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Kick Ass Prox

Kickass proxy list: the best KAT alternatives (updated for 2021)

Looking for a Kickass proxy? Since Kickass Torrents went bust in 2016 it’s left a hole for peer-to-peer sharing all around the world. Read on for a list of the best alternatives, ready to use today.
Kickass Torrents, often abbreviated as KAT, was a hugely popular peer-to-peer file sharing network that was forced to close in 2016. Since then it’s been tough to find a Kickass proxy that sticks around for more than a few months.
While the practice of downloading torrent files isn’t illegal in itself, the grounds the US government used to seize the domain was based on the millions of copyright-protected files circulating on the website. The majority of music, film, television, and let’s face it, porn, are all copyrighted under US law – hence the site got jacked.
It meant the birth of the the Kickass proxy. KAT’s former employees started a new site with a similar interface, and nowadays there’s many ways to get access to the database if you know where to look.
What is a Kickass proxy?
A Kickass proxy is essentially a site that let’s you get back-door access to KAT. They’ll make your browser appear as if it’s based in a location where KAT isn’t illegal, masking your IP address and allowing you to access the site.
Sounds simple, right? It is, but in most cases, these sites are also frowned upon which is why they come and go.
Working Kickass proxy sites
Tested recently, these are the Kickass proxy sites that still let you access the KAT database of torrent files:
Please note, these proxies come and go. If a link is broken, check another one – we regularly update this list to make sure they’re all working as intended.
Are there alternatives to Kickass Torrents?
It’s the internet, so of course there are alternatives to KAT out there. In 2014 Kickass Torrents was the most prominent BitTorrent network on the web, and countless imitators popped up, trying to grab a slice of the pie.
In 2021 a lot of these sites have stood the test of time, and are great places to look if you’re having trouble finding a working Kickass torrent. Below are a list of popular alternatives everyone should consider if a Kickass proxy isn’t doing the trick.
The Pirate Bay: Another big dog of the BitTorrent world, The Pirate Bay has faced a similarly troubled past to KAT. It’s been raided, shut down, moved offshore, and generally found a million ways to stay one step ahead of the parties who would have them shut down permanently.
LimeTorrents: A cleanly alternative, if that’s your jib. LimeTorrents is one of the largest torrent databases in the world, only behind a few of the other major players – most of the time though, using a Kickass proxy will be a better choice.
RARBG: Probably the most actively up-to-date site out there, the RARBG community is always right on the money with the latest content.
TorLock: Likely the best choice for the readers out there. TorLock boasts an especially large collection of eBooks, for those who don’t want to pay $15 for a novel that went copyright-free in the ’80s. It’s also a great source for anime torrents.
This is by no means an exhaustive list, but between these four and KAT, you should be covered.
Disclaimer: don’t be naughty!
Remember, the practice of file sharing by way of torrent downloads such as a Kickass proxy isn’t illegal. Downloading copyrighted material without paying for it though – that’s illegal.
With the vast amount of streaming services available today across the markets of film, television, and music, it’s never been easier to support your favourite creators by subscribing to a service that suits you. Music lovers note that Napster/Rhapsody, Tidal, and Youtube Music pay the best dividends to artists per stream.
In 2021, game streaming has also come into the fore. For a subscription fee similar to Netflix, services such as Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now allow access to thousands of video games, all downloadable on-demand. These programs often include older games that were previously unplayable or unavailable on newer consoles, meaning it’s a fantastic way to revisit the classics you grew up on without using an illegal emulator.
Torrenting can be an excellent practice for downloading anything open-source, from 3D models to found footage or massive free-to-use sample archives. We don’t condone piracy, so if you’re using torrents responsibly, then find a Kickass proxy and get started today.
So, what are the legal uses for a Kickass proxy?
Believe it or not, and despite KAT’s less-than-legal history, there’s actually a huge database of perfectly legal material you can download from the site’s directory. The categories don’t stop at music and video – you can also download ebooks, documents, apps, games, and of course, porn.
While a great majority of the website is dedicated to pirated material, there are some exceptions. For anyone who’s modified a smartphone, such as jailbreaking an iPhone, searching for a Kickass proxy often becomes the way you’ll search for apps that were ordinarily free, but now aren’t available through the conventional app store.
Older books that have faded out of copyright are also, annoyingly, often resold at exorbitant prices by ebook publishers. Torrenting is a way around such hurdles. Though it’s not exactly legal, but perhaps ethical depending on who you ask, torrenting can be a way for students to find scholarly articles and textbooks that are usually only available at prohibitive prices.
KickAss Proxy List For 2021 [100% Working KickAss Torrents ...

KickAss Proxy List For 2021 [100% Working KickAss Torrents …

Torrenting is an easy means to share large files using peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing technology as you’re not dependent on a single source or website. To download files using torrents, you need a torrent search engine or website and a torrent client. After the popular torrent site, Kickass torrent disappeared after it was banned, several Kickass proxy sites have popped up on the internet.
Also, Kickass torrents (KAT cr) is one of the best torrents sites after Pirates Bay. The popular BitTorrent site was founded in 2008 and tasted its fair share of success until it was blocked in 2016.
However, like other torrent sites, the Kickass Kat website has been pulled offline in many countries because of the copyrighted content available on it. After the original website was banned, many Kickass torrent mirror sites appeared to entice users. Even the staffers of the original Kickass torrent site tried to revive the website with a new kickass site named but the site failed to gain much traction.
Despite the fact that the original torrent site has gone underground, Kickass Proxy List could help you access it at all times. The below-mentioned Kat proxy sites act as an intermediate between the Kat mirror websites and your device thus granting you access to Kickass torrent websites even if it is restricted in your region.
Disclaimer: The torrent sites mentioned ahead are just for an informational purpose. We don’t support using them to download copyright-protected content.
KickAss Proxy Sites List 2021 (100% Working)
Here’s a list of KickAss torrents proxy sites. We have tested all these Kat proxy sites, and all the enlisted sites were working at the time of writing.
Why Use KickAss Proxy Sites?
There is no means to get Kickass unblocked, but there are proxy sites available that host torrent files.
If you want to download torrents, you can use KickAss proxy sites that offer a large number of torrent files and magnet links for downloading your favorite content.
How Do Kickass Proxy Sites Work?
Proxy servers act as a bridge between the website you want to access and your browser. For example, when you use a Kickass Torrent Proxy site, your browser connects to the Kat proxy and then the proxy connects to the website. This helps in accessing content that is restricted in your area due to restrictions. The Kickass Proxy list 2021 has all the working links that you can use to download files from the popular torrent website.
Why Is Kickass Torrent Blocked?
You must have noticed that it is not easy to access torrent sites and ISPs keep them blocked. The reason Kickass Torrent or other torrent sites is blocked by ISPs and government authorities is that often such sites host copyrighted material and accessing copyrighted material without the content creator’s permission is illegal. One of the major reasons why Kickass is blocked in your region is that ISPs and authorities are trying to enforce strict copyright laws.
How to unblock Kickass Torrents? [3 Easy Ways]
Besides using Kickass proxy, there are other methods as well you can use to unblock Kickass proxy. Here are 3 easy methods:
1. Use manual DNS configuration
One of the easiest methods to unblock Kickass proxy is manually configuring your DNS address to remove the restrictions imposed by ISPs. However, this method is not guaranteed to work on every ISP block and by using a DNS server.
2. Use TOR Browser
One of the safest methods to unblock blocked sites is using the TOR browser. It is a privacy-centric browser that encrypts your internet traffic by routing it through several layers. Thus, the destination website is unaware of your original IP address. However, using the TOR browser requires technical expertise as you’d have to configure it.
3. Use A VPN
One of the easiest methods to unblock blocked websites like torrent sites is to use a VPN. You can use VPNs like Express VPN, Cyberghost, or other popular VPNs. However, using VPNs is not a cheap affair as you need to purchase a subscription. Besides unblocking the Kickass torrent, you’ll also get an added layer of security if you use a VPN.
What to do if Kickass proxy sites are blocked?
It often happens that ISPs block proxy sites to render you completely helpless against their ban. Therefore, as an alternative to this proxy site ban, you can search for Kickass torrent mirror sites or you can use Kickass alternatives to access the website. Torrent freaks have already come up with several mirror torrent sites to help you bypass this ISP block.
Kickass Torrents Alternatives 2021
It’s no doubt that KickAss Torrent made a popular name in the BitTorrent ecosystem. Although, most of it was because of the massive amount of pirated content it hosted. Anyway, the fans of the defunct site can now only rely on these Kickass proxy portals. Unless they might want to jump the ship.
If the above-mentioned KickAss torrents proxy sites do not work, there are many alternatives available. Here are some alternatives for Kickass Torrents that you can use in 2021.
1. The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay is one of the best Kickass alternatives you can use if you aren’t able to access the website. Undoubtedly, TPB is counted amongst the top torrent sites as you can find a vast number of torrents here. Moreover, you can use our list of Pirate Bay Proxy sites if this torrent site is blocked in your region.
2. Extratorrents
Extratorrent is also counted in the list of popular torrent sites and is often listed in the same category as TPB and Kickass. What makes it a perfect Kickass torrent alternative is the huge number of torrents it offers in different genres.
3. 1337x
Movie buffs, if you’re not able to access Kickass proxy sites, 1337x is the website you should turn to. You will everything movie related starting from latest movie trailers and old movies. 1337x also has one of th best torrent communities so that you connect with like minded people.
In our article, you’ll find many popular KickAss search engine alternatives like 1337x, Torrentz2, LimeTorrents, The Pirate Bay, and Zooqle for downloading a variety of torrents.
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Kickass Proxy Sites List to Unblock Kickass Torrent Site - Tech ...

Kickass Proxy Sites List to Unblock Kickass Torrent Site – Tech …

Kickass Proxy Website Function:Why Utilize Kickass Proxy Site:Best Way to Access/Unblock Kickass Torrents:The kickass proxy list is given below – October 2021 (Manually Checked)Kickass Proxy SitesSecuritySpeedWorkingStatusWays to download Kickass Torrent Without an account:Kickass Proxy Introduction:What is the benefit of using Kickass Proxy/Mirror? Alternatives to Kickass Torrents:The Kickass Torrent overview:Features of Kickass Torrents:Do you think Kickass Torrent Website is a safe website to use? State the problem behind access denied to Kickass Torrent website? Countries where kickass torrent sites have been blocked:What do you mean by the kickass new site? What are the steps that you need to follow to copy a magnet link of kickass proxy? What do you understand by kickass? Does create an account is necessary for kickass torrents? Is kickass tor available again? Is it safe to use KAT Tv? Can you still download content from kickass torrents? How can you download anything without an account from kickass? How can you download anything with the help of uTorrent from Kickass Torrent? Is Kickass still open? What are the steps to follow to create a kickass torrent account? Can you get attracted or go to jail for downloading things from torrent? Kickass Proxy Website Function:Kickass Proxy websites are designed for users to access data such as movies, TV shows, and films which were earlier accessible through the Kickass Torrents. Proxy sites help users to access data by hiding the actual IP address that prevents viruses to enter your ckass Proxy websites help users by preventing the act of tracing the IP address of the user, this prevents the system from being Utilize Kickass Proxy Site:A Kickass proxy site helps the user to use entertainment data in a secured manner. It also prevents the user’s data from website generates online traffic which can be easily routed via the Kickass proxy ckass Proxies create a balance on the server used so that it doesn’t ckass Proxy sites control the user’s usage in such a way that it can safeguard the system from any ternet speeds are faster which ensures you can download data at a fast speed by using minimum ckass Torrents are known due to their fast pace proxies which allow you to download data using a VPN in a secured and systematic manner. A proxy site in kickass is identical to kickass torrent, even though kickass torrent is blocked in your country you can use its proxy site to enjoy the entertainment content of your ckass torrent or in other words KAT is the most popular piracy site used for downloading pirated content. This software works with the technique of file sharing known as peer to cording to a leading tech website, kickass torrents faced a massive shutdown in 2016 due to a legal case registered against it by Apple in which the allegation was promoting pirated content and sharing copyrighted content free of cost without relevant legal kickass Torrent website had such a strong interface that no other website could provide the same level of access to its kickass Proxy site was the most popular and widely used site between the year 2014 to 2016. The use of a VPN makes it easier for the user to use a proxy site since the website traffic is encrypted. This prevents viruses and malware from entering your Proxy is one of the most popular used torrent sites for enabling users to download Way to Access/Unblock Kickass Torrents:First of all, you need to sign up with a registered VPN service. Also, you need to ensure this VPN service enables you to access peer to peer torrent files since without this you will not be able to download your favorite torrent need to create an account on the VPN application on your specific device either a phone or a application requires your credentials to sign in, you need to ensure, that the VPN server connects automatically but it also supports kickass torrents which you need to ckass Torrents can be accessed key reason for blocking a kickass torrent site is because material downloaded by the user is copyrighted and sharing of such data is illegal in the eyes of internet service provider will block your access since they are aware that the bandwidth being utilized to download the content is sufficient. The disadvantage of downloading content from a blocked site is that sometimes the registered server isn’t reachable or doesn’t reflect while are 2 ways to download your favorite content via kickass torrents. Firstly, you can use a VPN which acts as a hidden server hiding the original identity of your IP address. It also helps in redirecting the user to the relevant internet condly, users can use KAT proxy sites or alternatively known as mirror sites which create a replication of content and make the content available to users for ckass Proxy sites are essential because they provide the user with the relevant torrent files along with magnet links which you can use to download content in a hassle-free sites are widely used because the original kickass torrent site has been blocked under the cyber law of the country to eradicate kickass proxy list is given below – October 2021 (Manually Checked)The following kickasstorrents proxy websites that work properly:Kickass Proxy SitesSecuritySpeedWorkingStatus FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline FastYesOnline to download Kickass Torrent Without an account:Users need to download a designated torrent software on your device before you use the kickass proxy site to download the relevant need to visit the following website called homepage will open, once the user opens this can mention the specified data names in the search bar of the website to download the content using the KAT proxy you download any movie or tv show, please click on the download torrent option without which you will not be able to download any movie or content of your need to click on the download torrents site before he proceeds to download the the user opens the KAT proxy site, choose the icon which is labeled magnet, you need to click the checkmark on the pop- up box as this will allow you to download the relevant content and save it on the specified ckass Proxy Introduction:A Kickass proxy website is a popular site which allows a user to access peer to peer files, by hiding the original IP address so that the data becomes accessible easily. A user can access the Kickass proxy site easily if the proxy site is not blocked in the specific utilize the Kickass proxy to download files related to entertainment data. However, the Kickass proxy site does not last very long since the data being downloaded is ckass proxy sites allow you to access the entertainment data because the Kickass Torrents are usually blocked in countries due to government rules in countries. Generally, according to the government rules, many countries would like to prevent the act of piracy so the Kickass torrents are Kickass proxy site acts as a server between your internet network and the website you are trying to open. The advantage of using a proxy site is that even though you access the entertainment data your computer and system are safeguarded in the future. KAT proxy is an alternate name for the Kickass Torrent is the benefit of using Kickass Proxy/Mirror? Kickass proxy and mirror websites create a mirror reflection of the original kickass torrent website. Their aim is to safeguard your system from any kind of malware or viruses. It gives you access to pirated content free of cost which becomes non-accessible on a kickass torrent website. Kickass torrent websites allow users to gain 100 percent access to entertainment-related content. Proxy server or website works in a way that keeps your original IP address hidden and away from the eyes of sites or mirror sites enable the user to download content faster than the regular torrent site. If you use a proxy site on your browser, it will help you to safeguard the original IP address from getting registered on any alternate websites that you may open/browse through. The only disadvantage here is due to unlimited cash files the internet speed becomes slow and opening the website easily becomes a ternatives to Kickass Torrents:The Pirate Bay: It is a software used to create an index for digital content available to users. It allows users to search, download, stream online content with the peer to peer mechanism of file sharing. This software works well with magnet links that help users to download torrent files as and when This is a website which provides access to share torrent files by using a protocol called BitTorrent. This website is blocked in approximately 16 different countries, it provides users the access to download and search new entertainment content. 1337x: This is a popular website which works on a deep-seeded web. The unique point about this website is that the content searched on this website doesn’t reflect on Google. Researchers comment that this website itself is an entertainment search engine, hence it doesn’t require google YTS stands for Yify Torrents. It is known for downloading movies in High Definition. The researchers comment that original Yify torrents are no longer operational however, there is a series of mirror websites which have taken the place of this popular torrent metorrents: Lime Torrents is a well-known library which has a wide range of torrents that are still active. Users do not need prior training to use this Kickass Torrent overview:Kickass torrents are essentially a website which serves as an online directory for 2 kinds of files, one is Torrent files and the second is Magnet Links which assists users to download files by using the peer to peer file sharing option. The kickass torrent utilises the BitTorrent protocol. This torrent website was established in 2008 and by the Financial Year 2014, it became the most widely used website across the kickass torrents due to a legal allegation raised by the Apple organization was given the notice to shut down in the year 2016. However, in the same year, few kickass torrent members joined hands to create a proxy website wherein their focus was to replicate the original features and look and feel of the kickass torrent advantage of this website was that it provided unlimited access to users for downloading unlimited entertainment content free of cost and systematically without revealing the original IP address of the user. Now, if one proxy website was blocked another one could be created in its place. Features of Kickass Torrents:KAT Proxy is a website designed to serve as an online directory to users in order to download the content of their provides fast access to users to download 2016, due to an increase in the sharing of pirated and copyrighted content, the US Government announced a complete shutdown of the kickass ckass torrents allow users to view content through the method of online streaming. It is not necessary that users need to download the content to view the content of their stallation of the software isn’t required. The best advantage of using a kickass torrent or a kickass proxy is that it warns you when you do not access the website with a VPN. VPN increases the safety mechanism for kickass torrents and kickass proxy websites promote piracy, yet they are popular and most widely used websites among the you think Kickass Torrent Website is a safe website to use? The kickass torrent website has been blocked by the US Government to ensure that piracy of media content can be stopped completely. Hence, users do not have immediate access to the original torrent websites. Instead, many fans and followers of kickass torrents have created proxy and mirror websites to replicate the functioning of kickass torrents. This provides unlimited access to users to download the content of their choice. If one link doesn’t work, an alternate link can be created in its the problem behind access denied to Kickass Torrent website? The prime reason you cannot access kickass torrent sites is that these sites have been blocked to stop the promotion of piracy. The data available on these sites can be accessed via the proxy sites which have a limited shelf life because if one proxy link doesn’t work, there is an alternative link created to replace the previously available link so that the downloading change of content isn’t untries where kickass torrent sites have been blocked:These countries include Portugal, Italy, Malaysia, China, United States, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Costa Rica. Different countries have blocked the use of kickass torrents to restrict the increasing issue of piracy. This also opens doors for hackers across the world to access your personal information if such sites are not ckass torrents are blocked under the cyber laws prevailing in that country which help users to enjoy entertainment content without getting into any legal battle. Kickass torrents therefore can be accessed in the form of kickass proxy websites which allow the user to download content without facing the threat of a virus prevailing in their do you mean by the kickass new site? Here you can have a larger number of magnet links, and torrent files for downloading the content you want. Such as TV shows, Movie torrent, music files, games, and different software for free. The new kickass torrents site is available with some of the original content and verified uploaders. The new kickass proxy looks the same as the original site so hers you can now start downloading without any worries. KAT is the new version of the kickass torrent site where you will even get copyright are the steps that you need to follow to copy a magnet link of kickass proxy? You have to install a torrent client in your device open the kat proxy a thing that you want to download like a game or click on the properties of the file like the game or movie you want to this click on the option called “download torrent” you have to copy the magnet this, you have to open the client torrent or uTorrent to download the the file will get downloaded in the specific location you do you understand by kickass? It is a one-stop place to download everything and anything you like. In one place you can download the latest movie, song, games, software, etc without paying create an account is necessary for kickass torrents? It is not essential to have a kickass account as there are many proxies whom you can use for downloading your favorite movies or contents. So no, you need to register with your card kickass tor available again? You can now download anything from kickass torrents website which has now been restored. The site is also known as KAT. Due to the heavy demand among all the people the site is back again at which is now relaunched at with the same original look and it safe to use KAT Tv? Yes, it is, as compared to other torrent sites where you can download whatever you want. But for the safe side it is also important to have some malware protection, popup blocked, and get a good antivirus. When you are using the internet it is also important for you to take care of your device you still download content from kickass torrents? Kickass torrents were one of the famous file-sharing websites which were loved by most of the population but for a certain reason, it is no more. The owner of kickass torrents Artem Vaulin was attracted in July 2016 by the US department of justice for money laundering, and with some of the copyright issues. This is the main reason why kickass torrents were can you download anything without an account from kickass? Below are some of the steps that you need to follow to get anything that you want to download without any account from Kickass your computer or laptop, you have to download the torrent this, you have to search for the kickass torrent site and click on you have to select one particular thing that you want to download, like music or have to open the torrent software that you have you have to click on the option called Magnet which will appear on the left side of the Download torrent link and after this click on the Open Magnet URI from the pop box. After this, the movie or song will start downloading and save at your given can you download anything with the help of uTorrent from Kickass Torrent? You have to download and install the uTorrent on your laptop or computer. For that, you have to follow some of the given for uTorrent software in your search engine available in your device and then download this, you have to double click on the option of download file and then follow the given instruction to install are some of the steps that you need to follow to download anything from kickass torrent with the help of launching the uTorrent you have to search for a movie or song in the kickass you get the content you were looking for click on and download it. Once you click on the download button a pop box will come up where you have to select the option open uTorrent and after this, the download will the download is completed you have to double click on the downloaded file then you can see or reason to the movie or, kickass torrent is shut down due to some copyright issue but there are many kickass proxy accounts available from which you can download whatever you want are the steps to follow to create a kickass torrent account? For registering you have to click on the register or sign in button which you will find on the home page at the top right corner. Fill up the data that they are asking for and click on the continue you have to give your debit or credit card number there where they will not deduct any money for registering then you are done with the registering you get attracted or go to jail for downloading things from torrent? No, you can get attracted to just using a kickass torrent. This is just a file copy protocol but you can get arrested if you are downloading licensed content like movies, software for which you don’t have any license.

Frequently Asked Questions about kick ass prox

What is kickass new site?

It hosts a good number of torrent files and magnet links for movie torrents, TV shows, software, games, and music torrents. The new Kickass Torrent site (https://katcr.to/) is back online with some original staff and dedicated uploaders.Jan 1, 2019

What is kickass proxy?

What is a Kickass proxy? A Kickass proxy is essentially a site that let’s you get back-door access to KAT. They’ll make your browser appear as if it’s based in a location where KAT isn’t illegal, masking your IP address and allowing you to access the site.

Is kickass to Safe?

Then you might get into legal issues. However, the answer for the Is kickasstorrent safe to use or not, I would say yes it is safe. … You may not get into legal trouble but downloading files using Torrent will attract viruses to your computer. So you will face a lot of PC problems later on.

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