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My Craigslist Ad Maker

How to Create Professional Craigslist Ads for Free – ItStillWorks

Craigslist can be an effective way to sell items, post job listings and sell real estate. But given the large amount of listings on the regional sites at any given time, it’s important to make your listing stand out as much as possible. In addition to adding as much valuable information and images to your posting as possible, one way to make your ad stand out is by using a professional ad template. Many of these templates are available for free on the Internet. Step 1Determine precisely what the ad is for. To do this, ask yourself what the key features of the product or service are. You’ll want to hit upon these key features in the ad to increase the response rate from your customer base. Step 2Find photographs you can use to increase the relevance and professionalism of the ad. If you don’t currently have any photos, take a few high-quality images on your camera and upload them to your computer. Step 3Select a free professional Craigslist template from one of the many online template providers. A few websites that offer free templates include, and Step 4Select a template that matches the theme of your ad and fill out the relevant fields. This includes a posting description, price, images and links to outside resources. Step 5Preview the ad to make sure you’re happy with the layout, content and overall look of the ad. Try different templates or make changes to the images and content as necessary until you’re satisfied with the ad. Step 6Copy the HTML code for the professional ad you created. You will paste this code into the “Posting Details” box of the Craiglist ad to publish your professional ad on the website. References Writer Bio Lynn Burbeck is a professional writer with over five years of experience writing for the Web. She has published numerous articles for print and online media including “Grit” Magazine. Burbeck holds a B. A. in journalism and political science.
Craigslist Ad Creator Software - Generates Leads For Your...

Craigslist Ad Creator Software – Generates Leads For Your…

Craigslist Ad Creator Software – Generates Leads For Your Marketing & Posting
This exclusive ad creator software is one of the best, It creates professional classified ads for you to post on Craigslist or any other classified ads website. These are no normal ads, they are point to click ads, so as soon as someone reads the ad, it is written in a way that will make them want to find out more about what you have to offer. You can guarantee that your business will rise in profits using this software.
New version 1. 15
The new added features to this version are:
Ads can now be created for property rental and sale. You will have to edit the ads a little to make it a sale ad.
Another awesome feature on this software is a leads scraper. That’s right this tool will scrape leads for you from Craigslist to beef up your marketing campaign. This feature took me months to create in my lab but I know you marketers need something like this so I created it for you guys.
Gone are the days when you have to keep writing new multiple ads to post in different cities on Craigslist, because Craigslist will flag ads that have the same content and same titles. This tool creates different ads and titles to save you the time. All you need to do is answer a few questions and then click the button to generate everything.
You see when you market your business to people; it’s not about what you have to offer it’s about how you approach them. If you approach them in the right way, then you can sell any service or product to them, either good or bad. It’s about having a good technique and strategy that this tool does for you.
You can even start your own business on the side and make money with this tool by using it to write ads for other people or companies that request for this type of service and then charge them for it. I know because I use to do this manually back in the days and made a good amount of income from it. It’s a pity I wasn’t an application developer at the time because this tool would have come in handy.
Also using proxies can boost your postings in multiple cites because it can help avoid your ads from being flagged. Most proxies will not work with Craigslist so you need to have proxies that will. I can provide you with them as another service on the side.
No installation needed…For Windows only
This software does not post creates them..!
Craigslist Ad Generator Updated to Comply ... - Profusion360

Craigslist Ad Generator Updated to Comply … – Profusion360

Craigslist is now enforcing new posting rules that limits the styling of the ads. Craigslist is now restricting HTML tags typically used for styling and will create much limitation on creating enhanced ads. This will also disallow active links and hosted images within your aigslist now requires you to upload images using their own image uploader during ad creating.
We have updated our Craigslist Ad ad code to comply with these new rules. Even with these strict rules, we have done our best to give you an ad that is professional and eye-catching. All of the content is still contained within the ad including links to your virtual tour and property website. Since Craigslist does not allow hosted images, you will need to upload the property images using their image uploader.

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