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Web Scraping Money

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How To Make Money, Using Web Scraping – DataDrivenInvestor

I’m going to show you 3 unique ways to make money, using Web ScrapingDid you know what your reading right now is data? It may just seem like a few words to you but on the back end, everything you read online is data that can be taken, picked apart, and manipulated with. Simplified this is what a Web Scraper is. They go through the code that was created to make a website (HTML code) or database and take the data they want. Virtually any website can be scraped. Some sites do involve measures that stop these scrapers from taking their data, but if your good enough you can essentially scrape 99% of websites you didn’t know what a Web Scraper is, well now you have an idea and we can get to the point of why your reading this article. Money. Web Scraping can be a unique way to make money that isn’t as difficult as it sounds. In fact all the methods and examples I’m going to show you took less than 50 lines of code to make and can be learned in only a couple of with that said let me show you… 1. Creating BotsA bot is just a technical term for a program that does a specific action. Depending what you make this action to be, you can sell it to those who don’t have the technical abilities to make it show how you can create a bot and sell it, I created an Airbnb bot. This bot allows the user to input a location and it will return all the houses that Airbnb offers at that location including the price, rating, number of guests allowed, bedrooms, beds, and baths. All of this being done by web scraping the data of each posting on the Airbnb demonstrate the bot in action I’m going to input a location. Lets say I want to search for Airbnb’s in Rome, Italy. I simply input Rome into the bot, and it returns 272 unique Airbnb’s within seconds in an organized excel is now much easier to see all the houses/features and their comparisons to other postings. It is also much easier to filter through. I live in a family of 4 and if we were to go to Rome we would look for an Airbnb with at least 2 beds at a decent price. Now with this clean organized spreadsheet, excel makes it extremely easy to filter to match my needs. And out of 272 results 7 returned with my matching these 7 the one I would pick is the Vatican Daniel, it has a very good rating and is cheapest out of the 7 with a cost of $61 per night. So after I pick the one I want, I would simply copy the link of the posting into a browser and book it then. Looking for places to stay can be an extremly daunting task when going on vacation, I’m sure most of us have felt that at one time or another. Because of this there are those that are willing to pay just to make this process easier. With this bot I made the process easier. You just saw me book a room with all my matching needs at a good price within 5 me people are willing to pay to make their lives just a bit easier. 2. ResellingOne of the most common uses of web scraping, is getting prices off websites. There are those who create web scraping programs that run everyday and return the price of a specific product, and when the price drops to a certain amount the program will automatically buy the product before its sold out. Then since the demand for the product will be higher than the supply they resell the product at a higher price to make a profit. This is just one example of the many reselling tactics that web scrapers use. Another one which I will show you an example of can save you a lot of money and make a lot for you retail website has limited deals and sales, where they will display the original price and the sale price. But what they don’t do is show how much is actually discounted off the original price. For example if a watch originally costs $350 and the sale price is $300 you would think $50 off would be a lot of money but it’s actually only a 14. 2% discount. Now if a T-shirt originally costs $50 and the sale price is $40, you might see $10 being not that much off the original price, but in fact the discount is larger than the watch at 20%. Therefore you can save/make money by buying the products with the highest discounted Hudson’s’ Bay, a department store that has numerous of sales on all kinds of brands, were going to use web scraping to get the original and sale price of all the products and find the product with the highest scraping the website it returned over 900 products and as you can see there is only 1 product out of the 900 with over a 50% discount. That would be the Perry Ellis Solid Non-Iron Dress sale price is only a limited time offer, so the price for this shirt will eventually go back up to around $90. So if I were to buy it now at $40 than sell it at $30 below its original at $60 when the limited sale ends, I would still make a profit of $ is a method where if you find the right niche to do this is in, there is a potential to make a large amount of money. 3. Selling DataThere are millions of datasets online that are free and accessible to everyone. This data is often easily gathered and thereby offered to anyone who wants to use them. On the other hand some data is not as easy to get, and takes either time or a lot of work to put in a nice clean dataset. This has become the evolution of selling data. There are companies that focus on getting data that may be hard to obtain and structuring that data into a nice clean spreadsheet or dashboard that others can use at a certain gDataBall is a sports data website that sells player logs, play-by-play data, and other stats at a price of $30 for a single seasons worth of data. The reason they can ask for this price is not because there the only ones that have this data, but there one of the only websites out there that offer this data in a very structured and clean dashboard that is easy to what I’m going to do is get the same data as BigDataBall has for free and I’m going to put it into a structured dataset like the ones I did I said before they aren’t the only ones with this type of data. has all the same data but its not structured meaning its data is all over the place and hard to read, and you simply cannot just download the dataset you want. This is where web scraping comes in. I’m going to web scrape the website of all the players logs for each game and put it into a structured dataset like ructured Dataset of all the NBA Player LogsAfter web scraping we got over 16000 player logs for the season so far. You can see why this data in a nice clean format can be monetized, because no one in their right mind would manually get 16000 logs of data and put it into their own dataset. But with the help of web scraping we were able to get this data in a couple of minutes and save ourselves $edless to say though you can do what BigDataBall does. Find data that is hard to obtain manually, let your computer do the work, and than sell it to those interested in having that data in a structured a world where everyone wants to make money, Web Scraping has become a very unique and new way to make money on the side. Where if you apply it to the right situations it can make you a ton of money, and it is easier to do than most people you’re interested in learning more about Web Scraping and how to do all the examples I showed above, I’ll leave a link to my course below that teaches you all the necessary tools you need to create your own web scraping projects.
Can you Make Money from Web Scraping? - ParseHub

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Can you Make Money from Web Scraping? – ParseHub

Web Scraping can unlock a lot of value by providing you access to web that mean that there is money to be made from that value? The simple answer is… of course! Offering web scraping services is a legitimate way to make some extra cash (or some serious cash if you work hard enough) are some ways you can use web scraping to make and sell a list of leadsEvery sale starts with a a result, all kinds of businesses around the world will spend thousands of dollars on high-quality lead the past, we’ve written about why no one should ever buy a list of emails. Mostly because it is often hard to guarantee that the leads you’re buying are by working closely with your client, you can earn their trust and follow our best practices for building high-quality lead a list of customers / leadsFollowing up on the previous idea, why not build the list for yourself? After all, we all have a talent or skill we can sell. From programming to guitar you can scrape a high-quality list of potential customers, you can start advertising and emailing them directly to targeting them social media ads via their Audience platforms, there are multiple ways you can scrape a list of leads and monetize you get those new clients / customers, you should have a workflow software to keep everything organized. You should have a checklist. From generating your list, to onboarding new clients. Here’s our in-depth guide on using a web scraper to build a high-quality leads data to build an appWhy not try your hand at app development? I know, this sounds quite intimidating. But with web scraping, you can scrape the data you need to build a simple app without the need for any coding example, let’s say you’d want to create a simple investment app that sends you an email one a stock hits a specific price. You can do so by following these simple guides:Here’s how to scrape stock price data from Yahoo FinanceHere’s how to export the results from your scrape on to a Google Sheet documentHere’s how to send an email notification based on the value of a cell on Google SheetsUncover market opportunitiesYou can use web scraping to identify market opportunities and gaps in product example, let’s assume you’ve scrape data on all bicycles being sold on your research, you have noticed that there’s a certain price range for which all products get low review example, bicycles priced within the $500 to $1000 price range all average about 3 stars in review scores. They also get tons of reviews, meaning that people are buying them but are not pleased with means there is a gap in the market for mid-range bicycles that can actually meet the customers’ ’ve just uncovered the demand for a new product or business idea! Does this sound like your cup of tea? Here’s how to scrape product data from Amazon with a web up paid web scraping gigsWhy not take on a real-world web scraping job? Yup, those are a ltiple companies often decide to outsource their web scraping jobs and can offer some pretty decent payouts for more complex jobs. A great place to start is UpWork, a platform that allows businesses to connect with freelancers and allows them to hire them for one-off ’s the UpWork search results page for “web scraping”Closing thoughtsAs you can see, there are numerous ways in which you can use web scraping to make haven’t uncovered every single one of them but we are sure you can probably think of even more ways to make money with web that you have all these ideas, it’s time to get scraping! Which Web Scraper Should you use? Now that you know how you can make money, you’ll need to decide which web scraper to choose. While there are several options are there, we think you’ll enjoy ParseHub! It’s free to download, easy to use, cloud-based scraping and many more. No need for a method of wnload ParseHub For FreeBetter yet, become a certified Web Scraping expert with our free courses! Enroll for free today and get your certificates!
How Web Scraping is Transforming the World with its Applications

How Web Scraping is Transforming the World with its Applications

Guess what’s common between an entrepreneur envisaging a new start-up, CEO of a Fortune 500 company, an equity analyst, a marketer, and a journalist? Well, they all derive their strategies and insights from data! Data is the new is the core of market research and business strategies. Whether you want to start a new project or churn out a new strategy for an existing business, you need to invariably access and analyze a vast amount of data. This is where web scraping comes might want to argue that web scraping could be useful for a particular industry or two. How can it be so relevant for different industries? No worries! We have put together a comprehensive list of applications of web scraping in different ever, before we take a plunge into it, let’s just quickly understand a bit about web ’s say, data is vital for your e-commerce company. You are able to see the data on your competitor’s question is how will you download it in a usable format? Most people would be able to only copy and paste it manually. However, it is not feasible to do it for large websites with hundreds of is where web scraping comes into scraping is a process of automating the extraction of data in an efficient and fast way. With the help of web scraping, you can extract data from any website, no matter how large is the data, on your reover, websites may have data that you cannot copy and paste. Web scraping can help you extract any kind of data that you ’s not enough. Let’s say, you copy and paste some data but how to convert or save it in a format of your choice? Web scraping takes care of that too. When you extract web data with the help of a web scraping too, you would be able to save the data in a format such as CSV. You would then be able to retrieve, analyze and use the data the way you web scraping simplifies the process of extracting data, speeds it up by automating it and creates easy access to the scrapped data by providing it in a CSV simple terms, web scraping saves you the trouble of manually downloading or copying any data and automates the whole Scraping Applications in Retail and Manufacturing:Photo by Roberto Cortese on UnsplashThere are numerous applications of web scraping under this segment which can be sub-divided into different categories as follows:Competitor Price MonitoringIn this era of e-commerce, price plays a key role. You need to keep track of competitor pricing ever, manually trying to keep track of prices is not a viable option. Moreover, prices keep changing every now and then. Therefore, it becomes virtually impossible to keep track of prices in a manual is where web scraping comes in. It automates the process of extracting prices of your competitors and keeps you updated about the new pricing strategies deployed by your competitors. Web scraping is able to do it in no time and as many times as you nitoring MAP ComplianceManufacturers would need to keep an eye on retailers as to whether they comply with the minimum price or ever, it is not possible to visit every website and check for the same. Web scraping comes to their rescue the help of web scraping, manufacturers can easily and effectively monitor MAP compliance. They can do it without having to spend an enormous amount of time as web scraping can produce this data in a lightening quick fashion. Fetching Images and Product DescriptionsIt would be an ordeal to manually fetch images and product descriptions from different scraping can make this quite easy. It automates the entire process and provides the images and product descriptions in no nitoring Consumer SentimentIt is necessary to track and analyze consumer sentiment. It is done by reviewing consumer feedback and reviews of different ever, getting all the reviews from different websites in a manual way is not erefore, web scraping is leveraged to make it stunningly easy. With web scraping, you can get all the reviews on a spreadsheet and even compare different reviews based on Scraping Applications in Equity and Financial ResearchPhoto by M. B. M. on UnsplashThis is vast field and applications of web scraping are just mind-boggling. Take a look:Aggregated News ArticlesIn the field of finance and insurance, news is the big source of insights. However, it is not possible to read every newspaper and every article, web scraping is used for extracting the valuable inputs from different news stories, headlines etc. for converting them into actionable investment Data AggregationWhile a lot of market data is available on the Internet but it is scattered across tens of thousands of can search and scan the search results but it is too time-consuming and scraping is used to scrape the data from different websites and glean actionable intelligence from these sites in terms of equity research. Extracting Financial StatementAnalysts need financial statements in order to determine the health of a company and advise their clients regarding whether to invest or not to invest in ever, getting financial statements from several companies for numerous years is not possible in a manual scraping tools are used to extract financial statements from different sites and for different time periods for further analysis and make investment decisions based on the suranceThere is a growing trend to study alternative data in order to determine the risks etc. on the part of insurance companies to devise their products and it is not possible for them to leverage this data by manually copying or storing erefore, insurance companies capitalize on web scraping to scrape alternative data and arrive at their decisions regarding insurance products and Scraping Applications in Data SciencePhoto by Franki Chamaki on UnsplashReal-Time AnalyticsReal-Time analytics simply means that data is analyzed right after data becomes available. It is different from batch-style analytics because batch-style analytics may take hours or delay to process data and produce mpared to that, real-time analytics can produce insights without any nancial institutions use real-time analytics for credit scoring in order to make decisions regarding whether to extend credit or discontinue stomer relationship management (CRM) is a notable example of how real-time analytics is made use of in optimizing customer satisfaction and enhancing business analytics is also used at Points of Sale in order to detect any kind of fraud. In retail outlets, real-time analytics comes into play while dealing with individual customers in terms of incentives each of the examples indicates, real-time analytics depends on processing large quantities of data. Real-time analytics also works in a hassle-free manner if and only if large quantities of data can be processed quite is where web scraping comes in handy. Real-time analytics would not be possible if data could not be accessed, extracted and analyzed edictive AnalysisPredictive analysis is a process of analyzing existing data in order to work out patterns and predict future outcomes or trends. Predictive analysis cannot accurately forecast the future but it is all about forecasting what the probabilities from other fields, predictive analysis has its application in the world of business. Predictive analysis is used in order to study and understand customer behavior, products and various other things to work out the risks and ever, as it is evident, it is a kind of analysis that takes place on the basis of vast amount of existing is why web scraping has grown in significance because it can extract and make available vast amounts of data which can later be used in predictive analysis. In other words, web scraping is paramount for predictive tural Language ProcessingNatural language processing is a process of enabling machines to interpret the natural languages used by humans unlike the computer languages such as Python ntiment analysis is a notable use case of natural language processing. Data scientists use comments on social media to process and assess how a particular brand is it is implied, machines will need to have access to large quantities of data for any application of NLP to scraping is one of the few efficient ways to scrape and make the data related to such social media comments or anything else available in a usable format. Therefore, with the growing significance of NLP, web scraping has also become increasingly chine Learning Training ModelsMachine learning basically implies that we provide data to machines for them to learn and improve on their own without having to use any explicit is the ideal source of such data. By training machine learning models, we can get them to carry out different tasks like classification, clustering, attribution ever, machine learning models can be trained only if quality data is made available. Web scraping serves to extract and make such data available for machine learning training Scraping Applications in Risk ManagementImage by mohamed Hassan from PixabayIn business, there are several risks involved when you hire people or deal with new clients. One cannot ignore the risk and carry on without any risk management erefore, businesses have a practice of running background checks on new employees or clients or customers. However, it could be a time-consuming and tedious exercise considering the fact that it means checking several different sources of data like press and news articles, sanctions lists, corporate registers, legal databases, disqualified directors list, insolvency registers, financial registers and a lot many is not possible for any individual to get the background checks done manually. Therefore, web scraping tools are leveraged to quickly extract the data from the aforementioned sources and process it in order to complete the background Scraping Applications in Product, Marketing and SalesPhoto by Campaign Creators on UnsplashData-driven MarketingData is essential for any marketing and sales endeavour. There is nothing new about it. However, access to data is something that distinguishes two marketers at times. Web scraping can make the data available to formulate the ntent MarketingWhen it comes to content marketing, web scraping is used for collating data from different sites such as Twitter, Tech Crunch etc. This data, then, can be used for creating engaging content. Engaging content, as you know, is the key to business growth and web GenerationAs far as lead generation is concerned, many companies have to spend a lot of money on getting outbound leads. This could burn a hole in your budget. Instead, web scraping is now harnessed to scrape data directly from different sources and generate this way, quality leads can be generated at a low cost and the budget can be used on other important mpetitive AnalysisWhen it comes to competitive analysis, it is hard to fetch all the data you need from different websites to put together a decent comparison and understanding of your rrying it out manually is not just time-consuming but also inefficient because you may or may not be able to fetch data accurately. In this dynamic competitive world, speed and accuracy are stead, web scraping has now transformed this space and provided a more efficient alternative by quickly fetching data and facilitating competitive analysis. In this way, web scraping is used to automate the data extraction and competitive MonitoringWell, search engines tell us a lot about how the world of business moves. How content moves up and down in rankings is also a key to how one can thrive in this Internet can study the way content works on the Internet and derive insights and ever, manually it cannot be done. Therefore, there is a growing use of web scraping tools to scrape the data regarding what goes on behind the scenes in search engines. Web scraping can power your understanding of content in terms of SEO and provide actionable intelligence with respect to putation MonitoringIt is vital to understand how customers feel about you and your brand. You can have a vague idea about it but providing an account based on data can be ever, web scraping tools have become so sophisticated that they are now able to extract customer reviews and other inputs from websites in no time and facilitate brand or reputation monitoring quite easily. Several companies use web scraping to understand their customers’ views and serve them Industries which are Using Web ScrapingIt’s hard to list everything that can leverage web scraping because its applications are now being explored for almost every known human transaction. Whether it’s charity or journalism, web scraping can contribute in a substantial way. Here’re a few other industries or domains where web scraping has found its and Reputation MonitoringIn order to keep track of the information regarding individuals, products or company, news scraping is quite scraping is integral to the process because it allows quick and efficient extraction of data in the form of news from different data can then be processed in order to glean insights as required. As a result, it also makes it possible to keep track of the brand and reputation of a ademicAcademic world depends a lot on data. Academic work revolves largely around one or the other kind of information. Whether it’s a teaching assignment or a research project, academics have to get hold of data and then process it in order to arrive at the necessary scraping has now made it extremely easier for them to extract and process the data they JournalismAs the name indicates, it is a kind of journalism that uses data to bolster the news use of infographics or graphs is a typical example of how data is woven into these reason why data matters to them a lot is because data provides credibility to the arguments and claims made in the is also useful as it enables readers to understand complex topics in a visual scraping comes in handy here because it makes the data available in the first place and enables the journalist to create the impact through the creative use of the in the case of non-profit organizations, they need data in order to define their mission and further their work. Web scraping tools easily extract the data they need in order to work out their goals and outcomes so that they can forge ahead in their noble projects. EmploymentHave you noticed how Job Boards are full of data related to job posts? Have you ever wondered where the data comes from? Job Board use crawlers to crawl different websites and scrape the information regarding new job postings. Job Boards collect information such as job postings, company profiles, job descriptions, and employee enables them to provide information regarding job postings and connect job seekers with employers. Web scraping makes it all possible! Search engine for classified sitesThere are websites that serve as a search engine for classified ads of vehicles. Visitors can search the site for specific make and model of ever, it is not possible to manually fetch such data. Web scraping tools are leveraged to crawl and extract the technical specifications of different data is used then on the website for visitors to search and the Internet has grown astronomically and businesses have become increasingly dependent on data, it is now a compulsion to have access to the latest data on every given has become the basis of all decision-making processes whether it’s a business or a non-profit organization. Therefore, web scraping has found its applications in every endeavour of note in contemporary is also becoming increasingly clear that those who will make creative and advanced use of web scraping tool will race ahead of others and gain a competitive leverage web scraping and boost your prospects in your chosen area of endeavour!

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Can I make money web scraping?

Web Scraping can unlock a lot of value by providing you access to web data. … Offering web scraping services is a legitimate way to make some extra cash (or some serious cash if you work hard enough).Mar 30, 2020

Is web scraping valuable?

In order to keep track of the information regarding individuals, products or company, news scraping is quite useful. Web scraping is integral to the process because it allows quick and efficient extraction of data in the form of news from different sources.

How much should I pay for web scraping?

For example, the average hourly rates for web scraping jobs in Upwork ranges from $30 to $60 in the low end and around $100 in the high end. For longer or ongoing projects, this could quickly escalate costs.Apr 6, 2020

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