• October 3, 2022

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Elsword – Free to Play Anime Action MMORPG This NEW Awakening is Menacing! October 5th, 2021 Show everyone that you’re all fired up, powered up and ready to beat those enemies up! Checkout Noah’s NEW Custom Motion! Time to shoot – photos that is! Relax and start that summer shoot…

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Elsword Blog

Elsword GM Blog Heya adventurers! We’re doing some improvements to your home away from home! They may seem like small changes but the efficiency they provide is invaluable to every player! You can check out more details about the update when it comes out this week! But for now, we…

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Elsword Online Code: Antithese When she was investigating a destroyed core, Eve finds a mysterious code that was discarded back when research for Henir was still being done. In hopes of finding a solution to rebuild the Nasod Kingdom, Eve releases the unknown code and obtains great power at the…

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