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Ticketmaster Automated Line

Where can I call for ticket buying and customer service issues?

Where can I call for ticket buying and customer service issues?

FAQs and contact information:
Ticketmaster is pleased to announce nationwide toll-free numbers to help ensure the fans get easier access to purchase tickets and to great customer service. The toll-free numbers are:
National Toll Free SALES number: 1-800-745-3000Consumers can use this number to purchase tickets to any events in the continental United States, no matter what their location is. The system recognizes where in the United States the caller is calling from so all local prompting or messaging will still work.
National Ticketmaster Express number: 1-866-448-7849Ticketmaster Express, Ticketmaster’s national IVR automated phone line, is a quick and easy self-service method of buying tickets. This line is available 22 hours each day, 7 days a week! This self-service information and ticket purchasing line is available for the majority of events handled by Ticketmaster. Please note that you will not be able to speak with a Ticketmaster representative using Ticketmaster Express.
National Customer Service number: 1-800-653-8000This is an easy access number that directly points customers to customer service for support on previously place orders.
FAQs and more at
Ticketmaster UK Customer Service Contact

Ticketmaster UK Customer Service Contact

Ticketmaster Info
The Ticketmaster customer helpline contact number should provide you assistance in the following areas.
• Ticketmaster UK Customer Number• Ticketmaster Live Events UK Phone Number• Ticket Master Entertainment UK Support Number• Ticketmaster Tickets Helpdesk• Ticketmaster Concerts-Festivals-Theatre | Complaints Number
ContentsTicketmaster Phone Numbers:How can I contact Ticketmaster? Why might I need to get in touch with Ticketmaster? What Does Ticketmaster Do? Alternative ways to contact TicketmasterA Brief HistoryOpening Hours The Ticketmaster phone lines are open from Monday to Friday 9. 00am to 8. 00pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10. 00am to 4. 00pmTicketmaster Phone Numbers:TicketmasterPhone NumbersTicketmaster Head Office0333 321 9999Cancellations and Amendments0333 321 9999Complaints0333 321 9999Ticketmaster is a global company dedicated to providing tickets and information on sporting events, gigs, musical concerts, theatre and drama, festivals and more. They operate largely online through their website, through the official sites of their event venues and over the phone. They can be contacted via the number listed above, or over the internet using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
How can I contact Ticketmaster? The easiest way to get in touch with the handsome and friendly people at Ticketmaster is to use the customer contact number listed here: 0333 321 9999This number is manned from 9. 00pm from Monday to Friday, and on weekends someone will still be there to take your call between the hours of 10. 00am and 4. 00pm. If calling is inconvenient or impossible, or if you have any issues with the number, there are alternative contact methods detailed below. Once you are in touch, you can ask them about concert times and set times, venue information, additional listings and recommendations, and ticket prices. You can also report missing tickets or tickets that never turned up, problems with the site, enquire about refunds, or register a change of such a wide variety of possibilities, the most efficient and time-effective way to communicate will be to use the phone and simply speak with a representative on the other side of the line. However, if you only have one specific issue, or if you wish to keep written records of all your dealings with the company, then written methods of communication are available ntact Helpline?
Calls from mobiles and other networks may vary.
You will be connected directly to a Ticketmaster Customer Service agent. Contact helpline
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the pulses actually are. Further Ticketmaster infoTicketmaster is a broad, inclusive ticket sales site dealing with huge numbers and varieties of events, so you may have to call the contact number for any number of reasons. A few possible reasons to call in include:To book tickets for an eventTo find out or compare event timesTo make enquiries concerning your tickets and ticketingTo change the recorded address on an orderTo enquire about refundsTo leave positive comments or lodge a complaintWhat Does Ticketmaster Do? Ticketmaster is the UKs number one destination for booking event tickets with over six million unique website visits every month. Their listings include music gigs and concerts, theatre shows, sports events and many more. To get your hands on tickets to the hottest upcoming shows give the Ticketmaster phone number a ring. Youll be able to look at the show details online, book your tickets and pay for them on the website, and have them delivered right to your front door! Whether you are after festival tickets, a night at the opera or a high-octane sporting final, getting hold of your ticket has never been easier. If you have already purchased tickets, you can also call up to enquire about event details like lineups, door and set times, unreceived tickets, changes of address or venue, and refunds should your show be cancelled or easiest and most direct way to get in touch with the team at Ticketmaster UK is still calling the contact number listed above – however if calling the customer contact line is impossible or inconvenient, or if you need to send a longer or more thorough message, you may wish to use an alternative contact method. In that case, Ticketmaster can be reached on the following channels:Twitter: @TicketmasterUK Facebook: /TicketmasterUK Instagram: @TicketmasterUKOr, if you are more of a letter-writing, classical penmanship sort of a customer, you can send a letter to Ticketmasters head offices in Charleston. Just address your envelope to:Ticketmaster Attn: Fan Support 1000 Corporate Landing Charleston, WV 25311Some very nice executive or customer service ace from head office will get back to you as soon as they can! A Brief HistoryTicketmaster was born in West Hollywood, California in the summer of 1981, as a telephone outlet for booking tickets to a variety of sporting and cultural events across the United States. After successfully leaving the shores of the US and branching out into many other markets around the world, it adapted its business model to the launch and subsequent spread of the internet by launching its website in early adaptation to the spread of the world wide web meant that Ticketmaster could grow in the new market, and it has remained one of the worlds most well-known ticket sellers ever since. It receives an average of 6. 5 million unique hits to its official website every month, far more than any of its competitor sites, and employs over 6500 people world-wide. In 2013, Ticketmaster also broke all-time records by selling 400, 000 tickets through their website for Robbie Williams Take The Crown Tour. This remains one of their greatest successes, but their ability to consistently deliver on these kinds of ticket sales for venues and artists continues to drive the business forward, keeping Ticketmaster at the forefront of every event organisers is the official ticketing services supplier to SECC, the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center, as well as a number of other high-profile venues and agencies operating across the a result, a recent estimation valued the company as being worth $8 billion (USD). Published 19th October 2021Mail to
All problems & issues will be emailed directly to the appropriate departments. Fill in the form and state the nature of your enquiry.
Service provided by CHelpline. λ27
Ticketmaster Contact Phone Numbers - New York Show Tickets

Ticketmaster Contact Phone Numbers – New York Show Tickets

Ticketmaster Phone Number
Main Broadway Ticketmaster Phone Number: (800) 982-2787 This is the only Ticketmaster phone line with live sales agents available for Broadway shows ticket sales.
The Ticketmaster ‘live’ sales agent phone number is for fine arts performances and Broadway theatre tickets only. At this phone number, customers can purchase tickets over the phone with a live sales agent. To get the sales agent say “representative” at any time to the automated telephone prompter system. The wait times for an agent are typically in less than 10 minutes.
Other Ticketmaster Phone Numbers:
There are any many other Ticketmaster phone numbers, but none of them have live agents easily available. If you call one of these numbers you can get a live agent if you indicate the city of the performance and then you keep stating “I don’t know” to every question until it drops you into live agent. This process can take over 10 minutes. Pressing “0”, saying nothing or saying “representative” will hang up the call from the Ticketmaster end.
(800) 745-3000 Ticketmaster Automated Ticket Sales(877) 250-2929 Ticketmaster Old Broadway Performing Arts Line(800) 943-4327 ADA Compliant Line for Disabled Ticket Buyers (TTY)(800) 653-8000 Ticketmaster Post Ticket Purchase Customer Support
Contact Ticketmaster After Purchases Via Email and With Regular Mail:
Contact Ticketmaster Via Email
Contact Ticketmaster via regular mail at the following address:Ticketmaster Customer Support1000 Corporate LandingCharleston, WV 25311
Ticketmaster provides an online chat but it is only available for previous ticket orders. Users can access the Ticketmaster support live chat, by logging into their account at Ticketmaster.
Click on “Order History”Click the Order Details linkClick the Live Chat link at the bottom right of your orderLive Chat is only available to customers with an existing ticket order via a computer, tablet or mobile device. The Ticketmaster chat is not available within the Ticketmaster app on the iPhone and Android platforms.
List of Broadway Show Tickets from Ticketmaster

Frequently Asked Questions about ticketmaster automated line

Can I contact Ticketmaster by phone?

If you need to talk to a live person in Ticketmaster customer service you need to dial 1-800-653-8000. To speak with a live agent, you need to say “no” and “something else” and stay on the line (typical waiting time is about 1-5 minutes).Feb 8, 2021

How can I talk to someone at Ticketmaster?

They operate largely online through their website, through the official sites of their event venues and over the phone….Ticketmaster Phone Numbers:TicketmasterPhone NumbersTicketmaster Head Office0333 321 9999Cancellations and Amendments0333 321 9999Complaints0333 321 99995 days ago

How do I speak to someone at Ticketmaster UK?

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