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Automatic Retweets And Favorites

What Are Automatic Retweets and Favorites? - Buy Twitter ...

What Are Automatic Retweets and Favorites? – Buy Twitter …

Building a loyal following on Twitter isn’t easy. If someone told you about a Twitter Growth Hack that you could use to boost your account easily – would you take it? We would.
To us, that Twitter growth hack is Automatic Retweets & Favorites, a new breed of services that promise to make your Twitter account explode in popularity, and help you reach 10x more users than you ever have before. Stick around, we’re going to break this concept down bit-by-bit. Oh! We brought popcorn for you to enjoy!
What are Automatic Retweets and Favorites?
What an awesome question that perfectly segues into our next point! The concept behind automatic favorites and retweets is elegant in its simplicity. When you sign up for the service (which is generally subscription-based), you designate your Twitter account and your total daily number of retweets and favorites (some services also let you choose a ratio between retweets and favorites). Every time you tweet from that point on your tweets are automatically retweeted and favorited via the company you’ve subscribed too. It’s awesome. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new-found popularity!
Wait, this works?
Hell, yes – and for several reasons. Even if the rush of dopamine from a flood of retweets doesn’t count, you can reap real benefits from a service like this. When Twitter sees a frenzy of activity around you and your tweets, it gets curious and starts ranking you higher for organic searches. People searching for you, or information that you can provide, are going to be much more likely to see you, read you, follow you, obsess over you…whoops, getting carried away!
The benefits don’t stop there though. In separate studies, Georgia Tech and University of Georgia analyzed Twitter, Twitter users, and social trends on Twitter. Don’t worry, in case you don’t speak fluent scientist, we’ve got the TL;DR below.
Georgia Tech’s study included this beautiful graph that compares the individual factors behind organic Twitter follower growth. Second bar from the left, a user’s retweet ratio has a 4x relative effectiveness. We’re not entirely sure what that means either, but we’re pretty sure it shows how important retweets are to your credibility. This is a concept called social proof – learn it and love it.
University of Georgia then followed up with an in-depth study on Twitter influencers – with some equally awesome graphs. According to their findings, people are over 5x more likely to trust the recommendation of a Twitter profile with a substantial following than they are to trust an identical account with fewer followers.
Auto Retweets and favorites are awesome. Science says so.
Why Do I Need Automatic Retweets?
You’re on point with the question game today! While we can’t tell you what you need, we’ve got some awesome examples of tangible uses for Automatic Retweets and Favorites – we’re sure you’ll piece together an idea or two!
Better Promote Content, Products, Anything!
Almost everybody in the digital world has some form of content or product that could use some promotion. Whether it’s a new item, an awesome blog post, or an explainer video – promoting that might help boost sales, build your e-mail list, or create new followers.
Automatic retweets and favorites can help your promotional tweets reach a wider audience and creates buzz around it. This can lead to more exposure, better conversions, more clicks, and even more engagements.
Build a Digital Reputation
Think of Twitter as a digital resume and cover letter (yes, we know about LinkedIn – run with us on this). Due to Twitter’s prevalence and popularity, it is often used as a research tool by people worldwide. By building an appealing Twitter account – including a history of popularity and user engagement – you’re boosting your appeal and creating killer first impressions. Just like including letters of recommendation for a physical proposal, displaying an engaged community to searchers demonstrates your high value.
If you’re heading in for a job interview, trying to land a new client, are a musician pitching themselves for a new gig, or even a small business trying to attract more customers, why wouldn’t you stack the deck in your favor?
Social Signals and SEO
Tin-foil hats, everyone – it’s speculation time. There’s been massive debate regarding Google’s incorporation of social signals (like retweets) into its website ranking engine. Regardless of the current status, it definitely looks like Google is moving to incorporate these signals at some point – so start preparing now!
Building a fanbase around your website, concept, or idea is far from being a bad idea. The more people you have talking about you, the more direct and referral traffic you might get – each one a chance to build your follower base.
Jumpstart the Growth of a Loyal Following
We saved the best for last! The ultimate goal of participating on Twitter is to grow your follower base and influencer reach. For any kind of business or startup, a loyal following can make or break your success, and even if you’re just a private citizen voicing your opinions – there are countless others on Twitter who want to hear from you.
One of the easiest ways to boost your growth rate automatically (remember those studies from earlier? ) is to use Automatic Retweets and Favorites. People are more likely to trust with and engage with someone who is already trusted and popular – so be popular.
Okay, I’m convinced! Where can I buy Auto Retweets and Favorites?
Like we mentioned earlier, this kind of service is still in it’s infancy – so new, in fact, that we don’t even have enough companies offering it to put together a list of the 5 best providers of Automatic Retweets and Favorites! Thankfully, there are quality services to choose from.
Tweet Angels provides a service called “Automatic Engagement, ” and offers a few expanded options that the others haven’t incorporated yet. They offer packages of anywhere from 7 favorites & 3 retweets/tweet on average, to 105 favorites & 62 retweets on average/tweet. Pretty impressive stuff! As is usual with Tweet Angels, this is also backed by their comprehensive 100% Risk Free Guarantee. You can read our review of Tweet Angels or try their service by clicking here.
Automatic Retweet launched their site with automatic retweets and favorite service as their main focus. As an industry pioneer, their service is solid and well thought out. They offer interesting geo-targeting for Arab speakers in their automatic retweets, as well as their follower campaigns. You can choose to only get more retweets, or just more favorites, or sign up for both! Click over to their site right now to select your packages.
Both of these services work well, with Tweet Angels being our preferred provider of Automatic Retweets at the moment. See our review page for more as we add them.
I Bought Auto Retweets, now what?
Awesome! Isn’t it exciting? You’ve set yourself up for success, but never forget that you still have to succeed. We’ve got a ton of useful information to get you started such as our How To Tweet guide, and our run down of the top apps to use for Twitter. Be sure to check out our list of Buy Twitter Follower companies as you may want to combine Automatic Retweets and Favorites with a boost in Twitter Followers as they both work together to give you better results.
How to Auto Retweet a Hashtag, Keyword, Emoji, or Phrase w

How to Auto Retweet a Hashtag, Keyword, Emoji, or Phrase w

GroupTweet has always made it easy to allow multiple contributors to Tweet from your company or shared Twitter account. Now we are making it even easier to get more content flowing from your account. With this new feature, you can do either of the following:
Automatically retweet a specific Twitter user or list of Twitter users when they send a Tweet containing any of your defined hashtags, keywords, phrases, or emoji triggers.
Automatically retweet any user your account is following when they send a Tweet containing any of your defined hashtags, keywords, phrases, or emoji triggers.
Please note, we do not allow you to configure your account to retweet ALL tweets containing a certain hashtag or keyword from ANY twitter user on the Twitter platform. Doing so would eventually cause your account to retweet spam or inappropriate Tweets if you just indiscriminately retweet all users just because they included a specific hashtag.
Instead, as mentioned above you do have the option to retweet Tweets from all the people your account is FOLLOWING. If you wish to test this use case, you will need to email us to enable this option on your account. If you wish to test out the automatic retweeting of a specific list of Twitter users, you can test that without emailing us. Just follow the steps below.
Step 1: Connect the Twitter Account with GroupTweet
Visit. Here you will want to connect the Twitter account that you wish to be the one doing the retweeting.
Step 2: Add your email and then click button to proceed to Settings
Step 3: Add the Twitter Accounts You Wish To Retweet
You are now on the “Retweet Accounts” menu of GroupTweet settings. In the example below, the @AutoRetweetDemo account wishes to auto Retweet both @Jack and @espn. You can add as many Twitter users as you wish. If you would like to have your Twitter account retweet anyone that your account is FOLLOWING, simply send us an email to have us enable this on your account. This way you don’t have to list each retweet account individually.
Step 4: Choose Your Retweet Triggers
After adding your Retweet Accounts, you need to navigate to the “Retweet Triggers” menu of GroupTweet settings so you can define which triggers you wish to prompt Retweets from your account.
You can configure your GroupTweet settings to that your account publishes a Retweet anytime one of your Retweet accounts sends a Tweet containing a hashtag, keyword, phrase, emoji, or @mention of your account. Additionally, if you wish to use the old school “RT @user” format, then you can also convert incoming DM’s into Retweets.
In the example below, you can see I’ve kept the Hashtag/Keyword trigger method enabled and added 5 triggers. This means that if any of my listed “Retweet Accounts” sends a Tweet containing any of these triggers, that Tweet will get Retweeted by my account.
Step 5: Additional Retweet Triggers Are Optional
Most users simply use the hashtag or keyword triggers to prompt their Retweets. Additionally, you can also enable it so that your account retweets based on @mention or DM triggers. Additionally, you can configure your account to publish a Retweet anytime anyone on Twitter sends a Tweet containing an @mention of your account. You need to email us to enable this option.
Bonus Tips – Tweet Approval & Scheduling & Custom Tweet Formats
Want even more control of your auto Retweets? Enable GroupTweet’s Tweet approval functionality. If enabled, you will receive an email whenever a Retweet is about to be published. You can quickly and easily click the approve link right in your email if you wish for the Retweet to be published from your account.
GroupTweet’s scheduling functionality allows you to limit the hours in which your account will publish retweets as well as set daily limits on the total amount of retweets published so that you won’t annoy your followers with too many retweets in a short period of time.
GroupTweet’s custom Tweet formats allow you to customize exactly how your Tweets look. For example, instead of issuing a regular Twitter retweet, you can choose to republish the content’s of a contributors Tweet and append their username at the end. Something like “here is a tweet via @contributor”. Additionally, if you wish to keep the contributor’s names hidden, so that their Tweets look like normal Tweets from your account, you can choose the GroupTweet Tweet Format that is labeled “message only”. Configure Custom Tweet formats under the “Retweet Format” menu of GroupTweet settings.
As always – if you need any help or guidance just email GroupTweet can be used and configured in a number of ways, so if you have a unique use case or requirement chances are we can help. Just let us know what you are trying to accomplish, and we can let you know if GroupTweet can help you out. If not, we can recommend a different Twitter tool that will do the job.
How quickly are retweets processed?
GroupTweet processes retweets instantly! If you want retweets to be delayed or only sent during certain hours, you can easily configure this under GroupTweet scheduling settings.
Are there any limits?
There are no set GroupTweet limits. Twitter enforces their own limits as you can see here.
Does it break any rules?
Read Twitter’s automation rules. The rules regarding automated Retweets state: “Provided you comply with all other rules, you may Retweet or Quote Tweet in an automated manner for entertainment, informational, or novelty purposes. Automated Retweets often lead to negative user experiences, and bulk, aggressive, or spammy Retweeting is a violation of the Twitter Rules. ”
Twitter recently provided more guidance as follows:
“As an alternative to posting identical content, you can Retweet content from one account from the other accounts you wish to share that post from. This should only be done from a small number of distinct accounts that you directly control. Please note that bulk, aggressive, or very high-volume automated Retweeting is not permitted under the Automation Rules, and may be subject to enforcement actions. ”
Any accounts that perform aggressive or very high volume Retweeting with GroupTweet will have their auto retweet service paused.
How much does it cost?
GroupTweet’s auto Retweet pricing can be found here:. Prices range from $9. 99/month to $24. 99/month for an unlimited account.
My use case is slightly different. I’m not sure if GroupTweet can accomplish what I’m looking for?
No problem! Just send me an email,, and I can help you out. For example, if you want to facilitate auto retweets from multiple accounts, then I can help you with that. Alternatively, you can visit and start an instant chat request (lower right hand corner) during normal business hours. Or schedule a time to chat on the phone as well here.
Hi, I’m, Co-Founder of GroupTweet allows you to add multiple contributors to a single Twitter account – creating a seamless group Twitter experience. Want to learn more? Click here for some examples or reach out via Twitter, you can find me @craft_ryan
10 Easy Ways To Get More Retweets - Crazy Egg

10 Easy Ways To Get More Retweets – Crazy Egg

Twitter offers a great way to extend your influence online: the retweet.
When used wisely, retweets often lead to more influence, more followers, and more web traffics. According to Statistic Brain, there are over 550 million active Twitter users as of April 2013, 58 million new tweets daily, and 135, 000 new Twitter users every day.
What are all these people doing on Twitter? This infographic clearly shows that a big chunk of them are using Twitter (as well as other social media platforms) to learn about business brands/products/services.
Your potential reach on Twitter is huge. So is your competition. There are hundreds of thousands of other marketers just like you, competing for attention in the Twitter space.
Sharing good information and writing bold headlines are vital in winning the tweet-retweet war, but to maximize your odds, there are several other factors to consider.
Here are the collections of my experiences and online studies.
1. Tweet at the right time
Casting your tweets at the right time is perhaps the most important factor of all. After all, there is no point pushing out tweets when none of your followers are tuned in, right? According to Dan Zarrella’s The Science of Retweets, 2 p. m. to 6 p. EST is the best time to ask for a retweet.
But wait! There is no one-size-fits–all solution for this. Your followers may not be living in the same time zone as Zarrella’s study samples. That’s when Tweriod comes in handy.
Tweriod is a free Twitter analysis tool that analyzes where your recent 1, 000 followers are from and recommends the most strategic time to send out tweets.
2. Ask for it
The easiest way to get a retweet is… well, ask for it. Do you know that by adding the phrase “Please Retweet, ” you increase the chances of retweet by 160%?
Using call-for-action words on Twitter is just as effective as using “Click Here, ” “Order Now, ” and “Call 1-800-xxx-xxxx Today” in your sales copy — it works.
A few known effective call-for-action phrases for retweets are:
Please retweet
Pls RT
3. Tweet links
One of the main reasons why people tune into Twitter is because they are looking for news updates or help in something.
Multiple studies have shown that news updates and instructional posts are two types of content people retweet the most. In other words, a tweet referring to an online resource or news updates has a higher chance to be retweeted.
It’s no surprise to see that in Microsoft Research’s Conversational Aspects of Retweeting on Twitter, 52% of the retweet samples contain a URL.
Next time, if you wish your tweets to be retweeted, embed a link in them.
4. Send out retweets more often than you promote your own tweets
Known fact: People who send out more retweets tend to receive more retweets.
Like everything in life, what goes around comes around. Chris Brogan practices a 15:1 ratio when it comes to retweets — for every self-promotional tweet, he will help promote at least 15 tweets for his followers.
5. Avoid idle chit-chat or tweets about daily activities
Here are the 20 least retweetable words according to Dan Zarrella’s report:
Notice any trend here? Most (if not all) of these words are common-use words for conversations or to describe mundane activities.
Tweets using these words are simply a big turn off for retweets — c’mon, no one is interested in a tweet about your bedding time or what you are listening to on Sound Cloud — unless of course, you are Justin Bieber.
6. Use retweetable words
Dan Zarella’s study on over 30 millions retweets shows that the 20 most retweeted words are (in descending order):
please retweet
social media
how to
blog post
check out
new blogpost
If you are trying to get more retweets, consider using these favorable words/phrases more often.
On top of the list, Dan also provides a great tool named The Most Retweetable Words Finder — a free tool that helps analyze your specific topic and show you the top 20 tweetable words.
For example, when I type in “SEO, ” the tool returned these words: #digg, #apple, #canon, #kaskus, #photography, #instagram, #bogor, #news, #garut, #lintasinfo, #nikon, #ios, #wikimotive, #campaign, #google, #well, #line, #drop, #fix, #mistakes.
These are the recommended words to use if you are casting SEO-related tweets.
7. Leave room for retweets
How often do you cancel a retweet just because you can’t add in your comment into the retweet message? Well, I bet it’s a lot.
Personally, I tend to add in a short opinion in my retweets, something like “Good read” or “Solid article. ” If you are using all 140 characters in your tweet, your followers will need to edit your tweets before they can add in theirs and retweet.
And, that’s not cool.
People are lazy. Tweets that need extensive editing work simply get fewer retweets. Ideally, you should limit your tweets to between 80 – 110 characters.
8. Use #Hashtags
Use #hashtags. Just don’t use #toomuch #of #it #andmake #you #looklikea #spam or #extremelylonghashtags.
It’s a known fact that Tweets with #hashtags are more likely to be retweeted. In a Microsoft Research study of 203, 371 retweets, 18% of them contained #hashtags.
Here’s sample of 10 original tweets on Crazy Egg Twitter Account.
I captured this screen when I was writing this article. Can you see the similarity? Crazy Egg, the pros who have all the advanced web metric tools and insider data, uses at least one #hashtag in almost all their tweets.
9. Tweet quotes
I don’t tweet quotes often, simply because I don’t like doing it. But that does not mean it can’t work.
Quotes are good for retweets, especially if they strike a chord with your followers. I witness the power of quotes every day on Twitter, as well as Facebook and Pinterest.
I see friends, acquaintances, and those that I am following retweet (or share or pin) quotes regularly and it never fails to attract more retweets and shares.
If you wish to build up your Twitter presence using quotes, try to dig up some great ones from the Internet. There are plenty of websites or blogs that collect series of quotes. And, it’s easy to find quotes using Google (just try “best quotes for [your topic]”).
10. Speak your audiences’ language
Before you post a tweet, consider the terms and labels people are using.
Google Trends is handy when it comes to localizing your language. For example, the term “cookie law” is more frequently used to refer to the new law that came into force in the United Kingdom in 2011 instead of “cookie regulations” or “privacy law. ” Hence, when you tweet about this incident, it’s best to use the phrase “cookie law” in order to resonate with your followers.
Well, those were my 10 tips on how to drive more retweets on Twitter. What did I miss? What other methods do you use to win more retweets from your followers? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions about automatic retweets and favorites

Can you set up automatic retweets?

Now we are making it even easier to get more content flowing from your account. With this new feature, you can do either of the following: Automatically retweet a specific Twitter user or list of Twitter users when they send a Tweet containing any of your defined hashtags, keywords, phrases, or emoji triggers.Aug 18, 2017

How do I get more retweets and favorites on twitter?

10 Easy Ways to Get More RetweetsTweet at the right time. … Ask for it. … Tweet links. … Send out retweets more often than you promote your own tweets. … Avoid idle chit-chat or tweets about daily activities. … Use retweetable words. … Leave room for retweets. … Use #Hashtags.More items…•Jun 24, 2013

What is a ghost retweet?

The rise of ghost-tweeting: the tweets you read, may be written by someone else. … It’s the rise of “ghost Twitterers” — hiring someone to feed tweets to your throngs of admiring followers.Mar 27, 2009

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