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Is Aio Bot Worth It

AIO Bot / Supreme Bot updates

AIO Bot / Supreme Bot updates

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Stay ahead of the cook game with six months of premium updates!
Sneaker websites are always trying to stop you from copping but we constantly make frequent updates, add more features and listen to our customers. That why we’re number 1 in the game!
Within 6 months period, our average customer makes or saves $200-$700, either from resell or from saving retail fees. So buying an update is a no brainer!
(Instantly updates your license on purchase)
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AIO Bot comes with 6 months of free updates. All new features, site fixes and bot updates within those first 6 months are available for free.
After 6 months, you have two options:
1- Renewing the updates period: For as little as $69 you can renew your updates period and get all the updates, features and site fixes for an additional 6 months.
Either way, our customer support team is glad to help you and answer all your questions.
Our product is a software that helps users to increase their chances of buying limited shoes from retailer sites. The purchase price of the software DOES NOT include the price of the shoes. Payment for shoes is SEPARATE. Buying and using the software DOES NOT guarantee you will get the shoes you want because of other factors, such as limited stock. The purpose of the software is to INCREASE YOUR CHANCES.
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Everything You Need to Know About Preventing Sneaker Bots - Queue-it

Everything You Need to Know About Preventing Sneaker Bots – Queue-it

If you’re a sneaker retailer, you know bots are a huge problem in the $42 billion sneaker business.
According to Imperva’s 2020 Bad Bot report over 18% of traffic to ecommerce sites comes from bad bots.
But sneakerheads know that in their world, bots dominate the game. On hyped releases, close to 100% of traffic comes from bots, according to Akamai’s director of threat research.
Limited-edition releases and high-profile collaborations generate so much demand that an entire resale industry has emerged.
Sneakers become assets, just like stocks or artwork. If you visited StockX—what the New York Times called “A Nasdaq for Sneakerheads”—you’d be forgiven for thinking you were looking at shares of Nike stock, not a resale site for Nike sneakers.
Where the money and hype are, bots follow.
An example from StockX with financial market terms like “ask”, “bid”, “ticker” and “volatility”
Bad bots are bad for business. They erode the trust sneakerheads have in your brand. They sever the connection with genuine customers who could return to buy and evangelize your brand. And they create overwhelming traffic that can crash your site, losing sales on products across the board.
But what can retailers do? How did we get here? Will legislation fix things? How do sneaker raffles remove bots from the equation? Are there other options? These are the questions we’ll deal with in this blog.
How have sneaker bots evolved?
How do sneaker bots affect your business?
Are sneaker bots illegal?
Are sneaker raffles the solution to sneaker bots?
4 strategies to beat sneaker bots & keep releases online
Sneaker bots seriously kicked off in 2012 with the release of the Air Jordan Doernbecher 9.
Nike chose to release the shoe via Twitter. Shoppers could reserve the shoe by being first to direct message (DM) the company.
Quickly, people created bots to scour Twitter’s API and DM Nike after any tweets with terms like “reserve now” or “Doernbecher”. With these bots “you could send hundreds of DMs in a tenth of a second, ” says one botmaker.
Humans didn’t stand a chance.
At the same time, ecommerce platforms like Shopify appeared, making it easier to sell products online without technical expertise. With the Nike Twitter releases and increased online sneaker sales, botmakers began developing more advanced bots.
Originally, botmakers would sell their sneaker bots to shoppers who paid a premium to improve their chances of snagging sneakers. Whole sub-Reddit threads like /sneakerbots and /shoebots are dedicated to sharing knowledge on how to use bots to score a pair of kicks.
But then the botmakers realized: why sell a one-time product if they can charge a fee for every sneaker release and run the bots themselves?
And so the Add to Cart services were born. Sneakerheads go to a botmaker’s website, enter their order and payment information, and wait for the bot to do its dirty work. If successful, the sneakerhead pays a fee to the Add to Cart service for the bot-purchased sneakers.
Between the Add to Cart Services and individually run bots, the sneaker industry is currently at the point where close to 100% of traffic during sneaker drops comes from bots.
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A Twitter user poses next to all his pairs after the Adidas Yeezy 350 v2 “Zebra” release in July 2017 (via Medium).
Using bots to buy and resell sneakers is a perfect example of rent-seeking behavior. That’s economist talk for profit-seeking without social value—in a word, leeching.
But sneaker bots are more than just a nuisance. When you sell a £140 pair of Travis Scott Air Jordans that middlemen then resell for 10-20 times retail price, your business loses out in several ways.
Missed connection with true customers
Many sneakerheads don’t have access to shoes at those price points. When they’re forced to buy on a secondary marketplace, your brand misses a crucial opportunity to connect with a real human customer and establish a strong, ongoing relationship. Bots don’t take part in upselling. They don’t return later to buy products from a brand they love. And they don’t evangelize your brand to friends and family.
Lost business intelligence
When fans use middlemen like Add to Cart services, it prevents you from interacting directly with the customer. You lose out on invaluable purchase activity that’s vital to business intelligence.
Flawed data for decision-making.
Sneaker bots skew the analytics you need to make informed business decisions. Fake accounts give a false impression of your customer base. And sneaker bots that hold product without buying ruin your cart abandonment metrics.
Damaged brand reputation
Then there’s just the fundamental unfairness of it all. Without using bots, people buying sneakers to actually wear them stand little to no chance of doing so. When customers feel this way, it hurts brand reputation.
As Yoav Cohen, senior VP of Product Development at Imperva, says, “Retailers aren’t technically losing profits by unintentionally selling products to malicious bots, but they are losing consumer trust. ”
Just look at how Shopify is belittled as “Botify” on social media channels.
Website crashes & slowdowns
Bots and the increased traffic they generate can bring down websites all together, making it impossible for you to sell your products.
For an example of scope, realize that a Supreme launch saw 986, 335, 133 pageviews and 1, 935, 195, 305 purchase attempts to their server in ONE DAY alone.
Queue-it customer SNIPES frequently attracts 100, 000 sneakerheads on release days. When your website goes down, it means lost sales from other products on the website, too.
Bot activity was behind website issues that led Strangelove Skateboards and Nike to cancel their recent Valentine’s Day collaboration.
On the day of the launch, the company said via Instagram that “raging botbarians at the gate broke in the back door and created a monumental mess for us this evening”. “Circumstances spun way, way out of control in the span of just two short minutes, ” they wrote.
Bots crashed the site, forcing the sneaker drop offline.
At least in the U. S., the answer is no. While using automated bots to buy goods online often violates the retailer’s terms and conditions, there are no laws against it at the current time for sneakers.
The U. S. BOTS Act of 2016 made it illegal to buy tickets with bots by evading security measures and breaking purchasing rules set up by the ticket issuer. U. politicians introduced the Stopping Grinch Bots Act of 2018, which would broaden the scope to all products or services sold on the internet, shoes included. But the bill died in Congress.
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And even if passed, the BOTS Act has highlighted the difference between legislation and enforcement. Just because a law is on the books doesn’t mean it’s followed. Strong enforcement is necessary to curb illegal behavior. The Federal Trade Commission—the agency tasked with enforcing the law—couldn’t comment on any instances of enforcement in the year after the BOTS Act’s passage.
Sneaker retailers could sue botmakers for damages for violating their terms of service. But a 2017 Wired article claimed that, until that point, no sneaker or clothing company had done so.
Given the game of whack-a-mole that would likely ensue when going after shady, often international, bot companies, you can’t really blame retailers.
If you’re a retailer who cares about maintaining fairness, you’re forced to step up your sneaker bot prevention game.
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Faced with hordes of raging botbarians, several sneaker retailers decided to take the process offline by holding sneaker raffles.
What is a sneaker raffle?
In a sneaker raffle, shoppers enter a contest to win the right to buy a pair of sneakers. Sneaker raffles operate differently from a fundraising raffle, where people pay to enter the contest and, if someone’s entry is chosen, he or she wins the prize for free.
To run a sneaker raffle, a retailer collects all entries, either in-person or electronically. Then they choose one or several entries at random to decide who gets to buy the sneakers within a timeframe.
Most raffles require pickup at an in-person location, though some will ship the winners their shoes without in-person verification.
What are the benefits of a sneaker raffle?
Bots only operate online, so taking the raffle offline is effective in removing them from the sneaker equation.
In recent years, several large retailers like Nike and Foot Locker have moved the raffle entry system online to their apps, which opens the chance for bots to manipulate the entry process.
Sneaker raffles are primarily effective because they tie the purchase to something in the physical world. The raffle winners need to show up in person and show a form of ID, like a credit card or driver’s license. This erects a huge barrier for resellers who operate on getting as much inventory as possible.
Finally, sneaker raffles helped avoid the heated tensions that came with the long store lines. There are many documented cases of releases turning violent and requiring police intervention, which a raffle can help prevent.
What are the drawbacks of a sneaker raffle?
Sneaker raffles take the process fully or partially offline in an attempt to beat sneaker bots, but not without consequences.
Eliminates first-come, first-served process
First-come, first-served is the gold standard for a fair purchase process.
For the sneakerhead community, where being on top of the latest trends, drops, and collaborations is a point of pride, it can be immensely frustrating to feel everything is left up to chance.
Sneakerheads have no control over whether they get the shoe. And the amount of L’s (coming up empty-handed) among raffle entrants can be staggering.
Also, raffles can still benefit resellers who aren’t interested in wearing the shoes themselves. They can easily enter every raffle possible, stacking the odds in their favor and letting them continue to flip kicks for a profit.
Open to multiple entries
Raffles are also prone to allowing multiple entries, decreasing their fairness. For in-person raffles, sneakerheads often bring several friends or family members to enter the drawing, increasing their chances. For online raffles, YouTube videos show how bots let shoppers create multiple accounts across many countries to improve their odds.
Removes marketing hype
Because raffles involve a delay between entering and winning (or more likely losing), they end up deflating the hype that a popular online launch can generate.
Is not transparent
How raffle winners are selected is not at all transparent. It conjures up images of store managers picking the names of their friends out of a hat, or shoppers bribing store managers to pick their name.
Customers don’t have insight into what’s going on, or how the raffle is run. Because raffles lack transparency, they score low on perceived fairness.
Limits to physical locations
Bringing the sneaker retail online equalized access to the market.
The hottest releases were no longer limited to sneakerheads living in metropolitan areas like New York or Los Angeles. A kid in rural Nebraska had the same chance to buy a pair of limited-edition kicks as someone in Manhattan.
With raffles that require in-store pickup, however, many sneakerheads in rural and suburban areas are unfairly left out.
Strategies to beat sneaker bots & keep releases online
If done well, you can run transparent, first-come-first-served sneaker releases that let you serve a wide audience of sneakerheads and harness the marketing hype.
But beating sneaker bots isn’t easy.
There’s plenty of money to be made in sneaker resale. So botmakers and operators will keep plowing money into the arms race against retailers.
You need to change the economics of bot attacks. That means targeting each attack vector and increasing bot operators’ costs to beat your protections.
An especially effective strategy involves tying the online purchase to something in the physical world, like a driver’s license or membership ID.
Here’s what you should investigate if you’re serious about preventing sneaker bots:
Detailed monitoring
Monitoring is key because behavior will let you tell real sneakerheads from bad bots.
For example, if there’s a high concentration of visitors using the same IP address, it’s a red flag that bots are at play.
At Queue-it, we’ve found over 50% of the bots blocked by our virtual waiting room’s abuse and bot protection emanate from the same IP address. The bots are trying to simulate real users on a massive scale. But getting unique IP addresses is an additional step that not all bot operators take.
Preventing account creation & takeover
When bot operators try to buy many pairs of sneakers, they need several accounts for the purchases.
On account creation, bot mitigation tools like Akamai, Imperva, and PerimeterX validate biometric data like mouse movements, mobile swipe, and accelerometer data to distinguish bots from real users, and then feed that data into machine learning algorithms. You can also block or enforce Google’s reCAPTCHA on traffic from known bot hosting providers and outdated browsers typically used to run bots.
Managing traffic during the sale
Bots enjoy a speed and volume advantage. They use their speed advantage to blow by human users and their volume advantage to circumvent per-customer purchase limits. When the sneakers drop, you need to target the speed and volume advantages simultaneously.
A tool like a virtual waiting room can help neutralize both. Bots that arrive before the sale starts are placed in a pre-queue together with legitimate users. When the event launches, everyone in the pre-queue is randomized. This eliminates any advantage in arriving early or hitting the web page milliseconds after the start of the sale.
Retailers can require visitors to enter known data, such as a membership number, email address, or driver’s license ID to enter the virtual waiting room. Combining known data makes impersonating real users exceptionally expensive and complex. This makes it a powerful tool to combat bots’ volume advantage.
Virtual waiting rooms create a highly transparent online experience by giving detailed information on place in line and estimated waiting time.
And a virtual waiting room has the added benefit of giving you full control over traffic inflow so demand doesn’t crash your site. This can happen from human shoppers alone, but bot traffic only makes it worse. Placing visitors in a first-in, first-out online queue off your infrastructure keeps your website performing its best when you need it most.
Stop the sneaker bots & bring back fairness to sneaker drops
Many sneakerheads relate to the below Twitter user when he wrote:
Sneakerheads feel like they need a bot to have any shot at copping sneakers on the primary market.
And they’re not wrong.
Bots provide the fuel for the secondary market and their sky-high prices. All this has understandably strained retailers’ and brands’ relationships with their real customers.
At Queue-it, we believe it’s possible to keep sneaker releases in the 21st century while ensuring shoes get in the hands of true sneakerheads.
Online sneaker sales have many advantages compared with in-store or raffle sales—but only if bots are under control.
Unfortunately, legislation isn’t likely to help any time soon.
So to keep the bots truly at bay, you need a best-in-breed, combined bot mitigation solution. Crafting a tailored strategy to mitigate unique attack vectors before, during, and after the sneaker drops gives you the best chance of achieving successful, bot-free sneaker sales.
AIO Bot V2 Review - Pros & Cons - Does All-In-One Bot Works?

AIO Bot V2 Review – Pros & Cons – Does All-In-One Bot Works?

Wondering if AIO Bot is a good buy? Come in now and worry no more as we reveal to you the truth behind AIO Bot in this our AIO Bot review. Learn from expert knowledge and sweep all you are a beginner in the world of sneaker copping, chances are, you must have heard of All in One Bot (AIO Bot), the original AIO Bot. While AIO Bot can mean any bot that provides copping support for many sneaker platforms, the AIO Bot in question here is the AIO Bot developed by Another Nike Bot (ANB). It is arguably the most popular AIO in the market. This article is going to review AIO Bot for you to know if it is the best for you. We are going to demystify the bot and make everything you need to know about the bot ’s AIO Bot is the original AIO Bot in the market, and many expert sneaker coppers started by using it. the current version in the market is actually known as AIO Bot v2. The popularity of this bot is farfetched, starting from its first version known as the AIO Bot v1. In its current version, it is more advanced and optimized for bot has helped a good number of sneakerheads cop at retail prices without paying resale prices. sneaker resellers have also had their own success using the bot. It has been used to cop over 200, 000 sneakers successfully and the number is still had made it one of the most successful bots in the market, but should you buy it? Read both the pros and cons section of the article and from there, you can tell if you should buy or Bot ProsAIO Bot is loved by many because of some of its features and the success it has recorded so far which no one can doubt the fact that it is impressive. Let take a look at some of these ovide Support for Many SitesFrom its name, you can tell that it provides support for a good number of sites. In fact, it has one of the largest support as par number of sites. This means that you do not need to pay for many bots to cop from many sites as AIO Bot V2 can get the job done perfectly. But what are those sites it supports? AIO Bot supports Adidas sites, Foot sites, a good number of Shopify stores, Mesh sites and even other popular sites like Finishline, Mr Porter, Jimmy Jazz, Offspring, SneakersNStuffs, among many number of sites it supports can be put at over 70, and the number is still increasing. What’s interesting about it support for all these sites is that it does not compromise on anything and it is in fact, as functional as the other bots that provide specific site for example, AIO Bot provides site-specific features such as Shopify Queue Bypass and Footsites Captcha Bypass. This particular feature alone makes AIO Bot the bot of choice among beginners since, at that level, specialization has not set is The Best Service for Captcha Breaking with Proxies? Multithreaded for Multitasking SupportAIO Bot is a powerhouse. It comes with multithreaded support. This multithreaded capability gives it the ability to multitask. What this means is that you can set the bot to cop more pairs by creating separate tasks for each pair and they will run concurrently. Each of the tasks will run on a different thread without one interfering with another. It is this multithreaded capability that also makes the bot very fast. Speed is very important in the game of copping and AIO Bot with the aid of this feature ensures ever, there’s a limit you can multitask before it becomes counterproductive and start having negative effects on the performance of the bot, and as such, AIO Bot places limits to the number of tasks you can add. With AIO Bot, you can register only up to 100 accounts. This means that you can potentially get 100 tasks running at the same with Numerous FeaturesBeing multithreaded is just one of the numerous features that AIO Bot has. It comes with a lot of features that make it not only functional but also increases your chances of succeeding. Two AIO Bot features that increase your chances of succeeding are the Link Monitor and the Product Keyword Search. While Product Keyword Search helps you search for the keyword of sneakers prior to their release so that you can create tasks for them before the drop, the Link Monitor checks when a particle sneaker has been dropped based on its link for the purpose of adding to cart and checking prevent a ban, it comes with a proxy support feature that helps you avoid detection when copping more than a pair of the same model of sneaker. The bot is also rugged and does not give up when it crashes or the site it is working on crash – thanks to its Retry on Site Crash and Auto checkout Retry to UseAs I stated earlier, AIO Bot is quite popular – even more popular among beginners. This is because, despite the fact that it is an AIO Bot and supports a good number of sites with many having their own unique settings, it is still easy to use. After installation, you only need to get a few things done to get it to work. After uploading your login details for the site you have interest in, enter proxies, payment information, and shipping details, you are almost done. Choose a cop site, pick a sneaker, enter the required details, and then put it to Optional Servers and ProxiesIf you are new in the game, you wouldn’t know where to buy the best proxies and servers for sneaker copping. Because of this, the makers of AIO Bot came up with optimized servers and proxies. One advantage of using these solutions other than the general ones in the market is that they are highly optimized and made specifically for use with AIO ever, their usage is not free and can even be said to be more expensive than many other solutions in the market. To make setting up easier for you, AIO Bot is pre-installed on the servers. What’s required from you is just a license key. Extensive FAQs PageIf there’s one feature I like in their support, it is actually their Frequent Asked Questions page. This page is extensive and covers a lot of commonly asked questions about the bot. There are over 250 questions with their answers. After going through the questions, there are obvious duplicates in the questions asked. Asking questions and providing answers to the questions is open to the AIO Bot community, and anyone can contribute. This makes it more Bot ConsThe pros list is long, and you’ll be tempted to go for this bot. But before that, wait and read this section too. After going through it, you can then make a buying icing is ExpensiveThe major drawback of AIO Bot is its pricing – it is expensive. The developers of the bot do not make use of the subscription-based model. The bot strives on the one-time payment model. You need to pay a sum of $325 as a one-time payment and the bot is yours ’s AIO BOT discount code: “10OFF” However, there’s a catch; you can only enjoy updates for the first 6 months, after which you’ll need to pay $69 to continue getting updates every 6 months. If you do not, you can still use the bot but for a market like that of sneaker that the sites change their systems to frustrate bots, if you do not update, the bot will likely break and one-time is for a single PC. If you need to use it on another PC, you need to pay an additional $200 per system. To make matters worse, the bot is nonrefundable and they do not provide you any form of guarantee or free trials – you just have to believe the success stories on their site and pports Only Windows OSIf you are to go to the buy now page of the bot, you’ll observe the icon of both Windows and Mac OS is shown. If you are not observant enough, you’ll think both Operating Systems (OS) are supported. But no, only Windows is supported. The Bot is natively developed for the Windows use it on other OS, you need to run it on a virtual machine that runs on Windows. There are two problems associated with this. One, it is additional work and certainly not easy for non-techies. Secondly, this adds up to the cost of copping. If you are using Windows, this is not a problem for you, but for Mac OS users and other OS users, it AIO Bot Works? Yes, AIO Bot works. If you feel the over 200, 000 successfully copped sneakers stated on their site is mere hype, then you need to read honest reviews on Twitter and Reddit. The positive reviews and the fact that the bot is still in business is a reason to believe the bot works and has helped a good number of sneakerheads copped their favorite sneakers without paying a resale to Use Proxies with AIO BotAdding proxies and using them with AIO Bot is easy. To setup proxies, follow the following to menu and click configure, choose proxiesA pop up will open, click ‘New List, ’ and you’ll be given an area to enter your your list of proxies and paste into the wide text area provided and give it a name. You can also choose the specific sites to use the proxies on can find the best proxies for AIO bot I Recommend AIO Bot? AIO Bot is expensive – no doubt, and this is not unconnected to the success rate it has enjoyed and the team behind it (ANB) which is an experienced team in the field of making sneaker bot. If pricing is not a major challenge, then go for the bot, it is secure, reliable, beginner-friendly, and easy to use. It has worked for a good number of sneakerheads and resellers; it will work for other user reviewsSubmit your reviewName: Email: Website: Review Title: Rating: 12345Review: Check this box to confirm you are CancelAll in one bot V2Average rating: 0 reviewsBetter Nike Bot & BNB AIO Bot ReviewEasycop Sneaker Bot ReviewAnother Nike Bot’s Nike SNKRS Bot ReviewNike Shoe Bot 2. 0 ReviewMore All-in-one Bots for sneaker cop.

Frequently Asked Questions about is aio bot worth it

Does the AIO Bot work?

Does AIO bot work for Supreme? Yes. AIO bot works for Supreme too. It even has separate settings for Supreme stores, so you can make the most of a rotating proxy network and set a very low restock delay.

Does AIO Bot work for Snkrs?

You can use BNB AIO bot on many sites, including Bape, Footsites, Supreme, Adidas, Size? BUT, you can only use Better Nike Bot (not AIO) for Nike sites and SNKRS. Both versions of the bot are very versatile, and developers are constantly adding new sites to cop from with BNB.May 26, 2021

How long does the AIO Bot last?

AIO Bot comes with 6 months of free updates. All new features, site fixes and bot updates within those first 6 months are available for free. 1- Renewing the updates period: For as little as $69 you can renew your updates period and get all the updates, features and site fixes for an additional 6 months.

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