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Yeezy Servers

What are Yeezy Servers?

What are Yeezy Servers?
Yeezy bots are just like any other program, they require a lot of system resources, a fast CPU, a hell of a lot of RAM and a lightning fast hard drive and equally fast internet connection. Try to cop by simply using your Yeezy bot on your PC and you’ll most likely fail for the following reasons.
Faster CPU: When you purchase Sneaker/Yeezy Servers they come with multiple cores, this helps when running multiple tasks/account on your bot. Not to mention those server cores will be much faster than your home PC.
Lightening Connection: How fast is your home connection? Is it a super fast 100 mgb/s link? Well that’s still 10X slower than the average Yeezy/Sneaker server running 1000 mgb/s links.
Closer to CopSites: Even if you did have a similar speed connection you’re still most likely not going to in the same postcode as the databases where the Yeezy stock is held. This means your data will have to travel a much greater distance than a Yeezy server which is optimized by placing it (and thus your bot) at the Yeezy stocks doorstep!
Dedicated: You use your PC/Laptop for so many things, and while you may not notice it, this drives down the performance of your system which in turn decreases your chances at copping. Yeezy Servers are made and used only for copping, bringing out the Max performance in your bots!
Reliability: Servers are up 99. 99% of the time, do you really want to risk tripping on your adaptor or losing the Yeezy release because your system/PC wasn’t working for some reason?
Bot Optimization: Yeezy Servers are optimized for bot and support all their features while your PC may require customization.
How do I use a Yeezy Server?
Yeezy Servers may sound complicated and scary to use, but in reality they are no different to using your PC. You purchase a Yeezy server from a provider, and they will provide you with an IP address, (173. 213. 133. 013 for e. g) a username and password. You simply use Microsoft Remote Desktop, put in the IP address and then you’ll be presented with a login screen. Here, you just use your username and password and BAM! You’re in! From here it should look exactly like your usual computer. Access your email and install your bot, then get copping! Just make sure you pick the best bot and don’t forget your proxies.
Oh and which Yeezy Server should you pick? Find out here!
Yeezy Proxies - AIO bot

Yeezy Proxies – AIO bot

The more limited a release is, the lower your copping chances are. With new sneakerheads joining the Yeezy copping game everyday, hopes of attaining a Yeezy at retail are near to none. That is, unless you have the unfair advantage of speed and geographic precision. Yeezy proxies are carefully selected near Adidas, Yeezy Supply, and select Yeezy retailers so your ride the early wave.
Why are Yeezy proxies limited?
Yeezy proxies are limited in number because creating such optimized proxies in ideal conditions for Yeezy releases takes time and hard erefore, it is only possible to create a certain number of Yeezy proxies per release. This is why we sell them in limited quantities. We recommend that you double check the release date of the Yeezys you want before buying Yeezy proxies, and to be quick because they may run out of stock at any time.
What are 24-hour Yeezy proxies?
Since Yeezy proxies are optimized per Yeezy release, they’re made to function for 24 hours only. Meaning once you receive them you will be able to use them on that day only. After the release is over, your Yeezy proxies will no longer be functional.
Tips For Copping Yeezys
#1 Test internet speed: Talk to your local service provider to switch you over to the fastest internet on the month of a release. Yeezy releases are time sensitive; every second makes a difference.
#2 Run a Ping test: A ping is a signal your computer sends to a sneaker site’s server. The ping latency depends on your internet speed. The lower the ping latency, the faster your connection is to the sneaker site.
#3 Add Yeezy proxies: Using proxies, namely Yeezy proxies, will lower your ping latency, providing the best connection quality for copping Yeezys. The most Yeezy proxies you use, the more Yeezys you have the chance to cop.
#4 Yeezy servers are a plus: Having the advantage of a Yeezy server with your Yeezy proxies means you’ve doubled up on the internet speed and quality. This way you can cop from anywhere in the world without worry about the connection quality.
Yeezy Proxies 101
SPEED: The speed of the sneaker proxy is determined by its proximity to your server and the sneaker site’s server. If your proxies are far from copping sites and your own server, you’re practically asking for an L. The cool thing about Yeezy proxies is that they’re made for speed. How’s that? They’re within an optimal range of sneaker site servers of Adidas, Yeezy Supply, and select Yeezy retailers.
LOCATION: The location of the proxy not only dictates the speed, it also ensures whether or not your proxy will even go through to the site. Using proxies from overseas when trying to cop from a site in LA is probably not a great idea. Furthermore, there are even IP addresses from countries that’ll get automatically banned for seeming “bottish”.
PRICE: The price of the proxies are definitely a make or break point. However, that doesn’t mean you should opt for free ones. Yes, you might wonder why you need to buy proxies when you could find so many free ones online, but it all depends on the type.
TYPE: The type of proxy tells a lot about whether or not it’ll enter a site. With Yeezys you don’t want to risk a ban at all. That’s why Yeezy proxies are residential, carefully selected to make sure you don’t seem “bottish” to the website.
Discord servers tagged with yeezy | DISBOARD

Discord servers tagged with yeezy | DISBOARD

Discord servers tagged with yeezy
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Welcome to EXTREME COOKS Here at Extreme cooks we try to keep and Healthy and safe environment for all of our members, We are 100% free! we Have many tools for free things, Deals, Restocks etc, we have a active owner and lots of information on the latest drops supreme restock monitors card -flips, auto checkout, giveaway, and active help on the latest drops also upcoming wanna starts cooking with the winning team make sure to join ‍
Up and coming Kanye West server.
Triangle Society is a South-Central Cook group based in TEXAS hence the name. We accept all regions as well in the united states and canada. Here are a few things we provide.
Exclusive Sneaker Bot To The Group
– Release Info
– Early Links
– Lowkey Flips
– Steals and deals
– Stock numbers
– Group buys
– Hold or Sell
– Brick Links
– Free Toolbox
– OneClick Captcha Gen
– Server Manager
– Label Gen
– Splash Browser
And much more, come stop by to see it yourself!
this is a kanye/yeezy news and community server.
server for posting about shoes or clothing in general
This is a server where you can buy, trade, and sell your sneakers!
We offer middleman services!
We have many vouches!
We have raffles and shops!
A new and growing cook group. Working towards a better future and profits for all our members. Come cop hype with the Sneaker Freaks!
– Friendly Community & Staff
– A lot of Bot Commands for all your hype needs
– Sneaker Release Info
– Supreme Release Info
– Kith Release Info and Early Links
– Legit Checks
– Restock Alerts
– Restock/Drop Monitors (WIP)
– And more coming soon!
We are recruiting for staff as well because we are a new group. Come join us in copping hype before it sells out!
Servidor Argentino de Sneakerheads, con todas las herramientas que un sneakerhead necesita y le son de utilidad, como apartado para compra venta, info sobre lanzamientos, data exclusiva, etc.
◜ –
ǀ /
ǀ –
ǀ /
◟ <3 ☕ ☕ we sell verified Nike accounts with email access in case they get clipped We are OPT AIO a cook group looking to help you maximize your resell abilities! What we offer: We offer: - Lightning fast monitors - 24/7 support - sports card picks and predictions - drop shipping advise/items - Sitelist for every single shoe drop - Resell predictions - Giveaways - Group Buys - Lowkey Flips and other deals - Restock information - Providers that offer rentals and services - Many more to come as we grow in members and experience! JOIN THIS SERVER We sell high quality replica sneakers for cheap! Come in and look at our prices! We also offer free express shipping with every order! Our website is If you are looking for a server that notifies you whenever a hype product drops this is the right place to be:) Feel free to ask questions when you have joined and are not sure about the reason and or goal of the server Ofcourse if you have any other questions about the server you can ask them too:) Welcome to the Bulk Buys Cook Group, we offer a variety of tools to help our members make as much money as possible. Some of these tools consist of Group/Individual Bulk Buys, Release Information, Brick Flipping Information, Bot Setups, How2Cop Guides, and more! This is a paid group but we are currently taking people in until May 21 for a 2 week beta. Cyber Proxies provides the fastest, unbanned, unthrottled residentials proxies at the best price. The setup is simple and easy and you can generate up to 500 proxies at once. If you are looking for a proxy provider that can provide uncomparable speeds at an affordable price, Cyber proxies are for you. Cyber Proxies are a fairly new company meaning they can dedicate their time to you as their customer. Wanna make some money? Come join us in the Sneakers Game Welcome to The Rabbits, a *FREE* cook group server to discuss shoe releases, upcoming info, etc. One of the main features of our group is our custom-made Splash page program. It's features: Open Multiple Windows / Chrome Users, Set a Specific Delay, Auto-Open Windows After Launch, Includes a Tool-Tip Feature, Custom Profiling, Very Fast Auto-Fill, etc. We are consistently coming out with updates, and this program will forever be free for public use! (Coming soon, Fully-Automated Supreme Bot, Fully-Automated Adidas / YeezySupply bot) All exclusive to our Cook Group! Join the community today! Régóta tervezek egy discord szervert ahol leginkább Supreme a téma, megoszthatjuk a gyűjteményeket, beszélgethetünk a heti megjelenésekröl, de ezen kívűl lesz minden ami jó, filmek, sorozatok, videogaming. Csatlakozz és kezdjük! We're a friendly streetwear community that welcomes everyone to discuss releases, sneaker hype and anything fashion-related. ZAPRASZAMY NA SERWER! 😀 - Ten sam, doświadczony i od 2017 niezawodny zespół administracji! - - Super atmosfera! - - Ciekawe ficzery! - - Dopracowany! - - Administracja otwarta na propozycje! - we have daily-sales replica in our server, feel free to join us! Join us so you will never miss any hype drops. We are giving our members free early links for each drop. Welcome home SNEAKERHEADS! Remember that WE COOK EVERYTHING

Frequently Asked Questions about yeezy servers

Where are sneaker servers located?

Los Angeles is our most flagship location. Los Angeles is directly adjacent from One Willshirea one of the worlds most interconnected buildings. With a Los Angeles server, you have lots of proxy solutions to choose from that are never banned by Footsites and Nike.

Is a server necessary for sneaker Botting?

Sneaker servers are a great addition to your setup if you’re looking to take your botting game to the next level. They aren’t an actual requirement for copping. But, in many cases, they’re a MUST.

Why do you need a sneaker server?

Sneaker servers (or shoe servers) are optimized for copping sneakers and work hand-in-hand with proxies and bots by offering greater resources than your personal device can provide on its own.

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