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Ssh Http Injector

HTTP Injector – Evozi Apps

Mobile proxy server with the ability to modify requests and access blocked websites behind firewall, etc.
Before we get started, let’s understand the meaning
HTTP header data payload that will be injected
Remote Proxy
Remote HTTP proxy (ex: Squid proxy/APN proxy)
Debug Mode
Show your data that you send/received in app log (Please turn off during normal usage)
Battery Saver
Disable Wakelock that prevent your CPU from sleeping
Google DNS
Use Google DNS to bypass blocked websites and prevent your ISP from knowing what websites you’re visiting.
Start SSH
Start SSH connection upon starting injection.
Connect Mode
There’s two modes, iptables (root) which will require root and it only tunnel port 80 and 443 traffic.
VPN Service mode is for Android 4. 0+ and will tunnel all traffic to your server. (Please use root mode, if you are having issue with VPN Service mode)
Secure Shell is a encrypted network protocol for initiating text-based shell sessions on remote machines in a secure way.
SSH Host
SSH IP/hostname
SSH Port
The port for your SSH server, normally will be port 22 (Normally public squid/ proxy will block port 22)
SSH username
SSH password
Data Compression
Compress data packet using zlib.
Upstream Proxy
HTTP Injector currently is using port 8989 (fixed), you have to enable and set 127. 0. 1:8989 for the SSH to connect to HTTP Injector local proxy server.
Using the below keyword, the app will automatically replace with relavent data upon injection, you don’t need to replace the word inside the square bracket unless you know what you are doing.
Supported keyword: [host] [port] [host_port] [protocol] [netData] [cr] [lf] [crlf] [lfcr]
Auto Replaced
188. 100. 123
Destination host
Destination port
188. 123:22
Destination host and port, seperated by colon:
SSH server ip and port that you set at settings
HTTP1. 0 or HTTP1. 1
HTTP protocol version
CONNECT [host_port] [protocol]
Short form of three keywords
Carriage Return, U+000D
Line Feed, U+000A
CR (U+000D) followed by LF (U+000A)
LF (U+000A) followed by CR (U+000D)
To indicate the end of HTTP header
CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf]Host: [crlf][crlf]
Front Inject
GET HTTP/1. 1[crlf]Host: [crlf][crlf]CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf][crlf]
Back Inject
CONNECT [host_port] HTTP/1. 1[crlf][crlf]GET [protocol][crlf]Host: [crlf][crlf]
Front Query
CONNECT [email protected][host_port][crlf]GET [protocol][crlf]Host: [crlf][crlf]
Back Query
CONNECT [host_port][crlf]GET [protocol][crlf]Host: [crlf][crlf]
302 Error code – If you are getting 302 HTTP header code that means your ISP is redirecting your request to their captive portal page. Normally ISP blacklisted your remote proxy or the HTTP Payload
400 Error code – This indicate that your payload is invalid and can’t be understand by remote proxy
Connection timeout – It could be that your network connection is slow or the remote proxy is slow
Psiphon – To use with psiphon (uncheck Start SSH), you can’t use [host_port] in your payload, you need to get the SSH IP of psipon and hardcode it (not tested)
OpenVPN – Disable “Start SSH” and use HTTP Injector with your OpenVPN if you don’t have SSH server.
You have to add -proxy 127. 1 8989 and bypass route route replace_to_your_remote_proxy_ip 255. 255. 255 net_gateway (change “replace_to_your_remote_proxy_ip” to IP) to your VPN config.
How to Connect Http Injector Without Using Payload Or SSH ...

How to Connect Http Injector Without Using Payload Or SSH …

Home config How to Connect Http Injector Without Using Payload Or SSH Server Most of users who use Injector app use it with Payload and ssh server and also most of them don’t know how to create appropriate payload, of course ssh server is not so big problem because it’s available on a lot of ssh tunnel server website such as and but the problem is the Payload creation. A new version for injector apk update has been launched and comes with a new feature that can be use to connect injector without the need of using Payload or ssh server or to use it with third app such as finch/openvpn and so on, it comes with shadowsocks feature though it is in beta but it works fine. Handler VPN settings: Ultrasurf Handler VPN Psiphon pro lite Handler VPN and Netify VPN Setting How to connect injector through Shadowsocks To connect injector vpn app to internet using Shadowsocks you need to follow steps provided here on this web site and also you can watch youtube video linked below for further information. Steps to connect injector using Shadowsocks The best way and most used is create injector ehi config file by yourself without depending on others people to send or upload ehi config file for you to download and use it to connect injector for free internet or just to bypass IPS throttling, however you can follow these steps and get your injector connected successfully without ehi config file. First you need to create a free trail account on, this website provides you with 12 hours valid account for free. when you are there! Click on Try now for free chose your shadowsocks encrypted connection password. Now on shadowsocks Trail Connection details – copy them. Server Port Password Encryption Now go to Http injector app, open it and press on the three line on the top left menu. Chose Shadowsocks Settings. Fill in the details your copied before; Server, Remote Port, Password and Chose the Encryption method then your injector and Press on Tunnel Type and chose the following: Tunnel Type: Shadowsocks Connect via: None (Directly) Save and Press Start… Now You will be connected to the Internet.
Top 5 Best SSH, SSL/TLS, V2Ray, Shadowsocks Fast Severs

Top 5 Best SSH, SSL/TLS, V2Ray, Shadowsocks Fast Severs

When ever we are creating configs files with HTTP Injetcor, one of the most important parts is the choice of the server. Failure to choose a good server for our requested connection will result in no connection results and handshake failure between the server and the client.
Talking of servers first makes us think of the server’s speed and stability. If a server is fast but not stable, then it isn’t that useful. If a server is not fast but stable, then, it isn’t that useful equally. But if the server is both fast and stable then you will have a great connection experience with this in today’s article, I will give you the best SSH, SSL/TLS, V2Ray, Shadowsocks Severs for fast and stable speed with HTTP Injector.
What is SSH and how does it works? The Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network…. SSH provides a secure channel over an unsecured network by using a client–server architecture, connecting an SSH client application with an SSH is a client-server based protocol. This means the protocol allows a device requesting information or services (the client) to connect to another device (the server). When a client connects to a server over SSH, the machine can be controlled like a local Injector uses this protocol for its various connection types. It is one of the most known connection type used out there for creating HTTP Injector configs and also used by developers for creating their projects.
What is SSL/TLS and how does it works? Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the successor protocol to SSL. Meaning it was created years after when SSL was created and the two protocols know work as one though one is the update of the other. TLS is an improved version of SSL. It works in much the same way as the SSL, using encryption to protect the transfer of data and a web browser (or client) directs to a secured website, the website server shares its TLS/SSL certificate and its public key with the client to establish a secure connection (handshake between browser and website) and a unique session key…. Server and browser now encrypt all transmitted data with the session key. This protocol is represented on web browsers by the bold lock in the address bar which is sign of secure connection.
HTTP Injector uses this equally for establishing secure connection between you the client and the server. You will always see in the log section a section with handshake allocated to is V2Ray and how does it works? V2Ray is a set of tools to help you build your own privacy network over internet. V2Ray supports multiple protocols, including Socks, HTTP, Shadowsocks, VMess etc. Each protocol may have its own transport, such as TCP, mKCP, WebSocket supporting all these protocol types, V2Ray is usually slow for connections and provides secured connections equally due to its multi support and this equally depends on the way you set up your V2Ray. This is also used in HTTP Injector for use.
What is Shadowsocks and how does it works? Shadowsocks works just the same way like a VPN by rerouting a user’s internet data sent by the computer or smartphone to a remote server in an uncensored country, which is called a Shadowsocks server, only then will it connect to the wider internet, as a result, the user can browse the internet content accessible from that adowsocks is frequently used by many config developers and advanced users to easily access a restricted connection over a highly encrypted server. This encryption usually make the server to be heavy loaded and Thus, rendering the connection slow. This is the case with most HTTP Injector configs running with this tunnel type.
Top 5 Best and Fast SSH, SSL/TLS, V2Ray, Shadowsocks Servers
As earlier discussed, a server is to be considered when creating an ehi config with HTTP Injector. This server usually orientate and direct the settings of the ehi config, to which server its connection is to be encrypted for secure access by client.
We have classified the below top 5 servers for best results in speed and stability with the tunnel type servers that they support allocated to it and to consider when creating your HTTP Injector ehi config file.
Below is a detail list of tunnel types these servers support. 1. LionSSH: Support for SSH, SSL/TLS, V2Ray/VMess, OpenVPN2. FastSSH: Support SSH, SSL/TLS, V2Ray3. Support SSH SSL/TLS, Shadowsocks4. SpeedSSH: Supports SSH, SSL/TLS5. DynamicSSH: Supports SSH, SSH TLSHow to Create an SSH Account? Well there is no big deal in this. You can choose any of the above servers and create your SSH account. Alternatively, if you don’t know how to proceed with the account video, watch the below video with detailed steps on how to create an ssh account successfully for injector ehi config Injector Servers and Custom Servers Which is Better to Use?
HTTP Injector servers that are integrated into the app are usually good to use. Plus, these servers connection details are being displayed in the app which make it suitable for usage and easy to choose for defined projects.
But even still with all those advantages, HTTP Injector servers have restrictions. Whch restrictions can HTTP Injector servers have? Well that’s a really important question to ask. The greatest limitation on injector servers is that, they do not allow the clients to do torrenting. If you try to do torrenting with their servers, they will surely disconnect you. This is not a really good news for those who love streaming and downloading torrents. So consider this before heading in for. Meanwhile, a custom SSH Server that supports torrenting will give us all these advantages.
To answer the question, I will rather say a custom server is better because there, we have full control and the freedom to use a torrent server without nclusionWe have listed above the top 5 best servers you can use to create an injector ehi config file with fast and stable speed. We classified these servers based on their support for tunnel types and connection methods they support. Feel free to use any of your choice and try them out then let us know in the comment section your opinion on this servers.
Watch full video on this now!!!
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
fast ssh server? Above are the top 5 ssh servers you can use for your projects.
free ssh servers for injector? Use any server above. However, for best speed and stability, we recommend lionssh
how to create an ssh account for injector? We didn’t cover this section in this article. However, we made a video on that so you can check it below.

Frequently Asked Questions about ssh http injector

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