• October 3, 2023

Summoners War Can T Connect

Failed to connect to server (2018): summonerswar - Reddit

Failed to connect to server (2018): summonerswar – Reddit

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level 1Anyone with the same problem? Any idea how to fix this? level 2I switched to my phone’s wi fi because I am playing on a tablet, and it works on the phone’s wi 1This shit again. Is com2us running the game on a toaster or something? level 1Same… Farm still waiting me… Damnlevel 1Ok, started to work for me just now – did not do anything… so cannot help otherslevel 1I tried switching connections, none workedlevel 1I’ve been down for about a day with the same 1This is just dumb… I can’t play because of this BSlevel 1Same problem. Switched from wifi to 4G, still 1Getting same error as well. Yesterday got this, uninstalled/reinstalled game. No problems until 30 minutes ago. WTH….. not on Wifi 1The same problem since…. Like 1 hour agolevel 1Same problem on 4g for the last hourlevel 1 · 2yYour are clearly a year too late for this 1Same problem they never fixed itlevel 1 · 2yAdd me to the waiting list haha, closing the app was a mistake q_qlevel 2no…. because I closed and opened my game like 30 times to check and see if it was fixed… and then again 1 minute later… and then again and eedom does not taste like defeat and smell like desperation, I thinklevel 1It stopped for me once I got off of WiFi. Hasn’t happened 1Happened the same to the app, go to settings and clear the apps caché. It worked for 1Yup solved it self for a few hours but its back again. Idk
Com2uS Summoners War maintenance, Oct 2021 - Product ...

Com2uS Summoners War maintenance, Oct 2021 – Product …

The Summoners War game will normally go under maintenance with details of schedules offered a few days before on Facebook and other official social accounts. Com2uS forums will also detail outages, although there’s every chance you didn’t know about the Summoners War maintenance, or servers go down today due to unplanned page allows for Summoners War gamers to connect and read about scheduled maintenance. If you notice server issues or other game problems, then share them with the Product Reviews community and look below to see user status Summoners War down for maintenance on Thursday October 7, 2021? You can read Com2uS system maintenance messages by our editors below and user status updates. If you have other problems, questions, or notice server issues before others then leave a comment.
Cannot connect to network?! Please help - Summoners War Wiki

Cannot connect to network?! Please help – Summoners War Wiki

ALL POSTSCannot connect to network?! Please helpHelp please can’t log in.
(edited by A Fandom user)(edited by A Fandom user)Just to be clear, we aren’t Com2uS. We are fellow players who happen to maintain a wikia. With that out of the way, Pretty much everyone has been having this problem lately. Are you getting the network message and then quitting the game and trying to open it again? If so, just click the OK button till you get to your island. If not, please tell me what is happening.
(edited by Marioawe)I find restarting my phone helps when I’m having connection issues. I haven’t been able to get on chat for around 2 hours now but the game is running, which is fine, since I can mindlessly run my dbl xp, lol.
(edited by HngKngPhoey)There has been an announcement concerning this on their Facebook page. I would say it is an issue concerning hive. (edited by Karo Havoc)I actually had no trouble using the game at that time (I played for 2-3 hours after this was posted), I just had trouble playing it smoothly, I would get the network error message every few seconds.
(edited by Finchelfanno1)i am getting error message; “failed to connect with the network. please try again later. (-10)” whenever it reaches the end of trying to instal the latest google play update and access the game.
(edited by A Fandom user)

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