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Snkrs App Raffle

How to Win Sneakers Straight from SNKRS and Nike.com - Six Figure ...

How to Win Sneakers Straight from SNKRS and Nike.com – Six Figure …

OK, I’ll be honest:
The title of the post sounds too good to be true, and to some extent it is.
It doesn’t change the fact that you now have to win sneakers from Nike.
Check out our beginner’s guide to how to sell sneakers once you win them, but for now, Read on to learn how you can win…
How to Succeed on Nike SNKRS in 2021
SNKRS logo –
A lot has changed since the very first days of buying sneakers online.
Following the first days of online drops, it became exponentially harder to secure a pair of sneakers for the average individual. Sellout times got shorter and shorter, making people, including the retailers of themselves, question whether or not the users were human or not.
Turns out, some of these record times were not humans with fast fingers, but clever humans using software that they or others built to benefit them.
Manufacturers now have resorted to letting people win a chance to buy the shoe–more on this later.
Sophisticated sneaker bots have come on to the scene, causing many brands and companies to wage war against those who make use of the nifty software, which still works in the hands of those with expert knowledge.
(We just launched a private group for high level sneaker resellers for a limited time for the month of June–click here to check it out)
When the demand continued to remain astronomically high and supply got lower, resale prices skyrocketed, bringing outsiders onto the scene who wanted to play the game so they could make a few dollars (in more cases than you would think, a few hundred thousand dollars).
Brands understood that they couldn’t ban reselling, because it’s not illegal, and it’s really hard to tell whether or not someone is a customer intending to keep the shoes or flip them quickly.
Many strategies have been implemented, from the CAPTCHA “are you human? ” tests to more technical algorithms that monitor behavior of website users, blocking orders from users that resemble bots, even if they do pass the CAPTCHA test.
Other retailers such as Supreme, who stock coveted clothing items that resell for much more than they retailed for have boosted up their defense against bot users, who are almost always resellers running big business.
Websites like Yeezysupply, adidas and even footsites like Footlocker and Eastbay are known now to cancel orders even after they’ve been confirmed and paid for if they look like they may have been executed by a sneaker bot. Because of this, buyers are becoming more careful about how they are acquiring the envied merch.
In addition to all the techy stuff, changes in the buying process of some rare shoes with high resale value have eliminated the traditional checkout process altogether.
Winning in Raffles
Raffles have been the most common anti bot strategy, and as a sneaker fan or reseller, this is something you absolutely need to know, and we’re glad to share tips here.
Once you follow boutique brands on Instagram or on their newsletters, you will begin to see chances to win a pair of shoes that will be worth top dollar, but to do so you’ll probably have to mildly embarrass yourself by tagging three friends in the comments below a photo as well as the size you desire, along with following their account and likely their email list as well.
Fortunately, there’s a brand that lets you forgo all this nonsense, and simply win them straight from the source.
Nike is the best company to become familiar with this raffling process of winning shoes from them, because nearly every shoe worth getting from Nike will end up being raffled through these methods that you will now become familiar with.
Regular shoes don’t have a drawing for them, so for collectors and resellers, seeing that a shoe is on a Nike raffle is a good indicator that those kicks are valuable.
When you win the raffle, you don’t win the shoes for free, but you win an automatic purchase of the shoes, which is pretty awesome especially when they’re instantly worth more than you got them for.
Here are the 2 ways that you can get shoes straight from Nike:
1. Nike SNKRS App
Download Nike’s SNKRS App, and create your Nike+ account. Make sure you have push notifications enabled, and every now and then you’ll get notified that there’s a draw for a limited shoe that is probably worth money on the aftermarket, whether your intention is to collect or sell.
Over time, you will win a release. When this happens, your payment method will automatically be charged. You’ll have already entered all of your payment info and address ahead of time, so there’s basically no checkout process.
It’s pretty awesome, and Nike is one of the fastest retailers when it comes to shipping, I’ve gotten shoes in as soon as 2 days after I placed the order.
2. Nike Launch drawings
For a better user experience for those who still prefer desktop browsing, going on Nike’s official website is the option of choice. You’ll have to know where to go though, you need to get to the section of their website that allows you to register for Launch Drawings for rare releases.
It seems like they intentionally make it hard to find at first, so we’ll make it easy for you and give you the direct link to Nike’s Launch Drawings right here (this is the US Link, but if you’re not in the US and the link doesn’t automatically route you to your country’s website, simply google the phrase “Nike Launch Drawing”).
You’ll also have the option to pick up the shoes that you won from a store near you in person so you can get them in hand right away.
If the draw is a location exclusive that you don’t live near, there is an advanced workaround for this that’s discussed in our reseller’s field guide.
Both of these above methods require that you have a Nike account.
Having one account is great and I and many others have won profitable drops without more than one account.
Multiple accounts give you as many more chances of getting the shoes as the number of accounts you have.
If you have 5 Nike accounts or even 10 or 15, you can greatly increase your odds of getting one pair and you’ll also put yourself in a position for getting multiple pairs for insane profits.
Many people sell Nike accounts across social media and eBay, but because of rampant scams, you might as well cut your risk and learn how to make your own accounts.
Advanced strategies like multiple Nike accounts and more are discussed in the highly reviewed 5 part Hypemaster Playbook.
You can also keep browsing the blog for other articles, like this inspirational post on how much you can make in just one month off of flipping shoes and streetwear.
Check out the Hypemaster Playbook today, and get a piece of the Billion Dollar Shoe Pie.
Click here to get it now!
How To Get Shoes On SNKRS | The Sole Supplier

How To Get Shoes On SNKRS | The Sole Supplier

Skip to main contentThe Sole SupplierHomeNewsHow To Get Shoes On SNKRSexclusiveImage via NikeWe may earn a commission when you buy something from links on this MoreIntroduced all the way back in 2017, the Nike SNKRS app is the Swoosh label’s specific platform for limited-edition releases. If you’re looking to get your hands on a hyped release, the chances are that it’ll only launch via SNKRS. Hyped pairs such as Air Jordans, Dunks and Off-White collaborations will all be released via the app. Launches like this won’t load onto the Nike website, they will remain exclusive to you’re new to the sneaker scene or unfamiliar with the app, it can be a little confusing, as there’s plenty of different types of releases and ways to enter. We’re going to give you a step-by-step rundown of how you can cop via Nike SNKRS and how to increase your chances of winning the raffles, so read on for everything you need right here at The Sole Supplier! How Are Shoes Released on the Nike SNKRS App? When it comes to shoes actually releasing via the Nike SNKRS app, there are several methods in which the pairs will drop. The first of these is a general first come first serve method, also known as a FLOW release. These pairs are usually less hyped and available in much larger quantities, and also not expected to sell out straight away. You can cop pairs from this method simply by adding to cart and filling out your payment details, it shouldn’t be too much trouble. Next up is the LEO method, which is a two minute raffle system. The pair will drop at an allocated time (usually 8AM GMT) and users will be allowed to sign up with their personal details and payment method for 2 minutes only. After this period the entries will close and Nike will randomly select certain accounts as winners. Their payment methods will be charged and they will have successfully copped the sneakers in question. Medium-hyped sneakers are usually released via this method to make sure everyone stands an equal chance of copping. Last but definitely not least is the DAN raffle system, which gives users a 15 minute window to enter the raffle. The fundamentals of this system are exactly the same as the 2 minute raffle, it just gives users more time to enter. This type of release is specifically reserved for high-heat sneakers such as Off-White or Travis Scott collaborations. Once again, winners are picked totally randomly and you must enter your address and payment details prior to entry. The idea behind all of these raffle systems is to discourage resellers from using bots to cop multiple pairs. Of course, there are ways around this, and the resellers will always be one step ahead of the game. It’s worth noting however that this system is a lot harder to trick, therefore sneakerheads do genuinely stand a better chance at getting their hands on pairs. Where Can You Download the SNKRS App? The Nike SNKRS app can be installed onto pretty much any smartphone, whether that’s an iPhone, Android or Google device. Simply head to the dedicated app store for each OS and search for the Nike SNKRS app. Once you’ve downloaded it onto your device, we recommend setting up an account well before you plan on entering any launches, and also to save your payment details to avoid any last minute confusion on the morning of the launch. Many users report larger success rates when using Apple Pay as their payment method, as it’s a common occurrence for banks to accidentally recognise the transaction as fraud when using a credit or debit card. This can be especially frustrating, as you may think you’ve copped the shoes only for the payment to be declined at the last minute. How Do You Enter Draws on SNKRS? Entering a draw via Nike SNKRS is a relatively simple process. Make sure you’re regularly checking the app for the specific pair you’re interested in. Once it arrives on the app in the days or weeks leading up to launch you can hit the “Notify Me” button in order to receive release reminders. You’ll then receive a push notification just as the raffle goes live (usually 8AM GMT). To enter, simply select your shoe size from the menu and choose your payment method. Next up hit the “Enter Draw” button and then keep everything crossed – you’ll find out shortly if you’ve taken the L or hit the jackpot with a W! What Shoes Are Released on the SNKRS App? It’s hard to say exactly which pairs release on the SNKRS app as opposed to what releases via Nike’s desktop site, as sometimes pairs will release unexpectedly on either platform. In short, more hyped releases such as Jordans, Dunks and collaborations will usually be released via SNKRS. Debut silhouettes that are accompanied with marketing campaigns will also often launch via the app. If you’re looking to get your hands on a popular pair, there’s a high chance it will be available on SNKRS. What Is the SNKRS Pass? The Nike SNKRS Pass is a unique way that the Swoosh brand conducts in store releases. Physical releases in store have long since been a problem for Nike, as long queues and angry resellers are not easy to deal with, and of course not everyone leaves with what they had expected. Instead of conducting FCFS releases, Nike now offers the chance to reserve a pair instore using the SNKRS Pass system. To participate, you must be within a certain location range of the specific Nike flagship store to enter, and it works much the same as a raffle, you select your size and then await for the confirmation. If you are successful, you must head to the Nike store in question that day and pick up and pay for your pair. This is the only way hyped sneakers are now released via Nike stores, and these releases happen in major cities all over the globe. What Is Exclusive Access? Exclusive Access is a chance to cop a limited-edition pair before anyone else, via the Nike SNKRS app. Users chosen to receive Exclusive Access will be greeted with a push notification informing them of the opportunity and they will then have to try and rush to the app to cop the pair while they have the chance. This usually happens around a week to a few days before the scheduled release of the pair and only a selected number of users will be given the chance. It’s worth noting that Exclusive Access (or EA, as it’s often called) is not a raffle and pairs sell out on a first-come-first-served basis. How to Get Exclusive Access? For a long while sneakerheads had wondered exactly how Exclusive Access worked, and there were more than a few rumours on the topic. Some claimed it was regarding how often the user placed orders at Nike, others reckoned it was to do with clicking around on the app, while plenty of people believed it to be totally random. After many months of speculation, the Swoosh brand finally spoke out regarding how the Exclusive Access system actually works. As part of a larger news article, Nike stated “There are 50+ variables which may be used to determine which members are awarded Exclusive Access for a given product. These variables span prior launch entries on SNKRS, content engagement, poll responses, as well as a number of other factors. ” They continued on to say “Exclusive Access is always delivered via a Push Notification, so members should be sure to have their Push Notifications enabled for SNKRS, invitations are good only for a limited time. Additionally, Exclusive Access does not mean a pair is reserved in a member’s size, but rather assures first chance at the product. ”How Can You Win a Raffle? Many sneakerheads have questioned exactly how one can win a raffle over the years, and many also have opinions on the matter. Here at The Sole Supplier, we’re firm believers that when it comes to raffles it really is a matter of pure luck. The Nike SNKRS app is designed specifically to pick winners at random, allowing those who really want a pair to get their hands on them. With that said, Nike’s statement regarding Exclusive Access above just goes to show that if you interact within the app enough, you may stand a better chance at getting your hands on those all-important limited edition releases! Final ThoughtsWe’ve tried to be as in-depth as possible with our Nike SNKRS app guide, so if you started this as a total novice we’d like to think you might stand a better chance at copping after reading this guide. Make sure to use the app regularly and check exactly when the pairs you’re after are releasing, as if you don’t have reminders turned on you can easily miss them! Waking up early on a Saturday for SNKRS releases is all part of the fun, so be sure to set your alarms and enter those raffles to try and secure your heat! While SNKRS is often your best chance of hitting the jackpot, if you’re really pining after a specific pair you should enter raffles at almost every way you’re increasing your chances hugely, and the chances of copping multiple pairs are slim. In the unlikely event this happens, remember you can always return the second pair or sell it on (potentially for a profit) on the resell market. So get entering all those raffles and we wish you the best of luck in growing your sneaker collection! Make sure to keep it locked in right here at The Sole Supplier for all the latest footwear news and updates, that way you’ll Never Miss A Drop™! Be sure to check out more of our content about the sneaker industry below:
Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release 4+ - App Store - Apple

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release 4+ – App Store – Apple

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YOUR ULTIMATE SNEAKER SOURCEExplore, buy and unlock the best of Nike and Jordan Brand sneakers. SNKRS provides insider access to the latest launches, hottest events and exclusive releases that Nike and Jordan Brand have to THE STORYLearn about the inspiration, benefits, and heritage of featured sneakers with exclusive content, straight from the A STEP AHEADSet notifications about upcoming releases, and share news, photos and videos with friends. PURCHASE QUICKLYBuy sneakers in seconds, directly within the app. Store your billing, shipping and sizing information to expedite the THE DRAWSubmit your entry into a randomized selection system to purchase key releases.
Sep 13, 2021Version 4. 23. 0
Bug fixes and enhancements.
Ratings and Reviews
4. 8 out of 5
705K Ratings
Great app
This app is absolutely terrific! At first I was feeling dreaded on constantly trying to go to stores to get my Jordan’s just to find out that it’ll be sold out in my size anyway. When I came across this app I contemplated because I didn’t know if it was a scam or if it was actually legit. So I took the courage to order one of my Jordan’s which were the air Jordan retro 9’s that were all black. I went to my local shoe store and they were sold out at exactly 9 am so when I ordered it off the app I didn’t know if it was gonna be sold out or not, but comes to find out it wasn’t! They had my exact size and all I needed to do was create an account with my touch id passcode and just like that I got them. A few hours later it emailed me saying my order has been received and 2 days later emailed me again saying it has been shipped. About 3-4 days after I got my shoes in the mail! I just ordered another pair which was the Homage To Home retro 1’s and the same thing successfully happened. I absolutely LOVEEEEE this app and do not regret getting it, and will continue using it for here on out. 🙂
I recently tried to purchase a new pair of 1’s that came out. I logged on just in time my payment info was already in all I had to do was click the purchase button come 10 o’clock and I did just that. It told me my order was pending and that they’ll let me know if I got them or not. 2 seconds later I got a notification that I “got em” and they sent me a verification email with my shipping details. They gave me an arrival date of May 29th and now today I received an email saying my order was “cancelled”. Confused, I called nike (waited 45 minutes so I assumed this happened to multiple people) and they basically said the reason my order is cancelled is because they have no more in stock. So my whole point is don’t send people verification that they “got” the shoe cause that makes it seem like you guys have an absolute pair reserved for me when you didn’t. When you purchase shoes on snkrs and they send you verification saying you “got” the shoe it actually IS FALSE they have no reserved pair for you once they check your order in which it was received in and they have no more in stock they just cancel the order. Very silly. Don’t get me wrong I believe in “first come first serve” but if I wasn’t one of the first and don’t actually have a pair reserved for me dont send me verification saying I got them then cancel my order 5 days before the day you guys TOLD me they would arrive. Makes no sense to me.
Bots killed the Game
I am a huge sneaker fanatic since a child and I remember whenever a sneaker dropped you could walk right into the store a week later and still be able to cop some heat for retail. Now a days we have a bunch of kids using bots to buy out all of the stock just to mark that sneaker up an extra $100 to $200+ above retail which is ridiculous. I haven’t won one draw yet and I’ve always been on time and ready to go to purchase whatever sneaker is available at the time and no success. Your team need to do a better job at focusing on taking out these bots so we can actually have a fighting chance to purchase a sneaker we actually want, sneakers we are actually gonna wear and not resell. This is the reason why I’ve haven’t bought a new pair of kicks in the past 2 years because I don’t wanna pay $500 for sneaker that sold retail for less than $200 that is stupid to do especially in these times. I have 2 young boys that once the time comes they are gonna wanna purchase shoes just like their daddy but I wouldn’t be able to afford buying my 2 boys the latest heat because I would have to pay resell cost or get extremely lucky which that’s just not fair. Fix this and maybe I’ll give this app 5 stars but until then you will continue to get negative reviews from not only me but other unhappy fans of this product. P. S. you have a lot of unhappy fans. (FIX THE APP/ STOP THE BOTS)
The developer, Nike, Inc, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.
Data Linked to You
The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:
Financial Info
Contact Info
User Content
Usage Data
Other Data
Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More
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Frequently Asked Questions about snkrs app raffle

How do you win a raffle on Snkrs app?

Download Nike’s SNKRS App, and create your Nike+ account. Make sure you have push notifications enabled, and every now and then you’ll get notified that there’s a draw for a limited shoe that is probably worth money on the aftermarket, whether your intention is to collect or sell. Over time, you will win a release.Mar 27, 2018

How do you win a Nike Snkrs draw?

Here at The Sole Supplier, we’re firm believers that when it comes to raffles it really is a matter of pure luck. The Nike SNKRS app is designed specifically to pick winners at random, allowing those who really want a pair to get their hands on them.Jul 22, 2021

Is Snkrs raffle only?

Nike SNKRS does three types of launches: FLOW - The usual “first-come, first-serve” type of release. Mostly operates on general-release shoes. LEO - A queued drop that puts you in line and randomly picks winners in 2-3 minutes.May 21, 2021

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