addressesNo free trial4. HighproxiesHighProxies is a fast and dedicated datacenter proxy that has the capabilities to allow up to 100 concurrent connections. This is one of the best private proxies to help you surf the Internet. HighProxies has one of the largest distributors of data centers across the proxies are over 50000 in 50 servers distributed in 7 countries at 30 locations. With HighProxies, you are guaranteed of 99 percent uptime. Their customer support is also great as opined by many users. HighProxies is also easy to do not offer free trials. However, they offer a 3-day refund policy which makes up for lack of free trials. One thing I find discouraging about their payment options is that they do not allow the use of credit card. They are also not good for circumventing geolocation restrictions set by sneaker of HighProxies:Customer support is greatAvailable in US and EU3-day refund policyAbout 100 concurrent thread allowedCons of HighProxies:No free trialDoes not work with sneaker sitesNot compatible with credit card mode of payment5. SquidproxiesAre you looking for proxies to automate actions on social media or looking for SEO? Then Squidproxies can hide your ass and make you do these peacefully. People have found success using Squidproxies for Instagram automation and Google SEO maybe like: Proxies for Preventing Bans and Captchas When Scraping GoogleThey offer one of the best speed in the industry, have servers that you can use to visit the Internet from any location in the world. Squidproxies’ private dedicated proxies work perfectly with ScrapeBox, XRumer, and any of the popular web browsers out there – Chrome and Firefox among thing about Squidproxies is that aside from offering paid proxies, they also made provisions for providing people with anonymity for free – with terms and conditions applied of course. Squidproxies does not only provide private proxies, but they are also into the provision of shared proxies as well. Their prices – moderate! A dedicated proxy costs $2. 4 per month. However, the least you can get is 10 which makes the least package to be priced at $24. They are quite reliable, provide a good number of IP subnets and guarantee you unlimited bandwidth and ever, their site design isn’t well designed. Considering the fact that they do not offer a free trial, their moderate pricing system isn’t friendly. The minimum you can spend to get their dedicated proxies is $24 which cannot be said to be budget-friendly. They do not give you the option of choosing an IP of Squidproxies:Has dedicated IP addresses in four continentsIP based authentication systemPerfect for SEO and social media automationInternet download speed is highCons of Squidproxies:Does not offer a free trialPricing not favorable for low budget projectsYou cannot just IP during registration6. TrustedproxiesWhy do you need a private proxy service? Is it for web scraping, circumventing geolocation restrictions, social media automation, SEO, and even just for the sake of online privacy? TrustedProxies got you covered well in these regards. With TrustedProxies private proxies, you can send over a thousand queries to Google a minute. Because SEO is one of the key areas it is made to serve, it has tools to help you rank your site on search engines. This proxy service provides a trial have servers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy, and Israel. However, the cost of the subscription is quite high. The lowest plan you can subscribe to is $30 which is made of 5 virtual dedicated servers in the United States. Even the free trial option is not automatic, you should give it a try before paying for a from the pricing, the proxies are also not a good fit for blackhat activities as it blocks them. Their website also doesn’t look polished, intuitive, and well designed. However, their customer service has been praised by a lot of of TrustedProxies:Perfect for SEO auditingHas servers in over 10 countriesProvides a tool to enhance search engine rankingFree trialCons of TrustedProxies:Their prices are not affordableNot suitable for blackhat applicationWebsite not intuitive7. SSLprivateproxySslPrivateProxy is one of the top private proxies that you can use to hide your identity online. With SslPrivateProxy dedicated proxies, you will get an unlimited bandwidth to remain anonymous for one whole month. SslPrivateProxy provides access to multiple cities and also allow a 100-concurrent thread per IP address and you’re assured of using your proxy alone and away from a bad neighborhood. Their speed is quite high and they have over 120, 000 dedicated proxies distributed across their datacenters in the one hour of purchase, your proxies should be ready for use and are been randomized monthly. They also provide a 3-day refund policy and their proxies are quite affordable even though they do not provide a free trial. In terms of authentication, they provide both the username/password option as well as the IP authentication option. The only problem associated with their dedicated proxies is that no free trial is of SSLPrivateProxy:Connection speed is high3-day refund policyAffordableDatacenters distributed in US and UK locationsCons of SSLPrivateProxy:No free trial8. YourprivateproxyYourPrivateProxy is one of the top 10 private proxies in the market. According to users and experts, YourPrivateProxy is one of the high-performing proxies. It provides a good number of dedicated socks5 proxies online. Their proxies are residential proxies and as such, you should expect a good level of security and less blockage by is because residential IP addresses are seen as more legitimate and subjected to less scrutiny by websites. In terms of authentication, YourPrivateProxy provides the option of authentication either by username/password or IP ever, you can only connect 5 devices concurrently and unlike the other proxies above, you are limited to only 20 threads per IP address. Also, because they are residential proxies, their prices are quite high and usually starts at $9. 97 per proxy. However, for the quality of service they offer, the price is worth it. Some users of their services also complained about their slow customer of YourPrivateProxy:Provides residential proxy addresses onlyPerformance is highProxy distributed across the globeCons of YourPrivateProxy:Limited to only 20 concurrent threadExpensiveCustomer support is slow9. MicroleavesMicroleaves is a powerful brand in the proxy market. If you’ve been in the market for long, you will agree with me when I say Microleaves is a force to reckon with. It has one of the largest IP addresses in the industry. Microleaves claim that it has over 26 million IP addresses in its though I doubt this claim, they are ranked higher than a lot of proxy providers in the market. They provide unlimited bandwidth and their private proxies suitable for browsing Facebook, Instagram, and Craigslist from the provision of dedicated IP addresses, they also provide backdoor proxies and shared proxies. They have been in existence since 2012 and had proven themselves to provide quality service. Their control panel is intuitive and advanced with their dashboard designed to make using their services terms of pricing, Microleaves can be said to have a competitive pricing system. You can get 5 dedicated proxies for a price of $ 25 in a month. However, 10 shared proxies go for a price of $30…It’s twice than of other dedicated proxies though it is one of the top private proxies, the company behind it has been found to be very bad in terms of responding to customers’ inquiries and users claimed that their email support is poor while a few users claimed that they got the, “it is a secret” response as an answer. This company does not offer a free trial. However, you can get a 3-day refund. According to them, their system has been abused by free trial users and they do not want a repeat of such of Microleaves:Competitive pricingVery fast download speedHas a huge collection of IP addressesCons of Microleaves:Customer service is poorProvides no free trial10. it comes to variety in proxies provided, you just have to give it to Aside from the dedicated proxy service they provide, they also have other services like shared proxies, social media proxies, gaming proxies, classified ads proxies, SEO proxies, and ticketing proxies among others. All of these are provided from datacenters in the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. Because they are datacenter proxies, their Internet download and upload speed are very like other premium proxy providers, does not provide intending customers with the “Free Trial” option. If you must use their service, you must pay for it. However, they offer a 3-day refund policy to enable you to get back your money if you aren’t OK with their service within 3 days of, they provide an API and good documentation to help automation programmers learn how to use their proxies for developing scripts and bots. They also get you notified when their service has issues to avoid keeping you in doubt. Their pricing starts at $1. 35 for dedicated IP addresses and $0. 65 for shared of affordableGood API documentationPerfect for social media automationCons of to US and EUNo free trialConclusionFrom the above list, you can tell that almost all the top 10 private proxies are quite fast and suitable for SEO and social media ually, using one proxy is not enough, you need a good number of them in other to rotate them at intervals to prevent suspicion by web servers. While doing that cannot be said to work all the time, the failure rate is extremely Best Private Proxies for Instagram Automation5 Best Dedicated Residential Proxy ProvidersGuide to Setting up a private proxy server from Home PC

Frequently Asked Questions about extreme private proxies

What is private proxy?

A private proxy, also known as dedicated proxy, refers to a proxy type that is used only by one user at a given time. It’s not shared with anyone else, so you have full control over how and when this proxy is used. A private proxy carries an exclusive IP address allocated to one single user.

Who is the strongest proxy?

Here’s the list of the best proxy servers that you can find in 2021.KProxy – Best free proxy.HMA – Best proxy browser.VPNBook – Best for security.ProxySite – Best for smartphones.Whoer – Best value for money.GeoSurf – Best for unlimited IP connections.Zyte – Best for scraping websites.More items…

Is using proxies illegal?

Yes, it is legal to use a proxy server. Proxies have many different uses, including enabling remote work; setting up a support system for users who are located outside a particular network; protecting networks and Internet users from malicious content; streaming online content from outside a country and more.

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