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Terminal Maplestory

[GMS v176.3] Terminal - Advance Automated Trainer (Grand ...

[GMS v176.3] Terminal – Advance Automated Trainer (Grand …

g proudly presents Terminal; an advanced VIP MapleStory trainer that aims to ease your botting experience. With Terminal you will be able to bot for extended periods of time without having to interact with MapleStory yourself. Everything, from changing maps when you reach certain levels, to buying your pots or pet food when you run out or even selling your equips are automated.
Terminal will remain a free trainer until further notice. All suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated
Feature list:
How to use:
Remove any bypass file from your MapleStory folder before using as this trainer has a built in bypass
Download the follow ZIP and extract it into your MapleStory folder –
Download GKGateway from the following thread – g
Read all the instructions then sign into the program with your GK account
Tick Terminal and click load cheat
You must wait until the cheat is fully loaded before opening MapleStory
Hacking guide:
This hacking guide focusses on the more advanced features included in Terminal.
Please post all your questions, sugggestions, and feedback below. Do not private message staff member for help.
Thank you
Category:Savage Terminal | MapleWiki

Category:Savage Terminal | MapleWiki

Savage Terminal is a planet in the world of Grandis that attracts all sorts of villainy and criminals. The Shadowdealers who rescue Cadena from Magnus’s forces reside here, teaching Cadena how to be street-smart and fight for herself. Illium creates a portal from Sanctuary to Savage Terminal and back after Sanctuary is destroyed. Ark also ends up here with the caravan after escaping Verdel, right before it explodes.
As of KMS 1. 2. 308, Savage Terminal has been expanded, with a new storyline added along with new maps/monsters, serving as a Level 175+ Theme Dungeon.
Click on a dot to view a map’s page.
Continental Naming Difference:
GMS / MSEA: Savage Terminal
KMS: 새비지 터미널 (Savage Terminal, Saebiji Teomineol)
CMS: 荒蛮终点站 (Savage Terminus, Huāng mán zhōngdiǎn zhàn)
TMS: 野蠻之星 (Savage Planet, Yěmán zhī xīng)
Heliseum* Tyrant’s Castle*
Fox Point Village Fox Valley*
Savage Terminal*
Savage Terminal* Sanctuary* Toolen City*
Cheong-woon Valley*
Continental Grandis
Cernium* Burning Cernium* Hotel Arcus*
Other Worlds
Maple World* Mirror World* FriendStory Arcane River*
*World Map available
How to get from Verdel to Savage Terminal?? - Official ...

How to get from Verdel to Savage Terminal?? – Official …

[New Users] Please note that all new users need to be approved before posting. This process can take up to 24 hours. Thank you for your out the v. 227 MapleStory X BUGCAT CAPOO Patch Notes here!
How to get from Verdel to Savage Terminal??
I travelled from Savage Terminal to Verdel via the inter dimensional gate in Panthneon. But I have no clue how to travel back from Verdel to Savage Terminal.
Please help. Thank you.
– Last played Maplestory about 10 years ago, so I’m clueless about the changes in the game…

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