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League Of Legends Proxy

What is Proxy Farming in League of Legends? - LeagueFeed

What is Proxy Farming in League of Legends? – LeagueFeed

While you’re playing League of Legends, if you’re paying attention to chat, you’re going to see a lot of slang. Some of the slang you may be familiar with, but there may come a time when you wonder exactly what it means…like proxy farming. For those of you who are sitting there, scratching your heads and wondering what the heck proxy farming is and why are people keep talking about it, we’re going to fill you in on the meaning, which champion is best for it, and of course, how to do it correctly!
What is Proxy Farming?
Long story short, proxy farming involves farming behind an enemy turret, preventing the enemy teams’ minions from protecting their turret as your minions take advantage of this. Now, the enemy team can counter this action by tanking the minions (similar to what you’re doing), or they can choose to let their turret slowly be taken advantage of, piece by piece.
In a proxy farm situation, the champion will be sitting between the first and second tower – their job is to eliminate as many minions as possible in this area. Basically, the theory here is that once you kill all of the minions, there won’t be anything left to fight, which will allow your minions to push to the tower. This applies significant lane pressure because the enemy laner will have no choice but to stay in lane in order to stop the tower from taking all the lane farm – this is an effective way for a team to prevent a roamer from doing his/her job.
Mind you, being a proxy has some issues. In this position, you’re going to be easy to gank because you’re far from any form of protection. This is why many people consider proxying a poor technique and inting. When this technique is done correctly, it is anything but feeding. As long as you choose an appropriate champion, it is easy to get away.
The idea here is to pressure the jungle and mid, which will leave the other objectives free for the taking. For this reason, Singed is the perfect champion for this role. This champion has an ultimate, ghost, and Q – when you combine these actions with W and bush jukes with E, he is hard to chase.
The Best Proxy Strategy
Starting out, Singed will use his ghost summoner spells, making it easier for him to escape. This will give him the ability to return quickly after dying.
Singed will be proxy farming between enemy turrets starting out at level 1. He will be clearing the waves of minions while staying away from most melee minion damage.
Singed doesn’t care about dying. He’s entirely focused on farming those minion waves.
Benefits of this Strategy
By farming enemy minion waves between the enemy turrets, the top lane enemy must either let him reach the turret or tank his minions. Usually, this will make the last hitting almost impossible for the enemy laner.
If the enemy top laner decides it’s a good idea to chase after Singed, he will lose minions, allowing them to get an easy tower.
After each death, killing Singed isn’t going to bring as much gold – each death gives less and less gold.
Usually, the enemy team will choose to send their mid laner or jungler to help get a hold on Singed and destroy him. What this means is that Singed will be given free map control, making it easy to get the objectives (bot turrets, mid, drake, and so on).
Why Choose Singed?
We chose Singed for this proxy strategy because his escape capabilities with his ult, ghost, and poison are like no other. With his poison, he can farm minion waves while avoiding most of the minion damage. Yes, he dies a lot, but he still gets decent farms, and after level 6, he can go farm top and mid lanes inside the enemy base and be efficient for the end game team fights.
The most significant disadvantage to using this strategy is that a Proxy Singed is going to require the entire team to know what to do in order to take advantage of the map pressure that Singed is creating. If you’re on a team and your teammates aren’t able to get objectives as Singed is being chased, then the strategy isn’t going to work out very well.
How Do We Handle a Proxy Farmed Singed?
Honestly, there’s no hard counter to the strategy because the enemy isn’t able to leave Singed freely farming in their base, but chasing him is going to leave objectives open. So what do we do when we are facing a Singed?
The best ways to counter a proxy farming Singed are:
Keep the Top Jungle Properly – You need to properly ward the top jungle and keep it warded. As soon as Singed tries to walk into the jungle, punish him.
Wave Clearing Champion – We recommend a good wave clearing champion. Zed, Riven, Chogath, or Zac would work great as a wave clearing champion. Also, once you’re able to, go proxy farming, which will negate the pressure that Singed is creating.
Snowballing Champions – Use snowballing champions like Akai, Fiora, Darius, Fiz, Katarina, Jax, Vayne, Nasus, Draven, or Yasuo. These champions have a higher impact on the teamfights than Singed.
When using Singed to proxy farm, you need to be comfortable with playing him and know how to use his abilities because you’re going to find yourself getting into some mighty tricky situation. You should also communicate with your teammates in order to make sure your team takes full advantage of the strategy.
In the end, don’t think that your opponents don’t know what you’re doing – they can predict your actions and counter you, which won’t end well for you, so always make sure you’re on top of your game.
What is proxy farming? - Arqade

What is proxy farming? – Arqade

Proxy Singed is a strategy designed to take advantage of Singed strengths and confuse the enemy team.
The strategy is usually executed as following:
Singed runs teleport / ghost summoner spells for better escape and ability to come back quickly after dying
Singed usually starts flask / ward / pots (ward in enemy jungle to teleport after first death)
Singed will be farming between enemy turrets from level 1, clearing the minion waves with his poison while avoiding most of melee minion damage
Singed will not care about dying, and will only focus on farming minion waves
The key benefits of the strategy are these:
By farming enemy minion waves between turrets, the enemy top laner must either tank Singed minions, or let them reach his turret. This will usually make last hitting harder for the enemy laner, denying some gold
If the enemy top laner tries to chase Singed, he will lose minions, and let them get an easy tower
After each death, killing Singed will reward less and less gold, whereas Singed will still be denying farm through his proxy farming
The enemy team will usually send their jungler and / or mid laner help to handle Singed and kill him, meaning Singed team is given free map control, allowing for easy objectives (mid / bot turrets, drake,… )
This strategy is best run with Singed, because he has great escape capabilities with his ult, poison, and ghost. He can farm minion waves easily with his poison while avoiding most of minion damage. Even if Singed dies a lot, he should still get more than decent farms (he can even go farm top and mid lanes inside enemy base after level 6) and be efficient for end game teamfights.
The biggest disadvantage of this strategy is that Proxy Singed requires a team knowing how to take advantage of the map pressure created by Singed. If your teammates don’t get objectives while Singed is being chased, the strategy is a lot less efficient.
There is no real hard counter to the strategy, as the enemy team cannot leave Singed farming freely inside their base, but chasing him will leave objectives open. The best ways to handle a proxy farming Singed are:
Have a good wave clearing top champion (riven, chogath, zac, zed, ). Go proxy farming once you’re able to, this will negate the pressure created by singed.
Ward your top jungle properly and keep it warded. Punish Singed as soon as he tries to enter your jungle.
Use snowbally champions that will have a higher impact on teamfights than Singed coming to end game
Invest in mejai or sword of the occult, get free stacks on Singed if he continues his proxy farming
Note that the latest patch have made the proxy farming less efficient, by reducing the death strike penalty on kills, making killing Singed more rewarding in such cases.
What is proxy farming?: summonerschool - Reddit

What is proxy farming?: summonerschool – Reddit

In a proxy farm situation, you sit between the first tower and the second tower, and kill all the minions there. It was developed as a way to be even more annoying as singed (:P). Basically, you will get all the minions, and having nothing to fight, your minions will in theory push to tower. It applies massive lane pressure, as your enemy laner has to stay in lane to prevent the tower from taking all the lane farm, and is a very effective way of shutting down a, it has some issues. You are very easy to gank in this position, as you are so far from any protection. This is why a lot of people consider it a poor technique, and at worst, intentional feeding. Done correctly, it is anything but feeding. The reason is because if you pick an appropriate champion, most commonly Singed, you can get away with it easily. A singed is the best pick because of his ult and general kit. You DO NOT chase a singed. You can’t catch him, and he will wittle you down as you do so. This is slightly easier now that he has no tenacity from his ult, but it is still hell to keep up with a ulted, ghosted, if you want to pull this off, remember it requires very specific circumstances to be useful. If you are against a laner who benefits from roaming and snowballing, or want to alleviate pressure on other lanes, AND you are confident in your ability to escape multiple, regular ganks, then you can try it. Pick someone who can escape well, I will suggest Singed for his wave clear and escape, and have a ball. Be sure to explain to your team what you are doing, and be prepared to feed a few kills if you aren’t my opinion, it is still a valid tactic, and definitely not a troll one, for the following reasons:-It alleviates map pressure for your team mates, allowing them to farm more or apply pressure elsewhere. -It prevents a top laner from roaming, and draws the attention of the mid lane and jungle (Relating to the above point). -It allows you to farm easily while applying a HUGE amount of pressure, if the enemy ignores you. -Its incredibly cheeky, which is Singed in a ‘t jump on someones back just because they are trying something new, the meta needs to be broken if we are going to grow as a community. Editted for formatting

Frequently Asked Questions about league of legends proxy

What does proxy mean in League of Legends?

Proxy is when you farm behind enemy turret, preventing his minions from protecting his turret from your minions. Your opponent can counter this with tanking the minions himself (like you are) or let his turret slowly wither down.

Why is proxy farming good?

The key benefits of the strategy are these : By farming enemy minion waves between turrets, the enemy top laner must either tank Singed minions, or let them reach his turret. This will usually make last hitting harder for the enemy laner, denying some gold.Jul 3, 2013

What is the point of proxying?

Proxy servers act as a firewall and web filter, provide shared network connections, and cache data to speed up common requests. A good proxy server keeps users and the internal network protected from the bad stuff that lives out in the wild internet.May 7, 2021

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