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Nike Snkrs App Reddit

SNKRS - Reddit

SNKRS – Reddit

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96118 comments97Posted by10 hours agoMy collectionCollection
9746 comments21•promoted[Next Gen Stats] How Nick Chubb and two NFL rookies stole the show in Week 5
View m210 comments12Posted by4 hours agoFinally copped my first W of the year “W”
124 comments45Posted by12 hours agoYeah, I’m in love “W”
4511 comments8Posted by5 hours agorestock this morning? Question
87 commentsVotePosted by32 minutes agoAny free cook groups? Or any discord group who posts info on ion
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Who's had success with the SNKR App?: Sneakers - Reddit

Who’s had success with the SNKR App?: Sneakers – Reddit

Never used it for a release before, and I’m hearing all these things about bots and it even worth staying tuned for a release? Or, should I just get resell? Who’s had success? Log in or sign up to leave a comment
level 1Just try, it’s better to have a small chance at not paying resell than paying 600 dollars. especially for basically no price except your emotional health from the many tears that come off your cheeks on your bed at 3 on the morning because you didn’t get your grails, leading to an increase in problems with your mental health and slowly but surely taking years off your life, until you come to the moral and emotional understanding that you have to sell your soul to the devil to get a pair of hyped shoeslevel 2THIS is what I’m trying to avoid hahalevel 1I’ve gotten 7 W’s on “hyped” releases on SNKRS, no bots or 1teammanual checking inI’ve hit on a couple hyped releases, nowhere near as many times as I’d like but it’s not impossible. You just have to try and purchase at 9:00 on the 1Got a W with the 97 Mentas recently having entered many raffles with lots of Lslevel 2Do you have to enter raffles, or can you just show up? level 1I take mostly Ls, I don’t use bots or jigs as I don’t really have enough time to commit to that. But eventually you will win something if you keep up to date to with 1Doesn’t hurt to try. Might as well just try on app each release. Following a good Twitter account with what you like gives you decent release is different. Probably can’t hit them all but hit 1 or 2 everyone once in a won a 3 good chances at shock drops hit on 2, the other missed on my size within a few on probably 3 other hyped regular releases that sold within 5 minutes within the past 2 2Which twitter accounts do you recommend? level 1You don’t win every time but it can’t hurt to try and I’ve win off-whites maunallylevel 1The people who post on here about getting a W on the app is what gives me hope, but whose to say they dont use bots? Lollevel 1I haven’t personally won, I’m about 0/10. But I wouldn’t say it’s not worth a shot since it’s really easy to go for. Might as well take 5 minutes and try for the release instead of not trying at 1never for any type of hyped release. I have hit on shit like the Tinkers & Raptors that end up getting a million restocks but never on anything that would be worth reselling for lack of better words (offwhite, epic reacts, etc) 1I’ve been trying on many hyped releases since 350 Oxford Tan (but only for pairs I’d like to wear as I’m not in the game to resell) with Adidas Confirmed, Adidas queueing system on release day, raffles from boutique shops, SNEAKRS app (UK gang) I managed to cop:Yeezy 350v2 Bred manual queue on ADCNike AF1 x Acronym on SNEAKRS app
[Megathread] - Copping on SNKRS - Tips, Advice & Help

[Megathread] – Copping on SNKRS – Tips, Advice & Help

This subreddit has been growing consistently month by month and could do with a megathread regarding tips, advice and help regarding the SNKRS app. A lot of these tips are from personal experience, but feel free to DM me any tips or tricks to copping on SNKRS to add to this SICSSNKRS drops are almost always a random draw. There are 2 kinds of – This is a 2-3 minute window that lets you order. This is NOT a ‘first come first served’ drop, although it might look like it. This drop is usually for less hyped – This is a 10-30 minute window that lets you order. Again, this is NOT a ‘first come first served’ drop. This drop is usually for more hyped way to point out whether a drop is LEO or DAN is if there is a big red timer at the top of the screen, if there is, it’s a DAN drop. I have personally had more W’s with LEO drops, but it might be different for MANUAL METHOD(that’s worked for me)In order to increase your chances of copping, you will need multiple accounts. 1 Account = 1 Entry, you will need a few things per EVERY ACCOUNT YOU WILL NEEDA Device – This can be a phone, tablet or desktop, it does not matter. I’ve personally had more luck with phones. 1 Device per account. A Phone Number – Each account will need a different phone number. Use friends and families numbers if you need to, they will receive one verification text, that’s Email – Each account will need a different email. I have 5 accounts, so I set up 5 emails. Example: snkrsaccount1@gmail. com, snkrsaccount2@gmail. com, etc. A Different Form of Payment – This is very important, each account will need a different form of payment. I use a credit card, debit card, Apple pay and PayPal. A ‘Jigged’ or Different Address – Each account will need a different or ‘jigged’ delivery address. To use the jigged address method, enter your normal address but change something slightly for each account, for example, adding ‘APT 2’ to the end. Or changing ‘street’ to ‘st. ‘. Having a jigged address will get your pair to the same address. Note – Billing address can be the same across accounts. Different IP Address – Each account will need a different IP address, I use 5 phones with each phone connected to a different cellular network. You can do the same using different wifi connections. You could pay for proxies also, but don’t use VPN’s, they don’t sically, each account has to be different in the above GENERAL TIPSA lot of these are not proven but may increase your chances of copping, so they are usually worth the time and sure your SNKRS app is updated. I just have mine set to update stated above, use multiple for half sizes, eg US 9. 5. They’re slightly less popular. The same goes for the bigger sizes, US 11 and up for example. A common tip is to be active on the app. Check it daily, watch stories, ‘like’ sneakers, participate in live streams and polls. I’m not too sure whether being active increases the chances of copping. A lot of my W’s came from devices I never attention to the non-commercial content that’s being posted. Early access and secret links are sometimes given to people who watch and take part in the fast almost never matters, if it’s a DAN drop you usually have 15 minutes. If it’s a LEO drop, you have anywhere from 2-3 minutes. It’s not first come first serve. A cook group can really improve your chance of copping, especially with shock you’re using multiple accounts, turn on face ID, it speeds up the process, allowing you to enter on more a profile picture for each account, I have no idea if this helps or not, but it makes each account seem more an additional note – SNKRS uses ‘Akamai’ security to counter bots, multiple entries etc. A quick glance at their website shows that the ‘bot manager’ they use is extremely effective at detecting malicious accounts/users. They use machine learning to detect whether an account is legitimate. ” Bot Manager analyzes hundreds of behavioral, browser, and device signals and compares them against legitimate human behavior over time. ” On their website, I also found this, ‘Client Reputation Overview’. It allows you to check if your IP address is blacklisted from SNKRS, if you have any tips, advice or questions let me know.

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