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7 Best Free VPS Hosting Trial Windows & Linux 2021

7 Best Free VPS Hosting Trial Windows & Linux 2021

Are you looking for a Free VPS Hosting? If yes, we have some exciting high quality best Free VPS trial offers for before we tell you about those offers, let us give you some information that we believe you should know before you start using a free is a Free VPS? As every one of us knows that setting up a datacentre, procuring servers and high-speed internet connection cost a lot of money to the web hosting must be wondering if everything is so costly then why these web hosting companies offer a VPS Hosting for, web hosting is a very competitive industry and acquiring new customers is a challenge for all size of web attract new customers, these web hosting providers offer their services for free for a limited period so that new customers can try their services before making an actual payment. A free VPS hosting is actually a VPS trial that you get from a web hosting provider to test their services before actually buying ually, these web hosts offer a trial VPS for 7 days, 15 days, 30 days and sometimes for longer duration i. e 2 months to 1 you have to pay anything to get a VPS Trial? Initially, all web hosting providers were offering a trial VPS for free without asking for your credit card lately, many people started abusing their services and now most of the good VPS service providers ask your credit card information before giving you a trial may be charged from $1 to $5 to try their is no harm paying $1 or even $5 to try services that worth more than $50 or though this is not the case with every web hosting provider, some web hosts still don’t ask for a credit card. 5 Best Free VPS Hosting Services to Try in 20211. KamateraEstablished in 1995, Kamatera is a leading cloud server 13 global data centres, Kamatera is hosting thousands of servers and serving tens of thousands of clients you’re looking for a reliable partner for your VPS or cloud server requirement, Kamatera could be the right option for you. Kamatera provides you a facility to try their services before actually buying them. If you’re looking for a free VPS or a VPS Hosting trial, you can choose to take a 30 days trial of Kamatera cloud can deploy a server under 60 second with any of the following operating system. CentOSDebianFreeBSDFreeNASGentooOpenSUSEWindows ServerWindowsCloudLinuxAdditionally, you can choose from cPanel or Plesk control panel. Kamatera also allows you to choose your server location. Currently they have their data centers located in different parts of North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia. CPU1 vCPU to 32 vCPURAM1 GB to 128 GBStorage20 GB – 1000 GB SSDTraffic5000 GBData CentreUnited States, Europe, Middle East, AsiaOperating System9 Operating Systems AvailableSSL CertificateNot IncludedTrial PriceFree for 30 Days2. DomainRacerDomainRacer is one of the top listed web hosting, reseller hosting and vps hosting provider. DomainRacer well-known for their reasonable price and extraordinary services in countries like India, UK, USA and all over the is the best platform for VPS hosting server to inflict the fastest connectivity, security and reliable infrastructure with a server reboot. You can get the basic VPS configuration of 1 CPU and 2048 MB RAM and also, you can scale up your requirement as per the need up to 2 CPU Core and 8192 MB RAM. This virtual server hosting (VPS) offers everything you necessitate, to control your any size of the website mainRacer is an in-house cloud-based infrastructure. You can upgrade or downgrade your plans any time as per your business growth. Below are the details about DomainRacer VPS plans:Plans NamePrices(Monthly)CPURAMStorageBandwidthVPS-L2$8. 22 /month1 CPU Core2048 MB RAM20GB SSD2TB bandwidthVPS-L4$12. 39/month1 CPU Core4096 MB RAM40GB SSD4TB bandwidthVPS-L8$22. 39/month2 CPU Core8192 MB RAM80GB SSD8TB bandwidthSome highlights of DomainRacer are:Cloud-based InfrastructureEnterprise SSD StoragePowerful Hardware SolutionMulti-core Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 processorsMonitoring & AlertingSolid 40 Gbps Network Capacity Now, DomainRacer is offering their basic VPS hosting plan for just $8 per month. There top tier data centre location located in India, France and Singapore mainRacer all plans come with an unmanaged virtual server. It is difficult to get high-quality best vps hosting at this affordable and cheapest price. 3. Digital OceanDigital Ocean is a very reputed on-demand cloud server hosting provider. You can get a VPS from them with the basic configuration of 1 GB RAM and 1 CPU and scale the same as per your requirements up to 196 GB RAM and 32 Ocean cloud virtual servers are an ideal choice for resource hungry websites and SSD-based virtual private servers are ideal for developers to build or test out rrently, they are offering a free virtual cloud server for 30 days to 60 the trial offer, your account will be credited with $10 and you use this amount to buy their basic plan with 1 GB of RAM and 1 CPU cost $5 per month and the second lowest plan with 2 GB RAM and 1 CPU cost $10 per can consume your $10 credit to buy any of these two are some more details about these two cloud VPS plans. RAMvCPUStorageBandwidthPrice (monthly)1125 GB1 TB$52150 GB2 TB$10Some highlights of Digital Ocean are99% Uptime SLAEnterprise SSDsGlobal DatacentresCloud Firewalls40GbE Hypervisor ConnectionsMonitoring & AlertingEasy to use APIDNSYou will need a credit card to claim your free trial. Although, you will not be charged until the free trial period of your virtual private server expired. 4. A2 HostingA2 Hosting is a well-known web hosting provider for affordable fast web hosting services. They call themselves a developer-friendly web hosting company because they always use all the latest web hosting technology in their datacentres. A2 Hosting has developed an in-house hosting platform called SwiftServer platform, and a page speed optimization technology called turbo servers that helps any site load 20X rrently, A2 Hosting is offering their base VPS hosting plan for just $5 per plan is unmanaged and can be used to try out any application. We can understand that this plan is not free, but getting a high-quality VPS at this price level is difficult. You can use this plan as a VPS Trial for 30 days for any of your VPS are some more details about the NameUnmanaged VPSOperating SystemLinuxStorage20 GBCPU1RAM512 MBBandwidth2 TBRoot AccessYesPrice$5 per monthThe cPanel is not included in this plan but you can buy the same as an addon. 5. Google CloudEver wondered if you can use the same cloud platform that Google uses for hosting their products like YouTube? What if say you can use the same platform for free? Yes, you heard it right. Google has launched their cloud platform for the general public. You can try the Google cloud platform for 12 months for you need to do is to sign up for their cloud platform and they will credit your account with $300. You can use this money to use their offers an array of cloud products and you can pick one as per your though, a credit card is required to verify your identity during the signup process. You will not be charged any money during the trial period. 6. Amazon AWSAmazon is the market leader in cloud hosting business. They have one of the most stable cloud hosting platforms and offers an array of cloud new customers, Amazon is offering 12-months free services under limited usage can use their Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) with Linux or Windows support under the get 30 GB of Amazon Elastic Block Storage in any combination of General Purpose (SSD) and 15 GB of data transfer out with your free trial. 7. Alibaba CloudAlibaba is a new entrant in the cloud hosting business. Despite it is new, it is giving a good competition to cloud hosting giants like Amazon and milar to the Google cloud platform, Alibaba is also giving away $300 credits to the new users to try out their ibaba also offers an array of cloud services and you can pick one as per your requirements to try Elastic Compute Service (ECS) offered by Alibaba are restricted to be used for only 1 month under the Burstable Type t5 plan is available for free trial for 30 days. The plan comes with up to 2 CPUs, up to 4 GB of RAM, 20 GB disk space, and 50 GB data transfer limit per month. 8. Oracle CloudOracle is one of the most prestigious IT brands in the world. It is known for their enterprise level database management the company has entered into the cloud business and offering a cloud hosting solution with the Oracle is offering cloud services including Compute, Database, Big Data, API Management, Blockchain, IoT, Integration, Chatbots, and many rrently, Oracle is offering 30 days cloud trial worth $300 in select countries i. e up to 3500 is a promotional offer from Oracle cloud for a limited time. During the promotional period, you will get access to all IaaS and PaaS you find their services satisfactory after completing the 30 days trial, you can upgrade to a paid stomers who have not signed up for the free trial in the past are eligible to get Oracle cloud free get your free cloud trial, you need to sign up with Oracle. The link is given below. 1. 1&1 Hosting1&1 is one of the largest and most popular domain name and web hosting providers in the United service provider offers everything you need to run a website of any rrently, 1&1 is offering a Free VPS Trial of their Virtual Cloud are some more details about their VPS trial Plan Name1&1 Virtual Server Cloud XLCPU2 vCores Intel® Xeon® ProcessorsRAM4 GBStorage120 GB SSDTrafficUnlimitedData CentreUnited States, Germany, SpainOperating SystemLinux Ubuntu 18. 04SSL CertificateIncludedVirtualizationVM WareTrial Price$1 per month for 6 monthsIf you’re not satisfied with 1&1 hosting services, you can even cancel for a full refund within 30 is the best Free VPS Trial offer running in the market from any renowned hosting nclusion: Which Free VPS Hosting Trial Should You Be Using? As you can see that we have listed only the top web hosts in our list that are offering a free VPS trial. Each one of them caters to different web hosting needs. If you’re not an expert in managing VPS, We would suggest you go with 1&1. 1&1 is offering the best deal on their cloud platform and you’ll also get a good customer support experience during and after your the other hand, Digital Ocean, A2 Hosting, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Alibaba are for advanced users. If you are familiar with VPS and can manage them without using any control panel, these services are for you. Overall we can say that these services are for advanced users.
Get your VPS Free Trial Server | VPSServer

Get your VPS Free Trial Server | VPSServer

First and foremost, let us start with the basic understanding of the VPS. Some of you may already know that this term is shortened from a virtual private server. A virtual server originates from the partition of a physical server where the user has full access to the assigned resources without having to share them like in a shared hosting platform.
What are the Benefits of Utilizing VPS?
We will show you the advantages that you can get when you utilize VPS hosting, such as:
Enhance Loading Speed: Higher bounce rate still one of the biggest nightmare when you run a business website. VPS able to mitigate this issue for you.
Dedicated Server Resources: Since VPS hosting plans provide its user with dedicated resources. It means you have your own CPU cores, Memory, Bandwidth, NVMe, and up to 200 GB SSD storage.
Server Admin for Control and Privacy: You will get full control over your server, from the database, files, and stored information.
Simple Scalability: We can assist you when you want to scale your server with bigger resources.
Dedicated IP Address:, as your VPS provider, will provide you with IPv4 and IPv6 at a fair price.
In addition, there are other benefits that you can have when you sign up with our VPS plans, those are:
You do not have to worry about your VPS performance because our VPS plans are supported with cloud server infrastructure. Therefore, it is able to maintain the operation of several websites.
Full root access to the server and web hosts control panel
Lower price compared to physical server usage and its maintenance
Of course, some of you may say that shared hosting or web hosting services are a reasonable option, especially for those that just start using hosting services.
However, since the users have to share the resource fairly, you will not have the above advantages in shared hosting. On the other hand, utilizing a VPS plan requires its user to have the required knowledge to configure, manage and maintain a VPS server.
At the point where you think that your shared account is unable to sustain your website, then you may need to upgrade to a hosting plan that can provide a larger resource than shared hosting. But you do not need to go for a pricey hosting plan like a dedicated server. Hence, a VPS server that stands between shared and dedicated hosting should be a much rational option for you. In fact, you can go for the managed VPS, other VPS hosting services if you think that you do not have the required knowledge to monitor the server. Lastly, the VPS hosting plans of have the money-back guarantee procedure, so you can have the freedom to choose the hosting plan that suits you the most. You should take note that many VPS providers do not offer their customers a money-back guarantee.
Free VPS Hosting: Things that you should pay attention
Suppose that you are a developer or business owner who is interested in utilizing VPS to enhance your IT department. Then you may want to go for the free VPS trial first before you work with the real one. From there, you will learn a thing or two about VPS management and its advantages for your interest. In this case, we provide a list of things that you should look out for when you try a free VPS plan:
Location of the Server
By using the free VPS hosting, you will know the location of your server. At, we have more than 15 locations scattered across the globe from United States, United Kingdom to some countries in the Asia Pacific.
From a free VPS trial, you can test the server performance directly. For instance, you can run the website to see the server handle the traffic and its processing speed. Based on your free VPS trial, you will know which VPS hosting plans that can support your needs.
Server (OS) Operating System
Signing up for a certain VPS plan, the provider will provide you with the operating systems alternatives that you are free to choose. We offer Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows VPS hosting, and so forth.
Disk Space
Disk space or storage is one of the essential aspects of a VPS. Hence, when you are still looking for an appropriate VPS package for your project. Then having a free VPS trial is a good idea.
Since it is a free VPS trial, you may think that free VPS would also “free” from security. In contrast, when you sign up with free VPS trial, we provide you with almost the same security level as the paid ones.
Take advantage of our Free VPS Trial
You can now start adding up the advantages of a private VPS completely free of charge. That’s because we are now offering a 1-day trial and 7-day trial – the choice is yours! Whether you are an SME that is assessing the right server package to help you grow or are a larger company that wants to tighten up its IT infrastructure, we are here with the best VPS solution for your organization. Flexibility is the key- with a server from us, you are complete’ future proofed’ and only pay for what you need, not what you don’t.
Take your VPS Free Trial now
We are confident, as one of the best web hosting companies, that after a day or week using our trial VPS solution, you will see why so many businesses are able to improve their operational efficiency thanks to a virtual private server. Over the course of the trial, you can pick and choose the services which are most suited to your needs – it’s a chance to tailor your VPS solution to your own requirements completely. There is no fee, no credit card required, and absolutely no obligations – this is your opportunity to assess the many benefits of a VPS solution.
Start Trial Server now
Free VPS Trial for 30 Days | IONOS by 1&1

Free VPS Trial for 30 Days | IONOS by 1&1

Try a virtual server risk-free for 30 days
Try out your VPS for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied, you get your money now30-day money-back guaranteeFind out if a Virtual Private Server is right for you with our VPS free offers you a free VPS trial for one month. If you change your mind, we’ll refund your money — no questions asked. With many other providers, you often have less than 30 days to test out your virtual server, but not all hosting providers offer a money-back guarantee, but it’s a key to what we do at IONOS. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we want to make sure you find the right more about VPSChoose Your Powerful SSD VPSOptional Plesk Web Host EditionSave: Standard VPS now with a lower monthly priceSpecial requests? Give us a call. Our team of experts will answer all your questions and build a custom product bundle to fit your needs. 1-913-808-4231How good are free VPS servers? Check the fine print on other VPS offers carefully — there may be a sides VPS free trials, you will often come across “completely free” VPS offers. Before you sign up, you should take note of a few things. Find out whether they offer quality server locations, performance and security. Remember, high quality and secure server infrastructure come with completely free offers, make sure there are no hidden costs that could be expensive in the long run. Choosing an experienced provider like IONOS is a safer bet. You can test your IONOS VPS risk-free and, if you like it, continue to rent it at a reasonable more about VPSWhat to look out for with “free” VPSSecurityMany free VPS hosting providers skimp on security. In contrast, IONOS is constantly investing in state-of-the-art data centers, comprehensive IT security and product-specific features. This makes us one of the most secure hosting providers locationWith free VPS offers, make sure the servers are located in the USA, as is the case with IONOS. We store your data securely according to all relevant data protection rformanceThe processing power and traffic of free VPS servers are often limited. This can quickly slow down websites, especially content-heavy ones. With IONOS, you receive flexible and powerful hosting at a competitive price. Webspace/StorageLimited webspace or storage limits your overall project. If you need more, a “free VPS” quickly begins to get expensive. Opting for IONOS from the start saves you time and helps you plan more effectively. Operating system choiceDo you want a free Windows VPS or a free Linux VPS? Unlike most “free” providers, IONOS gives you the choice. You can also switch operating system at any rviceIf a free Windows VPS is having issues with Linux, you may have to wait weeks for support. After all, customer service is a cost factor for providers. With IONOS, 24/7 service is – Frequently asked questionsA virtual private server (VPS) is best suited for businesses and personal web projects that require extensive, stable system resources, such as memory (RAM), processing power, and storage space. These can include blogs, community servers and online rtual servers usually offer good value for money compared to other server options, such as dedicated servers. This is because several customers share the same server hardware, practically renting a share of its computational power. Customers have their own virtual server infrastructure that is exclusively available to ojects with fluctuating resource requirements are best served by a highly flexible cloud server, which can scale resources according to need in real time. On the other hand, dedicated servers are better suited to projects that need exclusive and undivided server nerally, you can cancel your IONOS order within the first 14 days after receipt of that order. Once this period has expired, we can no longer cancel your you are not satisfied with a product you ordered within the first month, you can make use of our 30-day money-back course, you can cancel your IONOS contracts at any time, until the end of the minimum contract period for the respective product. To do so, you must comply with the contractually agreed cancellation period. This is usually a month before the end of the minimum contract period. In other words, we must receive your cancellation at least one month before the end of the minimum contract period for it to take effect. If we receive your cancellation later than that, it will only become effective after a further minimum contract offer server packages for private and corporate web projects of any size. In terms of root servers, we therefore provide suitable cloud server and dedicated server options in addition to our virtual servers, each with their own domains. For more options, take a look at our server ‘t find what you’re looking for? Check out these other great options.

Frequently Asked Questions about usa vps free trial

Can you get a VPS for free?

Free VPS hosting does exist. While free hosting service is never going to be as powerful as paid alternatives, free plans are great if you’re just getting started. You can test the waters to see if it’s right for you and your needs. In this guide, we’re going to tell you about the best free VPS plans on the market.

What is the best VPS for free?

Top 10 Free Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Providers in 2021Plesk.Linode.Cloudways.AccuWeb.OVHcloud.UpCloud.Managed Server Hosting.Nexcess.More items…

How can I get a free VPS without a credit card?

(Updated List) Free VPS Trial 2021- No Credit Card Required, No Ads#1 Kamatera. … #2 Interserver Cloud VPS Trial $0.01 For 30 Days. … #3 Google Cloud VPS 60 Days Free Trial worth $300. … #4 ElasticHosts Free 5 Days Trial for VPS Hosting. … #5 CenturyLink 90 days $500 Worth VPS Trial. … #6 ArubaCloud 60 Days Free Trial.More items…•Jan 18, 2021

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