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Maplestory Worlds List

Explore the World of MapleStory - Nexon

Explore the World of MapleStory – Nexon

From floating cities to giant submarines, alien worlds to hidden kingdoms, MapleStory
features one of the most diverse landscapes in MMORPG gaming. Each area on the map has a
distinct visual look and a unique culture to engross yourself in. In a world as massive as
this, the journey never ends!
Maple World
Maple World is the main realm of MapleStory and features dozens of unique and thrilling environments, each populated by distinct cultures with their own customs and histories.
Maple Island
Maple Island, a small landmass with two towns, is where most Explorers begin their journey. In the center lies Amherst, the Island’s biggest town and home to its best weapon shop. To the south lies Southperry, a port where Explorers can charter ships to Lith Harbor.
Ereve is a city unlike any other. Floating high among the clouds, it is the capital of an old empire and home to the empress herself, as well as the base of operations for her protectors, the Cygnus Knights. It is kept afloat using the power of a holy beast known as Shinsoo, and is home to many birdlike monsters and other critters. Accessible only via airship, it is a majestic wonder of Maple World.
Victoria Island
Victoria Island, one of the major landmasses in Maple World, is home to the bustling trade hub of Henesys. Other notable landmarks on the island include the Six Path Crossway, a crossroads that connects many major towns, including Perion, home base to the Warriors, Ellinia, hometown of the Magicians, Kerning City, hideout of the Thieves, and Lith Harbor, a major port and fishing village. Another port, Nautilus Harbor, is home to the Pirates and their floating city/submarine, fashioned after a giant whale.
Aqua Road
Aqua Road is an underwater region, accessible via an entrance at the base of Orbis Tower. Aquarium, known for its popular zoo, is Aqua Road’s main city and lies at the bottom of the seabed. Many sea creatures and monsters can be found here, including ruthless Sharks.
Ludus Lake
A massive lake sporting two islands, Ludus Lake’s most famous city is Ludibrium, which is held aloft by the two towers on each island. Ludibrium is entirely made out of plastic construction blocks and sentient toy monsters prowl outside its borders.
Nihal Desert
A sprawling, arid wasteland, the Nihal Desert is home to several notable locations including Azwan, an ancient underground city. Azwan was once a beautiful and thriving metropolis but succumbed to the Black Mage’s evil. The entrance to this mysterious city is a massive obelisk. Nearby lays the town of Ariant, the capital city, and Magatia, famous for its history with alchemy.
Mu Lung Garden
Mu Lung Garden is a region inspired by various Southeast Asian cultures, and features two towns: Mu Lung, home to talking pandas and a martial arts dojo, and Herb Town, the pandas’ agricultural center.
Minar Forest
These verdant woods are guarded by one of Maple World’s most dangerous dragons, Horntail. Its lone town is Leafre, home to the peaceful Halflinger race.
Temple Of Time
The Temple of Time is a mythical city with buildings inspired by ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Once home to Rhinne, the Transcendent of Time, it is now lorded over by a strange monster known as Pink Bean.
Masteria is a mysterious landmass that was once home to a benevolent and advanced civilization. It vanished off the face of the earth a millennium ago, but has since risen from the depths of the ocean. Its major town, New Leaf City, was built on the ruins of Olde Sapp Village. Other areas of note include the Phantom Forest, home to a terrifying Haunted House and prowled by the likes of Bigfoot and the Headless Horseman, and the sinister Crimsonwood Keep.
Dawnveil is a continent south of Ossyria. Until recently, it was hidden behind an arcane mist. It contains Tynerum, a land of demons and home to the powerful Gollux; Commerci, a bustling merchant hub filled with political intrigue; and Arboren, a quiet forest home to Chase, the Beast Tamer.
Grandis is a different world than Maple World, accessible via the Dimensional Gate in the Six Paths Crossway. It is home to the Nova, a noble race of half-human/half-dragon hybrids.
Pantheon acts as the forward operating base for the Nova and Maple Alliance’s war against Magnus. It is become somewhat of a refugee camp, as countless civilians flee Heliseum every day. One day the Nova will reclaim their capital, but for now Pantheon is the only home they know.
The former capital of the Nova, Heliseum is now controlled by Magnus, one of the Black Mage’s commanders. Thankfully, the Nova Alliance has joined forces with the Maple Alliance in an effort to repel Magnus and return Heliseum to its former glory.
Vulpes is home to the Pointy-Eared Foxes, who live in harmony in Fox Point Village. It is also where Shade awoke following his battle with the Black Mage.
[Updated August 22] World Merges Are Coming This August 28!

[Updated August 22] World Merges Are Coming This August 28!

[Updated August 22 at 9:45 AM PDT] We have added information about the Extra Character Slot sale and corrected the default Storage slot number.
[Updated August 2 at 10:20 AM PDT] We have added more details about the world merges to the original post.
We are pleased to announce that this August, we are planning for world merges in MapleStory! Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to prepare, and we hope these changes will help you find parties and make new friends.
What is a world merge?
A world merge is when several worlds are combined together into one new world so the players from each of those combined worlds can meet and play together in the same world.
Which worlds are getting merged?
The first new World will include Broa, Khaini, Galicia, Renegades, Arcania, Zenith, El Nido, and Demethos. The name of the new world is Elysium.
The second new World will include Windia, Mardia, Yellonde, Bellocan, Chaos, Kradia, and Nova. The name of the new world is Aurora.
We have prepared an FAQ to address some of your questions and concerns. Please note that we will provide additional updates about the world merge later.
Does this change how I log in?
If you were in one of the affected worlds, you will now log into your new merged world from the World Select screen.
What will be the max character limit in these new worlds?
The maximum character slot will be increased to 50 for all worlds after the world merge update.
What will happen if I have more than 50 characters?
The character selection screen will display up to 50 characters – players who have a large amount of characters from multiple merged worlds and who exceed the max character count in the new world can open a special UI to select which of their characters they would like to display within the new world’s character selection screen. Those players who have more than 50 characters must select 50 characters through this UI and start removing their characters until they have fewer than 50 characters. The 50 characters they choose will be displayed in the character selection screen and can be accessed normally, while their excess characters will be temporarily inaccessible.
After these players remove some characters from their character selection screen, they will be able to access the newly added special UI again in order to select other characters to replace the ones they removed. This special UI will be provided after the world merge until January 2020.
If players don’t select the 50 characters that they wish to display on the character selection screen before the UI is removed in January 2020, only the highest-leveled 50 characters will appear on the character selection screen and players will have to remove characters to access the hidden characters.
Players in these merged worlds who have a large amount of characters are highly advised to begin removing their characters and consolidating their equipment so they can easily access all their characters later once the world merge is officially implemented.
To help you better access all of your characters, we are holding a special sale on the Extra Character Slot Coupon. Players can purchase an Extra Character Slot Coupon for a discounted price of 99 NX after the maintenance ends on August 28th. The sale will last until January 29, 2020.
If a player has unused character slots that exceed 50, would they automatically have 50 slots open after the merges?
New worlds will have 8 free characters slots by default, just like other worlds. If a player has 8 default character slots open for all Alliance worlds, this player will still have 8 free slots in the new world.
If a player has 8 default character slots for all Alliance worlds and also has 10 additional slots that were opened by using character slot coupons, this player will have 18 slots open in the new world.
How many characters can I delete per day?
From the start of the world merge until January 2020, the daily limit for deleting characters will be raised from 5 to 10.
How will Legions be affected?
The Legion Blocks and Presets previously set will be reset in new worlds.
Will this affect my guild?
Guild names are unique per world, which means when several worlds enter into a world merge, there may be some duplicate guild names.
If there are any overlapping guild names, they will be renamed automatically by adding some random characters during the maintenance on August 28. The guild name should not exceed 12 characters in length. If your guild or guild alliance name was longer than this, it will be shortened to 12 characters. Guild and guild alliance leaders who were affected by the duplicated names will see a pop-up when they log in to MapleStory. This pop-up will allow the leader to change the name of the guild or guild alliance. Only the leader will receive the pop-up and this pop-up will be available from August 29 to January 2020. If the leader of your guild or guild alliance is no longer active in MapleStory, you should contact Customer Support.
Guild and guild alliance creation will be blocked from August 28 to September 8. You will not be able to create new guilds or guild alliances during this time.
As of August 1, we began temporarily checking any new guild names against the guild names in all merged worlds until we have the maintenance on August 28. This is to minimize the number of potential guilds with the same name in the new worlds.
How will this affect rankings?
The World Rankings will be re-calculated according to the rankings after the merge.
The current ranking records for Mu Lung Dojo, Dream Defender, and Legion will be reset. It will be re-calculated the following week after it goes live.
What will happen to things that are shared across characters on a world, such as shared storage, Cash Shop, Monster Collection, and link skills?
When exceeding the max meso value for Storage Room, the total amount of mesos in storage will be added together to a total of 29, 999, 999, 999 mesos in Storage Room. Players are highly advised to move the exceeding mesos in the storage to the characters that they will keep so they can easily track their mesos. The exceeding mesos will be given separately as coins through the Gift Drop.
When exceeding the max number of items in the Storage Room, the number of Storage Room slots in each world will be added up, only up to 128 max. Items exceeding the limit will be hidden, and these items can be displayed when withdrawing items from the slots. The players in these merges who have a large amount of items in storage are highly advised to clean up their items so they can access all their items with ease after the world merge is implemented.
If exceeding Storage slots have been purchased through the Cash Shop, players will be compensated accordingly. Please see below for the detailed compensation plan for the exceeding slots that have been purchased.
When exceeding the max number of Cash Inventory items, items exceeding a certain amount will be hidden; hidden items will be displayed when a player withdraws the existing items.
When exceeding the max number of Auction House slots, items exceeding a certain amount will be hidden; hidden items will be displayed when a player withdraws the existing items. If the players exceed the Buy and Sell slots, they’ll have to move the exceeding items to the inventory to be able to buy and sell again.
How will players who have excess purchased character slots and Storage slots get refunded?
Character Slot Expansion Coupon: Since the default number of free slots is 8, if the number of character slots that a player has is more than 50 (including 8 free slots), this player will get refunded in Maple Points for the exceeded amount.
Storage Slot Expansion Coupon: Since the default number of free slots is 4, if the number of Storage slots that a player has is more than 128 (including the free slots), this player will get refunded in Maple Points for the exceeded amount.
For example, If a player has exceeded the slot number by 10 and purchased 5, they will get refunded for 5 coupons with Maple Points. If they’ve exceeded by 10 and purchased 15, they will get refunded for 10 coupons with Maple Points.
Will the Maple Rewards Shop purchase limit be reset with the world merges?
The Maple Rewards Shop purchase limit will not be reset with the world merges. The reset will take place with the start of the next new month following the merges.
For August, players will only be able to purchase Maple Rewards Shop items within the monthly limit by August 27, when the world merge maintenance begins. The Maple Rewards Shop will be closed from August 28 until September 1. We recommend that players purchase all items they need before the world merge update begins.
Other notes:
Game information that is updated regularly will be reset.
Meso Donation King rankings will be re-calculated into Top 5 rankings based on the merged world.
The Character display order will be reset.
Link Skill information will be reset.
Due to the complexity of account-shared quests, there is a small chance that some quest progression may not be completely transferred during the merge.
We hope these changes will allow players on the new merged worlds to participate in more community activities than ever before. If you have questions that aren’t answered in the FAQ above, feel free to post in our forums thread here. We’ll try to answer as many as we can.
MapleStory/Regional Servers | MapleWiki

MapleStory/Regional Servers | MapleWiki

MapleStory is a game which originates from South Korea that has gain worldwide popularity over the years since its launch in 2003. In order to cater to the players outside of South Korea, regional servers, along with their localised variations, were introduced around the globe.
All servers require players to play in their own regions where attempts of entering a different regional server may be unsuccessful as their IP addresses will usually be blocked by the server. Some servers’ registration processes also prevent foreign players from creating an account in the game. Moreover, due to physical constraints, players will experience lag if they play on servers outside of their own regional ones.
These servers are further divided into “worlds” where different communities and distinct economies exist within. The purpose of inputting several different worlds is diverting traffic to prevent overpopulation on one single world that can cause displeasure to one’s gaming experiences (e. g. the lack of training grounds for one to level up their characters).
1 Worlds
2 MapleStory Korea
2. 1 Worlds
2. 2 Worlds (Tespia)
3 MapleStory Japan
3. 1 Worlds
4 MapleStory China
4. 1 Worlds
4. 2 World (Tespia)
5 MapleStory Global
5. 1 North America
5. 2 Europe
6 MapleStorySEA
6. 1 Worlds
7 MapleStory Taiwan
7. 1 Worlds
8 References
MapleStory Korea
MapleStory Korea (KR:메이플스토리 romaja: Meipeul Seutori), also known as KoreaMS or KMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves South Korea and the server timezone is KST (UTC+9). Its primary language is Korean. KoreaMS is owned and operated by NEXON Korea Co., Ltd..
Worlds (Tespia)
MapleStory Japan
MapleStory Japan (JP:メイプルストーリー romaji: Meipuru Sutōrī), also known as JapanMS or JMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves Japan and the server timezone is JST (UTC+9). Its primary language is Japanese. JapanMS is owned and operated by NEXON JP Co. Ltd..
JapanMS was temporarily closed on 13 March 2011 because of the tsunamis hitting northeastern Japan, but has resumed since 24 March 2011.
MapleStory China
MapleStory China, officially called Adventure Island Online (CN:冒险岛 pinyin: mào xiǎn dǎo), also known as ChinaMS or CMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves China and the server timezone is CST (UTC+8). Its primary language is Simplified Chinese. ChinaMS is owned and operated by Shanghai Shulong Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Until September 2019, there were 44 regular worlds in CMS. Due to population differences between worlds, worlds in all gateways were merged.
World (Tespia)
CMST will generally be opened within 2-3 weeks before the end of the current version of the official server, and closed within 1-2 weeks after the version of the official server is updated, and meant to test the content of the next official server version update. The server date is usually 3-4 weeks ahead of exact date despite the server timezone is the same to official server. In addition to the follow-up of the original content of KMS, CMST may also test various overseas exclusive theme dungeons and activities earlier.
Obtaining a CMST account requires waiting for participating in the CMS official forum Tespia group recruiting activity. However, players cannot copy characters from the official server, and players must train a character from scratch, so CMST version updates will not erase players data.
MapleStory Global
MapleStory Global, also known as GlobalMS or GMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves North America, Oceania and Europe[6], but it has once served a global audience, excluding those from countries that already have their own version. The server timezone is UTC and its language is English. GlobalMS is owned and operated by NEXON America Inc..
North America
Until August 2019, there were 17 regular worlds (Scania, Bera, Windia, Broa, Khaini, Mardia, Yellonde, Bellocan, Chaos, Kradia, Nova, Galicia, Renegades, Arcania, Zenith, El Nido, Demethos), and one Reboot world. Due to the huge population differences between the regular worlds, it was decided to merge all worlds besides Scania and Bera into two worlds: Aurora (consisted of Windia, Mardia, Yellonde, Bellocan, Chaos, Kradia, and Nova) and Elysium (consisted of Broa, Khaini, Galicia, Renegades, Arcania, Zenith, El Nido, and Demethos)
The European branch was founded in June 2016 after Nexon Europe, including MapleStory Europe (EMS) was migrated into Nexon America. The existing player base of EMS, who were playing at EMS servers Kradia and Demethos, were transferred into a world called Luna. In July 2018, a Reboot world was introduced, and it is referred to by the players as “EU Reboot” or “REUboot”, to distinguish it from the NA Reboot.
MapleStorySEA (South East Asia), also known as MapleSEA or simply MSEA, is the version of MapleStory that serves Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines and the server timezone is SGT (UTC+8). Its primary language is English, but the translation is entirely different that GMS’ one, being an almost direct translation from the Korean source. MapleSEA is owned and operated by AsiaSoft Online Pte. Ltd..
Due to huge population differences between the worlds, it was decided in March 2019 to merge all worlds in D2J alliance (Delphinus, Eridanus, Izar, Fornax, Gemini, Hercules and Jynarvis) into one world, called Draco.
MapleStory Taiwan
MapleStory Taiwan (TW:新楓之谷 pinyin: xīn fēng zhī gǔ lit. New Maple Valley), also known as TaiwanMS or TMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau and the server timezone is CST (UTC+8). Its primary language is Traditional Chinese. TaiwanMS is owned and operated by Gamania Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd.
↑ 1. 0 1. 1 On June 11th 2020, remaining worlds in Gateway of Wind are merged. The first world “Blue Snail” is renamed to “Lucid”, and remaining worlds are merged into one world “Will” (consisted of Shroom – Ligator, Ribbon Pig – Stone Golem, Lorang – Tortie, Lupin – White Rabbit, Yeti – Hector and Wild Kargo – Drake).
↑ 5月6日冒险岛军团来袭 大型合服活动第四弹. ChinaMS. On May 7th 2020, partial worlds in Gateway of Wind are merged into one world “Orchid” (consisted of Slime – Fire Boar, Jr. Necki – Pepe, Octopus – Star Pixie and Orange Mushroom).
↑ 3月26日冒险岛军团来袭 大型合服活动第三弹. On March 27th 2020, worlds in Gateway of Light are merged into one world “Damien” (consisted of Emerald, Black Crystal – Gold & Opal – Garnet, Diamond – Cat’s Eye Stone & Moon Rock, Topaz – Sapphire & Aquamarine – Star Rock, Amethyst – Black Pearl & Mars Stone).
↑ 4. 0 4. 1 On September 17th 2019, worlds in Gateway of Clouds are merged into one world “Hilla” (consisted of Maria, Alex, Cassandra and Moon Bunny), and the world “Seven Star Sword” in Gateway of Darkness is renamed to “Von Leon”.
↑ On November 22nd 2019, worlds in Gateway of Water are merged into one world “Magnus” (consisted of Lith Harbor – Edel & Ludibrium – Stein, Korean Folk Town – Pantheon & Rien – The Secret Garden, Ardentmill – Leafre & Mirror World, Elluel – Azwan & V5).
↑ MapleStory Service Migration. MapleStory Europe has migrated over to the Nexon Global Platform Launcher as of November 10 2016. GlobalMS. Retrieved 14 January 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions about maplestory worlds list

What is the difference between worlds in MapleStory?

In MapleStory, a world is a set of servers that you connect to. Scania and Bera are examples of worlds. Content in different worlds is always the same, but each world has a different group of players and a distinct economy. … Channels are instances of the MapleStory game.

How many characters are in MapleStory?

There are over 40 characters to choose from—all have their own special abilities and most have unique stories and quest lines as well. Most characters have linear skill progression, but characters that fall under the Explorer, Cygnus Knights, and Resistance jobs can branch out and specialize at early levels.

What country can play MapleStory?

MapleStory M is a mobile game released for iOS and Android, in South Korea during October 2016 and then overseas on May 28, 2018.

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