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Elsword GM Blog

Elsword GM Blog

Heya adventurers! We’re doing some improvements to your home away from home! They may seem like small changes but the efficiency they provide is invaluable to every player! You can check out more details about the update when it comes out this week! But for now, we have an exciting but simple event for you to take part on so you can get new furniture and other useful things for your El House! And as always, don’t forget to take a peek at the Item Mall for all the wonderful stuff we have for you this week!
El House Improvements Events
This simple chain quest will reward you every time you finish one chain! Get amazing things like furniture, [Cobo] Music Streaming Tickets, and so much more! Don’t miss this opportunity to haul in your rewards!
Item Mall Goodies
With all these new improvements, you’ll definitely want to upgrade the look of your house! Here’s a space-themed set that will take your décor senses out this world! Get the full DIY El House (Space Life) when it comes out!
It’s a shark attack! With your adorable, new Pet: Shai enemies will flee at the sight of this cutie! It’s shark week every week!
Noah’s ready to size you up! He’ll snip and sew away the imperfections, so your enemies won’t even stand a chance! They’re below his elite standard! Get the Noah Elite Taylor Costume Set when it comes out!
That’s all for now, folks~’
See y’all in-game!
Heya adventurers! We’re doing some improvements to your home away from home! They may seem like small changes but the efficiency they provide is invaluable to every player! You can check out more details about the update when it comes out this week! But for now, we have an exciting but simple event for you to take part on so you can get new furniture and other useful things for your El House! And as always, don’t forget to take a peek at the Item Mall for all the wonderful stuff we have for you this week! El House Improvements Events This simple chain quest will reward you every time you finish one chain! Get amazing things like furniture, [Cobo] Music Streaming Tickets, and so much more! Don’t miss this opportunity to haul in your rewards! Item Mall Goodies With all these new improvements, you’ll definitely want to upgrade the look of your house! Here’s a space-themed set that will take your décor senses out this world! …
Heya adventurers! How was Eve’s 4th Path for you? We hope you love her because she’s such an epic path! This week is going to be pretty chill because we know you’re all focused on Eve and her amazing events! Keep hauling those rewards! If you haven’t started it yet, all you have to do is login and complete a few simple task! It’s super easy! And as always, don’t forget to check out the Item Mall for all the wonderful items we have coming this week! Item Mall Goodies No battle stance is complete without a menacing aura that sends your enemies running! Get your hands on a Flickering Will O’ The Wisp Custom Awakening and power up Don’t forget to get Noah’s good side! Noah strikes all kind of fun summer poses with his very own Summer Photo Shoot Custom Motion! Get it when it comes out! That’s all for now, folks~ See y’all in-game!
Heya adventurers! Another week, another awesome awesome path is making its way to Elrios. Eve is a changed Queen, and she will stop at nothing to achieve perfection! Get ready to meet her perfect form this week! And following her arrival, epic events surely follow! And as always, don’t forget to check out the wonderful goodies we have at the Item Mall this week! Eve 4th Path Event Get ready to meet Eve as the Queen of Extinction! The path to perfection is paved with obliterated imperfections of anyone who opposes her! A new path coming means you get a new character slot! Get a free [Cobo] Character Slot Expansion Card (1 Space) just by logging in for 30 minutes! Clearing dungeons at least twice a day will reward players with [Cobo] Mark of Perfection – Eve! Use these to exchange epic rewards through Ariel! Rewards include: [Luriel] Inventory Expansion Slots, [Luriel] Figher Potions, [Luriel] Sage’s Magic Stones, and so much more! Complete a Chain quest for Eve…
Heya adventurers! How are y’all holding up with the plethora of events we have? Have you fought the master of the Pruinaum Outskirts yet? It’s gonna be another chill week so you can concentrate on the current events we have right now! Don’t forget to continue logging in everyday to get your daily rewards! Don’t forget to claim your in-game rewards if you haven’t yet! And as always, don’t forget to check out the fun new items we have at the Item Mall! Item Mall Goodies Summer swag all year? Yes! The Ocean View Accessory Set will bring in that summer feels no matter the season! Get this hot set when they come out! Noah’s harnessing the power of 3 El Master with 3 Ice Burner Sets! Get the power of your favourite El Master or get all 3 for Noah! Don him with the Salvatore Solace IB, Salvatore Rosso IB, or Salvatore Denif IB! That’s all for now, folks~ See y’all in-game!
Hey adventurers! Hold on to your horses because this week is crazy! We’ve got tons of events planned which means tons of rewards and freebies will rain down soon! If you haven’t heard, both the Treasure Hunter and PLUS Alpha events have been extended! That’s right! You still have a chance to complete two awesome Ice Burner sets so go get ‘em! For this week though, keep on reading find out more about what’s going to happen. And as always, don’t forget to check out what we have at the Item Mall! Pruinaum Outskirts Boss Event You’ve explored the rest of the Pruinaum Outskirts and witnessed the dangers hat lurk in it. Now, it’s time for you to challenge the master of Pruinaum Outskirts! Your 20 minutes of accumulative login will reward you with an awesome [Cobo] Plegas’s Labyrinth Trial Cube! What’s inside? You’ll find out soon! PLUS! When you login for a total of 60 minutes, you’ll receive the [Cobo] Class Change Select Cube which you…
Heya adventurers! How are you fairing with the Treasure Hunt and Plus Alpha events? Have you gotten all the Sanctus Seraphim parts you need? What about the event exclusive White Mass IB? Well, keep on doing it, you still have a week left! This week is gonna be another chill week before we bombard you again with exciting events! So, for now, why don’t take a gander at the Item Mall and check out all the fun, new items we have this week! Item Mall Goodies Can’t go out to the beach? There’s no need to! We’re taking the resorts to your guild with the Summer Beach Guild Contract! Now, you can’t have a beach all-day every day! Noah harnesses dark powers and becomes the ruler of the underworld with his new Ice Burner Thanatos! Complete this dark set when it comes out! That’s all for now, folks~ See y’all in-game!
Heya adventurers! We know you’re still trying to complete your White Mass and Sanctus Seraphim Ice Burners, but we want you to experience the new Pruinaum Raid Story Mode! So, this week that’s what you’ll get! Get ready for the fun events and the TONS of rewards and boosts you’re about to get! And as always, don’t forget to check out the fun new things we have at the Item Mall this week! Pruinaum Raid Changes Event Pruinaum Raids are now more accessible with this new mode! Plus, the rewards are poppin’! So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss it! Clearing dungeons Daily and Weekly within your level range a few times will guarantee sweet rewards like: [Cobo] Raid Consumable Support Set, [Cobo] Adventurer Support Title Cube, and Reset Tickets! Get a FREE +9 Flames of Judgement – Demonic Weapon just by logging in ONCE for 30 minutes! Plus, there are other cool rewards just by logging in as well! And this weekend, you’ll get to enjoy…
Heya adventurers! How are y’all liking the new dungeons? Did you have fun exploring it? If you’re not at a level where you can explore it, well, it’s really easy to get to max level now that you’ll be able to breeze through it! Summer is nearly at its end, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed! Check out the Item Mall for all the wonderful goodies we have this week! Item Mall Goodies Feeling the heat? Don’t worry! Just take a chill pill and dive right into this refreshing pitcher to cool you down! Get the Sparkling Shower Custom Motion when it comes out! Noah’s ready to make more than a splash! He’s set to make waves at the beach or even the battlefield with his new Noah Swimwear Set! The premium package comes with an awesome Skill Cut-In! Get it soon! That’s all for now, folks~ See y’all in-game!
Elsword GM Blog

Elsword GM Blog

Elsword GM Blog
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Serving Up More Character Reboot Right Here! Time for The Third Installment!
Heya adventurers! We’ve got another week full of fun and exciting events lined up just for you! First up, we have the much-awaited reboot for Aisha, Raven, Add, and Laby! I know all you stans have been waiting for this and the events, so get hyped and get ready! We also have a new mini event where you’ll get to help a cute hedgehog in distress, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely! And finally, it’s time to welcome everyone to the mysterious lands of Rigomor! Prepare yourselves for new dungeons to explore, new NPCs to meet, and new stories to uncover! Apart from that we’ve got quality of life stuff peppered here and there to keep things interesting. And as always, don’t forget to check out the new stuff we have at the Item Mall! 3rd Character Reboot EventThird time’s the charm! And, oh, all the charming rewards you’ll get! We still have the FREE ENTRY to Secret/Heroic Dungeons and Elrianode Dungeons! We bet you’re all super strong by now! When you log-in daily for 30 accumulative minutes you’ll get rewards like: [Cobo] Elrianode Color Change Ticket Cube, [Luriel] Fighter Potions, [Cobo] Reboot Potion Sets, and more! Plus, when you run dungeons within your level range, we’ve got special rewards for you to claim once you complete the quest conditions~! It’s gonna be another HOT weekend for y’all! A burning weekend is happening on Saturday and Sunday! Gratitude of the Hedgehog EventDuring your adventures while running dungeons, you may encounter a poor hedgehog needing help! Be a good player and help the cute hedgehog out and he’ll reward your kind-hearted deed! You’ll get [Cobo] Highly Concentrated Recovery Potion x30 and a [Cobo] Token of Gratitude! Have enough tokens and you exchange it for an event exclusive costume suit! Rigomor Opening EventDon’t forget the New Region (Rigomor) Pre-Registration ends TODAY August 12th! If you haven’t pre-registered for free rewards – This is your last chance! But… What manner of creatures and adventures are waiting for our heroes in this new region? Make your way to Rigomor and find out! High levels aren’t the only ones who’d get rewards. Players level 10 and up will get a Leviathan Fragment (7 Days) and a [Cobo] Sea of Ruin Dungeon Title Trial aracters level 99 will have to complete quest conditions to get extra Spectral Amethysts! Item Mall GoodiesThings are about to get more interesting especially with this cute new pet following you around! The good thing is whether you have the Shaviana Truffles or not, Fennec Fox is just perfect! Elrios Livestreaming Service The 3rd Wave of the Character Re:Boot is here and our E. L. S Streamers are ready and raring to try them out! And of course, Rigomor is looming in the distance calling the ELS Streamers to take up the Challenge! Recalescent | Wednesday 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ETHeckton | Wednesday 2:00 PM PT / 5:00 PM ETMeteorFalcon | Thursday 5:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM ETDeadGrim | Friday 1:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM ETSenAkari | Saturday 12:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM ETRoughHouse | Saturday 3:00 PM PT / 6:00 PM ETLumenescense | Sunday 3:00 AM PT / 6:00 AM ETKidPilzbery | Sunday 5:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM ETThat’s all for now folks~See y’all in-game!
It’s Prep Time Again! Watch Out, Round 3 Pre-Events Coming Through!
Hey adventurers, we know you’ve been loving the Reboot events and rewards but we’re not done yet, oh no, far from it! Because it’s time to get ready for Round 3 of Pre-Event Reboots with Aisha, Raven, Add, and Laby! But before you jump into it, we just want to remind you to Pre-register for the New Region! There’s plenty of awesome rewards which will be sent to you when the dungeon opens – you don’t even have to wait THAT long! We really love filling your inventories with useful items~And speaking of items, don’t forget to check out the new stuff we have at the Item Mall this week! We know, you’ll love ‘em! Character Reboot Pre-EventTake a break from last week’s busy schedule with this super easy pre-event! You already know how it is coz most of you have done it twice! But for those who don’t know, here are the nitty-gritties:Get 20 [Luriel] Sage’s Magic Stones when you’ve cleared dungeons within your level 3x a day at max! Make that a total of 10 dungeon runs (super easy) within your level for the whole week and you just nabbed yourself 2 [Luriel] Phoru’s Foot Stamp (Gold) barely breaking a sweat! Remember! Your one-time log-in on 08/10 for 60 minutes will guarantee you 1 [Luriel] Elrianode Armor Only Magic Amulet Lvl 9 which unlocks the 2nd Transformation El Tear Slot! How awesome is that? It’s really simple too! Item Mall GoodiesElsword and the gang are all dressed up and ready to sport these new beach perfect accessories! You can pair them with old and new summer costumes to give your look a HOT update! Bubbling Awakening:Duck Tube:Here comes Laby with even more Ice Burner set goodness! Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies when they find out Laby’s not on their side! Complete the Ignition Caligo and Evil Tracer 3 Ice Burner Sets when they come out! Elrios Livestream Service ScheduleAre you ready for the E. S Livestream Schedule for this week? Our E. S Streamers are diving into seeing the impact the 2nd Wave of Character Reboot had on the land of Elrios! Don’t Miss it our Streamers show off the latest content with Fiery Plays, Giveaways and more! Lumenescense | Monday August 5th | 7:00 PM PT / 10:00 PM ETSenAkari | Tuesday August 6th | 3:30 PM PT / 6:30 PM ETRoughHouse | Thursday August 8th | 2:00 PM PT / 5:00 PM ETMeteorFalcon | Thursday August 8th | 5:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM ETHeckton | Friday August 9th | 2:00 PM PT / 5:00 PM ETThat’s all for now, folks~See y’all in-game!
Round 2 Is Here! It’s Ara, Elesis, And Ain‘s Turn To Experience A Change!
adventurers! Better buckle up because this week will definitely be an awesome
ride! First up, as you all know, we have the 2nd Round of Character
Reboots for Ara, Elesis, and Ain! That means these lovely three are getting new
and improved skills for maximum damage output! Keep reading
Time to Prep! The 2nd Round of Pre-Event Goodness Is Just Around the Corner!
Heya adventurers! Are you excited for another round of awesome
pre-events for Character Reboot? We know you’re pretty much anticipating this
second batch of pre-events so you can get more rewards, and we’re totally
excited that you’re excited! Who would pass up a chance at free rewards,
anyway? So, get ready for this second round soon! And as always, we’ve got some
fun stuff at the Item Mall for you to check out! Keep reading
First Batch of Reboots Are Out! These Will Hype You Up Good!
Heya adventurers! How’s it going? It’s time for another
BIG update! We’re focusing on our heroes and giving them a bit of an update! We’re
introducing new skills, and other skills will be changed. You’ll have to find
out what the actual nitty-gritties are after maintenance day so watch out for
it! Apart from that, we’ve added some quality of life improvements for you to
check out as well! And as always don’t forget the new stuff that’s gonna come
out on the Item Mall this week! Keep reading
We’re Getting You Ready for An Awesome Character Reboot!
Heya adventurers! You might have heard the whispers but
we’re going to have a character reboot! We really don’t want to shock you so
we’re gonna ease into the changes with each character slowly but surely. But
before all of that, we’ve got a simple event to get them all ready for the
changes about to happen. So, watch out for these changes next week! And as
always, we’ve got new stuff just for you at the Item Mall so don’t forget to
take a gander went it comes out! Keep reading
Your Pets Are Leaving You… Temporarily and Going on An Expedition!
Heya adventurers! We’ve got an exciting update coming
this week and it’s for your beloved pets! You’ll finally be able to send them
(1 – 3 pets) to epic expeditions and in turn they’ll bring you back wonderful
rewards! How awesome does that sound? Your pets will now have a Trait system
that will help them on their journeys, so don’t forget to consider that before
sending them out, otherwise, they might fail! Apart from that, you can learn
more and have a go at it when it comes out! And as always, we’ve got more
amazing stuff at the Item Mall so don’t forget to take a peek and maybe do a
haul *wink* Keep reading
We’re Filling Your Inventories with a Full Week of Hauls!
Heya adventurers! How are you liking the Fishing Update
so far? Did you feel like you’ve attained master angler level at this point? If
not, just keep on fishing and rack up different types of fishies and exchange
them to Helen for rewards! Keep reading
Something Fishy’s Going on Here and We Kind of Like It!
Heya adventurers! We’ve got something new coming up and
it’s going to make a huge splash! Get ready for an awesome and exciting Fishing
Update! That’s right, the rod’s out for Elsword’s fishing update! There’s no
de-bait! Terrible puns aside, your heroes can be master anglers while they take
a break from beating up those baddies’ bums! Check it out on Wednesday and give
it a try! And as always, don’t forget to take a gander at the Item Mall to see
cute, new Laby costumes! Keep reading
Here Comes the Brawler Walking Among Neon Lights!
Heya adventurers! How y’all doing? How are you loving the new Elstar update? It’s so fun and exciting so we hope you love it as much as we do! It’s time to chill around Elrios again and take Laby shopping for her new costume set but there’s also an accessory for everyone! Don’t forget to take a peek at the Item Mall tomorrow~Keep reading
Cheer With Me! E-L-★Star! It’s Their Debut Stage!
Heya adventurers! After months of super rigorous training,
everybody’s ready to make their first live debut! They’ve got all new duds
fitting their idol units, available in the Item Mall! Keep reading
A Heavenly Ensemble Brings This Brawler Power
Heya adventurers! We hope we’ve brought you some epic fun
this Memorial Day and this long weekend as well! Did you get the companion you
wanted during the Pet event? The random pet choices are super cool anyway, so we’re
sure you won’t be disappointed in your new friend! This week is really chill
because we want you to enjoy the updates from last week. That said, don’t
forget to check out the Item Mall tomorrow for a new Laby IB! Keep reading
A New Season of PVP League Is Here! Plus, A Pet System Revamp!
Heya adventurers! Our week starting tomorrow is fun and
full so you better hang tight for what’s about to come! First, we’re rolling
out a new Balance Patch to make sure everything is fair and balanced (as all
things should be) for the new PVP League! Yes, you heard it right, an all-new
PVP league starts tomorrow and that means all ranks have been reset! Our eyes
are peeled for new League Topnotchers, so if you’re pumped for this news, you
better get ready, boi(s and girls)! Keep reading
Fill Laby’s Wardrobe with More Awesome Outfits!
Heya adventurers! How are y’all doin’? What’s the
progress on your Elstar Trainee outfits so far? If you haven’t completed it
yet, don’t worry you’ll get ‘em all soon enough! You just need a bit of elbow
grease and patience~! For what’s happening this week, PVP enthusiasts and
lovers, it’s your time to shine! We’re announcing the start of our 1st
PVP League Tournament very, very soon so stay tuned for more details! And as always, check
out what’s new at the Item Mall tomorrow! Keep reading
Your Gateway to Stardom is Here! The El Gang Are ElStar Trainees!
Heya adventurers! We hope y’all had a great time during
our Anniversary events and got what you needed during the Enhancement Sale. If
you missed it, well, there’s always next year, right? But you definitely shouldn’t
miss it again! Keep reading
The Elsword Blog - Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki

The Elsword Blog – Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki

YES it’s happening! Cardfight wikia’s character guide to Elsword! This blog’s purpose is to organize events, to help new players become more familiar with the game, for tutoring and more!
1 Characters
1. 1 Elsword
1. 1. 1 Lord Knight
1. 2 Rune Slayer
1. 3 Infinity Sword
1. 2 Aisha
1. 2. 1 Void Princess
1. 2 Elemental Master
1. 3 Dimension Witch
1. 3 Rena
1. 3. 1 Wind Sneaker
1. 2 Grand Archer
1. 3 Night Watcher
1. 4 Raven
1. 4. 1 Reckless Fist
1. 2 Blade Master
1. 3 Veteran Commander
1. 5 Eve
1. 5. 1 Code Nemesis
1. 2 Code Empress
1. 3 Battle Seraph
1. 6 Chung/Lacher
1. 6. 1 Deadly Chaser
1. 2 Tactical Trooper
1. 7 Ara Haan
1. 7. 1 Little Hsien
2 Tutoring
2. 1 Teachers
2. 2 Students
3 Events
3. 1 PvP event
3. 2 Dungeon event
3. 3 Screenshot event
3. 4 Others
There are currently 7 classes in total released in NA servers; let’s check them out!
As a knight, you’ll be able to learn fast sword-swinging techniques and use a unique system named Way of The Sword. As you make a combo, there will be a blue or red bar which slowly goes up depending on the kind of attack you are using: Blue bar (Aura of Vitality) fills up when you do X attacks and it gives you more speed and boost your mana regeneration by tenfold (when using Z attacks) while Red bar (Aura of Destruction) fills up when you use Z attacks and powers up your damage (with X attacks) and also gives you a unflinchable status!
Note: You can only obtain an aura when a gauge is filled (quite easy to do) can also only use one aura at a time and if you try to use a Z attack when filing up Aura of Vitality, the current gauge will decrease, the opposite is also true if you try to use X attacks when filing up Aura of Destruction.
Pros: Beginner-friendly, can generate extremely flashy combos when used well and has one of the most overpowered features in the game!
Cons: Range is an issue with the Knight class. Its attacks are mainly based on melee, so going up against characters who have a certain range is extremely risky for a Knight.
Lord Knight
Pros: His combo possibilities are among the most vast out of almost every character. A Lord Knight can master armor-breaking skills, allowing to bypass defense and passives which increases his overall hp and his mana-regeneration speed.
Cons: Again, range is one of the things which kills the Knight. A Lord Knight has almost nothing against ranged characters which are pretty much the bane of a his melee-reliant combos. He is literally walled by physical defense-type bosses such as Nasod Inspector.
Rune Slayer
Pros: After his revamp, Rune Slayer’s skills hit a truck and firing out runes (now doing twice the damage they did before) from his combos aid him against his range weakness. Extremely deadly path which can take out up to 300 mp in one combo. Fighting against a Rune Slayer is truly a nightmare.
Cons: Even with his OP revamp, Rune Slayer players must be cautious of many things: this class is easily predictable because it relies a lot on the same catching move to start a combo on the opponent. Furthermore, it is a difficult class to master as it does take some skills to be able to achieve its full potential.
Infinity Sword
Pros: Infinity Sword excels at many things where his counterparts fail. His skills are very unique, going from summoning rotating swords to protect him to creating a black hole to pull everyone in it, which makes him a bit more unpredictable than Rune Slayer. Also, being a dual-sword wielder, his combos are lightning-fast!
Cons: Even if he can excel at many things, it doesn’t mean that this path is omnipotent. Compared to his counterparts, Infinity Sword is quite bad at damage damage output since it doesn’t have any defense debuffing skills.
A basic magician class which specializes in firing out elemental magic from her combos. Due to having one of the most short hit recovery time, they are able to “tumble”, which means that they can jump out of a combo if one does have enough attack speed/hitstun to keep comboing her. She mainly relies on teleporting to get out of bad situations. She uses a mana shield skill to help her reduce the damage taken and damage the mp instead. She can recharge mana by staying still
Pros: Light moves, very fast and uses ranged fireballs which can cause DoT (Damage over time). Teleport is also one of her main assets as it now actiavates stoic frames making “tumbling” even more effective. Very high magic attack,.
Cons: Too reliant on mana, from mana shield to her own combos, she constantly uses mana which develops dependance. Once mana shield is deactivated, her defense literally drops to extremely low levels.
Void Princess
Pros: She can have over 700 mp from what I’ve heard, she clears field in one skill (Plasma cutter) and uses many highly damaging skill. Has some skills which can absorb/decrease the opponent’s mana.
Cons: Once again, too reliant on mana, bad base defense.
Elemental Master
Pros: Has the fastest MP regen among all Aishas, the most overpowered class right now with her meditation passive which gives around 50 mp every second at the start of a match. She can literally take down any classes if the player is not dumb.
Cons: Too reliant on mana, bad base defense.
Dimension Witch
Pros: Has many interesting mechanics, such as aura balls which can do multiple hits to catch foes and can also open a gate which gets rid of projectiles. Also has a couple of stunning skills which immoblizes targets who have been hit.
Cons: Nerfed in a sneaky way, Dimension Witch’s aura balls now do less hits, too reliant on mana and bad base defense once more like any Aisha.
The most agile class (well, she is a ranger), she can literally tumble out of anyone’s combo and lag just makes it almost impossible to beat her. Her arrows can cover great distance and are faster than Aisha’s mana spheres. She mainly uses two types of attacks: Kicks and arrows. She has the double jump feature which enables her to jump to great heights. Similar to Aisha, Rena can charge mana while standing still.
Pros: Very agile, fast attacks and has arrows which can be used to annoy opponents.
Cons: Bad defense, just like Aisha.
Wind Sneaker
Pros: Easy combos, extremely damaging kicks and arrows and very annoying debuffing skills which lower attacks speed. Also possesses a skill with cheap mana cost which stuns opponents for a couple of seconds. Only class which can activate a healing skill.
Cons: Often raged upon in PvP, much difficulty in dungeons if soloing and bad defense. Boring class if you aren’t a pro.
Grand Archer
Pros: Highly damaging arrows, many field clearing and bossing skills, extremely good at supporting and partying when sniping from behind. She can literally solo Henir’s space and time without many OP items.
Cons: Very bad at PvP, often needs mana to attack (her kicks are very bad at damage) and bad defense.
Night Watcher
Pros: Many field-controlling skills such as arrow traps and the likes. Has a very good adaptability, as she can switch her styles between melee and magic attack plays at will. Fun class overall.
Cons: Takes time to master, quite a hard class to play, bad defense.
Just like the knight class, this one boasts a sword and has slightly more reach than a knight because it uses sabers and blades instead of swords. It’s unique feature, named “Anger of Raven” is a special function only his mechanic arm can activate on awakening mode. Everytime the Taker is striked from the front, the core implemented on his arm will shield him, reducing the damage taken. Another effects of this core is to launch itself on opponents upon activating a skill, be it an active or a special active, dealing extra damage, and also damaging nearby enemies should they approach you.
Pros: Attack speed is almost unmatched, and the Leg Wound status not only causes DoT, but makes the opponent unable to run, making them easier to catch. The button combos and skills combo very well if used correctly, and can create infinite loops if the opponent doesn’t mana break. Higher-level BMs are also difficult to catch, as they can combine high movement speed with Emergency Escape.
Cons: Extremely core-reliant on damage output, so adding more awakening time or awakening charge is often suggested. Also, even with the small range boost for using a longer sword, it doesn’t mean that it is good vs range units. Has comparatively low defense. If he’s stopped in the middle of a combo by a rogue projectile or a skill like Sword Shield, he becomes open to attacks (Emergency Escape AKA mana break helps here). As mentioned, projectiles can become an issue, especially against players who are smart enough to try and keep a distance (unless you have Burning Rush. Superarmor frames~).
Reckless Fist
Pros: Very heavy punching attacks which usually cause a great amount of hitstun. Many of his moves work really great with core. It can somewhat deal with range with his stoic-activating moves.
Cons: Core dependant just like its base form.
Blade Master
Pros: Extremely fast attacks and can make many flashy combos out of simple actives. With his revamp, Blade Master’s skills now do more damage and are able to chain and cancel each others. His bleed-inducing moves are extremely effective in pvp.
Cons: Still core reliant and doesn’t have many things to counter range.
Veteran Commander
Pros: The only Raven which can actually win rather easily without core and deal a massive amount of damage. He has many burn-inducing skills which usually takes care of runners and his attacks go from mid-range to melee.
Cons: As you combo with this path, you would usually force overheat on your mechanical arm, which will gradually decrease your hp.
Pros: Very fun class to play, is able to glide for a certain amount of time, making it a very good at reaching from afar.
Cons: Doesn’t do enough damage compared to other classes and is the most difficult character to use due to her moves being extremely complex.
Code Nemesis
Pros: Very fast and has a wide variety of combos. Also uses many party-buffing skills which makes her valuable in team plays.
Cons: Lacks real damage output and is the hardest to master among Eves.
Code Empress
Pros: Better in terms of damage, has attacks covering mid-range and melee. Many field-clearing moves which makes it very good in dungeons. Very hard to backstab because of her spitfire-flush skill which also makes catching a lot easier in PvP
Cons: Bad defense and doesn`t have as much speed compared to its other counterparts.
Battle Seraph
Pros: Many homing lasers and has many laser beams/electron balls size/quantity-changing moves. It can fly at greater speed, damaging opponents she touches.
Cons: Bad defense once more and is a very complex class which requires a bit of memorization for each of her mode switches. Also relies too much on mana since almost all of her combos uses a bit of mp.
(Ok… since this is the char I play the most, it’s natural that I’d know more about it. )
This character boasts a cannon which he blasts enemies with or even swing around like a stuffed toy. He would be considered the “artillery” character in other games. Chung uses an ammo system which can charge up to max 6 cannonballs for certain attacks in combos and skills. He also has a special system named “Freitunier” after his armor. Basically, in some of his combos, he’ll enter a “Heavy Stance” state which can automatically react and counter anything that attacks him by pressing x or z, also reducing the damage by 66%.
Pros: Very good at tanking, much physical power and range coverage which makes him extremely good in many circumstances. His attacks have the highest hitstun out of all characters. His field clearing moves also gives him an edge in many dungeons.
Cons: Although very good in many ways, he lacks a lot of speed and is often considered as the slowest character in the game. Along with his attacks with higher hitstun, he also has the highest hit recovery among all chracters, which means that when he flinches, it would take more time compared to other characters to react. Reliant on cannonballs for attacks and certain skills.
Deadly Chaser
Pros: The fastest out of all Chungs and has a very good range coverage due to his dual gun wielding system. His gun combos can now chain with his skills which gives many flashy combos. He also has the every-OP Artillery Strike-Quantum Ballista which literally rips off at least 60% of another character’s hp. He also has a couple of knockdown resetting combos which allows him to loop indefinitely. He also has many catching tools which makes it very difficult to flee from him, hence his name “Deadly Chaser”.
Cons: Extremely mana reliant due to his gun using up mana and his speed would ultimately forfeit many “Heavy Stance” activating combos. He must constantly abuse mana to keep up a good damaging combo and is considered the hardest Chung to master.
Iron Paladin
Pros: The most defensive, as well as one who uses the most physical attacks out of all Chungs. He is also the one who spends the most time on “Heavy Stance” frames (dubbed OP blue lines by some players) in his combos. With some some additional hp/reduce damage boost along with his passives (which increase elemental resistance and hp), he literally becomes a mammoth of a tank, walling almost anything that crosses his path. At the same time, he is also the physical path of Chung, swinging his cannon around and using sheer power to defeat opponent as a more melee fighter. His
Cons: Since he is a defensive path which uses “Heavy Stance” a lot, Iron Paladin is very slow and often relies a lot on his heavy stance to defend itself and to prevent him to get combo’ed in PvP.
Tactical Trooper
Pros: He his amazing tank, combining wonder wall with reaction armor (not as tanky as IP, but definitely enough to act as one in a battle), He also has alot of heavy stance like IP, protecting most of his siege mode entering animation. He mainly uses buffed up cannonballs in a “siege” stance which lets him fire out cannonballs at the closest target at a formidable range (other Chungs also do have siege shelling, but they do not have the range of a Tactical Trooper, take Iron Paladin for example). With his range also comes many very good supportive skills such as giving back mana to allies or giving them unflinchable status.
Cons: Low MP Increase. Hard path to master, but an easy path to use and people cant tell the difference between a guy who just spams and no what he’s doing. His speed is almost as slow as Iron Paladin’s, making him almost as bad as Base Chung in terms of reaction time. Also, the recent skill tree revamp nerfed his cannonballs quite hard, making Tactical Trooper a bit harder to play because it used to do about twice the damage it does right now.
Ara Haan
This char is one of the only female char who uses a special system called Eun. Much like Chung’s ammo system, it consists of a determined amount of beads which can be acquired through activating certain skills, canceling some skills and killing monsters (only in PvE and gains a bit of hp at the same time). Unlike Chung, however, she cannot regain those beads just by standing still. Her weapon consists of a spear and she has many extremely damaging AoE skill, even flashier than Chung’s.
Pros: Very fast, her range surpasses both the Knight and the Taker’s because she wields a Lance/Spear. It is quite easy to engage in a melee fight with Ara because of the range she offers. She is also one of the most mobile character in the game, being able to jump a few meters in front of her with one leap.
Cons: Fighting against melee characters, she usually doesn’t have any problems, but when fighting Aishas and Renas, just like Raven and Elsword, she has somewhat difficulty hitting them if not for some stoic activating abilities or combos.
Little Hsien
Welp, this is the place where you guys can search for students/teachers;D Don’t be afraid to ask! Just post what you want to learn or what you can teach along with your availability!
Wikia Name
IP, TT, DC, IS and Cem
1. All holidays (any time), week-ends from (4:00pm to 9:00pm)
2. Eastern NA time
IP, TT, DC and RS
1. Everyday (2:50 pm to 4:00 pm)
George 0x
1. Week-end holidays
Yuki Akechi
Ara, NW
Zero Radiance
PvP event
I’m going to record matches and post them on Youtube if you guys don’t mind;D
Dungeon event
Find 4 people on wikia and got to henir and try to finish it as fast as possible!
Screenshot event
I thought about this one and this is what I think we should do: gather up all Elsword players here in the game at one spot and take a screenshot!

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