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Web Scraping Projects Ideas

Web Scraping Projects & Topics For Beginners [2021] - upGrad

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In this article, we’ll take a look at some exciting web scraping project ideas. We have assorted a list of multiple projects of various industries and skill levels to choose one according to your liking.
Web Scraping has many names, such as Web Harvesting, Screen Scraping, and others. It is a method of extracting large quantities of data from websites and storing it at a particular location (a local file in your computer or a database in a table).
What is Web Scraping? Why Perform Web Scraping? Web Scraping Projects1. Scrape a SubredditHow to work on this project2. Perform Consumer ResearchHow to work on this project3. Analyse CompetitorsHow to Work on This Project4. Use Web Scraping for SEOHow to work on this project5. Scrape Data of Sports TeamsHow to work on this project6. Get Financial DataHow to work on this projectScrape a Job PortalHow to work on this projectConclusionWhat is the difference between web crawling and web scraping? What are the essentials that must be kept in mind while creating a consumer research project? How can web scraping be used for SEO purposes?
What is Web Scraping?
Whenever you want any information, you Google it and go to the webpage, which offers the most relevant answer to your query. You can view the data you needed, but what if you need to save it locally? What if you want to see the data of a hundred more pages?
Most of the webpages present on the internet don’t offer the option to save the data present there locally. To keep it that way, you’ll have to copy and paste everything manually, which is very tedious. Moreover, when you have to save the data of hundreds (sometimes, thousands) of webpages, this task can seem strenuous. You might end up spending days just copy-pasting bits from different websites. Check out our website if you want to learn data science.
This is where web scraping comes in. It automates this process and helps you store all the required data with ease and in a small amount of time. For this purpose, many professionals use web scraping software or web scraping techniques.
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Why Perform Web Scraping?
In data science, to do anything, you need to have data at hand. To get that data, you’ll need to research the required sources, and web scraping helps you. Web scraping collects and categorizes all the required data in one accessible location. Researching with a single, convenient location is much more feasible and more comfortable than searching for everything one-by-one.
Just as data science is prevalent in many industries, web scraping is widespread too. When you take a look at the web scraping project ideas we’ve discussed here, you will notice how various industries use this technique for their benefit.
Now that you’re familiar with the basics of web scraping, we should start discussing web scraping projects too
Web Scraping Projects
The following are our web scraping project ideas. They are of different industries so that you can choose one according to your interests and expertise.
1. Scrape a Subreddit
Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. It has communities called subreddits, for nearly every topic you can imagine. From programming to World of Warcraft, there is a community for everything on Reddit. All of these communities are quite active, and their members (on a side note: Reddit’s users are called Redditors)share a lot of valuable information, opinions, and content.
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How to work on this project
Reddit’s thriving communities are a great place to try out your web scraping abilities. You can scrape its subreddits for particular topics and figure out what its users say about it (and how often they discuss it). For example, you can scrape the subreddit r/webdev, where web development professionals and enthusiasts discuss the various aspects of this field. You can scrap this subreddit for a particular topic (such as finding jobs).
This was just an example, and you can choose any subreddit and use it as your target.
This project is suitable for beginners. So, if you don’t have much experience using web scraping techniques, you should start with this one. You can modify the difficulty level of this project by selecting a smaller (or bigger) subreddit.
2. Perform Consumer Research
Consumer research is a vital aspect of marketing and product development. It helps a company understand what their targeted consumers want, whether their customers liked their product or not, and how the general public perceives their product or services. If you’d use your data science expertise in marketing, you’d have to perform consumer research many times.
Researching potential buyers helps a company in many ways. They get to know:
What are the likings of their prospective clients
What are the things their prospective customers hate
What products they use
What products they avoid
This is just the tip of the iceberg; consumer research (also known as consumer analysis) can cover many other areas.
To perform consumer research, you can gather data from customer review websites and social media sites. They are a great place to start with.
Here are some popular review sites where you can start to get the necessary data:
These are just a few names. Apart from these review sites, you can head to Facebook to gather links as well. If you find any blogs that cover your company’s products, then you can include them in your web scraping efforts as well. They are an excellent source for getting valuable insight.
Doing this project will help you in performing many other tasks in data science, particularly sentiment analysis. So, pick a brand (or a product) and start researching its reviews online.
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3. Analyse Competitors
Competitive analysis is one of the many aspects of digital marketing. It also requires data scientists and analysts’ expertise because they have to gather data and find what their competition is doing.
You can perform web scraping for competitive analysis too. Completing this project will help you considerably in understanding how this skill can help brands in digital marketing, one of the most crucial aspects in today’s world.
How to Work on This Project
First, you should choose an industry of your liking. You can start with car companies, teaching companies (such as upGrad), or any other. After that, you have to pick a brand for which you’ll analyze the competitors. We recommend starting with a small brand if you are a beginner because they have fewer competitors than major ones.
Once you’ve picked the brand, you should search for its competitors. You’ll have to scrape the web for their competitors, find what they sell, and how they target their audience. If you’ve picked a tiny brand and don’t know its competitors, you should search for its product categories. For example, if you picked Tata Motors as your brand, you’d search for a phrase similar to ‘buy cars in India. ’ The search result will show you many cars of different brands, all of which are competitors of Tata Motors.
You can build a scraping tool that analyses your selected brand’s competitors and shows the following data:
What are their products?
What are the prices of their products?
What are the offers on their products (or services)?
Are they offering something which your brand isn’t?
You can add more sections, depending on your level of expertise and skill. This list is just to give you an idea of what you should look for in your selected brand’s competitors.
Such web scraping is particularly beneficial for new and growing companies. If you aspire to work with startups in the future, this is the perfect project idea. To make this project more challenging, you can increase the number of competitors you want to analyze. If you’re a beginner, you can start with one or two competitors, whereas if you’re a little advanced, you can start with three or four competitors.
4. Use Web Scraping for SEO
Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is the task of modifying a website, matching the preferences of search engines’ algorithms. As the number of internet users is steadily rising, the demand for effective SEO is also increasing. SEO impacts the rank of a website when a person searches for a particular keyword.
It is a humongous topic and requires a complete guide. All you need to know for SEO is that it requires specific criteria that a website has to fulfill. You can read more on SEO and what it is in our article on how to build an SEO strategy from scratch.
You can use web scraping for SEO and help websites ranking higher for keywords.
You can build a data scraping tool that scrapes your selected websites’ rankings for different keywords. The tool can extract the words these companies use to describe themselves too. You can use this technique for specific keywords and assort a list of websites. A marketing team can use this list to use the best keywords out of that list and help their website rank higher.
While this is a simple application of web scraping in SEO, you can make it more advanced. For example, you can create a similar tool but add the function of getting the metadata of those web pages. This would include the title of the web page (the text you see on the tab) and other relevant pieces of information.
On the other hand, you can build a web scraper that checks the word count of the different pages ranking for a keyword. This way you can understand the impact word count has on the ranking of a webpage
There are many ways to make a web scraper for SEO. You can take inspiration from Moz or Ahrefs and build an advanced web scraper yourself. There’s a lot of demand for useful web scraping tools in the SEO industry.
If you are interested in using your tech skills in digital marketing, this is an excellent project. It will make you familiar with the applications of data science in online marketing as well. Apart from that, you’ll also learn about the multiple methods of using web scraping for search engine optimization.
5. Scrape Data of Sports Teams
Are you a sports fan? If so, then this is the perfect project idea for you. You can use your knowledge of web scraping to scrape data from your favorite sports team and find some interesting insights. You can choose any team you like of any popular sports.
You can choose your favorite team and scrape the websites of their official website, the organization that handles their sports, and relevant archives. For example, if you’re a cricket fan, you can use ESPN’s cricket statistics database.
After you’ve scraped this data, you’d have all the required information on your favorite team. You can expand this project and add more teams in your collection to make this project a little more challenging.
However, this is among the most suitable web scraping projects for beginners. You can learn a lot about web scraping and its applications in a fun and exciting manner.
6. Get Financial Data
The finance sector uses a lot of data. Financial data is useful in many ways as it helps investors analyze a company’s performance and reliability. Similarly, it helps a company in analyzing its position and where it stands in terms of finances. If you want to use your knowledge of data and web scraping in the finance sector, then you should work on this project.
There are multiple ways to go about this project. You can start by scraping the web for the performance of a company’s stock in a set period and the news articles related to the company of that period. This data can help an investor figure out how different things affected that particular company’s stock price. Apart from that, this data will also help the investor understand what factors affect the company’s stock price, which factors don’t.
Financial statistics are crucial for any company’s health. They help the stakeholders of a company understand how well (or how badly) their business is performing. Financial data is always helpful, and this project will allow you to use your skills in this regard.
You can start with a single company initially and make the project more challenging by adding the data from more companies. However, if you want to focus on one particular company, you can increase the timeline and look at the data of a year or more.
Scrape a Job Portal
It is among the most popular web scraping project ideas. There are many job portals on the web, and if you’ve ever thought of using your expertise in data science in human resources, this is the right project for you.
There are many job portals online, and you can pick anyone for this project. Here are some places to get you started:
In this project, you can build a tool that scrapes a job portal (or multiple job portals) and checks the requirements of a particular job. For example, you can look at all the ‘data analyst’ jobs present in a job portal and analyze its job requirements to see the most popular criteria for hiring one such professional.
You can add more jobs or portals in your search to add more difficulty to this project. It’s a fantastic project for anyone who wants to apply data science in management and relevant streams.
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We hope you found this list of web scraping project ideas useful and exciting. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this article or topic, feel free to let us know. On the other hand, if you want to learn more, you should head to our blog to find many relevant and valuable resources.
You can enroll in a data science course as well to get a more individualized learning experience. A course can help you learn all the important topics and concepts in a personalized approach so you can be job-ready in very little time.
If you are curious to learn about data science, check out IIIT-B & upGrad’s Executive PG Programm in Data Science which is created for working professionals and offers 10+ case studies & projects, practical hands-on workshops, mentorship with industry experts, 1-on-1 with industry mentors, 400+ hours of learning and job assistance with top firms.
What do you think of these project ideas? Which one of these ideas did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.
What is the difference between web crawling and web scraping?
Many people get confused between web crawling and web scraping and end up considering them as equivalent. Well, they are two separate terms with totally different meanings. The web crawler is artificial intelligence, also known as “the spider” that surfs the internet and searches the required content by following the links. Web scraping is the next step after web crawling. In web scraping, data is extracted automatically using artificial intelligence known as “scrapers”. This extracted data can be used for various processes like comparison, analysis, and verification based upon the client’s needs. It also allows you to store a large amount of data within a small amount of time.
What are the essentials that must be kept in mind while creating a consumer research project?
Consumer research is crucial for every product-based company and there are certain things that one must keep in mind while working on a project on consumer research. There is a lot more to research and analyze while working on a consumer research project. There are various websites that provide the necessary data on consumer preferences like Trustpilot, Yelp, GripeO, and BBB. Apart from these review sites, you can also visit Facebook to get the links.
How can web scraping be used for SEO purposes?
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process that improves the visibility of your site whenever someone’s search meets your website domain. For example, you have an e-commerce website and some search for a product that is available on your website as well as on your competitors’ websites. Now, whose website or webpage among you and your competitor will occur first will depend on the SEO. Web scraping can be used for SEO and help websites ranking higher for keywords. You can build a web scraper that checks the word count of the different pages ranking for a keyword. You can even add the functionality in your web scraper to get the meta description or metadata of those web pages.
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11 Web Scraping Ideas (and Data Scraping Project Examples)

11 Web Scraping Ideas (and Data Scraping Project Examples)

In an interview with USA Today, Stephen Hawking said, “We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain. ” This particular quote from the king of cosmology himself resonated with my personal understanding of the World Wide Web. There are an estimated 7. 5 billion people on the planet. And like the above-mentioned neurons, we are continually firing off signals in the form of data. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure my brain will explode if it tried to process that much data.
Now granted, there are ways for the individual to dissect a topic further. I can go onto Google and type “pizza” into the search bar and get about 3 billion search results back. But wait a minute, I wasn’t just after pizza. I was after “how to make a homemade pizza. ” When I enter that exact phrase in Google, it yields about 300 million results. That is much less but still enough to give you a brain aneurysm if you tried to process it manually. How do you collect and collect data in large enough amounts to develop a data-driven strategy for business or personal purposes? Web scraping, that’s how.
If you’ve never heard of web scraping, then this blog post is the perfect introduction to all web scraping has to offer. After defining the phrase, I’ll take you through a myriad of web scraping ideas. From sales to marketing purposes, these web scraping ideas will transform the way you hunt out knowledge on digital platforms.
Table of Contents
Before We Talk About Web Scraping Ideas…
The internet is an entire universe. You might remember from school that the scientific definition of a “universe” was “a pretty freaking big place to navigate on your own. ” Wait, is that not a technical enough explanation?
In any case, if the internet is the universe, then every search you make is one single star in that universe. There are billions of stars in the universe. As a business owner looking to identify what people are searching for in relation to your business, you are much like an astronaut sent to look for a single star in the universe with no other information than that it exists. Impossible, right? Enough of the universe analogy.
As of 2018, more than 2. 5 quintillion bytes of data were being generated daily. That is a mind-boggling amount of data. Thinking of how to process it is enough to give you a migraine. But what if didn’t have to be that hard? What if there was a method you could use to access data wherever you want at any quantity you want? Let’s talk about web scraping and what to do with web scraped data.
What is web scraping?
Web scraping is a way to “scrape” the internet for similar topics and keywords. How does it work? I’m quite sure you have carried out a Google search more than once before. And when you get to the results page, you click different links to get information from them before making a decision. Well, what you have done is web scraping.
At the micro-level, web scraping is simply the act of collecting data from the internet, in any form. However, at the macro-level, web scraping allows you to collect data in large volumes by using bots. The bots, called “crawlers” or “spiders” parse through the source code of a given web page and tag data according to some preset parameters. Then a data extractor collects the tagged data and extracts it into a spreadsheet file. This essentially is how web scraping works. So how do you apply this to your business? What are the ways web scraping can come in handy for business purposes? Let’s take a look at some web scraping ideas.
Data Scraping Ideas
Data scraping project ideas for marketing
1. Competitor analysis: Our first web scraping example is competitor analysis. Competitors are one of the best sources of data for you. Like Sun Tzu said, “Know thyself and the battle is half won. Know thine enemies and you will be victorious. ” By collecting data on your competitors, what they sell, and how they sell to their target audience, you’ll be equipped to market your business at an expert level. This kind of web scraping is useful for businesses that are growing and adding new competitors regularly. Retailers and restaurant chains alike benefit from understanding their market rivals.
2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Before we can discuss the next item on our list of web scraping ideas, we first need to define it. SEO stands for search engine optimization. In short, SEO is a way to ensure your website has a high ranking on the search results page. What does this have to do with data scraping? A data scraping tool can scrape for the ranking of company websites and extract the keywords those companies use to describe their websites. Once all that information is collected, a marketing team can use the top keywords to get a company’s website higher on a results page. Most people (myself and you included) only click on the first few results of the first page of search engine results. So that’s where you want your website to be. Web scraping can help you get there.
3. Social media reputation monitoring: Monitoring your social media channels is one of the best ways to keep an eye on your company’s reputation. Most of your consumers are on social media and the platforms have become a favorite for consumers looking to praise or call out a particular on the quality of their service. With web scraping tools, you can easily wade through the mass of data being generated on social media to identify the comments related to your business and address them.
Web scraping ideas for sales
4. Goods and services price comparison: Pricing is an essential and very delicate part of any sales strategy. And that is why it qualifies as one of our web scraping ideas. Overpricing your goods can make you lose customers while underpricing it will make you lose money. You need to get the price just right. With web scraping, you can easily build a competitive pricing strategy by collecting data on industry-standard prices, competitor prices and the price consumers are willing to pay for your product based on their reviews and comments. The analysis of these three sets of price versus your cost of producing a product is what will lead you to the perfect price to charge.
5. Consumer analysis: I worked in sales for a number of years, and let me tell you – it’s almost impossible to sell a product without first knowing who’s buying it. Another entry on our list of web scraping ideas is consumer analysis. We’ll refer to the first part of Sun Tzu’s statement above that says, “Know thyself and the battle is half-won. ” Knowing yourself in this context includes knowing your customers. If your customers don’t exist, neither can your business. So you have to know everything about them. What they do, where they are found, their age-bracket, their marital status, etc. Web scraping can help you obtain all this data. You can scrape social media websites for publicly available data like their location. You can scrape review platforms for their sentiments as a consumer and not just a person. What are they complaining about? What changes are they suggesting? All these help to give you more insight into who your ideal customer is. You can also use web scraping to keep an eye on consumer trends in your industry with the aid of API technology.
6. Lead generation: More than just keeping an eye on the customers you already have, web scraping can also help you to generate new leads. You can scrape competitor websites, social media, business directories, etc. to identify your people or businesses that fit your ideal lead personality and capture their contact data or any other dataset you need to target them better with your ad campaign.
Data scraping ideas for finance
7. Equity research: Next on our list of data scraping project ideas is equity research. Placing a value on our own worth is an intimidating prospect. However, when speaking about shareholder values, you need to be sure of that worth. A web scraping tool can eliminate any uncertainty regarding what the owners of a business are worth. Checking the web for how much ownership your competitors have over their company or what their individual shares are worth can keep your company competitive. The stock market is an ever-changing beast. Conducting constant research on stock values and prices helps keep you on top of an uncertain financial entity. Research of this nature could also tell you when buying and selling shares will prove to be valuable.
8. Financial statistics: Many companies wouldn’t exist without both investors and clients. Money is a fickle concept. Businesses can lose money as quickly as they make money. Last on our list of web scraping ideas is financial data. Scraping the web for said data will help make your business profitable, sustainable, and fiscally responsible. Financial data analysis will make you aware of buying trends and what consumers are tired of seeing on shelves and online stores. It will also make it easy for you to identify new opportunities to make your business more profitable.
More Applications of Web Scraping
9. Automation: You might be wondering, “automation? Doesn’t that have to do with bots and all that? ” I wonder who mentioned bots earlier. Oh, that’s right. Me! Web scraping bots basically, are a form of automation as they help you collect data without expending human effort. But one of the major applications of web scraping is also to automate your analysis strategy. With web scraping, you can feed data directly into your analytics strategy, making it easy to use the most current data to base your analytics on. So after automating your data collection and collation process, you can go ahead to automate your analytics strategy too—all with web scraping. Automation is one of the web scraping ideas people tend to ignore more, yet it serves as the backbone of the entire web scraping concept.
10. Recruitment: You can scrape job-listing websites and professional platforms for data on the kind of jobs being posted and the qualifications required. You can also scrape candidate data from these places. These datasets will give you an idea of the skill sets available in the industry so you can adjust your needs to fit.
11. Real-time analytics: Web scraping bots use API technology to access data in real-time. This means you can use web scraping to keep up with data as it is being updated and implement a real-time data analytics system in your business processes. Using fresh data will allow you to avoid mistakes from the use of outdated data and web scraping can help you with this.
Seeking Help With Web Scraping Projects?
Now, if you are looking for the best web scraping service to help you implement an efficient web scraping strategy and collect the data you need to fuel the web scraping ideas, then you are in the right place. At Scraping Robot, we have developed a cutting-edge scraping technology, and we delight in helping our customers craft the best possible data scraper to fit their needs. To get started, just send a message to our developers with your custom scraping requests. You don’t limit yourself in business, so why limit the way you use data scraping?
All it takes to get started is signing up through our handy website. From there, you’ll talk firsthand with one of our scraping experts. You can also try out our pre-built scraping modules for a DIY scraping experience. All it costs is $0. 0018 per scrape, and you get 5000 free scrapes to start. Check out our pricing page for more info.
Coming Home
Honestly, web scraping offers so many opportunities for the enterprising business owner. We could keep listing web scraping ideas forever, and we still wouldn’t list them all. The point is that they exist and with the help of Scraping Robot, you can easily obtain all the data you need to fuel these interesting applications of web scraping.
The information contained within this article, including information posted by official staff, guest-submitted material, message board postings, or other third-party material is presented solely for the purposes of education and furtherance of the knowledge of the reader. All trademarks used in this publication are hereby acknowledged as the property of their respective owners.
Easy Data: How To Make Money Web Scraping For Business

Easy Data: How To Make Money Web Scraping For Business

For those starting businesses for the first time or trying to take their existing business to the next level, it can be hard to know where to start. Web scraping, which is the automatic extraction of data from a webpage, is a tool that businesses new and old, big and small, can use to increase profits and growth. Web scraping is perfect for businesses and individuals new to data and data collection because it is a simple and effective way to begin incorporating online data into your routine.
Web scraping helps you better understand the marketplace you’re working with, your target audience, and the interests of that target audience. If you’re wondering how to make money web scraping, then this is your beginner’s guide.
If you already have a basic understanding of web scraping, then use the table of contents to discover how to use scraping to increase profits and growth.
Table of Contents
How Do Web Scrapers Work?
Web scrapers are tools that automatically extract information from web pages and then place that information into a clear, compiled downloadable spreadsheet. This makes the information easily shareable with employees or business partners. While you can perform web scraping manually, web scrapers save you lots of time and energy, helping you focus on the business that matters most: your own. For small business owners crunched for time or individuals starting a new project, scraping is affordable and perfect for those looking to incorporate data for the first time because it is very user friendly, affordable, and does not require an entirely new department.
How To Make Money With Web Scraping
There are many ways to make money from web scraping. If you are running a small business, trying to create a new product, or even supplementing other income, then there are ways you can use web scraping skills to make extra cash that in turn supports your business and career goals. For example, creating a scraper that helps other businesses compare prices, product reviews, and more can help you make extra cash and offer business great data. Taking the how of web scraping and peeling back its layers, there are even more specific, profitable jobs that you can begin after a simple purchase. However, if you already have a solid business, then you can utilize web scraping to increase profit and growth. You will grow because web scraping helps you identify ways to improve your product and process, but it also brings you into a new realm of data that helps you get ahead of your competitors still unaware of scraping’s benefits.
Business Benefits Of Web Scraping
If you’re familiar with marketing, PR, or sales, you know that keeping up with the competition is a key part of staying viable in an oversaturated market. How do you benefit from web scraping for commercial use?
Increase lead generation
Lead generation is the main goal of the marketing world. Web scraping gives you the tools to assess how your product or service is performing. For example, you may find that by scraping a specific keyword that your business does not show up with the top results, making it harder for new clients or customers to find you. With this information, you can then adopt strategies to increase visibility, therefore increasing lead generation and profit. This can also be done by scraping product information of competitors to make sure you have the most up to date features or design so that your product remains relevant. Web scraping allows you to more readily aggregate essential knowledge about how to change your product or service for the better, helping you grow and make an impact if you’re the one to introduce this concept to your team.
Find the perfect price
Consumers make many decisions based on price point, and sometimes even price alone. While consumers with more disposable income might consider various features of a product, many people just go for the best bargain. While you should not make a product cheaper than you can afford to, there is a perfect price any business, big or small, must find to beat the competition and continue to grow. By scraping competitor prices, you can discover the price that maximizes your profit without creating a price much higher than average. Additionally, you can continually scrape pricing information to make any changes as the market continues to develop.
Understand customer sentiment
With all the focus on prices and products, it can be easy to lose focus on what really matters: people. Understanding what consumers want is the most important move you can make to increase profits and grow your business. Thankfully, social media and product review sites offer tons of data available with web scraping. When you scrape social media profiles, you can gather information on the interest and sentiments of customers regarding a myriad of topics, including political or social issues that relate to your product or service. You can also scrape reviews from previous customers, which can help you identify patterns. For example, if you find most negative reviews mention slow shipping or poor product design, you can then make the proper changes necessary to get back on track. Helping your team understand the power of social media for sentiment research instead of relying solely on old fashioned focus groups will take your team to the next level and help you stand out as an innovator.
Scraping Robot’s Tools Help You Grow
Scraping Robot offers different scraping modules, custom scraping solutions, and our team’s expertise on all things scraping. Below are some specific modules and solutions that can help your business grow right now. Scraping Robot’s team is dedicated to working with clients across fields to help them utilize data to the fullest extent. Sign up now and get 5000 scrapes free. Take a look at our scraper demos and get a firsthand look at what scraping can do for you.
Create a custom scraping solution
While Scraping Robot’s modules are great for learning more about the basics of scraping, they are limited in scope and size. With a custom scraping solution, you can scrape by the millions or billions while paying less per individual scrape. In addition, when you work with our team to develop a custom scraping solution, you don’t have to worry about security laws, development or management as our team works with you. Most importantly, a custom scraping solution helps you collect the most important data catered to your needs. If this sounds like a good fit for you or your business, contact us to get started.
Access tons of public data
A URL scraper can extract information from any webpage into a downloadable spreadsheet. With the variety scraping any URL can offer, you can use this one module to complete a myriad of tasks including scraping overall market stats, online comments, and more. Thankfully, there are many government websites or other sources of national data that can impact your market (homeownership, average income, etc). This is a great scraper for those just getting started.
Scraping keywords
An important scraping strategy is learning how to scrape search results for a given keyword whether through Google or a social media site. When you scrape search results, you can see which competitors show up more readily in search engines and also see what kinds of other webpages, news stories, or sites are associated with a given keyword. Additionally, scraping a trending topic can help you gauge sentiment regarding a specific issue. This data helps you better understand your role in the search algorithm and the way customers feel about certain topics.
Final Thoughts
For those just starting a new business, it can be difficult to get started. For those already in business, you might be asking yourself how to grow. Web scraping is your answer. No matter what stage in the business journey you’re at right now, web scraping can help you understand the marketplace, understand consumers, and gather feedback. Once you learn the basics of scraping, how to make money web scraping is evident. Scraping gives you insights that help you find a more profitable price point, increase lead generation, and find your target audience. With all these strategic advantages, you’re bound to grow as a business.
The information contained within this article, including information posted by official staff, guest-submitted material, message board postings, or other third-party material is presented solely for the purposes of education and furtherance of the knowledge of the reader. All trademarks used in this publication are hereby acknowledged as the property of their respective owners.

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Can you make money with web scraping?

There are many ways to make money from web scraping. If you are running a small business, trying to create a new product, or even supplementing other income, then there are ways you can use web scraping skills to make extra cash that in turn supports your business and career goals.Feb 2, 2021

How do I start web scraping?

Let’s get started!Step 1: Find the URL that you want to scrape. For this example, we are going scrape Flipkart website to extract the Price, Name, and Rating of Laptops. … Step 3: Find the data you want to extract. … Step 4: Write the code. … Step 5: Run the code and extract the data. … Step 6: Store the data in a required format.Sep 24, 2021

Which IDE is best for web scraping?

PyCharm. In industries most of the professional developers use PyCharm and it has been considered the best IDE for python developers. … Spyder. Spyder is another good open-source and cross-platform IDE written in Python. … Eclipse PyDev. … IDLE. … Wing. … Emacs. … Visual Studio Code. … Sublime Text:More items…•Feb 7, 2020

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