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Maplesea Account Restricted

Account Restricted: MapleSEA - Reddit

Account Restricted: MapleSEA – Reddit

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Anyone unable to login to their Asiasoft passport account even though alr reset password and verify email countless of times? 2 comments84% UpvotedLog in or sign up to leave a commentLog InSign Up
level 1 · 1yLuminousyou are not alone. 1level 1 · 1yHad the same prob… Saw on their site that if you do nt verify within 90 days ur acc will be wiped. So i stopped playing1More posts from the MapleSEA communityContinue browsing in r/MapleSEAr/MapleSEAWelcome to MapleSEA8. 0kMaplers51OnlineCreated Apr 2, 2014Top posts july 4th 2020Top posts of july, 2020Top posts 2020helpReddit coinsReddit premiumReddit giftsaboutcareerspressadvertiseblogTermsContent policyPrivacy policyMod policyReddit Inc © 2021. All rights reserved
Policy - MapleStorySEA

Policy – MapleStorySEA

It has come to our attention that some players have registered for multiple Asiasoft Passports. Please note that each player is only allow to register for one Asiasoft Passport. If you are found to have multiple Asiasoft passports, Asiasoft Online (referred to as “Asiasoft”) have the rights to suspend all of the passports without prior notice. Any existing or remaining @Cash and @Cash items in the Asiasoft passport will not be returned nor compensated.
Please be careful in any name selection. Read the Terms of Use and respect all our rules regarding character name selection. If you have a character name that goes against our terms of service, please delete the character and start anew. For characters with unacceptable names created before 13th May 2005, the administrator shall rename the characters. Players unsatisfied with the renaming can opt to delete their character(s). After the mentioned date, we will be forced to permanently ban accounts that do not comply.
For simple reference, avoid:
* Impersonation of GM names, NPCs, other chars
* Sexual context
* Obscene body organs
* Vulgarity or otherwise offensive, or may cause confusion
* Drug/Narcotic references
* Action phrases or complete sentences such as “Youwillnotsurvive”, “defameme”, “killme”.
* Names that is or may be illegal or is or may be protected by trademark or other proprietary rights laws
* Names reference hacking such as “haaacker”, “goodbotter”
* Names that make no sense or created to confuse other users with letter masking such as “0liveOlL”, “lksdjflij”. (i. e. switching “i”s for “L”s and zeros for the letter “o”).
* Otherwise inappropriate.
If we believe you have created an account to mislead, confuse or annoy other players with the spelling of the name, the administrator will either ban or rename you. If you are concerned or in doubt about a name choice, we suggest you do not use it.
Penalty for usage of prohibited IGNs include:
* If character was created before 13 May 2005
Character will be renamed.
* If later than 13 May 2005,
Character will be deleted.
This whole section below is nullified with the cessation of collection of NRIC and other National ID information in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Commission of Singapore’s advisory guidelines which takes full effect this coming 1st September 2019. Click here for more AsiaSoft Passport is a personal account that is uniquely identified with the owner’s National ID. AsiaSoft shall use the National ID as a means to verify and identify our members during:
• Event participation and prize collection
• Reporting of lost password/security PIN/login ID
• Reporting on problems with A-Cash
• Reporting of hack incidents
• Ownership dispute triggered by Trading of Accounts
In accordance with MapleSEA Terms of Use, any account with information deemed invalid will be suspended. Upon receiving report on illegal usage of national ID, AsiaSoft shall suspend the passport account that bears the disputed national ID. Investigations will be carried out, which shall require dispute parties’ verification of national ID and other account information. Ultimately, the rightful owner of the national ID will be returned with his/her right of use of the national ID to register for an AsiaSoft Passport account. The existing account which made illegal use of the national ID will be wiped.
Note that National ID is used as a legal means to verify and identify a person around the world. Illegal usage of National ID can lead to criminal investigations by the relevant authorities if the owner wishes to pursue the offence.
New MapleSEA Passport Portal - What to Expect?

New MapleSEA Passport Portal – What to Expect?

29 Aug 2019
New MapleSEA Passport Portal – What to Expect?
Dear Maplers,
With a brand new MapleStorySEA Passport portal, there is bound to be confusion. Fret not, we’ll be here to guide you through your first log in to the new MapleSEA Passport!
Venshi takes a look at the new MapleSEA Passport!
Simply access the new MapleStorySEA Passport portal by typing in your address bar, or by clicking the picture of the cute ol’ Mushroom below! Note: We recommend that you bookmark this new website for easy access!
Cute little mushroom is here to welcome you to the new revamped MapleStorySEA Passport!
Key in your login details here for your Passport account, and if you have an @key, you will have to verify that as well, to enter your MapleSEA Passport!
The new Login screen!
After you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to this screen, informing you that your account is not secure. Please do not panic, your account is still safe! As part of our efforts in increasing the security provided to MapleSEA Passport Accounts, we will require ALL Passport Accounts to be authenticated with mobile numbers.
You will be prompted to secure your account by completing the user authentication process. Simply start the process by clicking on the big blue button that says “Secure My Account”!
Keep your account safe and secure, account safety starts with you!
In the next screen, you will be prompted to enter your Mobile Number. The mobile number will be tied to your MapleSEA Passport, and only ONE Mobile Number can be used for each MapleSEA Passport Account.
Select your country of residence with the corresponding country code of your mobile number, and enter your mobile number in the field following it.
As part of our contractual service policy, residents accessing MapleStorySEA from outside our official serviced regions will not be able to setup their OTPs. If you do not see your country listed in the drop-down list, it means that you are from a restricted zone. Kindly check for a local MapleStory service provider in your region.
Sample of keying in your phone number
Once you have done so, simply click on the “Send OTP” button.
You should receive a message sent to your entered Mobile Number. The message will include a 6-digit code that can be used to verify your MapleSEA Passport Account. Please note that the 6-digit code is a one-time PIN and is only valid for 3 minutes from the time you have requested for it. Should the 3 minutes have elapsed, please request for another OTP.
Check that your Mobile Number is correctly displayed and check your phone for the SMS!
Do ensure that your number is shown correctly. If it is incorrect, simply re-enter your mobile number by clicking on the “Re-enter Mobile Number” button.
After entering the OTP you have received on your Mobile Number, hit “Verify” and you will now be the proud owner of a protected MapleSEA Passport Account!
You have 3 minutes to use the OTP before it expires.
That’s it! You have now successfully updated your MapleSEA Passport account with your mobile number.
On the next screen, your Backup Code will be issued to you. In the event that you are no longer able to access your previously verified Mobile Number, your Backup Code will be used to verify your identity.
Please record and save your backup code somewhere only you can copy and save the Backup Code in a safe place. The Backup Code CANNOT be retrieved again after you have left this page. Please DO NOT share this code with anyone else.
After you have taken note of your Backup Code, click on the “Back to Account” button and view your account details in the sparkly new MapleSEA Passport!
Check out the new MapleSEA Passport site!
Your account will now display that it is Protected. You can now change your registered email, and passwords for your existing game accounts with your newly protected MapleSEA Passport. To change your Mobile Number used to receive OTP messages, your Backup Code as shown in a previous screen will be needed.
There is currently no method to view the Backup Code again. As advised previously, please keep your Backup Code in a safe place. If you have lost your Backup Code as well but require assistance without the access of your phone in the future, please contact our Customer Service via iBox or LiveChat.
In the new MapleSEA Passport, you can access all the features as you did in the previous Asiasoft Passport site! Everything you care about can be reached within this page. Give it an explore, and Happy Mapling!
P. S. While you’re at it, why not change your Maple Account’s 1st and 2nd Passwords? Stay safe!
Q: I used an NRIC to register for an account back then, can I still access that account?
A: Yes, the new changes to the guidelines on the collection of NRIC particulars do not affect your current access to your account. However, you will still be required to secure your account with a Mobile Number as part of our changes.
Q: My account was suspended/banned previously, and I couldn’t produce the NRIC for account verification to get it unbanned. How can I recover it?
A: You may contact our Customer Service via iBox and request for account verification. You will be required to furnish your in-game account particulars and sufficient proof that you are the account owner. After which, your account will be released and you will be able to verify it with your mobile number. Accounts permanently banned for severe offences will not be releasable.
Q: I have 5 Passport accounts, but only 1 mobile phone number. Help!
A: Under our Rules of Conduct which can be found here, it is explicitly stated that users may not hold multiple Passport accounts.
Q: I don’t have a Mobile Phone or a valid Mobile Number that I can use! Can I skip this?
A: You will still be able to access your existing MapleStorySEA account and continue to play the game without securing your Passport account with a Mobile OTP. However, to perform several actions such as resetting or changing your passwords, updating your email address, or the charging and conversion of @Cash and Maple Cash, a valid Mobile Number is required. This is to prevent misuse of your account by any unauthorized parties.
Q: I have an @key token/Mobile @key tied to my Asiasoft Passport. Do I still need to secure my account with a Mobile Number?
A: Yes. Your @key will still securely log you into your MapleSEA Passport. However, a valid Mobile Number is still required to perform several actions with your MapleSEA Passport account. The Mobile Number OTP is not a replacement for the @key OTP secure login.
Q: Are there any other alternative methods that I can use to verify my account instead of Mobile Number?
A: You can only verify and secure your account with a valid Mobile Number.
Q: What happens if I change my phone number?
A: A backup code will be issued to you upon completion of the verification process. Should you lose access to your current phone number, the backup code can be used once, to change your account details.
Q: Can I use a non-Singapore registered Mobile Number to verify my account?
A: Yes. However, as part of our contractual service policy, residents accessing MapleStorySEA from outside our official serviced regions will not be able to setup their OTPs. Kindly check for a local MapleStory service provider in your region.
Q: I lost my Backup Code. Help!
A: In the event that you have lost your Backup Code, please contact our Customer Service via iBox or LiveChat for further assistance. We may require you to provide further proof of ownership. Please keep your backup code in a secure and accessible location.
Q: Do I need to key in my OTP during future MapleSEA Passport logins?
A: You do not need to enter your OTP in future logins after you have secured your account. Your Mobile Number OTP will only be used when you are performing sensitive actions such as changing the email address tied to your account, changing your account passwords, etc.
If your question has not been addressed in the FAQ, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via iBox or LiveChat.

Frequently Asked Questions about maplesea account restricted

How do I recover my MapleSEA account?

How can I recover it? A: You may contact our Customer Service via iBox and request for account verification. You will be required to furnish your in-game account particulars and sufficient proof that you are the account owner.Aug 29, 2019

Why is my MapleSEA account banned?

Every ban placed on an account has a reason associated to the ban (e.g., hacking, botting, etc.), and has evidence that has been gathered by GM’s (Game Masters) either in game or through game logs. Other bans are placed by Nexon’s proprietary game security system, “Nexon Game Security” (a.k.a NGS).

Can you delete MapleSEA account?

Can you delete my account? A: MapleStorySEA Passport accounts and all game accounts contained within cannot be deleted once they have been created due to server policy restrictions and limitations.Aug 26, 2019

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