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Torrent Unblocked

UnblockTorrent: Unblocked Torrent Sites and Torrent Proxy List

UnblockTorrent: Unblocked Torrent Sites and Torrent Proxy List

Torrent sites are blocked all over the world by ISPs, companies and governments. Unblock the best torrent sites by using a fast torrent proxy. Find working proxies for Pirate Bay, 1337x, YTS, EZTV and more sites!
Do NOT download any torrent before hiding your IP
Your IP 108. 162. 246. 230 is easy to track! Use a VPN to hide all your activity and torrent risk-free.
Click here and get a VPN before downloading torrents!
Pirate Bay Proxy
1337x Proxy
EZTV Proxy
YTS Proxy
Torrentz2 Proxy
Limetorrents Proxy
ExtraTorrent Proxy
KickassTorrents Proxy
Top torrent proxies for the most popular torrent sites sorted by speed.
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Torrents Proxy - Trust Me 100% Unblock All Torrent Sites

Torrents Proxy – Trust Me 100% Unblock All Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bay Proxy is an easy way to unblock blocked websites and internet data, using different nation proxies where the site was not barred. The Pirate bay is the single most piracy site, so …
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What is Skytorrents? Skytorrents is a fairly new torrenting website in the torrent market. It has gained a huge following in a very short period. That is because Skytorrents promises never to add any advertisements …
What is idope? Idope search engine is one of the best meta-search engines available on the internet. It promises not to track any of its user’s activities. Idope was introduced as an alternative to kickass, …
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Introduction Demonoid is one of those loved websites by all the users because of many reasons. It is an A-to-Z place where you can download torrents, movies, songs, books, and what not! You will get …
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The world of piracy and copyright content has grown to a very far extent. Even the newly released movies are available on the torrent sites on the very next day. Although people know that using …
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Movies are the best source to keep ourselves entertained for a while. It becomes a blessing in disguise if we somehow get to watch the latest movies for free. For that to happen, various websites …
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Unblocked Torrent Sites and Torrent Proxy List 2021 ...

Unblocked Torrent Sites and Torrent Proxy List 2021 …

Downloading torrents is one of the main activities of the internet. This allows files to be shared over the Internet using P2P protocols. Although torrents are considered legal, they are mainly used for sharing copyrighted content. As a result of the popularity of torrenting, hundreds of torrent websites have popped up over the course of a decade. As a result, copyright infringement has increased and torrents blocked.
The competent authorities of the countries are working to block such websites and penalize the users who access them. Proponents of DMCA and the fight against piracy have worked with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to crack down on users who download copyrighted material such as movies and music.
However, you can still easily bypass torrent blocking without the ISP and DMCA knowing about it.
Here are the 4 best ways to bypass torrent blocking.
Use the HTTP proxy¶
The first option to avoid blocking torrents is the HTTP proxy.
Similar to a VPN, a proxy server can hide your IP address and connect you to a site that is being blocked. When you use a proxy, your traffic is sent through an intermediate server, which then forwards you to the blocked content. However, there are some issues with this method.
There are several proxy websites that you can tunnel and bypass torrent blocking.
Use the TOR network¶
TOR is a special network that routes internet traffic by rerouting it through various servers before it reaches its destination. Makes tracking user activity very difficult. You can use the TOR network to bypass torrent blocking very easily.
You can download the Tor browser package for Windows, Mac Linux, or Android from
Change DNS server¶
This method is only effective if the reason you cannot access torrent websites is because of DNS blocking. Plus, it only unblocks torrent sites and doesn’t hide your traffic. So it’s useless if you want to securely download copyrighted material. Google’s public DNS is a great option if you want to change your DNS server.
To change your DNS server settings in Windows 10 to Google Public DNS, do the following:
Go to Network and Internet and click Change adapter settings
Right click on the connection you want to configure and select Properties
On the Networks tab, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) and go to Properties.
Click Use the following DNS server addresses and enter 8. 8. 8 or 8. 4. 4
If you’re using macOS, you’ll want to use the same DNS server addresses on the DNS tab in the Apple menu> System Preferences> Network.
Use the VPN service¶
Virtual Private Service (VPN) is the easiest way to bypass torrent blocking. With a VPN, you can mask the spoofing of your real-world location and easily access restricted websites. It uses a network of private servers in different geographic locations and private IP addresses to spoof your location.
Since the Internet traffic then flows through the servers of the VPN service, the ISP cannot track the online activities of a user. Geo-spoofing allows users to access content that would otherwise be blocked in their country, such as: B. unblocking torrent websites. In addition, VPN services use advanced encryption technology that provides an additional layer of security. Internet traffic is not prone to infiltration.
When choosing a VPN service, take the time to review the feature list and value proposition of each service. It is recommended to read user reviews for a general idea of ​​the quality of the service.
For example, you can download a free VPN from
How are torrent sites blocked? ¶
There are a few different techniques ISPs use to block access to torrent download sites. Depending on the method used, the path you need to follow to unlock the site may vary. The most efficient way to unblock torrent sites is to use a VPN as it can bypass any blockage.
Primary torrent blocking methods used by ISPs:
DNS Blocking – If you try to go to the URL of a torrent site, your ISP’s DNS server will direct you to the wrong IP address or ignore the request.
IP Blocking – IP addresses obtained from certain geographic locations can be blocked from accessing certain websites by an ISP.
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI): ISPs use DPI to analyze data packets from their network. This allows you to see the websites you want to access and block them from being used.
Firewall – Your ISP can use a firewall to block all connections to and from torrent sites. This is often the method used to block torrents in college.
Blocking / Throttling BitTorrent Ports: Traditionally, BitTorrent uses TCP ports 6881 to 6889 for file transfers. As such, it is not uncommon for ISPs to throttle or block these ports. Fortunately, this can be quickly bypassed by simply changing the port used by your torrent client.
Downloading torrents is one of the biggest obstacles faced by internet users. Due to increasing copyright infringement, it becomes more and more difficult for people who only want to download using the P2P protocol. The DMCA actively works with ISPs to detect activity associated with copyright infringement.
Torrent blocking is a typical response to prevent copyright infringement. The only way to access it is to avoid blocking torrents. We have collected 15 different ways to access your favorite torrent websites and URLs. They are easy to use and allow you to bypass torrent blocking almost instantly.
Some methods are better than others, but all of them work to avoid blocking torrents. You can even use a reliable VPN service to bypass torrent blocking easily. A VPN prevents torrenting and masks your identity on the internet so that your ISP cannot see your activity.

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