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Alpha Crawler | Fast and Free Website Crawler Online

Alpha Crawler | Fast and Free Website Crawler Online
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Alpha Crawler is created to help improving website onsite SEO by providing comprehensive technical SEO site audits.
Crawl the whole website to scan an unlimited number of web pages. Find broken links, redirect chains, duplicate meta tags, and server errors. Fix technical SEO mistakes to save your crawling budget, make search engine bots easy to find and index your website.
Easily scan and detect SEO errors with meta tags, content optimization, indexation, and page speed on certain web pages. Get an advanced SEO report to share it with your clients or subordinates.
Enable website monitoring to prevent your website from unwanted actions. Check out any changes are made on your website and receive uptime alerts on email or messenger.
What can you do with the Alpha Site Crawler Tool?
Our powerful and fast crawler can scrape both small and very large websites efficiently and provide you with real-time results. The average crawling time lasts for 2-3 minutes.
Don’t know how to crawl data from the website? Alpha Crawler provides up to to 100 conditions and four types of search (contains, Regexp, XPath, CSS). So you can easily extract web pages markup, hreflang tags, meta tags, as well as external and internal links.
SEO crawler supplies fast and advanced SEO site audit reports: 404 pages, missing alt tags, duplicate, long, short, or multiple headings. You are just a few clicks away from traffic and sales growths.
70% of SEO experts check their website technical health regularly: crawling and indexing ability. You can use our site crawler for detecting redirect chains, incorrect status codes, and relevant meta tags each time you make any changes on your website. Our key parameters are based on Google Recommendations.
JavaScript websites are considered one of the most complicated ones for SEO. With JavaScript and dynamic content based websites, a crawler has to read and analyze the Document Object Model (DOM). Easily scrape the JS website to improve its technical SEO performance.
Analyze how your website is done according to its linking. Make the site’s hierarchy easy enough for search engine crawlers to access and index it. Check URL structure is organized well according to the website hierarchy.
Crawl website to find internal and external linking issues: 4xx status codes, invalid anchor texts, redirected URLs, etc.
How to use it:
We have made Alpha crawler easy to use for both PRO SEO specialists and those who only start their journey to SEO world. It can be a little bit tricky to figure out all the features of a tool, so don’t hesitate to ask us for help! Use the following guide to start:
Web Page Crawler: What Is It and How It Work
There are several different terms relating to the subject of web page crawling.
The most commonly used term is ” web crawler. ”
The term crawl is used in a semi-general way to describe any tool or program that assists in finding and indexing websites on the Internet.
The term spider is used especially specifically as a keyword describing a spider used by a search engine to find and index information on the Internet.
Other common terms describing the process include “bot” and “spider. ”
Some of the typical uses of page crawlers are to find broken links, find new web pages, find duplicate content,
diagnose algorithms, and retrieve the listing of the most recent changes in a URL.
In addition, web crawlers online may be called upon to find a document that doesn’t have a meaningful title, to determine the nature of a link,
or to check for duplicate content.
Sometimes, the software is programmed to perform other tasks as well.
page crawlers are extremely useful for getting a quick overview of a website’s structure and content.
What You Need to Know About Website Link Crawlers
Website link crawlers can be used by websites to check for duplicate content.
They work in the same way as the robots of the Google search engine.
The crawling robot will go through every page of your website and look for duplicated content.
If it finds any, it classifies it as duplicate content and removes it from the index.
It is a very useful tool for internet marketers to optimize their websites.
The website link crawler that you use must be able to understand the language used by your web pages.
You need to explain to it the meaning of words in order for it to make sense of the language and class the links on your website accordingly.
Some robots are very simple and only require you to enter a few figures, but others are more complex and work with alphabets, numbers and symbols.
A reliable driver link analyzer must be able to handle different protocols.
For example, it should be able to crawl protocols that are used for different languages and applications.
A question that frequently comes up for website owners is “How many pages is a website
really needed?
Website SEO audit is a comprehensive examination of your current website SEO health,
checking for areas of improvement.
Website Down Checker is a website optimization tool that checks your website for any errors
External links can be one of the most beneficial forms of backlinks out there
A url checker is a tool used by search engines to determine which of your pages have been
properly indexed.
>The Ajax-Crawling method is a way by which Google and several other search engines
spider websites that offer dynamically generated content through scripts called ‘ajax’.
Would you like to compare you website with another?
Free Online Web Crawler Tools | Octoparse

Free Online Web Crawler Tools | Octoparse

The ever-growing demand for big data drives people to dive into the ocean of data.
Web crawling plays an important role in crawl the web pages that are ready to be indexed. In nowadays, the three most major ways for people to crawl web data are:
Using public APIs provided by the websites
Writing a web crawler program
Using automated web crawler tools
With my expertise in web scraping, I will discuss four free online web crawling (web scraping, data extraction, data scraping) tools for beginners’ reference.
What is a web crawling tool used for?
A web crawling tool is designed to scrape or crawl data from websites.
We can also call it a web harvesting tool or data extraction tool (Actually it has many nicknames such as web crawler, web scraper, data scraping tool, spider) It scans the webpage and search for content at a fast speed and harvests data on a large scale. One good thing that comes with a web crawling tool is that users are not required to process any coding skills. That said, it supposes to be user-friendly and easy to get hands-on.
A web crawler helps people gather information in a multitude for later access.
A powerful web crawler should be able to export collected data into a spreadsheet or database and save them in the cloud. As a result, extracted data can be added to an existing database through an API. You can choose a web crawler tool based on your needs.
What are the free online web crawler tools?
Scraper Wiki
#1 Octoparse
Octoparse is known as a Windows and Mac OS desktop web crawler application. It provides cloud-based service as well, offering at least 6 cloud servers that concurrently run users’ tasks. It also supports cloud data Storage and more advanced options for cloud service. The UI is very user-friendly and there are abundant tutorials on Youtube as well as the official blog available for users to learn how to build a scraping task on their own. And customer stories are available to get an idea of how web scrpaing enhances businesses.
has changed its services and provides an online web scraper service now. There is no longer a direct download for a free version.
The data storage and related techniques are all based on Cloud-based Platforms. To activate its function, the user needs to add a web browser extension to enable this tool. The user interface of is easy to get hands-on. You can click and select the data fields to crawl the needed data. For more detailed instructions, you can visit their official website.
Through APIs, customizes a dataset for pages without data. The cloud service provides data storage and related data processing options in its cloud platform. One can add extracted data to an existing database.
#3 Scraper Wiki
Scraper Wiki’s free plan has a fixed number of datasets. Good news to all users, their free service provides the same elegant service as the paid service. They have also made a commitment to providing journalists premium accounts without cost. Their free online web scraper allows scraping PDF version document. They have another product under Scraper Wiki called Quickcode. It is a more advanced Scraper Wiki since it is more programming environment with Python, Ruby, and Php,
Cloud Scraping Service in is designed for regular web users. It makes commitments to users in providing high-quality Cloud Service Scraping. It provides users with IP Proxy and in-built CAPTCHA resolving features that can help users scrape most of the websites. Users can learn how to use CloudScrape by clicking and pointing easily, even for beginners. Cloud hosting makes possible all the scraped data to be stored in the Cloud. API allows monitoring and remotely managing web robots. It’s CAPTCHA solving option sets CloudScrape apart from services like or Kimono. The service provides a vast variety of data integrations, so that extracted data might automatically be uploaded thru (S)FTP or into your Google Drive, DropBox, Box or AWS. The data integration can be completed seamlessly. Apart from some of those free online web crawler tools, there are other reliable web crawler tools providing online service which may charge for their service though.
If the tool is not your thing, and you’re finding a data service for your project, Octoparse data service is a good choice. We work closely with you to understand your data requirement and make sure we deliver what you desire. Talk to Octoparse data expert now to discuss how web scraping services can help you maximize efforts.
Artículo en español: Gratis Web Scraping Herramientas en LíneaTambién puede leer artículos de web scraping en El Website Oficial
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Online Website Crawler: Check Website Technical Health ᐈ

Online Website Crawler: Check Website Technical Health ᐈ

Try out our free website crawler to detect all technical SEO issues in one place, fix them and get more organic traffic, satisfied users and sales
Why website health matters
Make website health perfect
Internal links can make a huge impact on website performance. Sitechecker site crawler tool will help to find broken links, explore redirects and review all the external and internal links to any single web page on your website. With the help of website crawler tool, you can fix all technical errors, review website structure and TOP landing pages to make sure you have a website with ideal health. You can download a report with “To Do” list in a few clicks, the free check of 20 URls are available for all users. Check our guide on how to crawl a website with Sitechecker.
Grow organic traffic
Googlebot loves websites with no errors. Help Google understand your website’s content and get higher rankings and more traffic. Test the overall health of your website’s SEO.
Grow conversion rate and sales
Users love fast and easy to use websites with unique and useful content. Speed up your selling pages, improve link navigation and get more conversions and sales.
Technical SEO audit is perfect for:
Detect problems and issues that slow down the growth of your online business
Delegate fixing the errors to subordinates or freelancers
Make sure your website health became perfect
Increase sales due to better ranking
SEO specialists
Explore link structure of any website
Detect duplicate content, broken links and issues with meta tags
Receive comprehensive SEO report to amaze your clients
Save time by using automatic seo mistakes check
Detect server side errors
Identify pages with slow page speed
Use step-by-step guides to fix any errors
Make sure that your site works with any of the gadgets
What users are saying
Data supplied as of July 12, 2021
Website on any CMS can be crawled
Sitechecker Crawler helps
Check external, internal links and anchors for each URL
Check the relevance and status codes of internal links placed a specific page. Explore the anchor list from internal links for the checked page.
Make web page speed test for each URL
Detect issues those slow down your page and use step-by-step guides to understand what files, images or code should be optimized to improve site speed.
Audit you internal Page Rank
Analyze which weight each page has. Delete from index unimportant URLs and optimize your internal links structure.
Search any URL by text or type of a technical error
No matter how big is your website. Sitechecker crawls even JavaScript websites. Convenient search by URL and type of mistakes will help to make your website ideal step by step.
Visualize your website structure
Our visualizer builds the tree of your site depends on internal linking structure (it’s called virtual siloing). Also, you can check single page application architecture. It helps to understand what changes you should make in your internal linking to improve rankings.
Share crawl report with subordinates, contractors or clients
Delegate to fix technical errors on site to your subordinates or contractors. Just give access to crawl report via link or email and recrawl domain when the work will finished.
How to use website crawler
Enter your domain.
Enter domain address as
Use advanced settings to specify rules of site crawling.
Advanced settings help to apply your and files.
Watch how site crawler collects data in real time.
You can see how crawler works in real time. Just open the report by domain which status is ‘in progress’.
Make a cup of tea or coffee.
Wait some time while crawling ends and get all urls from a website. You’ll get an email alert that audit is finished.
Research the collected results.
Detect critical errors and fix them at first. Quick navigation will help you. All errors are prioritized from the most critical to the least critical.
Pay more attention to the most valuable pages.
Some web pages are more valuable than others. Start from improving pages which bring the most of traffic and sales.
Wow, I want to try it right now!
How it works
Website crawler detects domain’s preferred version ( / and www / non-www)
Before starting an audit, crawler tool checks different versions of the home page and identify which of them has 200 status code.
Bot discovers and scans all internal and external links
Our bot finds all pages on a website. Crawler starts with scanning the main page. Using links on each page, it collects all available pages. If there are no internal links to a page, crawler won’t identify it. But how to crawl JavaScript (SPA) websites? Most crawlers can’t scan dynamic websites, so they are only able to detect static response HTML. Sitechecker SEO crawler enables JavaScript rendering functionality, so JavaScript generated pages can be scanned.
Page Weight is calculated depends on website’s link structure
Page Weight parameter is calculated depends on PageRank algorithm, but only for internal links on your website. You can learn more details about this formula in original article of Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page or Ian Rogers guide.
How is Sitechecker Crawler different from others?
Our site crawler will help you detect and fix seo errors faster than others due to the following reasons:
Easy transition between website audit and on-page audit.
On-Page SEO Checker analyzes many technical parameters for only one specific URL. Website SEO Checker gets and analyzes all URLs from a website. To fix all errors you need regularly navigate from On Page Audit to Website Audit. We made this process as easy as possible.
Easy sorting and filtering by technical parameters.
SEO errors have different importance. All parameters inside SEO crawler were developed and prioritized by our experts in order from the most critical to the least important.
Stats for the last month
technical issues detected
Start from audit, continue with monitoring
One time website’s health audit will help to get more traffic and sales.
Hourly monitoring of website’s health will help keep your business running.
Start from audit and we will notify you when something critical will happens.

Frequently Asked Questions about online crawler

What is crawler in website?

A web crawler, or spider, is a type of bot that is typically operated by search engines like Google and Bing. Their purpose is to index the content of websites all across the Internet so that those websites can appear in search engine results.

How can I crawl my website online?

Use the following guide to start:Enter a valid domain name and press the “start” button.Use robots. txt and sitemap. … Watch how the site crawler collects data and arranges SEO errors in reports in real-time.Analyze generated SEO reports with issues found.Fix errors and make re-crawl to validate changes.

Which web crawler is best?

Top 20 web crawler tools to scrape the websitesCyotek WebCopy. WebCopy is a free website crawler that allows you to copy partial or full websites locally into your hard disk for offline reading. … HTTrack. … Octoparse. … Getleft. … Scraper. … OutWit Hub. … ParseHub. … Visual Scraper.More items…•Jun 3, 2017

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