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Top Ten Link Building Automation Tools - DevriX

Top Ten Link Building Automation Tools – DevriX

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Google’s sophisticated algorithms are constantly evolving. But, backlinks remain a key factor that determines how your site ranks for targeted keywords. The links are a signal to Google that your pages are valuable, and that you should rank well as a result.
Building quality links is the foundation of successful SEO campaigns. As a process, it is pretty straightforward. However, there’s a much more efficient way to make every step of that process much simpler. Link building tools can streamline everything at scale for you, saving you time and money in the process.
Without further ado, let’s summarize the top ten link building automation tools that will help you move your SEO campaigns forward.
The Link Building Fundamentals
According to Moz, link building is:
“The process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. If you can master the art of building high-quality links, it can truly put you ahead of other SEOs and your competition. ”
If you want to have content that exudes authority, high-quality link building is a must! More specifically, link building is:
A Google Ranking Factor: Links are a ranking factor that can help you dominate the search engines! Search engines consider quality links as an indication of content relevance, and each of those links can position you better in SERPs.
Traffic Magnet: When other websites with a higher Domain Authority link to your site, you’ll rank better for the keywords that you’ve optimized for. The result is a continual stream of potential customers to your webpage.
Authority Builder: When a site with a big Domain Authority links to yours, it’s a sign that you are doing things right.
The goals and activities of every link building campaign are:
Creating High-Quality Content: This remains the best way to create backlinks and redirect traffic to your website. If you don’t have high-quality content, your link building campaign won’t bring any results.
Effective Keyword Usage: A good link adds value to the content that’s inserted in. This involves the underscored keyword label or the alt text and links used in the image content.
Smart Link Placement: Where you choose to embed the link plays a key role in Google’s link evaluation of your pages. The ideal place for links would be in the upper section of your content’s main body or the editorial section of the page.
Competitive Analysis: A process centered around niche keywords. By analyzing your competitors and their link building campaigns, you can discover their strategies and implement similar practices.
Creating Email Lists: You can regularly embed links in your emails. You will also need an email list of domains and blog owners that you can outreach to for link building campaigns.
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The above applies to your link building efforts regardless of whether you do everything manually or you cut corners with tools.
Before we look at the tools that you can use for automated link building, you need to understand that automation is not an instant solution. It only provides you with a more efficient approach to your link building campaign.
Top Ten Link Building Automation Tools
1. HubSpot’s Link Builder
HubSpot’s link builder tool can check the number of links and how they benefit your SEO efforts. You can track the domains that link back to your website, and see the sites that link to your rivals so you can include them to your inbound list.
HubSpot’s link building tool is part of the set of Marketing tools that HubSpot provides for your business.
2. SEMRush Link Building Tool
The SEMRush Link Building Tool collects a list of link building opportunities.
Having this tool in SEMrush makes competitive SEO analysis easier. It also facilitates better outreach campaigns at the same time, most specifically through:
Large lists of outreach prospects based on target keywords and competitors
Built-in workflow to manage the outreach process
Gmail and Google Search Console integration
Automatic contact information retrieval for target websites
“Monitor” report to follow your campaign’s progress over time
3. Ahrefs
Besides a large and detailed database of live backlinks, you will get lots of insights with the full kit of Ahrefs tools that includes:
Site Explorer
Positions Explorer
Content Explorer
Position Tracker
Crawl Report
Ahrefs Alerts
Each tool is beneficial from a link building standpoint. For example, the Site Explorer presents you with a detailed backlink profile for any website.
You can use it for digging competitive insights that can help you improve your position in search rankings.
Ahrefs can also be used for creating alerts that will arrive in your email inbox when somebody mentions your brand or a specific keyword.
4. Scrapebox
Scrapebox is an extensive link building tool that collects links from search engines that match your keywords. This software is great for competitive link analysis and for insights on where you should focus your link building strategy.
5. Linkody
Your link profile is constantly evolving. Every time you obtain or lose a link, Linkody will notify you. It also makes it easier for you to stop spammy links and analyze link profiles. Additionally, through the daily report option, you can regularly examine the condition of your link profile.
6. Mailshake
This is software that sends email link building requests. It allows you to choose a message template, personalize your emails, and send them. Mailshake enhances the performance of your email campaigns.
Besides being a time-saver, Mailshake monitors replies, clicks, and much more. All in all, it’s an affordable link building solution for marketers that want to use the cold email approach for link building opportunities.
7. Screaming Frog
Screaming Frog is a popular SEO tool that allows you to track link building profiles through detailed reports. It enables you to understand your backlink profile as well as every other aspect that affects your search rankings. As a link building program, it also guarantees that all of your links are working properly.
8. Followerwonk
Some of the best link building opportunities are on social media, especially Twitter. Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics tool for discovering, analyzing, and improving social growth.
Using the tool can help you find industry influencers. When you build a relationship with industry leaders, the chances for a high-quality backlink are much higher. Followerwonk provides you with the following data:
Social authority
9. SEO SpyGlass
SEO SpyGlass is one of the best tools for monitoring competitive backlink profiles.
This tool provides services regarding the following key areas:
Locating backlinks to any website
Running a link audit to find and remove harmful links
Uncovering your competitors’ link building strategy
Analyzing each backlink according to 50 unique factors
The above are some of the biggest reasons why companies like Microsoft, GE, and HP use SEO SpyGlass. It’s easy to use and provides everything you need for successful link building in one place.
10. Link Detox
To boost your search rankings, you need high-quality links. In contrast, low-quality links can only diminish your rankings.
Link Detox helps you with:
Discovering spammy links that lower your ranking
Tidy up your backlink profile
The usage of human signals and thousands of data points
Preventing human errors when using the disavow audit mode
You can use Link Detox for discovering dangerous links, creating disavow files, and earning back your lost search rankings.
Wrapping Up
Link building is important to the success of any business with an online presence. By following tried and tested best practices and investing in the right link building software, both high traffic and a good SEO are guaranteed!
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15 AWESOME Link Building Tools [2021 Reviews] - Backlinko

15 AWESOME Link Building Tools [2021 Reviews] – Backlinko

You’re about to see the 15 best link building tools for 2021.
In fact, I’ve used these exact tools to get backlinks from sites like
And Forbes:
With that, it’s time to reveal my favorite link building and outreach tools.
15 Best Link Building Tools
1. Ahrefs
The world’s largest backlink index.
Ahrefs is a link building software suite designed for SEO pros.
It also has a lot of features that have nothing to do with link building, like:
A very solid keyword research tool
“Content Explorer” (similar to BuzzSumo)
Rank tracking
Technical SEO site audits
That said:
Even though Ahrefs has A LOT of advanced features, it’s easy for non-technical people (like me) to use.
Pricing: $99-$999 per month
My Favorite Feature: “Link Intersect”
This feature lets you see which sites link to your competitors… but not you.
For example, here’s a report I run at least once a month:
This shows me who’s linking to Ahrefs and Moz… but not me.
Why is this helpful?
If someone links to your competitors, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll link to you.
(After all, they might have a relationship with the person that runs that site. )
But if someone links to TWO of your competitors, you have a much better chance of getting a link from that site.
The Bottom Line If you can only invest in one link building tool, it should be Ahrefs.
2. Linkody
A user-friendly backlink tracker.
Linkody is one of the cheapest link building tools on the market.
Despite that, it has a decent link index.
Pricing: $14-$139 per month
My Favorite Feature: “Top Pages”
See the exact pages that get the most links. This is helpful for reverse engineering what’s working for a competing site. Or to double down on what’s working for you.
The Bottom Line Is Linkody as good as “the big 3” (Ahrefs, Moz and Majestic)? Nope. But if you’re just starting out with SEO and have a limited budget, Linkody is worth a shot… especially considering that they offer a 30-day free trial.
3. GroupHigh
Find bloggers for outreach campaigns.
If you want people to link to your site, you need to master blogger outreach.
And the first step of any outreach campaign?
Find bloggers in your industry.
Well, GroupHigh claims to have “The World’s Largest Blog Search Engine”.
And after testing it out this week, I’d have to agree.
I did a search for “baking blogs” and found 33, 581 relevant blogs:
So that’s GroupHigh’s big selling point: it makes it easy to find bloggers.
(Whether it’s for content promotion… or straight up link building. )
It also has a built-in outreach platform that you can use to send your outreach emails:
Pricing: $179-$499 per month
My Favorite Feature: “Metrics”
Sure, it’s nice to have a giant list of blogs in your niche.
But how do you know which bloggers are worth reaching out to?
Well, that’s where GroupHigh’s metrics come into play.
You can sort and filter bloggers based on Domain Authority, social media followers, audience size… and lots more.
Very cool.
The Bottom Line Although GroupHigh isn’t designed for link building, I know lots of SEO agencies that use it to run their link building campaigns. And I can see why: it’s got a giant database of blogs… and a built in “Blogger CRM” that you can use to send link building-focused outreach emails.
4. BuzzStream
Scale your link building campaigns.
BuzzStream is an outreach platform that helps you stay organized with email outreach.
In other words:
Instead of spreadsheets and random Gmail inboxes, you can use BuzzStream to track conversations and manage campaigns effectively across multiple projects.
(Which makes it especially helpful for teams and agencies. )
Here’s how it works:
First, you either find websites using their built-in “Discovery” tool…
…or upload a list of sites in your niche that you want to reach out to:
Then, use BuzzStream to find their contact info.
(I’m using the handy Buzzmarker Chrome extension to find contact information here. This is arguably the best feature of the entire platform. )
Finally, connect your email with BuzzStream. This lets you reach out to people from within the platform.
You can even dig deep into reporting to see the status of every email (and followup) that you’ve sent:
Pricing: $24-$999 per month
My Favorite Feature: Custom Fields
I view custom fields as the bread and butter of BuzzStream. They let you organize and customize campaigns in any way you want.
Let me show you an example.
One of the very few required custom fields is Relationship Stage. This basically means: “what is our current status with that person? ”.
Here’s an example of some of the stages I use.
Let me break these down for you.
Not Yet Researched – we’ve saved the prospect as qualified, but haven’t prepped for outreach (i. e. found contact info, wrote the email, etc. ).
Prepped for Outreach – this is specifically for those we’ve prepped for outreach, but have a contact form URL (not their actual email address). We save them here until an appropriate time of day & week to submit the form (since this can’t be automated / queued up for a future time).
Not Started – people we’ve prepped for outreach, and have an email queued up for a future time. When it gets sent, the prospect automatically moves into Attempting to Reach.
Attempting to Reach – we’ve sent at least 1 email, but haven’t heard back.
In Talks – we’ve heard back, but we haven’t drawn a conclusion.
Waiting for Result – we’ve sent our link/post/pitch over for review, but haven’t drawn a conclusion.
Agreed to Link – they’ve verbally agreed to do what we want them to do, i. post our link, accept our post, write about our client’s asset, etc.
Link Accepted – the link is live! Booyah.
Rejected – they shot down our request.
There are others, but the above makes up the vast majority. But the cool thing is, you can customize all of the above.
For example, you can create a new set of fields for a guest posting or influencer marketing campaign.
So: why are custom fields so helpful?
Filtering / Division – if you’re looking for a specific segment of prospects, filtering by that custom field allows us to easily find them. In the same way, this division of organization helps for process management.
Template fields – a custom field value can be used in an outreach template
Data analysis – you can add data points as a field (for example, the site’s Domain Authority or whether or not they’ve linked to a competitor)
BuzzStream has a lot of other cool features that I didn’t have room to cover here. If you want to learn more I recommend reading my BuzzStream review.
The Bottom Line BuzzStream is one of my favorite link building tools. If you do a lot of outreach or work with a team of link builders, it can save you a ton of time and energy.
Create a disavow file in seconds.
makes it easy to create a disavow file.
Without a tool like this, you need to manually create a file to upload to the Google Search Console…
…and HOPE that you formatted it correctly.
Pricing: Free
My Favorite Feature: “Apply Disavow File”
This feature is helpful if you have a list of URLs that you want to disavow links from… and a disavow file ready to go.
It compares the two lists. And lets you know which URLs in your list will (and won’t be) disavowed.
The Bottom Line The whole disavow process can be a giant pain (I know from experience. I’ve helped several clients recover from manual penalties). makes one step of this process a little bit easier. It’s also helpful if you proactively disavow shady links.
6. JustReachOut
Find and pitch reporters and journalists.
As you probably know, PR is one of the most powerful link building strategies on the planet.
When done right, PR can land you high quality links from HUGE authority news sites (like Forbes, the New York Times, and Tech Crunch).
The problem is:
Most outreach platforms are designed to help you find bloggers… not journalists.
That’s where JustReachOut comes in.
It has a sizable (and up-to-date) database of journalists…
… and a CRM that you can use to manage your outreach within the platform.
Pricing: $99-$699 per month
My Favorite Feature: Source Search
JustOutReach lets you search for source requests from HARO, ProfNet and Twitter.
That way, you can pitch journalists that actually WANT to feature you in their story.
The Bottom Line If you want to get links and mentions in the press, JustReachOut can help. It’s dead-simple to use. And it’s relatively inexpensive considering how many cool features it has.
7. Moz Link Explorer
Reverse engineer your competitor’s backlinks.
Moz Link Explorer is the flagship feature of Moz Pro.
And it replaces the old Open Site Explorer.
So: how does Moz Link Explorer work?
First, you pop a competitor’s domain (or specific URL) into it:
And you can see all of their backlinks:
You also get link metrics, like the site’s Domain Authority:
My Favorite Feature: Anchor Text Analysis
Quickly see the most common anchor text in a site’s backlink profile:
Well, if you see lots of exact match anchor text, that’s usually a sign of black hat link building.
The Bottom Line Moz Link Explorer is the 2nd best link analysis tool on the market. Unfortunately, it’s still a DISTANT second to Ahrefs (Ahrefs’s link database is significantly bigger than Moz’s Link Explorer). That said, a Moz subscription comes with several other tools (like an on-page grader) that can make the monthly investment worthwhile.
8. NinjaOutreach
Makes outreach (relatively) easy.
NinjaOutreach is similar to other outreach tools I’ve covered already, like BuzzStream and GroupHigh.
So what makes NinjaOutreach different?
First of all, it’s database of influencers is HUGE (in the millions).
Second, it’s more SEO-focused than other outreach platforms. Yes, you can sort the results based on social metrics (like Facebook fans or Instagram followers).
But because NinjaOutreach is designed for link builders, you can get granular with SEO metrics too. Specifically, you can sort results by Domain Authority, Page Authority and number of backlinks
Pricing: $69-$599/month
My Favorite Feature: Premade Templates
NinjaOutreach comes bundled with templates for different types of link building campaigns… including broken link building, infographic promotion, and more.
Of course, you should personalize these templates before you send them out. But at least you have a starting point compared to writing outreach emails from scratch.
The Bottom Line NinjaOutreach is a powerful piece of link building software. I first tried this tool 3 years ago and it’s come a long way since then. It’s got a much cleaner interface and 5x more features. Although not dirt cheap, NinjaOutreach is a good value considering the amount of helpful features that you get access to.
9. Link Prospector
Supercharged link prospecting.
If you’re sick of manually searching for resource pages in Google, you’ll love Link Prospector.
That’s because it has hundreds of pre-made search strings built right into it.
So all you need to do is enter a few keywords related to your site… and it takes care of the rest.
Pricing: $47-$497 per month (can also pay as you go)
My Favorite Feature: Link Target Score
Most link building tools spit out 1001 link “opportunities”.
And it’s on you to sift for gold nuggets.
Not Link Prospector.
It analyzes every prospect on your list for “LTS”… which bubbles up websites are most related to yours:
That way, you can focus on the prospects that are likely to link to you.
The Bottom Line Link Prospector’s features are designed solely for full-time link builders and SEO agencies. In other words: it’s not newbie-friendly. But if you’re a link building pro, this tool can make link prospecting go 2-10x faster.
10. BuzzSumo
Discover influential bloggers in your niche.
Even though BuzzSumo is designed for content marketing, lots of SEO pros use it too.
Here’s how:
First, BuzzSumo makes it easy to create content that people WANT to link to.
Second, you can use BuzzSumo to find influencers in your niche that recently shared your competitor’s content:
(Which means they’re super likely to share your stuff… and link to it. )
Pricing: $79-$239 per month.
My Favorite Feature: “Brand Mentions”
“Brand Mentions” let you know whenever someone mentions your brand in a blog post… but didn’t link to your site.
Here’s an example:
In my experience, a friendly “can you please link to us? ” email can turn those unlinked brand mentions into legit backlinks:
You can also use BuzzSumo to find new links to your site:
(I’ve found that BuzzSumo finds links from blog posts faster than any other tool. )
The Bottom Line Sure, BuzzSumo isn’t designed for link building. But as you just saw, you can still use it to get white hat links to your site. Recommended.
11. cognitiveSEO
Easily identify unnatural links.
CognitiveSEO is an SEO software suite with a focus on backlink analysis.
(Just like Moz Link Explorer and Ahrefs. )
So: what makes it unique?
Well, cognitiveSEO has some interesting features that most other tools don’t have.
For example: “Unnatural Link Detection”.
This lets you know if your site (or a site that you want to get a link from), has a shady link profile:
Otherwise, it’s very similar to Ahrefs and Moz.
Pricing: $99-$499 per month
My Favorite Feature: Domain Profile Influence
Lets you know what percentage of your links come from authority sites… and rinky dink blogs.
It’s normal to have a mix. But if your link profile is lacking heavy hitters, it might be time to get backlinks from bigger sites.
The Bottom Line Cognitiveseo simply isn’t as good as Moz or Ahrefs. That said, it’s a solid value at $99/month. Plus, there’s a free trial. So if you’re on a tight budget and want pro-level backlink analysis, cognitiveSEO is probably your best bet.
12. Pitchbox
Use workflows that walk you through the outreach process.
Pitchbox is an outreach platform built for efficiency and ease-of-use.
It tries to be an all-in-one solution, from discovering prospects to reporting on outreach and everything in between.
(In my opinion, it largely succeeds. )
Let me show you how Pitchbox works.
After you sign up login, the first thing you’ll do is create a Project.
Then, you choose the type of campaign you want to run.
As you can see, there are LOTS of pre-built campaigns to choose from.
Blogger Outreach – you input keywords, they give you a list of blog articles.
Advanced Search – you input search phrases, they scrape their Google results.
Product Reviews – you input keywords, they give you a list of blogs that (they think) have featured review articles in the past.
“Hot Off The Press” – you input keywords, they give you a list of blog articles published in last 48 hours.
Competitor Backlinks – you input competitor domains, they give you a list of URLs linking to them.
Link Removal (default OR using LRT) – doesn’t prospect; you have to provide the list of URLs. But makes things very efficient for getting links removed.
What I like about Pitchbox is that the workflow is built right in. So once you start a campaign, it walks you through all the steps (from finding high quality prospects, to grabbing contact information, to actually sending outreach emails).
Speaking of outreach emails, this is one of the areas that Pitchbox really shines.
You can create personalized fields that make outreach emails personalized (without spending a ton of time tweaking each one).
You can also have multiple people work on a single outreach email (for example, one person composes the email and another person comes in to personalize it).
Finally, you can set up automated email sequences to automatically follow-up with people that don’t reply to your first email:
Pricing: $195-$395 per month
My Favorite Feature: Metrics Filters
This you to filter your results by certain quality metrics.
Specifically, you can filter by Majestic Citation Flow & Trust Flow, Link Research Tools Power*Trust, and Moz metrics (Page Authority and Domain Authority).
You can set your own filters, or you can use one of their pre-built “good” or “great” filters.
The Bottom Line Pitchbox combines “easy to use” and “powerful features” into a single piece of link building software. It’s not the cheapest tool out there. But if you do a lot of outreach or work with a team of link builders, I highly recommend Pitchbox.
13. Majestic SEO
Link analysis on a budget.
Majestic is yet another backlink analysis tool.
It has the features you’d expect… like number of backlinks, referring domains and anchor text analysis.
Pricing: $49-$99 per month
My Favorite Feature: Topical Trust Flow
This metric measures how many links a site has from a set of highly-trusted “seed” websites.
(It’s basically Majestic’s version of TrustRank. )
The Bottom Line Majestic SEO has a massive link database. But the UX is ancient and hard to use. That said you definitely get your money’s worth at $50/month.
Find accurate contact information in seconds.
After trying over 25 different tools for finding contact info, I can say with confidence that is the best.
Not only is it lightning-fast, but the contact info that you get from it is insanely accurate.
That’s because Hunter doesn’t just scrape a single website for email addresses. Instead, it pulls data from several different sources.
Pricing: Free-$399 per month
My Favorite Feature: Email Verification
Hunter automatically verifies each email that it gives you:
That way, you know the inbox is still active BEFORE you hit “send”.
(You can also bulk upload email addresses for verification. )
The Bottom Line When it comes to finding email addresses for outreach, you absolutely cannot beat Hunter.
15. Monitor Backlinks
A backlink tool for people new to SEO.
Instead of building their own link index, Monitor Backlinks pulls link data from Moz and Majestic into a single dashboard.
(Raven Tools does the same thing. )
It also comes with a few bonus features, like SERP position tracking and detailed reporting.
Pricing: $25-$144 per month
My Favorite Feature: Disavow Tool
Makes identifying black hat links (and adding them to a disavow file) simple and easy.
The Bottom Line When it comes to link analysis and overall features, Monitor Backlinks isn’t even close to something like Ahrefs. That said, it’s 4x cheaper. So depending on your budget, Monitor Backlinks might makes sense for you.
Any Tools That I Missed?
Those are my 15 favorite link building tools.
The question is:
How do you choose the best one for you?
Here’s a quick checklist to help you decide:
“What budget do I have to work with? ” – If you’re so shoestring that you can’t afford shoestrings, Excel spreadsheets are always free. And they usually do the job. That said, outreach tools usually make the process faster and more efficient.
“How many people need to use the tool? ” – If you’re the only one that build links, then you don’t need worry about user accounts and features designed for teams. But if you do outreach with a team, tools like BuzzStream or PitchBox are a must.
“How many links can I see? ” – Backlink analysis tools like Moz, Ahrefs and Majestic give you the most competitor link data. Others might be cheaper… but you get what you pay for.
“How important is reporting? ” – Are you reporting to clients? If so, detailed (and nice-looking) reporting features can be massively helpful.
Now I’d like to turn it over to you:
Which tool on this list is your personal favorite?
Or maybe there’s a tool you love that I didn’t mention here.
Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.
Backlink Software: Automated Link Building (Submitter) Tools

Backlink Software: Automated Link Building (Submitter) Tools

Table of content: 1. Automatic link building software 1. 1. xRumer 1. 2. AllSubmitter 1. 3. SEO AutoPilot 1. 4. GSA Search Engine Ranker 1. 5. RankerX 1. 6. MoneyRobot 1. 7. Ibusinesspromoter 1. 8. ZennoPoster 2. Online submitters services 3. Guesposting services 3. Buzzstream 3. ScrapeBox 3. Raven 3. Ontolo 3. Grouphigh 4. Tools for working with backlinks 4. SEO SpyGlass 4. Rankwyz 4. LinkAssistant 5. Google filters: how to avoid penalties, using automation software for backlinksBefore we start reviewing the backlink building software, let’s revise why backlinks are crucial in an SEO cklinks are one of the factors for successful website promotion. Many search engines measure website credibility by the number and quality of its backlinks. Search engines follow a simple rule: the more sources refer to the site, the more useful and interesting this site is (and correspondingly ranks better) it mean that success can be achieved just by using up-to-date backlinking software? Definitely, no. Many factors play a role into the search engine rankings: usability, content quality & uniqueness, page relevance to search queries, etc. But links still have a significant weight, despite repeated statements on the struggle against reference promotion. Download our free SEO reports to learn more about site promotion and become a guru in link, for the successful site promotion, it’s not enough to have homogeneous reference weight from the outside. One should pay attention not only to the donor site’s relevance but also to the diversity and uniqueness of the anchor text. This uneasy job requires a serious approach, plenty of time, and the ability to work with specialized backlink builder software 2009, LinksManagement has been providing DA40-DA100 links for business owners, marketers, webmasters, and SEO companies in the USA, UK, Canada & Europe. Our customers’ reviews prove that you can increase your website rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, Baidu, and 500+ more search engines within 3-6 out how many links you need to outrank your competitors using our professional Free SEO Cost Calculator and start your campaign right away. You can launch the link building campaign automatically with the help of our SEO Expert LinksManagement: The largest inventory of US publishers — currently more than 8 mln of the US, UK, Canadian, Australian, European websites. Money Back Guarantee — check out our rules & policies. Success stories — our clients speak for us. More than 12 years on the market — our products are getting better year after year. 10+ filtering options — you can easily find backlinks from niche websites by applying a bunch of filters. See the backlink page before you buy a link on it — you decide whether the website meets your needs and only then buy backlinks. Gradual purchase — links will be purchased automatically in a way that looks very natural to Google – according to your set link building schedule. Backlinks from and tomatic link building softwareRegardless of your company size or industry, implementing the right SEO strategies is a must. Backlink submitter software is among the many options. Using this powerful software, you can build free backlinks from authoritative sites, articles, blogs, social media platforms, directories, and SEO-friendly search goal is to use the best software for your link building stead of choosing any free online backlink submitter, choose one that is proven to work incredibly well. Here are some of the best options. xRumerOfficial website: Price: from $100 up to $400 Demo version: not available xRumer ranks high on the list of SEO backlink submitter options. This multifunctional tool works quickly and efficiently to promote your website. By investing a small amount of time, this program posts your ads and links on over 400, 000 resources, including link directories, bulletin boards, social media sites, blogs, articles, and automatic captcha bypassing makes this auto backlink submitter stand out. In fact, during both the registration and posting process, it bypasses and decodes over 500 unique types, such as DLE-captcha, Facebook, ReCaptcha, and you probably know, social media platforms play a critical role in SEO. With this tool, you can take advantage of the free SocPlugin for commenting on photos and videos, uploading and downloading, and posting messages on four social media sites. Basically, you can call it “social media link building software. ”This program runs on all versions of Windows, including 98, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7/8, and 8. 1/10. One recommendation by the maker is to use a high-speed internet connection. The only downside to this tool is that while touted as “free, ” there is a membership fee. Depending on your specific needs, you would pay $100 a year for the Lite version, $240 a year for the Standard version, or $400 a year for the Business version. AllSubmitter Official website: Price: $76 + extra directories $29. 95 Demo version: availableWith a quick download, AllSubmitter will have you on your way to increased traffic and higher online visibility. As a trusted and reliable solution used by more than 3, 000 webmasters, this bulk backlink submitter helps improve rankings on all the major search engines, including Google, Bing, and stead of struggling to make the coveted first page of SERPs, allow this software to take charge. An excellent aspect of this tool is that it works for all aspects of SEO, such as on- and off-page submission services, keyword selection, competitor analysis, and report generation. The other features include rank and result tracking, source code validation, email management, and plagiarism this semi-automatic and automatic submission tool, you will spend less time and money on your SEO campaign. Considering this free online backlink submitter enhances website visibility, increases traffic, and improves page ranking, there is nothing negative about using will also appreciate the fact that this auto backlink submitter comes in several packages, making it possible for you to customize the results. AllSubmitter is one of the best services for online directory submission, customer statistics, and reports. SEO AutoPilotWebsite: Price: $67/month demo version: availableIt’s time to talk about advanced link building software and its key features that you can easily take advantage of. SEO AutoPilot is a great example of smart, cutting edge, the latest technology, which creates top-quality backlinks on reliable websites completely on autopilot. That’s a double win! You don’t spend hours a day anymore planning your link building strategy and communicating with SEO Autopilot Software, you can rank any website in any niche, using its advanced SEO features. So, how about a Sophisticated Automation Engine that calculates automatically keyword and link diversity for search engine algorithms? Benefit from Turbo Wizard – a high professional SEO tool that compresses hundreds of options and settings in just one screen, giving the user total engine of this software can schedule tasks and calculate the needed number of posts per day, days to run, instant posting, etc. What else? One of our favorite options “Usage of Shortcodes” allows you to select the exact position of your backlinks and keywords inside your Articles! To simply put, SEO Autopilot Software is a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to rank your product on search engines (plus, there is a Free Premium Spinner that can Spin your articles with 90%+ uniqueness at no cost). GSA Search Engine Ranker Official website: Price: $99 Demo version: availableWhen it comes to smart SEO, building backlinks takes up to 90% of our time and energy. What do we usually do? Outsource and get our backlinks submitted, but not everyone can wait for months to drive at least some traffic. This is where the GSA Search Engine Ranker comes into play. The best thing about this tool is that it is completely automated. There is no need to babysit. Just provide the content and the GSA Search Engine Ranker will start submitting of the tools available on the web just ping the links to the search engines and leave. But GSA search engine ranker fuses your links with top link indexing services else? Unlike any other software, submission website or databases are unrequired. You don’t need to input for submitting your web page and finding more websites. GSA also verifies website submissions. It creates backlinks under your set of rules. So, you may skip submission of spammed websites or submit to high-ranked websites only. This SEO software can be extended to any submission system or tool simply by a script engine. RankerX Official website: Price: $49. 99/month Demo version: availableTo be honest, RankerX is one of the easy-to-get-started tools for someone new to link building software. The dashboard is simple to pick up with drag and drop wizard to build tiered link templates with logical dependencies. But RankerX is a perfect fit for experts as well. Powerpoint, Apple Keynotes, Google Slides templates are a tough market for SEO. If you have thousands of keywords to rank for, this tool will come in handy. According to dozens of the review on their website as well as Trustpilot, their clients have managed to increase the traffic 12 times and the revenue 4 times in 9 months. Isn’t it an amazing result? RankerX can boast one of the biggest numbers of authority sites available, powerful included indexer, safe and intelligent link building strategies, video ranking (that is not so common), local SEO, etc. It supports all major third-party services from captchas, article creating, proxies, to indexing services. One more thing, RankerX even provides some of the useful tools for your SEO for free (free article generating service, free spinner, free indexer. )1. Money Robot Submitter Official website: Price: $67/month Demo version: availableA program is designed for automated backlinking on the popular platform-engines. According to the developers, Robot Submitter replaces the work of 100 ogram supports: Web 2. 0 blogs and directories. Social networks (messages). Social bookmarks. Press releases. Articles, references. Web 2. 0 profiles. Wiki-articles Forums, ogram features High-speed submission. Fully automated submitting process. Built-in features (rewriter/spinner) that help avoid penalties for duplicated content. Artificial Intelligence. Any detection mechanisms can be easily passed, as this software uses Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer to simulate real user’s actions. No need for website lists search and scrape. Server resources are enough to provide quality backlink sources. “Backlink monitor”. High-speed tracking of backlinks. Auto-captcha. Simple captchas (calculator, photo, text, etc. ) are free. iBusinessPromoter Official website: Price: $199. 95 Demo version: availableAre you looking for a way to get superior-quality inbound links? If so, the iBusinessPromoter backlink software tool is ideal. When researching different backlink indexing services, you’ll see one review after another that states this service is one of the best primarily because it makes managing backlinks selecting both the keyword and search engine, this tool analyzes your web page for all relevant ranking elements, followed by linking to your site. It then uses a special calculation to score how well the information ranks. If you score lower than 100 percent, you’ll receive detailed information from the service explaining why and how to increase the suggestions provided, you would then make the appropriate changes to your webpage. Instead of constantly ranking low in search results but having no idea why, this tool reveals things you might not know about or can either download a demo version of the software to see if it’s a good match for your needs or buy the tool completely risk-free. With the latter, you have two options, the Standard or Business plan. ZennoPoster Official website: Price: $37/month Demo version: availableZennoPoster also works great as backlink submitter software. Instead of you wasting valuable time and resources updating SEO on your website, this automated tool goes to work on your behalf. This bulk backlink submitter is simple to use for all types of browser work. Thanks to its fantastic capabilities, it will even boost your free online backlink submitter offers four distinct features: Record and Debut automates your actions with a simple click. Visual Projects records your actions to produce clean and easy-to-follow flowcharts. Well-Known Browser is an application for creating projects using Mozilla Firefox as the built-in browser. Elements Highlighting allows you to highlight page features of this free online backlink submitter include database support, a visual drag-and-drop interface, user profiles, an incredible proxy checker, and a human emulation system. For both development and automation, this tool uses your ideas to record a project, followed by executing it in multiple threads, which saves you time and money. Free online submitters serviceOne thing that makes Free Web Submission so great is that you can manually or automatically submit your site to 50 of the top free internet search engines and directories. Even better, this tool ranks everything according to popularity, making the selection process Google, this fast search engine submitter software includes Bing, MetaBooster, ASR, ExactSeek, Info Tiger, Rocket Browse, Suchio, WinWord, and a host of others. You can use the free online backlink submitter option, but for just $3 to $5 a month, you can gain exposure to the top 10 search engines — of the unique features of this online submitter is Rapid Site Inclusion, which entails reaching partnered search engines within 24 hours. Also, this software indexes every 48 hours, ensuring you always have access to the best search engines and directories. Compared to some of the other online tools, there are no real disadvantages. Guest posting services Guest posting has been known as one of the most efficient digital marketing strategies. Over the past years, successful marketers have been sharing their achievements in traffic and promotion they managed to achieve with the help of guest blogging. The traditional method of publishing guest posts on thematic resources requires some persistence. You need to be ready to spend much of your time contacting website owners and negotiating on terms, topics, and a number of other questions at all stages of your rtunately, there are professional guest posting services that can help you to speed up the process a lot. That is what we call “a win-win”: you get the chance to outreach webmasters and drive more traffic to your website by gaining high-quality backlinks. Moreover, it’s all automated. So, let’s see some of the GOOD options. Official website: Price: $49/month Demo version: free planHunter can help you find professional email addresses in a few seconds and connect with the people that matter to your niche & business. Basically, that’s how you can get the email addresses behind any website. Plus, there is a sorting feature that is able to categorize the mail addresses by different departments. For example, to send out only to support or has an email verifier. We think it is a self-explanatory, but let us just name some of the list of validations this tool performs: SMTP check, presence of MX records, presence of SMTP server, format (of course), etc. Hunter’s most powerful email-finding tool is Domain Search. If you need to quickly find who to contact in a business, it lists the email addresses publicly available on the web in half a second, with confidence scores, department filters and detailed sources. mOfficial website: Price: from $189/month up to $499/month Demo version: availableThat is one useful tool for finding online influencers in your niche, getting valuable data about them, connecting with them via customizable email templates and social media, and partnering to promote your brand to their audience. How it works? Just type in your keywords and get the access to millions of profiles & their email addresses. That is one great way to extend your reach with a target audience and the answer for effective blogger outreach at it comes to the main features of Ninjaoutreach, we should highlight business lead generation, Influencer Marketing Agency Software, useful Google Chrome extension, and knowledge database. It is convenient to use for sending out an emails in a large quantities (for instance, 500 / per a day. ) You can schedule your outreach emails or save any email templates in the template library, so you can reuse old campaigns. BuzzStreamOfficial website: BuzzStream Price: from $24/month up to $999/month Demo version: availableOnce you visit the website, you can’t stop looking at it: simple, stylish, easy-to-use. Fortunately, it is not the only reason for mentioning this service on our list. Buzzstream is an outreach platform that helps you grow your marketing and link building result. It will ease your work organization and keep track of emails (basically, you can see see who opens your email and who clicks on the link, pretty nice thing when you do outreach. )Using this service, you have a chance to reach a lot of influencers where you can market your product. All you need to do is to open the Google Chrome extension and mark your potential website to be added on the Buzzstream database, then send out your template. Easy as ABC! There is also a follow up feature where you don’t have to remember to do it, BuzzStream will remind you. If you read dozens of review on the web about this service, 95% of them will be positive ones! 3. ScrapeboxOfficial website: Price: $97 Demo version: availableThe software offers a fast gathering of relevant links. It’s one of the most popular programs in SEO. The program is a paid automated link building software ($97). It’s an “upper class” soft that allows you to evaluate your niche competitiveness and automatically comments target sites, getting backlinks and able to improve your domain and pages ranking, Scrapebox has the function of RSS submit and ping (it is also involved in promotion). The program has both “blackhat” and “whitehat” promotion methods, which helps to attract fewer search engines attention and gives a better chance of a high ranking (for example, you can post “whitehat” qualitative comments on carefully selected and pages). To use all SCRAPEBOX potential you have to understand the variety of possible techniques. RavenOfficial website: Price: from $39/month up to $399/month Demo version: availableA great link builder tool that covers many aspects – from social monitoring to links building. While it may seem rather unclear for understanding, this auto backlink builder relates only to advanced features, while the basic instrument is quite vantages: Integration with Basecamp and TextBroker. Wide options and ease of link monitoring and prospecting. Comfortable for team collaboration. Disadvantages: Difficulties when getting used to. Has no service has Pro ($ 99/mo) and Agency ($ 249/mo) versions. Raven is one of the best backlink builders in regard to value for money – it offers a set of options for unlimited sites and possibility to buy additional functionality if you need it. Ontolo Official website: Price: from $97/month up to $297/month Demo version:not availableA link builder pro tool that almost has no analogs in links prospecting. But the key factor is that key phases have to be specific. General keywords may give you very wide results, as search phase is used by the service to identify kids of sites to search for. So we must say that Ontolo is a tool for experienced optimizers. This backlink builder software is often used by SEO agencies and large companies to search and built their backlink vantages: Really powerful. Many options. End-to-end workflow management. Disadvantages: Management complexity. Too much irrelevant data can be displayed. $ 47/mo for “Solo” package, $ 97 for professional and 297 $ for nerally speaking, Ontolo is the foreground tool for those users who’re interested in working with hundreds or more prospects. GroupHighOfficial website: Price: from $179/month up to $499/month Demo version:availableAs a marketing tool that helps you find contact information of bloggers, research blog posts, and build outreach lists for targeting your audience, GroupHigh is essential. With a seven-day free trial, you gain immediate access to the incredible features of this service. After the introductory period, you can select from four different Standard plan for $99 a month covers three users and includes unlimited searches, 500 stored records, one tracker report, one URL import, and limitless exporting. Five users can sign up for the Medium plan of $179 per month. This includes everything the Standard plan does plus a 1, 000-record limit, 10 reports, advanced features, and 110 URL imports. There’s also an Advanced plan for $299 a month and a Custom plan that starts at $450 per month. As expected, those come with even more innovative using the GroupHigh service, you can reach out to any number of online influencers and bloggers, an excellent way to engage and drive is NOT about guessing. It’s all about analytical data, correlations, predefined actions, and well-designed white hat link-building strategies. Tracking and analyzing your backlinks is an essential process if you want to launch a smart link building strategy. It helps you discover which of the backlink sources generates better traffic, hence you will be able to discover which SEO investment are reasonable. Moreover, by analyzing links, you will be able to skyrocket your website’s reputation and outsmart your competitors. Try these multifunctional tools that can change your way of link building. SEO SpyGlassOfficial website: Price: from $99/year up to $199/year Demo version: free planSEO SpyGlass has a unique advantage in comparison with analogs. The software not only finds backlinks but also evaluates their quality. Backlinks search services compete in databases size, but if you are interested in real results and high search position, you should know that not only size counts. You need quality backlinks that don’t force the site under the filters and bring position increase. At the time when everyone talks about Panda and Penguins, SEO SpyGlass will be extremely helpful as it uses one of the best backlinks database and functions needed for the in-depth study of data – the best combination of properties for striking SEO. You can find thousands of backlinks for any website to evaluate their quality on 40 different parameters, find “dofollow”/”nofollow” links, analyze existing SpyGlass abilitiesIt finds new backlinks from several sources, including one of the largest references databases “WebMeUp backlink tool”. Depending on the actual number of site links, checking takes 1–20 minutes (4 minutes on average). If you’ve gathered information about references from other sources or exporting data backlinks your site from the webmasters Google panel, you can import it in SEO SpyGlass, and then analyze links and assess their SpyGlass checks the following parameters: Domain IP address, age, Google rankings. Alexa rank. Other external links posted on the referring page. “Nofollow” and “dofollow” links. Reference anchors. Social networks signals. More than 40 factors of links other useful features Creating the “blitz-referential promotion plan” report PDF-format reports with a detailed reference profile Reports printing, emailing and uploading to websites Exporting data in CSV format Task scheduler Support for websites in any languageSEO SpyGlass performs the deepest analysis of the reference weight, which cannot be compared with reports of any other tool, available on the SEO market. Remember: even the most “natural” white reference profile can contain problematic links. And even if your site has reached TOP-10, don’t drop guard, as competitors are continually seeking to oust you. It is necessary to carry out continuous monitoring. RankWyzOfficial website: Price: from $81/month up to $297/month Demo version: free planSEO experts can use this all-in-one automated service to accomplish many different goals. This service allows you to organize work specific to the project. It also manages Web 2. 0, PBN, and bookmarking accounts, builds multi-tier networks, monitors SEO backlinks and metrics, and embeds videos, images, and translated content. RankWyz checks the ranking for an unlimited number of blogs as a lot of other backlink indexing tools, this one offers numerous features with free registration for blogs and posts. At no charge, this tool includes 10 projects, 200 blogs, and 30 posting credits a day. RankWyz uses shared networks. As for content, this tool has an article builder, translation feature for up to 30 languages, link profiler, and five RSS feeds, plus more, again at no course, there are different account options available, all affordably priced. With a comprehensive site summary, easy-to-use dashboard, an uptime monitor, backlinks monitor, advanced SEO profile, and aggregated SEO metrics, this service has a lot to offer. LinkAssistant Official website: Price: from $299/year up to $699/year Demo version: free plan Convenient storage of backlinks. You can divide links into categories and evaluate them depending on the degree of importance for an easy search. Link info: URL; Adding date; Reference text; Checking data (presence, “nofollow”/”dofollow” status); Important SEO-parameters (Domain Authority, domain age, etc. ); Webmaster’s contacts. A search for low-quality resources. Checking the availability of previously acquired references; Anchor text checking; Checking the quality of all referrers; Check the link pages for the presence of JavaScript, frames, redirects, “nofollow” tags, etc. Monitoring these parameters allows you to make decisions on placing a particular reference. Search for new reference sources. No matter what keywords you are promoting, LinkAssistant helps you to find relevant sites. Moreover, the program evaluates each site for many SEO factors and allows you to select the most authoritative ones. Monitoring and recording backlinks increase. LinkAssistant’s professional reports allow you to analyze SEO effectiveness. Additional features: 1) data import (as text or CSV) 2) professional reports that can be printed, sent by e-mail and uploaded to the site (available in Enterprise Version) 3) task scheduler. Google filters: how to avoid penalties, using automation software for backlinks Best SEO link building software offers certain advantages, but still, you should know all significant Google filters and their principles. Whether you’re using a free backlink submitter or a paid one, these sanctions could apply to your site in case of ignoring rules of clear promotion. Bombing. Applied for links with the same anchors. Broken links. Applied on the site, which has a large number of internal links leading to non-existent pages (404 error). Such resource loses its search positions. To get out of the filter, it is necessary to correct all such links, redirecting them to existing pages. Average time for filter removing is 2–6 weeks. Too many links. Applied if your site has set too many links at once. As a result, these links cease to influence the rankings. To avoid the filter, you need to control software settings (limit the maximum number of backlinks for a certain period). It is especially true for young sites. Links. Applied in case your resource has a large number of outbound links that are not thematic. Besides, the position of the donor site can fall out of the index. It is recommended to remove pages with more than 5-7 inbound links, or close links for indexing through the attribute rel = “nofollow”. Bad quality of backlinks. Auto-submitted links have lousy quality. Reference blast case is an unnatural growth of the reference mass. It may be imposed both on young and old sites. E. g., you had 261 backlinks, and then in a short period – 1500. In practice, such reference weight rise is not inherent even for major portals and sites. Search engines easily define and impose cheating, and apply filters. The essence of the filter is that substantially all references become useless and do not transmit one weight, even those which were natural. To avoid reference explosion, you have to limit link purchase at 50% of your current reference weight, distribute your base for a long time, use the none-anchor link (but this method is still at your own risk). Link profile. If all of your backlinks are dofollow ones that come from guest posting, it will look unnatural to Google. Try to use a varied link profile to avoid being sluggish. We recommend using nofollow links, links from forums and social spite all Google tricks, best automatic backlink software is beneficial. It offers extensive SEO opportunities that are entirely or at least particularly automated, so it’s not necessary to be a specialist to provide a successful SEO campaign. LinksManagement is one of the best services to estimate and purchase quality backlinks. Leave link building to us, and be engaged in other important site promotion time, money, and resources by using one of these auto backlink submitters to increase your traffic and enhance your online free to leave your comments to keep the conversation going!

Frequently Asked Questions about automated link building software

What is automated link building?

Automated link building can help you check various Google search engine results pages (SERPs) and uncover valuable opportunities for building links. One of the most annoying things about manual link building is to maintain a database of potential partners.Aug 24, 2021

How do I automate a link?

How to Automate Link BuildingBuild insanely awesome products. … Become the “Go-to-Brand” in a specific niche of the industry. … Offer premium images and offer embed codes. … Continuously build and promote evergreen content to scale link acquisition. … Own informational keywords on SERPs.More items…

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11 Link-Building Tools You Need to Know in 2021:SEMrush.Linkody.Majestic.Ahrefs.Pitchbox.BuzzStream.JustReachOut.Moz.More items…•Dec 30, 2020

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