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Make Money Scrapping

How To Make The Most Amount Of Money From Your Scrap ...

How To Make The Most Amount Of Money From Your Scrap …

Most people just bring a bucket of scrap to the scrap yard and earn the lowest possible amount for their scrap. This is because people don’t know the tricks of earning top dollar for scrap. Earning that extra income from your scrap metal is entirely possible and because you are putting in the effort anyway, you might as well get paid the most amount of money that you can. At Klein Recycling, we’ll not only purchase your scrap but also make sure you get top dollar.
Here are a few ways to make sure you get the most amount of money from your scrap:
Separate Your Scrap
Unless your scrap metal is separated, scrap yards will count them as the lowest priced metal. For example, if you have a bin filled with aluminum, copper, and brass, the scrapyard owner will give you aluminum prices when copper prices are higher. Separating each metal will wield you more profit because you’ll get higher prices for the rarer metals.
To separate your scrap, set up different containers in your garage or where you scrap that are pre-labeled with the specific type of metal and throw your scrap into each different container. If you are unsure which metal is which, you can use this guide. Having a system to separate your metals will consistently make you more money.
Scrap Non-Ferrous Metals
There is a difference between ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals in the scrapping world. Ferrous metals contain iron and are much easier to get a hold of than non-ferrous metals. Most household appliances like microwaves, washing machines, a/c units, and old refrigerators are ferrous metals. You can scrap these metals for quick cash.
Non-ferrous metals are harder to find but will reward you more money. The main types of non-ferrous metals are aluminum, copper, and brass. Aluminum is the easiest to seek out of the non-ferrous metals and scraps for around $. 30/pound. You can find aluminum in house sidings and frames, gutters, car parts, car rims, and wires.
The next non-ferrous metal to scrap is brass. Brass will gain you around $1. 40/pound! Brass is most often found in pipe fittings, rods, castings, and even bullet casings. Identifying brass and scraping it earns you more for your money than most other metals.
The only other metal that can offer you a higher reward is copper at around a whopping $2/pound. By focusing on copper for scraping, you can add a significant side hustle into your life. Copper tubing is often found in the structures of houses and buildings and plumbing work.
In short, you can earn quick cash scraping old household goods and you can earn significant income scrapping non-ferrous metals like copper, brass, and aluminum. Make sure to implement some of the above strategies to earn as much as you can from your time scraping.
Finding Free Scrap Metal
One of the easiest ways to earn money scrapping is to scrap other peoples’ stuff. By going on craigslist or the Facebook marketplace, you can find scrap metal by taking electronics, cars, and appliances off peoples’ hands. You can simply search for scrap metal or free stuff on these sites and find metal to scrap. Of course, you will need a truck or a vehicle to pick up these items.
Making the most of scrapping is simply about knowing what to do and where to look. The easiest way to find extra scrap metal is in your house, friends’ houses, or online. Many people throw out scrap metal at local dumpsters as well and some businesses leave their scrap metal out back for weeks at a time. Often, construction workers have access to unused metal that they can scrap themselves. It is entirely possible to earn a few hundred dollars per month scrapping and at Klein Recycling, we want to help you accomplish this goal by purchasing your scrap. Give us a call today!
Best Things To Scrap For Money Right Now (2021 Guide) - Savebly

Best Things To Scrap For Money Right Now (2021 Guide) – Savebly

What if I tell you that the best things to scrap for money are right in your house/apartment?
That’s right…
Did your old refrigerator finally give out, or your water heater, microwave, oven? Well, why not get rid of these to get some cash for scrap metal?
Whether you have your own metal to scrap or you go around collecting scrap metal, you can be on your way to making $100’s a week in side income!
Besides scrap metal, you can also make money scrapping electronics and even old car batteries.
I am also going to give you some ways you can make money scrapping metal for absolutely free! So make sure you stick through until the end of the post.
Before we get into how much money you can make scrapping metals, you need to know the difference between ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals to find the most profitable items to scrap.
Let’s get straight into the best scrap metal items you can sell to make money!
Ferrous MetalsHousehold AppliancesStructural SteelCarsOld ScrapFerrous Metals PricesNon-Ferrous MetalsAluminumCopperBrassStainless SteelNon-Ferrous Metal PricesCar BatteriesElectronicsFree ScrappingFAQWhere Can I Take My Scrap Metal For Money? What Scrap Metal Pays The Most? What Are The Best Items For Scrap Metal? How Much Money Can You Make Selling Scrap Metal? What Scrap Metal Can You Sell? What Scrap Metal Is In A Washing Machine? Can Anyone Scrap Metal? Conclusion
Ferrous Metals
Simply, ferrous metals are any metal that contains iron. For example, steel is considered a ferrous metal.
What’s the easiest way to differentiate between a ferrous metal and a non-ferrous metal? Simply check if it is magnetic.
For example, that fridge you have with all those vacation magnets on it is made of ferrous metals.
Just to note, if you have a stainless steel fridge then magnets most likely won’t stick. This means the fridge is non-ferrous and can fetch you more cash!
There are different grades of stainless steel and they all have different pricing, just something to be aware of.
Here is a list of some ferrous metals:
Carbon steel
Tool Steel
Cast iron
Wrought iron
Alloy steel
Now let’s break these down and see what items consist of these ferrous metals because you most likely don’t have a brick of carbon steel laying around.
Household Appliances
Most household appliances are made up of ferrous metals and most scrapyards take them all!
These appliances include things such as washing machines, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, etc…
Most of the time we replace these appliances without even thinking about scrapping the old ones for some cash.
Why not scrap appliances for cash?
Since these appliances are easy to come by they are one of the best things to scrap for money!
You can easily get cash for scrap metal that comes from household appliances.
Structural Steel
Now this one isn’t as easy to come by and it will be a real hassle to lug around huge steel beams that are used in buildings and bridges but they can bring you in some nice cash!
You will be able to find these types of steel from demolition sites where you can pick up these unused metals and turn them into money.
To get these structural steels to scrap you will either need to know someone in the demolition business that can supply you with the materials or you need to make some calls or visits to see if you will be able to take the scraps.
Second, you will need a large van or truck to carry these pieces of steel. Obviously, you can only take the ones that you can carry but they are heavy and most pieces are big so you’ll have your work cut out for you.
These big heavy pieces of steel are one of the best things to scrap for money, so if you don’t mind putting in some elbow grease then this can be a great money-making opportunity!
If you are tired of that old lemon you’ve been driving for 20 years, why not scrap it?
Yup, you can scrap an entire car if you really wanted to but this can be a real pain due to certain rules, such as draining all the fluids from the car.
You should also strip the car of any non-ferrous metals and put it in a separate pile because you will get more money for these. (we’ll talk about this soon)
Honestly, you won’t get that much for scrapping a car but if the car is completely unusable and all of its components are dead then it is one of the best things to scrap for money.
However, If the car has some working components I recommend stripping these components and selling them on eBay or Craigslist.
By taking this approach you will maximize your profits!
To junk your car with ease I recommend checking out Junk Car Medics, they will handle everything on their end to make sure you get money for scrap metal fast!
If your car is in working condition then why not make money with it? Check out my post on ways to make money with your car to learn more!
Old Scrap
Yes, I know this is vague but this consists of all the other old ferrous metal items that can be scrapped for money.
For example, there are some things to scrap around the house: lawnmowers, bicycles, AC units, water heaters, etc…
Pretty much anything magnetic is fair game and can be scrapped for some cold hard cash!
These old unused ferrous metals are honestly the best things to scrap for money because they are just lying around getting rusty, you might as well free up some room and scrap appliances for cash!
Old appliances are honestly some of the best scrap metal items since they are super easy to come by!
Ferrous Metals Prices
The amount you can get for ferrous metals can vary depending on which scrap yard you go to and the location you are in.
Ferrous metals usually come with a price range of $0. 05 to $0. 10 per pound.
Now, of course, this isn’t a lot of money, you won’t get rich from nickels or dimes but the money comes in because the weight does add up fast!
Ferrous metals are super easy to come by and due to this scrap yards don’t pay that much for them.
For example, let’s say you get together 1, 000 pounds worth of ferrous scrap metal. Now, this may seem like a lot but it really isn’t.
This can easily be some scrap car parts, a fridge, a washing machine, a water heater, and an oven.
Let’s say you scrap all of this and you get the worse price which is $0. 05, you will walk out with $50.
Now I don’t expect your jaws to drop over $50 for 1, 000 pounds of scrap but it’s $50 you didn’t have before and these materials would have been junked anyway.
Let’s get into the non-ferrous metals which are the most profitable items to scrap!
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Non-Ferrous Metals
Ferrous metals are great because they are easy to get a hold of and you can make some quick cash but if you really want the big bucks then non-ferrous metals are the most profitable items to scrap!
Non-ferrous metals are not as common as ferrous metals and even the more common ones like Aluminum don’t come in heavy sets like you would find in ferrous metals.
Let’s take a look at some non-ferrous metals that you can scrap to make money:
Stainless Steel
Now let’s break down each of these non-ferrous metals and see how you can make money scrapping each of these items!
One of the best things to scrap for money is aluminum because it is a fairly common non-ferrous metal and it comes with a decent price at around $0. 30 per pound!
You might be able to find aluminum in housing frames and sidings. Gutters are another item that might be made of aluminum.
Other items include certain car parts, building structures, car rims, wires, etc…
There are multiple types of aluminum and you can get more information on the different types from this article.
You can also scrap aluminum cans but you will most likely make more money by recycling these cans at a reverse vending machine.
If you want to a lot of money scrapping then copper should definitely be included in your scrap items.
There are multiple types of copper just like aluminum but the most common types of copper are #1 copper tubing and #2 copper tubing.
These copper tubings are usually found in plumbing work and building structures.
If you really want to get cash for scrap copper then you need to look at #1 bare bright copper wire, which is one of the best scrap metal items to make extra money.
This type of copper comes with a very nice price tag at around $2 per pound!
#1 bare bright copper wire isn’t that easy to come by but it is one of the most profitable items to scrap. It is usually found in building structures.
You can also get cash for scrap copper insulated copper wires which have a scrap price of around $0. 50 per pound.
One of the best things to scrap for money is brass. It has a very nice scrap price at around $1. 40 per pound!
Brass can be found in valves, castings, pipe fittings, rods, and even bullet casings.
So, if you have some Brass lying around then you should consider recycling brass for money because it is one of the best scrap metal items out there and one of the most valuable things to scrap!
There are many types of stainless steel grades but you are looking at an average scrap price at around $0. 25 per pound.
Stainless steel can be found in many household appliances like a refrigerator, microwave, oven, etc…
Remember that a simple way to tell if the appliance is made up of stainless steel is to do the magnet test. If it doesn’t stick then it is most likely stainless steel.
These appliances can also be made up of aluminum but they will have a more dull texture than stainless steel.
Non-Ferrous Metal Prices
I went over the prices for these non-ferrous metals in each section but I will quickly list the average prices for these non-ferrous metals.
Aluminum – $0. 30 per pound
Copper – $2. 00 per pound
Insulated Copper Wire – $0. 50 per pound
Brass – $1. 40 per pound
Stainless Steel – $0. 25 per pound
As you can see, non-ferrous metals are the most profitable items to scrap!
For updated scrap prices on ferrous and non-ferrous metals check out the current scrap prices from the iScrap App here.
So, obviously, metals are the best things to scrap for money but there are also some other items that are worth scrapping!
Let’s get straight to them.
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Car Batteries
If you have old car batteries lying around, you can drop them off at an Advanced Auto Parts store and get a $10 gift card!
Now, you won’t get cash for this but a $10 gift card is better than nothing.
Other than scrap metal, car batteries are one of the best items to scrap for money!
Note that lithium-ion batteries are excluded and it is not available in South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida.
One of the best items to scrap for money is old electronics that you will never touch again.
If you have old electronics that are in working condition then I recommend trying to sell them on sites like Craigslist or eBay first.
For old unusable electronics or if you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling the items then you can recycle the items for cash with a company like Decluttr.
Decluttr will either resell your old electronics or recycle them and pass on the cash to you!
All you have to do is send in your old electronics to Decluttr and they will take care of the rest. Don’t worry the shipping is free!
Electronics are some of the best things to scrap for money since they quickly depreciate and go unused.
Even though electronics can be scrapped for some money, it is best to take care of them so they have a longer life. I recommend checking out my computer maintenance plan to learn more.
Now, there is a way to get more money scrapping items and it is completely free!
Let’s get straight to it…
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Free Scrapping
A really easy and effective way to scrap items completely free is to pick up scrap metal, electronics, or car batteries from people just trying to get rid of them.
You can find these listings on places like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.
For example, on Craigslist, you can simply search for free scrap metal near you and you will see listings like this:
These are people just giving away their scrap metal for absolutely free and this means you can get money for scrap metal easily!
Free things are some of the best items to scrap for money!
Obviously, you will need a truck or van to pick up the scrap metal but it’s free for the taking so if you can do it, why not?
Craigslist is also great to find free electronics (most likely old electronics) and car batteries for recycling, though these are a bit less common.
Also, Facebook marketplace is a great place to look for these free items to scrap for money but from what I found, these listings are less common.
This is the best way to get cash for scrap metal completely free!
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Here are some frequently asked questions about scrapping metal and other items for money with the best answers:
Where Can I Take My Scrap Metal For Money?
You can find local scrap shops in your area by doing a simple Google search or you can check out the iScrap App to find nearby places to take scrap metal for money.
What Scrap Metal Pays The Most?
High-quality copper is one of the highest paying scrap metals out there. It’s common enough to find scraps of it and it is a highly sought-after metal.
What Are The Best Items For Scrap Metal?
The best items for scrap metal are old appliances or machinery. While they don’t pay as much as other types of metal, they are easy to come by and they allow you to turn your junk into cash. If you are hunting for the best metals to scrap then go for Brass or Copper.
How Much Money Can You Make Selling Scrap Metal?
The amount of money you can make selling scrap metal depends on what kind of metal you are scrapping and how much metal you scrap but you can look to make anywhere from $10 – $150 a week.
If you are scrapping ferrous metals then you will need a lot of weight to make decent money, you are looking at a price point of $50 per 1, 000 pounds.
Non-ferrous metal will fetch you more money but they are harder to come by. A good haul of non-ferrous metal can get you around $150.
What Scrap Metal Can You Sell?
You can sell pretty much any type of metal to scrap yards but a common list of scrap metal items you can sell are iron, steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.
What Scrap Metal Is In A Washing Machine?
Most washing machines are made of mostly stainless steel and aluminum. There can also be some copper located in the wiring and motor system.
Can Anyone Scrap Metal?
Yes, anyone can scrap metal. All you need to do is gather the scrap metal and take it to a scrap yard to trade it for cash.
These are the best things to scrap for money this week! Click To TweetOf course, you won’t become a millionaire scrapping metals, electronics, and car batteries but if you are looking for some extra cash this can be a good side gig to make money this week!
This post shows that there are things to scrap around the house to make some money and you can even find free scrap metal on sites like Craigslist to make even more money scrapping.
If you are serious about making money scrapping and if you want to know what scrap metal is worth the most money at the time then I highly recommend getting the iScrap app where you will get real-time updates on scrap metal prices and where you can get cash for scrap metal.
This app will show you the best places to take scrap metal for money.
I frequently get asked the question if it is worth it to start scrapping metal for a living and the short answer I give is no. Is it possible? Yes, but scrapping metal is not a great money maker as it used to be.
If you are looking to make some side income then definitely go for it but be sure to calculate your expenses such as gas for going around collecting scrap metal or renting a truck/van if necessary.
Scrapping metal along with electronics and car batteries are great ways to make some extra money but I recommend pairing this up with other side hustles to really start stacking up your cash.
If you have a car in working condition then I recommend checking out my post on 24 Ways To Make Money With Your Car or if you want to check out a unique way to make money, then head over to my post on 70 Best Under The Table Jobs That Pay Cash!
Have you ever made money scrapping metals or any other items? What are some other items that are good to scrap and make money? Let me know in the comments below!
Are you ready to take control of your money? Check out these awesome money resources which will help you to make and save $1, 000’s!
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means I will earn a commission if you choose to click and make a purchase. While there is no additional cost to you, it will give us a pretty penny. Thanks For Your Support!
Turning Junk Into Gold: How To Make Money Scrapping Metal

Turning Junk Into Gold: How To Make Money Scrapping Metal

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Josey 1884, when my great-great-great-grandfather Mayer Pollock was 25 years old, he came to Philadelphia from Russia. He traveled alone, leaving his young wife and son behind so that he could go forth and create a life for them in America. In an effort to save the money needed to bring the rest of the family over, he began collecting metal pots and pans and peddling them for money. He would walk all around with a backpack and collect as much as he could every day. It was certainly a struggle, but after a year he had saved enough to bring his wife, son, and father to the travels with his pack, there were various farmers on his route that he would sometimes stop and stay overnight with. One farmer in particular noticed how exhausted Mayer was from walking around with a pack filled with metal all day and suggested that he buy a horse and carriage. When Mayer explained to the farmer that he didn’t have the funds to buy a horse and carriage, the farmer lent him $100 so that he could. The money was just enough to buy a carriage and an old, blind horse. With his new “machinery” he was able to start purchasing heavier steel scrap from farmers and about 10 years, Mayer had moved from Philadelphia and settled in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. At this time, he had grown his small enterprise to the point where he owned about 12 horses, a small lot to store the metal, and a small home with a stable for his family and the horses. When he could afford it, he paid to have his wife’s family brought over from Europe. They sometimes slept three to a bed in the small house, but there was also enough men available now for each to take a horse and carriage out to collect metal. From here, the business continued to grow, some years quickly and some years not at all, to what it is today. Mayer Pollock Steel Corporation is one of America’s oldest scrapyards and is currently owned by my father. There are now three locations and a demolition crew under the MP umbrella. The company has survived many ups and downs and has been an official business for over 115 years. I worked there my entire life before starting an American-made men’s clothing brand called Dyer and Jenkins. During my time in the scrapyard I was able to learn a lot about metal and how an average person can earn a little extra cash by collecting it and bringing it to their local scrapyard. Today I’ll share my tips with tting Started What You’ll Need You don’t need a lot to get started. Here is what you’ll need:A magnet. The most handy tool for all scrappers. A pocket-sized one does the trick just fine. You’ll use this to distinguish ferrous from nonferrous metals (more on that below). If the magnet is drawn to the metal, it’s most likely mething to collect metal in – a truck, a barrel, a cardboard knowledge of different types of can you find metal? You can find scrap metal all over the place. Sometimes, people just throw it away because they don’t know the value of it. You can go from door to door and pass out flyers letting people know that you collect and scrap metal and would be happy to take it off of their hands. If circumstances allow it, you can go into buildings and demolition sites to collect metal. However, you must always have permission to go onto property that isn’t yours in order to collect metal. If you do not get permission, you could be prosecuted for best way to be successful is to find a recurring source of scrap. You can also check out the free section of llecting/Sorting Metals The following is very important. Knowing how to collect and separate your metals will ensure that you get the most money possible for your load. Here are a few basic tips:Put each type of metal in its own container. You don’t want your metals all mixed together when you show up at a scrapyard. The main reason is that you’ll most likely get paid only for the value of the least valuable metal in your box or you’ll be told to separate it and come back. For example, if you have brass and aluminum mixed together in one bucket, you may only get paid aluminum prices, which would suck because brass pays a lot more per your scrap. No, I don’t mean wash it off with soap and water. Clean scrap means that there are no extra attachments on the metal you are cashing in. The difference between #1 Copper and #2 Copper is very simple. #1 Copper is free of any paint or brass attachments which means that 99% of the weight is Copper. #2 Copper would mean that 96% or more of the weight is copper, but it may have paint or brass or some other metal attached to it, causing it to be your scrap safe. Scrap metal is often stolen from business, construction sites, and homes. Keep your collection in a safe owing Your MetalsWhat’s the difference between ferrous and nonferrous metals? The simplest answer is that ferrous metals and alloys contain iron (Fe) and nonferrous metals do not. Which is exactly why a magnet is your most useful tool in separating and collecting metals. If your magnet sticks to a piece of metal, chances are it’s ferrous. If it doesn’t stick, chances are it’s reason this is important is because there is typically a significant price difference between the two; nonferrous metals often pay more per pound than ferrous metals do. So if your magnet doesn’t stick, you’re looking at a little more cash in your Nonferrous MetalsAluminum – Window frames, building structures, roofs, airplanes, trains, boats, cars and trucks. It is also used in smaller vehicles like bicycles, motorbikes, and other mobility devices such as wheelchairs. Keep in mind that if there is iron (use your magnet) attached to any of these things it will need to be removed in order for you to get full aluminum prices for scrap. Of course, your old soda and beer cans also can be recycled, but it will take a lot of volume to make an amount of money that’s worth – Most commonly scrapped are valves and pipefittings. Some other items made from brass include: bullet casings, faucets, doorknobs, and light – Copper pipe, wires, circuits, switches, and electromagnets. A few others are plumbing fittings and also pieces found in refrigeration units, air conditioners, and water supply – Lead is used in many different applications from piping to wheel weights. It’s usually soft and somewhat pliable, but it’s deceptively ainless Steel – Although containing 70% iron, stainless steel is still considered a nonferrous metal and fetches a higher price. The reason it is more valuable is because it is made using a minimum of 8% nickel. Stainless steel can often be found in appliances and kitchenware as well as some automotive and aerospace technology. It will probably look like regular steel, but will not draw a magnet. Ferrous Metals While there are a large variety of ferrous metals (the most common being varieties of steel and iron), what’s most important to know are the following two categories of ferrous metal:New Scrap – Excess from the production lines of manufacturing warehouses. The common person will not likely have access to this type of metal. Obsolete Scrap – Old stuff: appliances, lawnmowers, cars – anything that’s old and made of steel. Both new and obsolete scrap will draw the pull of a magnet. I’ve listed some common items below:Automobiles – Yes, you can scrap an entire vehicle if you want to. A lot of people I know will just sit some old hunk of junk in their yard forever because it doesn’t run and they never find the time to fix it. The good news is that you can scrap it if you can’t fix it or sell it. I’d recommend stripping off anything that contains aluminum or other nonferrous metals because you can get more money for them. Also, before taking the car in, you should call ahead to the local scrapyard to see what they need from you in order to buy it. Most yards will need you to present the title and empty it of all liquids. Emptying the liquids from the car sucks, trust me; I spent an entire summer doing it once, but it’s worth it if you’re getting paid. Washers, Dryers, Heaters, Other Appliances – Most scrapyards take them all. So, if you’ve recently replaced any of these household appliances lately you can get some decent scrap money for them instead of letting them sit in your ructural Steel – Prepared I-beams, channels, angles and/or plates, steel girders, and structural steel from demolition scrap. This is the stuff that typically holds up bridges and shing InWhere can you take your metal to sell? Now that you’ve collected and separated your metals, you’re ready to cash in. You’ll want to take your goods to the local scrapyard. A scrapyard differs from a junkyard, but only slightly. They both may look the same to an outsider, but scrapyards focus only on buying and selling metal, whereas there are a variety of other things that can be found in a junkyard. Junkyards have also been historically used as auto wrecks and parts best bet is to call ahead to any of your local scrapyards and figure out which one is offering the best prices for the metal. In most cases you will find that they are all comparable to one another. Some yards pay you in cash and some will write you a can also use the iScrap App to find scrapyards in your local much can one stand to make scrapping? The amount of money any one person can make scrapping ranges from a few extra bucks a month for beer, to a few thousand if you have a connection to a business that generates scrap regularly. It all depends on what and how often you scrap. Also keep in mind that market prices are always changing based on supply and said that, here are some rough numbers to work from:Light iron and other ferrous metals: $. 06-$. 10 per lb, but they are more commonly found so it’s easier to get more $2. 65 per sulated copper wire: $. 90 per $1. 60 per ainless steel: $. 42 cents per uminum: $. 50 cents per ’s not uncommon for a scrapper to make up to $100-$200 a day from their hauls. Not bad if you’re looking to generate a little extra cash before the holidays! Are you a scrapper? What tricks of the trade can you share? ______________________________Josey Orr is a former employee of Mayer Pollock Steel Corporation. Previous Next

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What is the best thing to scrap for money?

Household Appliances. Most household appliances are made up of ferrous metals and most scrapyards take them all! … Structural Steel. … Cars. … Old Scrap. … Ferrous Metals Prices. … Aluminum. … Copper. … Brass.More items…•Mar 13, 2021

How much money do scrappers make?

It’s not uncommon for a scrapper to make up to $100-$200 a day from their hauls. Not bad if you’re looking to generate a little extra cash before the holidays!Nov 13, 2014

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