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Offerup Ghosting

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People ghosting is F-ing annoying. I’ve had 15 people ghost me for the past 3 weeks, either that or I get lowballed to hell. I’m selling a ps4 in decent condition, works fine mainly just dusty and I’m selling it for 165, which I think is pretty good since most of the ps4s I see are selling for around 180-200. I’ve had mostly ghosts and a few bails, but this one guy ghosted a meet! We both agreed to a meet on Monday at a local Hospital at 3pm, an hour before I ask if he’s still on for 3, he responds with “yup, see ya there”. 30 minute drive, and 3:30pm behind me I start the car and leave. This dude has ghosted me ever I said, most of my messages are either lowballs ($90) or ghosted. I’m tempted to sell it to Gamestop…
I like OfferUp, but get frustrated when buyers suddenly ghosted

I like OfferUp, but get frustrated when buyers suddenly ghosted

I like the idea of the app and feel meaningful selling things not in use to someone really needs it. However my recent experience has been frustrating because buyers just ghosted or never showed up for an agreed schedule. All I can do is to report and block them. But the company seems to do nothing about it and it actually doesn’t require anything to sign up for a new account. I think the company already has enough active users and the next step needs to be improving the quality of pro tips for using OfferUp?
Vent about being ignored/ghosted on listing sites (CL, OfferUp ...

Vent about being ignored/ghosted on listing sites (CL, OfferUp …

Vent about being ignored/ghosted on listing sites (CL, OfferUp, etc. ) | Tacoma World
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Just got ghosted by a guy I’d be renting a room from right before my current lease ends. Does this kind of crap happen to you? I’ve dealt with this so often for smaller items when dealing with these listing sites but it’s never really gotten to me until this one.
Been looking at a few places this month as I’m relocating. Found a cool listing so scheduled a visit of the crown jewel that is this “veteran handyman’s” house after texting some basics back and forth and rescheduling twice. Nice house. Nice location. The meet up went very well and he was even a fellow 2nd gen Tacoma owner (did not meet thru TW). We chatted up quite a storm about random topics, Tacomas, etc. (Though he did talk about himself and his accomplishments, his many girlfriends and “previous hot cougar roommates” like a self-absorbed ass about 90% of the time, as I sit in retrospection. )
Dude said he would follow up the next day or two, though he alluded that he was over the search (the whole meetup was basically a preview of what to expect as I move in, he understood my end of lease situation). I wait three days for a final confirmation, nothing. Send a follow-up message, no response. Try calling a few days later, he rejects my call, right to voicemail. I leave one, no response. So, here I am without a room with a few days to spare after feeling pretty uppity about the situation and thinking everything was running smooth-like. Having lived in a craphole for 7 months I’ve been really picky thus the last-minute-ness with no back-up plan. There wasn’t a lease involved, as I’ve done this before without issue. But I will have to reconsider signing binding agreements with this kind of thing. I’d also consider it a lesson about contingency plans and what not.
That guy… The simplicity of what difference a two-letter “no” response would have made.
Different situation (and far less serious), but I have posted things for sale on Facebook marketplace and had people commit to buying them. Set up a time and place to meet and they don’t show. It’s frustrating. People suck.
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This kind of thing is something that I explain to my sons as they are getting to the age where they will be dealing with people.
It is all too easy to make the false assumption that other people will have the same morals and sense of what’s right as you do, when sadly many don’t and wouldn’t think twice about screwing someone over.
I’ve listed things on CL and had the dregs of society respond, even going so far as to beg me to sell something out from under someone who I had already committed the item to.
Sorry about your situation OP.
Apparently one of the “Hot Cougars” showed up needing a place and you got pushed to the wayside.
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I agree. Tried to sell things recently and get the worst emails from people. Asking stupid questions or wanting half off. Some meet up then complain about details made clear in the listing. CL is definitely worse in the past year.
And of course the it still for sale or what is your best price? SMH.
^^ I ask if it’s still for sale because people often forget to take down the posting when their item has sold. Has happens a few times to me so I always start off with that
Sadly, you speak of exactly the trap I fell into: too trusting of strangers as of late. To reflect, it’s probably a mix of complacency and letting your guard down that leaves you most vulnerable. In my case, have had too good a streak with strangers and selling things this year and all it took was that small chiseled piece in the anti-plebeian armor to put it all up into chaos!
It’s a good lesson for the young’uns.

Frequently Asked Questions about offerup ghosting

What happens if you get reported on OfferUp?

When you report someone in the app, you’re reporting them to OfferUp. We might follow up with you if additional information is needed. If someone is bothering you, you can block them. You won’t receive further messages from them and any current message threads you have with them will also disappear.Sep 10, 2021

Can you get scammed using OfferUp?

Note: If someone says OfferUp facilitates non-shipping transactions and they need to validate the transaction or send an invoice, this could be a scam. These scammers try to use fake emails like [email protected] 4, 2021

Why do OfferUp messages disappear?

Once an item has been marked as sold, all notifications of messages are removed from the Notifications tab. If you’d like to contact the buyer or review your messages with them, the messages will still be available.Sep 13, 2019

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