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Slayer Bot

Demon Slayer Bot | Discord Bots | Top.gg

Demon Slayer Bot | Discord Bots | Top.gg

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This bot offers more than 140 collectable characters from the TV Show!
Spend money to buy gears and upgrade your very own Kasugai Crow to help you in missions! Collect and recruit characters of your liking to build your dream team and challenge all sorts of players!
See the commands with ds help!
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OSRS - Slayer Bot? | Community | RuneMate

OSRS – Slayer Bot? | Community | RuneMate

OSRS – Slayer Bot? | Community | RuneMate
Why has nobody created any Slayer Bot yet for OSRS? Would be pretty amazing, I understand it would take quite some time to get everything done if it were to be really great.
Such as Banking, Contacting Slayer Master for next task etc.
I think this would be a great addition to the runemate shop.
Just stop and think about the complexity and massive amount of support required for that to work
They already discussed this a bit ago. A lot of work needed to be done for it thus everyone has said use a combat bot and set it to loot the items of choice
EDIT: Also, custom bots via site authors start at $50/hr+
using a combat bot would be ur best bet
Yes I’m aware using a combat bot would be my best bet that is pretty obvious, just saying perhaps some developers could work together to make this happen. The way runemate moves forward is by new stuff and better coded and more descriptive bots being released.
It’s been a good bit since I went through the forums but if I’m not mistaken they tried at one point and apparently it was chaotic.
they start around 25$ an hour… i mean i know people that get 40$ an hour plus the bot a slayer bot woulud be atleast 2000$ worth of not worth making unless you get paid for it lol
your right it has, its not easy at all…
even with a collaborative team, that worked around that clock, and made even a basic version….. would take ages to test, there is soooooo many possible tasks that could be given, and to add support for them all, would be insanely stupid…. not counting the different masters, banking, proper items per task, location support, transportation methods
Yeah, that’s a generous offer too as I think it was Party or someone else that said at least $5, 000. Don’t recall though which author. I got the memory of a turtle.
$5000 is a starting point….
Damn crazy, would be dope to see some authors working together to mash some dope projects out.

Most the combat bots at the moment on runemate are pretty sloppy, I have used most of them and they all have big cons compared to other bot software
Did you see the Giant Mole bot? Was a pretty dope release, just don’t have reqs to use it:'(
If a developer is only charging $25. 00 per hour, regardless of the bot they are developing, they are seriously undercharging.
SlashnHax used to have a slayer bot for RS3 back in the good old days of Runemate, before everything became paid. It’s not as much of a challenge as you guys may believe. If he was able to make it free of charge, and have it actually be relatively efficient with an insane amount of features; I don’t see why or how anyone could reasonably charge $25/hour for one compatible with osrs.
Welcome to the world of private bot development where everyone and their mother is a “master business man” because they can undercut competitors and single handedly destroy a viable market for income.
She means 25 dollars an hour to code.
EDIT:I mean Prime asks $60 an hour and plenty of people pay them that [including myself].
Ahh, I misunderstood the meaning of the post then. I was under the assumption that she was saying $25/hour to use the script bot.
Rs3 is easier as you don’t need specific loadouts for anything
As a bot author I know that’s a joke. As a 99 slayer, tis not a joke. Can literally use any combat style and kill anything.

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