• January 22, 2023

What Is Volafile

Review on Volafile An Anonymous File Sharing Service

Volafile An Anonymous File Sharing Service: Using the Internet we can share anything with anyone we want. Special thanks to the tons of file-sharing services around. But the issue with many such tools is that they don’t allow you to share files anonymously. However, services like SkyDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive are considered among the top cloud storage and sharing fixes. But they need you to first create accounts with them. So, if privacy and security are your major concern. Also, you want to be able to anonymously share files without creating a user account, then try
What is
is a user-friendly service. However, it allows you to share files with others in real-time. However, Volafile refers to as ‘Rooms’, they are basically chat rooms that enable groups of users to upload and download files.
The barebones landing page of it allows you to either create a new room or ‘Discover’ one of the existing ones. Basically it is a joining room that has been created by some other user. However, any users can join and initiate sharing files with others in any room. As Volafile can’t put any limitations or access permissions in place.
What Left & Right Side Contain?
When you tap a room link from the Discover page, the full dashboard is prompt to you, with the right side having a list of files that are uploaded by its users. Not just this but also you can preview any of the files directly in your browser. Or you can download/install them to your PC using the ‘Save Link As’ context menu option. But if a room having lots of items, you can then tap Documents, Images, Music, Videos, Archives and Other links to only display those items. Also, the search bar can help you to search exactly what you’re looking for.
The left side of the interface is the Chat section. It displays quick messages from the room’s current users. Besides other chat rooms, you don’t have to select a user name to join the chat.
Create Your Own Room:
You can also create your own chat rooms from scratch and assign a custom name. All the rooms look the same, which means that you can’t customize the elements of yours. If you want to upload a file, simply tap the Upload button or just drag and drop your required file over the dashboard. Files that are uploaded to Volafile are automatically removed after 12 hours. However, the time remaining until a file gets removed is displayed next to its size.
Overall, it’s an amazing anonymous file sharing service that can prove essential if you like to share files with several users without registering an account with a service.
Here’s a complete review on Volafile an Anonymous File Sharing Service. Have you ever experience it? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. Waiting for your valuable feedback!
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Is volafile.io Safe? - MyWOT

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Volafile.org is a chat room service with anonymous file sharing

Volafile.org is a chat room service with anonymous file sharing

What it is about? : The article is about Volafile which is a chat room based service that offers anonymous file sharing.
There are plenty of file-sharing services available online including Torrents. But many of those services don’t offer anonymous file sharing features. Many services including Dropbox, Google Drive and plenty of more services allow file sharing but they require to create an account first. Also, the file size is limited and you can’t share the files big in size anonymously.
There are some limited services that offer anonymous file-sharing online. These services made big file transfers possible online. Previously we have written a detailed article about Anonymous file sharing websites.
Today I will share one interesting service which offers anonymous file-sharing up to 20GB per file. Volafile is free to use online file sharing service with a different touch. The service is built with a chat room where you can share the files anonymously.
How Volafile works?
When you open Volafile website in the browser you will see clear options to start using the service. Once you click on “Create room” it will open a new chat page. There you have direct instructions to send files.
Once you create a room, there you have to send the room address to the other person who you want to share the files. When you use the service without registring you will have some random names assigned by the Volafile service. When you register with your email, you are able to set the name and as well as the chat room name.
The user interface of the chat room contains a big sharing box and on the left side, you will have a small chatbox. The big file sharing box offers drag and drop file sharing with ease.
When the person opens the link you have shared, now you both are able to chat and send files anonymously. The service is free and very easy to use for everyone. You can share files like Documents, Images, Videos, Music, Archives and Other links to a person anonymously.
It is a very good service to send files anonymously upto 20GB per file. No signup hassle and anyone can share files anonymously by maintaining online privacy and security.
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