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Minecraft Omegle Server

CraftRoulette! | ItsJerryAndHarry Minecraft Server

CraftRoulette! | ItsJerryAndHarry Minecraft Server

CraftRoulette! | ItsJerryAndHarry Minecraft Server
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You know those websites; ChatRoulette and Omegle?
Well, we decided to recreate them in Minecraft.
It’s pretty fun. Try it out for yourself: /server craftroulette
If you get bored. Try role playing, guessing who the other person is, building something, or trolling.
Btw, if you bought any disguises you can use them in the game. Special CraftRoulette perks will be added later.
Saul & Willy: Lobby
Saul, Jerry, Harry: Rooms
Jerry & Harry: Coding
PS: Merry christmas
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This is just absolutely fantastic.
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Chicken approves.
Cool, this’ll be fun to play around with!
Lol, I was in a room with saul… And I was trying to guess who he was and I epically failed…
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-looks at server- This is going to bring a lot of problems… welp
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Oh. This should be interesting.
Will try later. xD
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yea and you failed with me too
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I totally wasn’t the chicken.
Lol, so that was you xD “I get a feeling u r Jerry because of your lack of capitals”
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Thanks for this Christmas presant J&H
Just a question: Is this reportable?
I was confused about the game so I asked “What do we do? ”
The OuterRim.
Lol, This is great, Thanks Guys.
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I’m serious, the guy claiming to be Harry but you thought was Jerry, that was actually me.
I knew you were staff, but I thought u were Jerry because I was in a room with Jerry 3 times xD You guys should make troll vids on that server
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Trolling you say? :>
Ive already got a vid on it exporting:>
This game is so fun!
I got screenshots coming soon.
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Omegle/Pair-Up Survival Server (Need someone who is good ...

Omegle/Pair-Up Survival Server (Need someone who is good …

Minecraft Forum
Server Support and Administration
Server Idea: Omegle/Pair-Up Survival Server (Need someone who is good with making plugins or servers)
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Apr 19, 2014
So I heard about this website called Omegle, where you are paired up with a random stranger for an anonymous conversation. I figured this could be a great idea for a server type of some sort. The problem is, I’m not so good with that kind of stuff, so I need a programmer to help.
In general, it’s going to be Omegle plus Minecraft minus all of the pedophiles (hopefully). It’s where you can pair up with a random person on the server for a cooperative survival experience, in your own little world. It also has the anonymous part of Omegle, too, so your Minecraft skin shows up as a Steve skin (or something more interesting, if you’d like) and your username shows up as “Stranger”. You have an unlimited amount of time, so you and your partner can go all the way to the Ender Dragon fight if you want to.
(Programmers, you can change the /o part to /pairup, /omegle, or anything that will work for you if you want)/o help – Essential for any plugin, this lists all of the commands.
/o queue – Queues for a survival session with someone
/o quit – Quits the session, kicking your partner and you back to the lobby in the process, and deleting the world you played in. This is used if you just generally get bored, or your partner is griefing.
/o reveal – Reveals your username and Minecraft skin to your partner, so you are no longer “Stranger” with a Steve skin to them.
This is a really simple thing, in my opinion, so it should (Maybe? ) be easy to implement as a server thing, or a Bukkit plugin or something (I honestly have no clue about programming, so I need someone who’s good with creating plugins)
Bump (Just so this post doesn’t go dead because it got pushed off the first page too soon)
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I really like the idea, and as far as I can tell it would be pretty easy to code, with an exception of the “own little world” thing. I’m not too sure how hard that would be. However, if I can find out how to do that I will make an attempt to make this plugin. I’ll keep you updated!
PS. This is in the wrong section, it should be in Looking For, probably.
Nowhere else to put it. Can you suggest where else I can post this thread?
Seeing how this could be handled just as a plugin on the server, it should go in Mod Requests, as that is where any ideas for mods or plugins go.
The idea is interesting, but to my knowledge would have to run several instances of the Minecraft server or have multiple overworld dimensions running at once. Either way it would be very taxing on the server unless it was fairly powerful.
It is also related to Bukkit plugins, so it would probably be better over in the Bukkit forums.
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Server Idea: Omegle/Pair-Up Survival Server (Need someone who is good with making plugins or servers)
Omegle | Hypixel - Minecraft Server and Maps

Omegle | Hypixel – Minecraft Server and Maps

I was just messing around and this is what i saw
I was gonna prank >:3
Stranger: Hey hey hey hey! 😀 hehe
You: Hi
Stranger: 18/FNew Jersey
Stranger: wbu?!
You: Austria
Stranger: im pretty shy… this is awkward ahaha.. what you up to?
You: Dont talk alot of english:/
Stranger: babe im just gonna get straight to the point. want to watch me play with myself? i can do whatever you want me to do
Stranger: (Got rid of this because it was S*x cam)
Stranger has disconnected.
That was very awkward for me
Post some stuff of you on Omegle and try prank people
Awkward…. Omegle is a website that I will never go on.
I did use Omegle for a short period of time but just to have a small chat. I learned my punishment after someone asked me a personal question… 0-0 #OmegleIsCursed
I swear omegle is filled with 60-year old men xD.
Exactly. xD
Invite me next time, ThegameAssasain. It seems like a good show. Unless it’s a guy.
Or you used photoshop/inspect element. :3
Well I can remember one conversation I had with someone…
Me: Hi!!
Guy: Hello.
Me: How are you?
Guy: better..
Me: well that’s shnazzy!
Guy: Are you dirty? :3
Me: Um…
Guy: If you are, say something dirty.
Me: When I’m bored…. I like to roll in mud!! =3
Guy: O_O
*Guy disconnects*
This does not belong here.
This guy thought i was buying ******* lol
Stranger: hi
You: Bro you selling *******?
Stranger: ya
You: Where should we meet?
You: You in USA?
Stranger: in delhi
Stranger: no
Stranger: imdia
Stranger: india
You: I can fly over
You: I will give you street
Stranger: offcourse
You: 970 Ambedkar Marg F-Block
You: What time and what day?
Stranger: what are you doing
You: Sniffing ******* It smells so good
Stranger: ok
You: I will give you 10, 000 for 1 block
Stranger: right
You: When will i meet you?
Stranger: tell me
You: Febuary 2nd
You: Bro i have another thing
You: Wow you actually think i like *******?
This is off-topic of Minecraft or Hypixel
so i think it does
Omegle is so entertaining.
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi!
You: You said it wrong. You’re supposed to say “hi! “. With an exclamation mark.
You: Omegle gets mad when you say it wrong
Stranger: lol sorry.. hi!
You: Good.
You: Omegle is happy now
You: And it’s going to give you a lifetime supply of chocolate.
You: Do you like chocolate?
Stranger: stranger is typing…
You: You’re not typing anymore, though.
You: I’m too smart for your tricks.
Stranger: lol hahaha and i love choclate!! cant wait
Stranger: ur a very funny stranger
You: You think I’m funny? But I’m a stranger? Does that make me a franger, because I’m a stranger AND a funny? But funny is another word for comic. Does this mean I’m a comic? Or does it mean I’m a comic artist?
You: I’m giving myself a headache.
Stranger: haha
You: I thought you died because I made your brain explode.. Phew..
Stranger: u are deffinetly a comic
Stranger: lol im okay, brain is still intact
You: Are you sure?
Stranger: well i think your name stranger?
You: My name is “You” apparently.
You: It says “You” in bold, blue letters.
Stranger: thats my name.. your “stranger”
You: Oh, I get it now. So you’re saying things for me, and I’m saying things for you.
You: That makes sense.
Stranger: lol your crazy
You: I’m crazy? Well, sometimes, but sometimes I’m a very logical person.
You: No I’m not. I don’t know what I’m talking about.
You: I’m always crazy.
Stranger: crazy is all mad here
You: Mad? Is that like a combination of Matt and Mud? Is Matt Damon muddy right now? Wait.. Am I speaking to Matt Damon?
Stranger: whats ur name? who are you, ur crazy!
You: Didn’t we already go over this?
You: I’m Stranger, and you’re You.
You: We’re talking for eachother.
You: Can I have your signature?
Never used Omegle… but I’ve heard stuff like this before.

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