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Sneakerbots Reddit

Sneakerbots: special programs that get you shoes – Reddit

So I recently got into sneakers and decided that to try to make a a bot to buy the, from numerous accounts. As of now the only thing the bot can do is mass create accounts. It gets proxies from nordVPN’s api and stores however many you want locally and uses those proxies until you tell it to update the proxies stored locally. It uses to get the emails and all the code seems to be working fine (I haven’t set it up to verify the email yet because of an error). Only issue is that their website seems to be detecting that I am using automated chrome. When the program presses “Join Now” the website gives a pop up saying it couldn’t connect to the server. I’ll put a screenshot bellow and link the open source so we are clear the code up to this point works but the website is blocking the connection because it somehow knows i’m using an automated chrome. I need a way to make sure it doesn’t reenshotCodeHopefully someone can help. If I can ever figure this out eventually if I do ill drop a comment and leave the code open source.
2021 Sneaker Bots : r/shoebots - Reddit

2021 Sneaker Bots : r/shoebots – Reddit

Hello guys I’m interested in buying a sneaker bot fed up of taking L I’ve seen some people say you should rent a couple before you buy one but where do you rent and where do you buy a lot of them are sold out I’ve got about a 1000 to be able to use on a good bot help? This thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast
level 1$1, 000 won’t get you a good bot, good bots are like $4k+ (Ganesh, Cyber, Qbot are the ones I have experience with). For $1, 000 you could rent Cyber for a drop and after proxies you’d have like $900 left over to cop shoes tting is honestly difficult if you don’t have like $6k+ 2Atm I’ve got about 3k but I can’t spend all that on a bot if I rented one for a drop is it worth it will I even make profit? level 2I have a bot that is only $120/ Month. Let me know if anyone is intrestedlevel 1 · 8mFor similar price you can get Sole renewal (around 1. 3k). Best bot in this range 2Gotta agree, Velox is only supreme, great supreme bot tholevel 1Manage your expectations. Spending 1k on a bot does not guarantee you 100% 2I have a bot that is only $120/ Month. Let me know if anyone is intrestedlevel 1Join a cook group and do a group buy. My cook group is doing a group buy of Nike Shoe Bot and it’ll be $300 instead of 2k. The cook group I belong to is shockdrops iolevel 22k????? u can literally buy nsb off botmart for like 250 tf u talkin about lollevel 2I have a bot that is only $120/ Month. Let me know if anyone is intrestedlevel 1 · 8mJumpin on beta bots work toolevel 2I have a bot that is only $120/ Month. Let me know if anyone is intrestedlevel 1I don’t recommend Nike Shoe Bot. I’ve had it almost a year and have only hit on one pair of bricks. Definitely not gonna 2I have a bot that is only $120/ Month. Let me know if anyone is intrestedlevel 1i have Balkobot, Cyber, TSB, Eve, NSB, Osiris Raffle Bot, and DragonAIO. do more research but i recommend NSB is a great beginners botlevel 2I don’t understand. Isn’t a not just software on a server? Can’t it be copied? Why are these sold as if they’re in limited quantities?
Best sneaker bots? : r/sneakerbots - Reddit

Best sneaker bots? : r/sneakerbots – Reddit

Ive been reselling for awhile but all manual cops & ive been considering getting a bot for quite some time now & i don’t know anything about bots so if anyone could help me figure out which ones are good for very hyped releases, any footsite, supreme, etc. I currently have a budget of around $800This thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast
level 1$800 will be tight. If you want to be copping on the virtually impossible releases (Travis Scott, Jordan collabs etc) you are gonna need a high end setup to hit consistently. You can still cop with bots such as NSB, and I recommend it honestly, but won’t be as consistent. Honestly, your bot is only half of it. Fast proxies, high quality accounts, could arguably be more important. With $800 you can buy NSB for footsites/shopify/supreme, get a few months of proxies and get into a good CG if you aren’t already in 2thank you so much ive heard of proxies but i need to look into all of it more manual cop isn’t cutting it anymorelevel 1Hello, I would advise for you to first rent a bot and see for yourself everything that you must buy in order to have any success. Nowadays bots are really expensive and it’s honestly better to not make the huge commitment of buying a bot for hundreds of dollars if you’re not going to even use it or like botting for that matter. I can suggest you some discord servers who rent bots for relatively cheap prices so you can build your knowledge on that. Try to watch some YouTube videos regarding how to use bots for beginners and proxies as well as they are crucial to having any 2I’m interested in learning to bot. I believe renting is the best as I learn. I’m interested in the discord you 2thank you so much i will definitely look into this! i was considering renting since i’m not too good on funds! you happen to know any good discord’s? level 1easy cop bot is good very simple to use and 2thank you i will look into it!

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