• November 9, 2022

Pso2 Gamer

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phantasy star online 2 | PC Gamer

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Latest Updates
Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis arrives next week
Natalie Clayton
01 June 2021
New combat, new visuals, same extravagant sci-fi anime adventure.
Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis arrives this summer
23 April 2021
The kinda-sorta sequel completely revamps the MMO’s combat and visuals.
Sega shows off first in-depth look at PSO2: New Genesis’s combat and open world
Wes Fenlon
25 September 2020
Here’s what’s coming in 2021’s big Phantasy Star Online 2 expansion.
Phantasy Star Online 2 comes to Steam on August 5
Steven Messner
28 July 2020
Finally, you won’t need to deal with the Windows Store to play PSO2 anymore.
Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis could fix the big issues keeping PSO2 from being a killer MMO
27 July 2020
Do over
PSO2 is an MMO that I love but would never recommend. Here’s how New Genesis could change that.
New video shows what Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis actually is—a standalone game in a new engine
Malindy Hetfeld
24 July 2020
Set 1, 000 years after the original PSO2, although some data will carry between the two games.
Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis looks like a complete overhaul of the MMO
23 July 2020
It’s not clear exactly what New Genesis is, but improved graphics and a different UI suggest it’s more than an expansion for Sega’s MMO.
Phantasy Star Online 2’s next big update is coming in August, and there’s battleships in it for some reason
12 June 2020
Episode 4 will continue the story while adding new missions and bosses to fight.
The Windows Store is so awful Phantasy Star Online 2 fans made a custom launcher to circumvent it
03 June 2020
PSO2 Tweaker fixes every major issue with the North American launch.
12 tips to help you get started in Phantasy Star Online 2
Steven Messner,
Jorge Jimenez
29 May 2020
Tips ‘n tricks
This long-awaited MMO is daunting, but our guide will help you survive the first few hours.
Though it shows its age, Phantasy Star Online 2’s combat is snappy and fun
27 May 2020
The eight year wait is over, but PSO2 isn’t a revolutionary MMO.
Phantasy Star Online 2 launch marred by how shitty the Windows Store is
Many players aren’t able to get the game running, though some are playing just fine.
Phantasy Star Online 2 comes to PC on May 27
Andy Chalk
19 May 2020
The free-to-play MMO will have full cross-platform play with the Xbox One release.
Phantasy Star Online 2 finally gets a PC release next month in North America
Jonathan Bolding
19 April 2020
The 2012 MMO finally comes to a new region.
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【日版7船】 老戰友公會【GENESIS空額10名, 公會情況請見10月份. 入會方式建議在遊… (繼續閱讀)
【心得】一些NGS冷知識、攻略情報 (分1. 地圖上的黑色終端塔功能非常方便,由上往下分別為… (繼續閱讀)
【情報】國際服–活動資訊(ZUTOMA10月13日至11月10日維護前–AC採購活動快… (繼續閱讀)
【情報】PSO2-NGS地圖設施分享(更分享地圖上的傳送點跟一些設施已經完整補齊全多謝有提… (繼續閱讀)
【心得】萬聖節解謎活動地點(共10個)共計10個地點感覺這次的有比上次難找上次的飛高高就… (繼續閱讀)
【心得】談遊戲賣點:外觀裝飾品的應用。9目錄2F第一篇:得淫紋者,得全基礎3F第一篇延伸影… (繼續閱讀)
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【情報】10/27(水)11:00~1110/27(水)11:00~11/10(水)11:… (繼續閱讀)
作品介紹夢幻之星 Online 2:新世紀
  《夢幻之星 Online 2:新世紀》是在日本突破 600 萬帳號的線上動作角色扮演遊戲《夢幻之星 Online 2》的最新作,將以「超無限之冒險」為目標。承襲系列以簡單操作施展爽快動作招式的玩法,讓玩家自由組隊,以廣大的外星開放世… (繼續閱讀)1/48OLG406
3. 827人評價1~5 星各自代表 1~5 分,將分數加總後除以總評價人數即為總平均分數。已評價過點擊填寫評價
Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis - Steam Charts

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis – Steam Charts

24-hour peak
all-time peak
Avg. Players
Gain% Gain
Peak Players
Last 30 Days
2414. 74
+16. 6
+0. 69%
October 2021
2398. 14
-292. 33
-10. 87%
September 2021
2690. 47
-1857. 80
-40. 85%
August 2021
4548. 27
-3078. 33
-40. 36%
July 2021
7626. 61
-8518. 73
-52. 76%
June 2021
16145. 33
12586. 98
+353. 73%
May 2021
3558. 35
-843. 31
-19. 16%
April 2021
4401. 66
-54. 70
-1. 23%
March 2021
4456. 37
-740. 83
-14. 25%
February 2021
5197. 19
-59. 10
-1. 12%
January 2021
5256. 29
-450. 15
-7. 89%
December 2020
5706. 44
643. 61
+12. 71%
November 2020
5062. 83
-1294. 10
-20. 36%
October 2020
6356. 93
-1279. 16
-16. 75%
September 2020
7636. 09
-3621. 54
-32. 17%
August 2020
11257. 63

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Frequently Asked Questions about pso2 gamer

How many active players does PSO2 have?

Phantasy Star Online 2 New GenesisMonthAvg. PlayersPeak PlayersLast 30 Days2,283.24,503September 20212,690.56,230August 20214,548.311,270July 20217,626.615,92711 more rows

Is PSO2 addicting?

The loop of the game is addicting and familiar, almost like a mixture of Monster Hunter and Diablo which isn’t surprising when you consider the first Phantasy Star Online was heavily inspired by Diablo way back on the Dreamcast. … Those are the meat of the game.May 29, 2020

Is PSO2 solo friendly?

The majority of PSO2 can be played solo, but there are specific missions and events that require a large group to complete, especially in the end game. Most of those support queuing up for matchmaking if you don’t have a dedicated group to play with. The vast majority of time in PSO2 is spent in instanced PvE areas.Feb 7, 2020

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