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ZennoPoster - ZennoLab

ZennoPoster – ZennoLab

ZennoPoster – ZennoLab
Spend too much time on routine?
Have many ideas, but not able to bring them to life?
No time to study programming, but want to automate your work?
Pay a lot of money to programmers and freelancers?
Good at programming, but got tired of sniffing requests and debuggning scripts?
Then this program is for you!
Within just few minutes you will be able to automate any kind of work in a browser, which you used to do manually.
Your capabilities will increase many times through automation. Boost your earnings in the Internet with ZennoPoster 5!
Within a couple of days you will create dozens of regers, parsers, posters, uploaders, social bookmarking, and much, much more!
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Record and Debug
You only need to press Record and perform you actions on required website
Visual projects
All your actions will be recorded in the program in simple and easy to understand flowcharts
Well-known browser
ProjectMaker application for creating project has built-in browser based on Mozilla Firefox
Elements highlighting
The browser has a smart page elements highlighting feature
You want to develop or automate something
You record your actions and save them into project
ZennoPoster allows to execute project in multiple threads
You save time, nerves, and earn money
ZennoPoster – it’s simple
It does not require special skills to get started
ZennoPoster can execute projects in dozens of threads simultaneously
Data management
Easy work with large texts, lists and MS Excel spreadsheets
Visual Drag&Drop Interface
Intuitive user-friendly interface with no extra windows and complexities
Automated actions recording
Unique recording system which allows to automatically record user actions into a project
Database Support
Take full advantage of databases and SQL-queries
Familiar browser
Familiar browser with address bar and tabs
User Profiles
ZennoPoster allows to login as different person each time visiting a site
Support for macros
More than 50 macros for all cases
Human Emulation System
Actions on sites will look like they were performed by real person
Powerful proxychecker
Powerful proxychecker Effective and easy cofigurable proxychecker with the feature to search proxies automatically
Own code
You can add your own C# code and class libraries
Web page analysis
Objects inspector, elements highlight, traffic analysis and more tools
Mail client
Mail management, search and analysis of relevant emails
FTP Support
Built-in client to work with FTP-servers
12 years
on the market of SEO automation
> 15 000
customers from 88 countries
Large user community
If you are working in the Internet not the first year, then, specially for cusomers like you, ZennoLab regularly holds contests for writing technical articles about working with ZennoPoster. This is more than a hundred of interesting materials and a lot of ideas about earning money in the Internet.
To learn more
Forum support
Satisfaction guaranteeIf you are not satisfied with the program, we guarantee money back within 14 days from purchase date without asking to explain reasons
What does it mean «Count of computers» and how does it differ from «Running copies»?
Although you are authorized to install the Standard and Professional versions of the program on multiple computers, the program can only be executed on one computer at a time. ProjectMaker is an exception you can run it on all machines simultaneously.
Could I install the program on a virtual machine?
Yes, you can install it on virtual machines with the exception of cloud servers.
Could I buy this program with the current discount and resell it after?
No, this programs unauthorized reselling is strictly prohibited and may lead to deactivation of your account.
ZennoScript.com: Zennoposter Templates for Sale, Video ...

ZennoScript.com: Zennoposter Templates for Sale, Video …

ZennoPoster Pro
Unlimited Threads
3 Computers
Proxycheker Fast
$30 Account Bonus
ZennoPoster Standard
5 Threads
2 Computers
Proxycheker Medium
$15 Account Bonus
ZennoPoster Lite
1 Thread
1 Computer
Proxycheker Slow
$5 Account Bonus
Automatic Captcha Solver
Proxy Checker
Powerful proxy checker
Automation Android-application on your PC
Good day, dear clients and visitors of our website,
you are welcome by our Zennoscript team!
Our website is dedicated to Zennoposter – the program that gives you the unlimited possibilities of automation of data collection processes to the Internet, automatical creation of accounts in social networks, blogs, mailboxes, proxy checker, creating doorways and full emulation of human actions.
Here you can order a Zennoposter template, we support our projects at all stages of their work and give advice on the debugging support, and their improvement.
Over the years of our work, we have gathered an extensive database of ready-made solutions that can be found in the store. All templates can be customized with our help for all your needs. Base store is constantly updated and new templates, virtual -vps, proxy, and others are added.
For those who would like to master the program Zennoposter, we offer video tutorials about the program, which include the full course from the program settings to creation templates of any complexity!
We look forward for a long and productive cooperation!
Zennoscript team!
The Definitive Tutorial on Setting Up Zennoposter - Best Proxy ...

The Definitive Tutorial on Setting Up Zennoposter – Best Proxy …

Zennoposter is one of the many tools to arrive in the recent trend of automating various internet marketing tasks. While the idea of automation itself isn’t new, Zennoposter’s complete lack of any coding makes it exceptionally easy to use. Much of what you want to automate is handled in the background, so you don’t need to worry aboutThe program is essentially a macro shell, into which you can “code” without coding various tasks you want completed. This can cover a wide range of tasks, from email processing and sending to blog commenting, forums registration, and article posting. If you have something you need done routinely and repeatedly in the course of your marketing, you can probably automate it through biggest drawback of the program as a whole is just how free-form it is. There’s a lot going on, and it has a steep learning curve, even without needing to code anything. It’s also a risky tool to use; if you’re not careful, you can go overboard with black hat SEO Tools & Techniques and earn yourself a, more likely, you’ll eat an IP ban and need to figure out how to keep using the program – or the site you were banned from – in the to Set Up Zennoposter? Zennoposter works with a sort of flowchart model. It’s graphical, hiding the actual code behind the GUI so you don’t need to deal with it. This image shows a good basic the left is the project flowchart, and on the right is an embedded browser window to record the actions Zennoposter will take and iterate. You can see the steps of the project flow project clears cookies to prevent errors with session memory, then visits Once there, it fills out a website form in the box, then clicks the create website alone is a very simple process made with Zennoposter, used for bulk blog creation on WordPress. It’s also not a complete process; it leaves blog creation partway through and doesn’t take advantage of it in any is where you can expand the project or create more projects to take up where this one left off you notice off to the bottom left of the image, you see a variables section. This allows you to create lists which you can expand the process. For example, the process just creates one website, but you could list ten different names in the variables section and it would iterate the process ten times, each time using one of the can do this on the back of other processes as well. Create a process that registers ten email addresses, then uses those ten email addresses to register ten websites, then check each email address for the verification email to confirm the creation of that website, and so count CreationOne of the primary things many people use Zennoposter for is creating accounts for various web services. You can use the program to create fresh email accounts, new websites on free hosts like, accounts for commenting systems, and so count creation can be a bit of a complex task to automate, and for good reason; many of these companies don’t want people automating account creation, because it’s most often used for you go to create an account through Zennoposter, you will want to use the action recorder to go to the site and record going to the “join us” page. In there, you can use a macro builder to create a name/email address/password for each relevant field. You can use the variables section as well, if you want to use a list rather than a randomly generated name. Any field can be set manually, filled in from a list, or created ’s all you need to create an account, but you can go on further. You can select a set of text from the confirmation page and create a check to make sure the account creation worked, which will thrown an error if the process fails for some reason or times, you’ll need to verify the creation of an account, and to do that, you need email to Use Proxies to Create Bulk Social AccountsZennoposter Email ProcessingWhat is email processing, in the context of Zennoposter? Well, the general idea is that you give the program access to your email inbox, and it looks for emails of a certain type, and performs a certain action on those emails. For example, checking email inboxes for account verification emails and clicking the links in those emails to verify the creation of the account on whatever site it was processing requires POP3 access. POP3, if you don’t know, is one of the protocols used for pulling emails from a service into a client. In other words, if you’re usingGmail for your email, but you want to access it through Zennoposter, you need to give Zennoposter POP3 access to the Gmail email servers. Some webmail services don’t allow POP3, while others do. Gmail, in fact, does allow it, but they catch on very quickly to sentially, the more volume you have going with your automation, the more risky it becomes. Gmail will catch on sooner than others, but other free webmail services will terminate accounts if it looks like they’re being used to automate large-scale spam easiest solution to this problem is to use your own email server or dedicated server, where you as sysadmin have control over the filtering rules. You won’t be blocking yourself, and no one else will be using the email system, so you don’t have to apply filters at POP3 email through Zennoposter will require the name of the POP3 server, as well as the port of access – generally 110 – and the username and password of the email account. It’s quite simple to implement, as well; just record a macro and fill in the information as a good demonstration of both account creation and email processing, you can view this video series. BustingZennoposter is, at its heart, a bot. As such, you will run into issues with bot filtering processes, like with Gmail or with WordPress, as well as all sorts of other systems. Even Google has captchas in place to prevent repetitive bot activity. There’s one way I’ll discuss shortly to help alleviate the issue, but you’re going to run into it sooner or default, Zennoposter will stop its actions when it encounters a captcha, to prevent running face-first into a wall over and over and getting itself banned. It’s up to you to notice and perform the captcha manually to set the bot in motion again. Unlike other bot programs, Zennoposter dSoumesmne’tr 2in0c1l8udDeiscaoucnatp-tUchpatob5r6e%akoeffrDbeydidcaetfeaduPltr. oTxhieesr(e/d’sednicoatDeed-aptrhoBxiyeCs)aptcha integration or anything of that ever, Zennolabs has produced a captcha breaker, known as CapMonster, which you can buy to add on to the core program. It allows you to program in captchas as you encounter them, or pull data for common captchas from a central database. It’s not 100% foolproof, but it will handle the majority of the captchas you see in the wild. The downside, of course, is price. CapMonster costs nearly $100 per year, which is a lot if you’re rarely encountering captchas and don’t need a full automated pMonster also may or may not work on the Google “I am not a robot” check box captchas. These have been notoriously hard to break consistently, and reports are mixed as to how successful CapMonster is The Best Service for Captcha Breaking with Proxies? Anti-Bot WorkaroundsThe number one way to work around any bot filtering is to use proxy connections. When 10 accounts are made from one IP address, it’s easy for a piece of software to say “hey, this looks like one bot creating a bunch of accounts, we better shut that down before it gets too spammy. ” If you use a list of proxy servers for each connection, though, the software sees 10 different accounts made with 10 different IP addresses. There’s nothing wrong with this, as far as the software is concerned. Obviously, you can avoid most issues with bot filtering by using proxies. However, there are some instances where you want to turn them off. For example, if you’re using one Gmail account to create multiple accounts on other sites, you don’t want to use different proxies to access the same Gmail inbox; Gmail will detect your account logging on from different locations and will block access or lock it down out of concern for user security. Try to make sure you have one IP assigned to one Gmail to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts SafelyHow to Create Multiple PayPal Accounts Safely? Public or Private proxiesNow, proxies come in two flavors; public and private. Public proxies, as you might expect, are freely accessible to anyone who wants to use them. Often, they’re used by casual browsers looking to obfuscate their locations, and they’re geared as proxies will work for Zennoposter, but I’m warning you right now; they’ll probably be a headache. See, public proxies come from all around the world. They’re often slow and flooded with traffic already. They’re free, but they often lace your browsing experience with an overlay or ads, which can cause issues with some Zennoposter proxies are much slower than private proxies, due to the mass of users already using proxies can run into geolocation filters on some websites, such as automatic redirects to local versions of proxies are prone to dying unexpectedly. Your connection might not go through the first try, or the server might be taken down proxies might have anyone behind the wheel; you never know if there’s a man in the middle or a sniffer along the way, siphoning off your more, Are Paid Proxies Really That Much Better Than Free Proxies? All of this makes it a hassle to use public proxies for much of anything where serious automation is concerned. Private proxy lists are much better. They’re faster, they’re well maintained, and they’re often more tightly geolocated in first world don’t show up on IP filter lists, and they’re typically guaranteed secure. Plus, if one does get taken down, will be replaced in the list. Of course, you’ll have to pay for private proxy lists, but that’s a small price to pay for the freedom and ease of experience you get just from avoiding the public proxy you’re looking to use Zennoposter on a small scale, like creating 2-3 sites or accounts and just automating the processes involved, I wouldn’t recommend ’s like using a sledgehammer to tap in a thumb tack; it’s overkill. It’s more hassle than it’s worth. If you have a medium-scale project, maybe 10-20 sites or accounts, you can probably get away with doing it slowly using public then, you’ll probably have some issues. If you’re going to be using Zennoposter on a large scale, with 20+ accounts, you’re going to want to learn all of the macro options and, more importantly, buy some reliable private riously, it cannot be overstated how much easier life is when you don’t have to worry about your internet connection sabotaging tomation is meant to be automatic; if you have to babysit it, what’s the point? 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