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Static Ip Provider In Pakistan

Static IP providers in pakistan – Reddit

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I’m wondering does any paki telecom company other than PTCL provides any Static IP address service to its domestic customers? Log in or sign up to leave a comment
level 1 · 4yPakistanIs your public IP not static? I thought this was the case with major 2Nope. Your IP doesn’t change that often but it’s still not 1Nayatel does. Not sure if it’s strictly for businesses 2 · 4yPakistanIt is AFAIKp. s It has been a long time since I contacted NayaTel core however so I am not 1Every major ISP provides static IP with extra cost. just call their helpline or check their website. Personally I have only used PTCL and 1 · 4yPakistanI think stormfiber also Front Page of Pakistani Reddit! Reddit Inc © 2021. All rights reserved
Static Ip Internet Provider Pakistan | 0345-2813343

Static Ip Internet Provider Pakistan | 0345-2813343

پیکجز کی معلومات ایس ایم ایس کے ذریعے حاصل کریں
Static Ip Provider for residential / commercial use.
Internet Connection with Static ip available in various internet speed like
2Mbps/3Mbps/4Mbps/5Mbps/10Mbps/20Mbps/30Mbps Etc
*May also get with limited volume packages (like 10GB / 20GB/ 50GB) –
We are also providing static ip on mifi (wireless pocket) / Zong 4g Lte router (Minimum package 100GB)
For Static Ip Internet Connection Call Now: 0345-2813343, 0300-9200279, 0332-8246795 or fill the query form below:
For Static Ip Details/Order:
Send Quick Sms to us – We will respond you as early as possible
Order and Set Up Your Static IP Address - CenturyLink

Order and Set Up Your Static IP Address – CenturyLink

Block Size
Monthly Rate
One Time Charge
Single IP (0 assignable*)
8 (5 assignable)
16 (13 assignable)
32 (29 assignable)
64 (61 assignable)
* Leasing a single static IP address provides an IP address to be used by your modem. If you need to assign an IP address to a device behind your modem, you will need to lease a block of IPs.
When you lease a static IPv4 address, those addresses have ‘derived IPv6’ addresses associated to them, so there is no need to order anything else. But, you will need to enable IPv6 on your modem.
Customers with a dynamic IP address cannot turn off port 25 filtering.
If you have leased static IPs and need assistance with port 25 filtering, or if you would like to lease static IP addresses from CenturyLink, please contact us.
The lease on static IP addresses continues until you either choose to delete them from your account, or until you cancel your CenturyLink internet service.
For customers only: Only one domain name can be assigned to a specific IP address. For example, and are considered one domain name. However, and are considered two separate domain names and both could not be assigned to the same static IP address.
Note that moving or upgrading your service will usually require a change to your static IP address.
Contact us to lease a single static IP address.
Allow one full hour for your request to be processed.
Reboot your modem by unplugging the power cord and waiting for 3 minutes.
Plug the power cord back into your modem, then watch for the internet light to turn green.
Verify that your new IP address is visible by looking it up at. Once you’ve confirmed that, you’re done!
If you are having trouble, contact tech support.
Contact us to lease a block of IP addresses.
Verify that at least one of your static IP addresses is visible by looking it up at Configure your modem’s WAN settings, following the instructions for PPPoE Setup > Static IP Block.
If you cancel a single static IP lease, you do NOT need to reconfigure your modem.
If you cancel an IP block lease and your modem was configured for that block, you will need to reconfigure your modem to use a dynamic IP. To do this, configure your modem’s WAN settings, following the instructions for PPPoE Setup > PPPoE with dynamic IP.

Frequently Asked Questions about static ip provider in pakistan

How much does a static IP cost?

Static IP costsBlock SizeMonthly RateOne Time ChargeSingle IP (0 assignable*)$15$758 (5 assignable)$25$7516 (13 assignable)$40$7532 (29 assignable)$64$751 more row

Is PTCL IP static or dynamic?

PTCL Internet gives you high speed bandwidth with the additional feature of Static IP on a connection. Features: Capability to host Web, E-mail, FTP, DNS server’s directly on one’s own machine.

Which ISP gives static IP?

ISPs that can provide a static IP include: Andrews & Arnold: Free static IP as standard. BT: Only available with BT Business broadband.

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