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Posting Multiple Ads On Craigslist

How to List Many Ads on Craigslist - Azcentral

How to List Many Ads on Craigslist – Azcentral

Craigslist is a efficient way to list many ads. You can list the same ad in multiple cities, list multiple ads in the same city, and list multiple ads in multiple cities. The process for submitting one ad is the same as submitting many ads. The difference is that the first ad will require email verification. Listing many ads is a effective way to get more exposure for your item or service. Step 1Create a new listing on Craiglist. On the homepage of the city you wish to post the ad in, click “post to classifieds” on the top left of the page. Step 2Select the type of posting and category for the post. Fill in the fields for “Posting Title, ” “Reply To” and “Posting Description” at a minimum. Fill in any additional fields, like “Price” and “Location”. Step 3Submit the post onto Craigslist. You can use the same procedure to post the same ad in different cities or to list additional items in the same city in different categories. References Writer Bio Sean Donohue is a technical writer with experience in computer and software engineering topics. Since 2006, he has been writing about consumer electronics, embedded systems and mobile operating systems. Donohue has a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Image Credit Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images
How To Use Craigslist Posting Software Without Being ...

How To Use Craigslist Posting Software Without Being …

Do a quick search in your favorite search engine for ‘Craigslist posting software’ and you will see hundreds of products that offer to make posting on the world’s biggest classifieds website a breeze. But do they work? Are they worth the money they’re asking for, and will they be able to help you avoid being flagged, ghosted, or deleted? Let’s find aigslist posting software on its own will not help you sell anything. It will not enable you to avoid being flagged or deleted, either. It is just a tool that makes posting multiple ads in multiple locations easier. The rest is up to how you create your ad and how much effort you put into looking legitimate. In this tutorial, I will show you how to achieve all those aigslist posting softwareQuick LinksCraigslist posting softwareCL Auto Posting ToolCraigslist Posting Software 1. 0. 0Craigslist Classified Ad Posting UtilityCrayzillaHow to avoid having your Craigslist ads flagged or deletedTools of the tradeUsing Craigslist posting softwareScheduling your adsWriting your adsSumming upThere are hundreds of programs out there that make posting to Craigslist simple, though some are better than others. Here are a few options if you’re in the market for Craigslist posting Auto Posting ToolOnce you get past the overhyped website and get to the tool itself, the CL Auto Posting Tool is actually pretty good. It has a very basic UI that splits the ad process into distinct steps that makes it simple to post multiple ads in multiple places. You can select as many cities as you like, select multiple categories, and add HTML, rich text, images, and tool will then post to all locations selected using single or multiple email aigslist Posting Software 1. 0Craigslist Posting Software 1. 0 does exactly what it says on the tin. It is free, simple to use, and does a credible job of helping you create multiple Craigslist ads. Originally designed for the avid real estate poster, you can post to any category in any city. It will even let you resubmit ads that have been flagged, which is a very useful isn’t as fully featured or as easy to use as the CL Auto Posting Tool, but it is free and it does a decent aigslist Classified Ad Posting UtilityCraigslist Classified Ad Posting Utility is similar to the other two in the list, in that it allows you to post in multiple categories in multiple cities. It also allows HTML code to make your ads a little more attractive. The UI is pretty basic and it seems to be based on Microsoft Office, but it works. The program will also let you post to other classified websites should you wish to, something I don’t think the previous two apps allow. I have only played with Craigslist Classified Ad Posting Utility for a few minutes, but it seems to work well ayzillaOf the four applications I have listed here, Crayzilla has the best reputation. It was suggested by a marketing buddy of mine who uses it to post cars for clients. It has a clean UI with logical navigation, and it can create Craigslist accounts as well as post multiple ads in multiple categories and pretty much do everything you need it to will allow you to post to multiple sites, too: Craigslist, eBay Classifieds, and Backpage. There is also a useful scheduling feature that allows you to drip feed ads to help avoid being flagged for to avoid having your Craigslist ads flagged or deletedCraigslist ads can be flagged or deleted for a multitude of reasons. Some we can do something about, but some we cannot. For example, we can avoid automated flags with a few techniques, but those techniques will not stop competitors flagging your ads to clear the way for their own. Unfortunately, these programs can’t do anything to change the behavior of other people using the like that happen a lot on Craigslist, especially in the more competitive categories. I can certainly help you avoid being flagged by Craigslist themselves, but I cannot help you avoid ruthless can generally tell whether it is because of the Craigslist automated systems flagging your ad or a competitor by watching how long the ad remains live. If your ad goes live and makes it past two hours, it passed automated checking. If it gets flagged for removal after that time period, it was a competitor. Unfortunately, there are as many programs that help flag ads as there are to create them. This is just a cost of doing business on of the tradeIf you plan on using Craigslist posting software, you will also need other tools to help you succeed. You will need either a VPN with multiple US city locations, or you will need a proxy provider that offers the same. One of the criteria all ads are checked on is your IP aigslist checks the IP address posting the ad to verify that it’s in an area local to the city in which the ad is being posted. It will also verify your Craigslist account (if you have one) to check the cities that you post in. If you verified that account by phone, the number will also be verified as local to that city. That is quite a series of checks! Those checks aren’t foolproof, though, as anyone who spends longer than five minutes on the site can attest to. Things that shouldn’t be there slip through the cracks all the ayzilla, for example, uses IP rotation to work with these checks. It works in conjunction with proxies to post from IP addresses local to the city you are posting in. You have to sort out the proxies, but once you input the IP address(es) for the city, it will rotate them to keep them local and avoid being flagged for multiple quality Craigslist posting software can also automatically create email addresses for each account and bypass Captcha, should it be enabled. The rest, though, is up to you. You still have to acquire local phone numbers and set everything Craigslist posting softwareWhile all the Craigslist posting software listed above are different, they all work in roughly the same way. I’ll now walk you through how to set everything up and have it post in multiple cities at once with minimal risk of being flagged or deleted by Craigslist wnload and install your Craigslist posting software of up to a free or premium proxy provider that has proxies in the cities you want to quire phone numbers of each local city. There are providers out there that provide this kind of the proxies into the Craigslist posting software and bind them to their own local account. If you have existing accounts, make sure they use a proxy local to their location. This is very locate a local phone number to each most common reason for Craigslist ads being flagged is if the IP address or phone number isn’t local to the city. That makes it vital that you pay close attention to account creation, phone number and proxy allocation. They should all match locality and should all be usable. Craigslist doesn’t always want to verify by phone but you never know which ad will be picked so it must pass you have existing accounts, you must allocate them a local proxy and a phone number. For example, if you have posted using a specific account before in LA, the proxy and phone number you allocate must both be based in LA. Otherwise Craigslist will detect the mismatch and could flag your heduling your adsAccording to Craigslist’s ToS, you can post one ad per city per 48 hours. If your Craigslist posting software has a scheduler, set it to correspond to these rules to avoid being flagged if at all 48 hour rule isn’t set in stone, though, as an IP address could be part of a coffee shop Wi-Fi network or a corporate external address. However, it requires trial and error to see how often you can post in a city before flagging begins. Writing your adsYou will need to create five or six variations of an ad, complete with images but no URLs. You should make each ad as different as possible without losing the core message. You should also ensure they look like they have been created by hand. Include images if ad length suitable for its category and make sure to avoid using all the words Craigslist doesn’t like. These change regularly, so check the ToS before posting. Some Craigslist posting software include spinners to help randomize your ad but these are rarely any good. The more versions of the ad you can craft by hand, the more change they have of being left not include URLs. These are usually immediately flagged, and they stand the lowest chances of success. If you need to add a URL, break it down or add a few parentheses so it doesn’t act as mming upThere is no doubt that Craigslist posting software makes marketing on the site easier, but there is still a lot of work to do to make it pay off. You need to set up the software, configure multiple proxies and phone numbers, create multiple versions of your ad, and contend with being flagged by competitors. Even if you do everything right, there’s still no guarantee that it will work out, but you can maximize your takes time, patience, and trial and error to get this balance right. But once you do, you have a reach of millions that will be exposed to the product or service you’re selling. If you can make it through all that and still make a buck, you deserve it!
How to Post Ads in Different States on Craigslist - ItStillWorks

How to Post Ads in Different States on Craigslist – ItStillWorks

Craigslist is an online classified ad network that operates websites in dozens of cities, states and regions around the globe. Whether you want to sell merchandise, offer employment or seek out romance, there are legitimate reasons to post ads in multiple locations. Remember to follow Craigslist’s Terms of Use — in other words, don’t “spam” the site and post the exact same ad multiple times — if you need to post ads in several states. Create a Craigslist account. It isn’t necessary to open an account to post on Craigslist, but doing so makes the process of posting easier. Click “My Account, ” then “Sign Up for An Account. ” Enter your email address, the required “CAPTCHA” sequence then click “Continue. ” Enter your first and last name, and a desired password, then click “Sign Up. ” Go to the Craigslist website of the state and city where you want to post your first ad. Move your mouse to the right side of the Craigslist homepage, click “US States” then select the name of the state where you want to post. Click the name of the city where you want to post. Post your ad. Click the “Post to Classifieds” button, select a category, then input a title, price, location and description. Add pictures if necessary. Click “Continue” to preview your ad, accept the Craigslist Terms of Use and publish your ad. Visit another state’s Craigslist page to post your second ad. If your second ad concerns the same subject as the first, avoid copying and pasting content directly. Doing so constitutes spam and violates the site’s Terms of Use. References Warnings Craigslist explicitly advises against transacting with users who don’t live in your state or city. Avoid posting ads that require monetary transactions on other states’ or cities’ Craigslist sites. Writer Bio Robert Schrader is a writer, photographer, world traveler and creator of the award-winning blog Leave Your Daily Hell. When he’s not out globetrotting, you can find him in beautiful Austin, TX, where he lives with his partner.

Frequently Asked Questions about posting multiple ads on craigslist

How do I post multiple ads on Craigslist?

Click the “Post to Classifieds” button, select a category, then input a title, price, location and description. Add pictures if necessary. Click “Continue” to preview your ad, accept the Craigslist Terms of Use and publish your ad. Visit another state’s Craigslist page to post your second ad.

Can you post multiple times on Craigslist?

How often can I post? You may post to one category and in one city, no more than once every 48 hours. If you try to post something similar to an active post of yours on the site, you may get a blocked message. Removing the similar active post should help, unless it is less than 48 hours old.

Is there a limit to how many ads you can post on Craigslist?

Permitted Posts Craigslist permits you to post one ad in one category and in one city every 48 hours.

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