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WhatsApp Proxy 2021- Best Proxies for Scraping …

Have you been blocked from accessing WhatsApp either by your country or by the service itself, or you want to scrap data from WhatsApp? You will need to make use of proxies. This article has been written to recommend some of the best proxies and VPN for WhatsApp. Overview: WhatsApp Proxies and VPN VPN for Unblocking WhatsAppExpressVPN: 94 countries supported – <$12. 95 monthly subscription fee> – Best VPN for unblocking WhatsAppNordVPN: 59 countries supported – <$11. 95 monthly subscription fee> – High-quality VPN servicePureVPN: 140 countries supported – <$10. 95 monthly subscription fee> – Best VPN in terms of location coveragePrivate Proxies for Unblocking WhatsAppHighproxies: – Recommended proxies for unblocking WhatsAppMyPrivateProxy: – High quality provider – #1 datacenter providerBlazing Proxies: – Good location coverageResidential Proxies for Scraping WhatsAppLuminati: 72+ million IPs in Pool – – Overall Best Provider for ScrapingSmartproxy: 40+ million IPs in Pool from the Germany – – Pocket Friendly ProviderSoax: 5+ million IPs in Pool – – Mobile proxies in the mixProxy APIs for Scraping WhatsAppScraperAPI: 40 million IP addresses – – Best Scraping API for WhatsAppScrapingBee: Proxy pool size undisclosed – – Feature-rich Proxy API for WhatsAppProxycrawl: Proxy pool size undisclosed – < Starts at $3 for 1000 requests> – lower minimum monetary requirementThe popularity of WhatsApp has been and will only be on the rise -as of February 2020; it has over 2 million users worldwide. This cross-platform mobile messaging system is clearly one of the most popular social messaging apps in the only thing it requires for registration is your phone number, and with that, it connects you to people that have your contact. While the importance of WhatsApp cannot be overemphasized, it is clearly not as free as you expect. There are restrictions you might face either as a marketer, a traveler, or even a regular user. When this happens, it is time to use a proxy or VPN is a WhatsApp Proxy? A WhatsApp proxy is a regular proxy server. Regular proxy servers act as intermediary server between clients’ software and websites on the Internet. If you have proxies set up for your browser, your requests to websites do not go to the websites directly – they are first routed through the proxy server, and then the proxy server will route the request to the websites on your a request is sent to your website of target, your IP address is replaced with that of the proxy server’s IP address, and as such, the websites won’t see your own IP address. In essence, what proxies do is IP address spoofing or masking; you can see this as faking your IP address making use of proxies for WhatsApp, your real IP address is hidden from WhatsApp, and WhatsApp can only see the IP address of the proxy. This makes it possible to evade blocks and avoid restrictions as you can have as many IP addresses as you like from as many locations as you desire. Closely related to proxies are VPN also act as middlemen and help mask one’s IP address. however, unlike proxies, they work at the system level (not at the application level), forcing all web traffic through the proxy server. They also encrypt one’s Internet traffic and make it difficult for Use Proxies for WhatsApp? I must confess, I have used WhatsApp for years without even knowing I could use proxies to access it. Proxies were never a requirement, and the majority of WhatsApp users will not have to use proxies. However, there are situations whereby you will need to make use of proxies. Let take a look at these scenarios below. Unblocking WhatsAppIf you go against their terms and conditions, WhatsApp will ban you, and when they do that, you might not be able to use WhatsApp on the same smartphone again as your smartphone IP address will most likely be blacklisted even if you use a new phone number. For this reason, blocked WhatsApp users use proxies or VPNs to unblock WhatsApp and access it as their real IP address has been hidden from Geo-Location RestrictionsWhatsApp is free for all, but the encryption forcefully applied to messages and attachments makes it difficult for government institutions and ISPs to even drop at messages. For this reason, some governments, especially in Asia and the Middle East, restrict Internet users from the country from accessing the WhatsApp you are in a location whereby WhatsApp has been blocked, then you can route your requests through proxy servers as ISPs can’t make sense of requests routed through proxies and wouldn’t know if you are accessing WhatsApp or Multiple WhatsApp Accounts for Marketing PurposesWhatsApp will allow you to run a few accounts on a single IP address without any hassle. But if it gets too many, they become suspicious of your activities and block your accounts. Unfortunately, many marketers use WhatsApp in many and own multiple accounts in other to increase their reach. With the help of proxies, they can have as many IP addresses as they want without any raping WhatsAppAre you surprised I mentioned scraping and WhatsApp together? Well, you can actually scrap WhatsApp conversations and carry out analysis on it. This is important for business ever, using a bot will raise suspicion because of the too many requests it sends in a minute. For that reason, you will need proxies to hide your footprints while botting across your WhatsApp accounts. Unblocking WhatsAppIf you want to unblock WhatsApp and manage your account as a regular user would, you will need to use a proxy that will retain an IP address for long. For this reason, you will need to make use of a VPN service or private proxy. Let take a look at 3 each of the VPNs and proxies you can use to unblock Proxy for Unblocking WhatsAppVPN services require you to install their software. They encrypt your traffic and work at the system level, forcing all of your traffic through a VPN service that will replace your IP address with its own. There are a good number of VPN services in the market, with some coming with no price tag while others are paid. Let take a look at 3 paid VPN services you can use for unblocking VPNLocations: 94 countries supportedPlatform Support: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Router, etcCost: $12. 95 monthlyExpressVPN is not just a VPN service you can use to unblock WhatsApp; it is one of the market leaders in the VPN market. ExpressVPN will provide you unrestricted access to the Internet thanks to its numerous servers distributed in worldwide you are at it, ExpressVPN will provide you security and keep you truly anonymous as your IP address is hidden. The focus for WhatsApp usage is mostly for mobile and browser (WhatsApp Web). However, ExpressVPN can be used in almost all of the popular platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and router, among rdVPNLocations: 59 countries supportedPlatform Support: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, etcCost: $11. 95With NordVPN, you can get your real IP address masked with a fake one, and with the new IP address, you can access WhatsApp even if you have been previously blocked by WhatsApp. It is also effective against regional WhatsApp blocks effected by governments and thing you will come to like about NordVPN is the fact that it is a very fast provider – with AV-TEST ranking it as the fastest out rdVPN has over 5500 servers distributed in 59 countries. In terms of platform support, NordVPN has applications for many platforms and Operating Systems, including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Chrome, and Firefox, among others. PureVPNLocations: 140 countries supportedPlatform Support: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, etcCost: $10. 95PureVPN will allow you to use their VPN service for 7 days at a fee of $0. 99 – after which you will have to subscribe to a full-fledged plan. This VPN service is one of the services you can trust when it comes to unblocking web services, including can use PureVPN to gain access to WhatsApp even if you have been previously restricted. This is because you get a high-quality IP address from this provider that is used to mask your real IP address. Just like in the other providers above, the IP addresses are maintained for a while, and as such, you will not have issues with frequent IP change that could lead to ivate Proxies for Unblocking WhatsAppWhen it comes to unblocking WhatsApp, private proxies can be the cheaper option. They are quite as effective as VPN service. However, unlike VPN that works at the system level, proxies work mostly at the application proxies do not require users to download any software in other to make use of them – all you need to do is configure them using the proxy IP and port as well as the username and password for authentication, if applicable. Below are the private proxy providers you can buy proxies to unblock WhatsApp. HighproxiesLocations: the US, Canada, Australia, and EU region onlyConcurrency Allowed: Up to 100 threadsBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedCost: $1. 40 per proxy for a monthHighproxies is a high-quality datacenter proxy provider. It proxies are some of the premium proxies in the market. You can buy private proxies to use for unblocking WhatsApp. Their proxies are dedicated and secure – you can enjoy one of the best performances at great pricing. Highproxies has servers in many locations, including the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Israel, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, and Spain. A good number of their proxies are actually located in the United States. We have tested their proxies, and they have proven to be compatible with WhatsApp. They have social media proxies you can go for maximum PrivateProxyLocations: US, Canada, and EU region onlyConcurrency Allowed: Up to 100 threadsBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedCost: $2. 49 per proxy for a monthThe MyPrivateProxy proxy network is our number recommended datacenter proxy provider. Their proxies are compatible with many web services on the Internet, including WhatsApp. With proxies from MyPrivateProxies, you can unblock WhatsApp or bypass regional WhatsApp PrivateProxy, just like Highproxies, has data centers in countries in North America and Europe. The MyPrivateProxy private proxies are some of the fastest private proxies in the market – they are equally reliable and have excellent uptime. One thing you will come to like about this provider is that their data centers are running on wind power and, as such, can be regarded as an earth-friendly provider. Blazing ProxiesLocations: 14 countriesConcurrency Allowed: UnlimitedBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedCost: $1. 70 per proxy for a monthIf you are looking for proxies to unblock WhatsApp, you can get them from Blazing Proxies, a subsidiary of BlazingSEO LLC. However, you need to make sure you only buy private proxies from them and avoid their rotating proxies, as unblocking does not require you to change IP rotating proxies will come in handy when you want to scrape WhatsApp conversations. Blazing Proxies are compatible with many use cases, including SEO. Just like the other private proxies discussed above, Blazing Proxies allow users to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and create many threads. Their pricing is affordable, and many locations are raping WhatsAppWhatsApp is basically a conversation app, and you could scrap chats of accounts you have access to using WhatsApp scrapers. You could use it for sentimental analysis and other forms of text-based studies. Using a web scraper could earn you a ban from WhatsApp, and as such, you will need to make use of proxies when sidential Proxies for Scraping WhatsAppResidential proxies that rotate IPs are some of the best for scraping WhatsApp\ for two reasons. They rotate IPs, and the IPs are from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Let take a look at 3 residential proxy networks you can use for scraping minatiIP Pool Size: Over 72 millionLocations: All countries in the worldConcurrency Allowed: UnlimitedBandwidth Allowed: Starts at 40GBCost: Starts at $500 monthly for 40GBLuminati is the largest residential proxy network in the market. Its residential proxies are some of the best in the market in terms of compatibility with sites and speed. Currently, Luminati has a proxy pool with over 72 million IP addresses in it sourced from all countries and major cities across the can use these IP addresses to scrape conversations on WhatsApp without getting blocked. This is because the proxies are rotating proxies and will change IP either after every request or after a defined period of minati proxies are gotten from a peer-to-peer network artproxyIP Pool Size: Over 40 millionLocations: 195 locations across the globeConcurrency Allowed: UnlimitedBandwidth Allowed: Starts at 5GBCost: Starts at $75 monthly for 5GBThe Luminati proxy network has one major problem – it has an expensive minimum monetary commitment ($500). If you are looking for a premium provider that is as good as Luminati, then Smartproxy is the proxy provider you should go for. With $75, you can get started with ever, you need to know that both of them are priced based on bandwidth. From Smartproxy, you can buy high-quality residential proxies you can use for scraping WhatsApp. They have got a pool with over 40 million IPs from over 195 locations across the globe. With proxies from Smartproxy, you can maintain a session for up to 10 minutes. They also have high rotating Pool Size: Over 5 millionLocations: All countries in the worldBandwidth Allowed: Starts at 19GBCost: Starts at $20 daily for 19GB and 300 portsSoax has one of the cleanest proxy pool in the market. From this provider, you can get a mix of residential and mobile proxies. The total number of IPs in their pool is 8. 5 million, with 5 million IPs being residential like Smartproxy, they have pocket-friendly pricing as its pricing also starts from $75. You can use their proxies for unblocking WhatsApp. One thing you will come to like about Soax is that their IPs are constantly updated and bad IPs removed. Aside from unblocking WhatsApp, you can use Soax for a good number of use cases. Picking the Best Residential Proxies – A Complete Comparison! The Basics of using Residential Proxy Network for Internet MarketingProxy API for Scraping WhatsAppThere is more to evading the anti-bot systems of web services than just using proxies. Sometimes, proxy usage is not enough – your actions will raise red flags, and you will be forced to solve is also the issue of headless browsers for a service like WhatsApp. For these reasons, you will want to make use of proxy APIs. These services do not only take care of proxies but also Captchas. Let take a look at 3 of these services you can use for scraping raperAPIProxy Pool Size: over 40 millionSupports Geotargeting: depend on the plan chosenCost: Starts at $29 for 250, 000 API callsFree Trials: 1, 000 API callsSpecial Functions: Solves Captcha and handles browsersScraperAPI is our recommended proxy API for anything web scraping, including scraping WhatsApp conversations. This proxy API will help you bypass all anti-bot systems. By just sending an API request, you get the request page as a response. ScraperAPI takes care of proxies and their rotation, as well as Captcha and headless proxy API makes use of a proxy pool with over 40 million IP addresses. With this, you will never get blocked, and it is fully customizable. This service handles over 5 billion API requests monthly and caters to over 1500 businesses and developers rapingBeeProxy Pool Size: Not disclosedSupports Geotargeting: YesCost: Starts at $29 for 250, 000 API creditsFree Trials: 1, 000 API callsSpecial Functions: Handles headless browser for JavaScript renderingHave you tried using only proxies to scrape WhatsApp, and you are tired of getting blocked even with proxies rotated? Then it is high time you consider making use of ScrapingBee, another popular proxy API you can use to scrape WhatsApp. One of the strengths of ScrapingBee is JavaScript rendering in a headless Chrome environment, but that’s not all – they also handle proxies and like ScraperAPI, they make use of proxies behind the scene. One thing you will come to like about ScrapingBee and ScraperAPI is that their service is charged based on successful requests, and failed requests go oxycrawlProxy Pool Size: Not disclosedSupports Geotargeting: YesCost: Starts at $3 for 1000 requestsFree Trials: AvailableProxycrawl is not specialized the way the other two above are specialized. It provides a good number of services, including crawling API, crawler, scraper API, and backconnect proxy, among others. The Proxycrawl crawler API is the service for you if you want to avoid blocks and can use it for scraping WhatsApp effortlessly. This proxy API is also priced based on requests, and the pricing is quite affordable and cheap. Aside from scraping Captcha, you can use their service to scrape many other web services, including the most popular web platforms on the Internet equently asked Questions about WhatsApp ProxiesWhy Use Private Proxies for Unblocking WhatsApp? There is no denying that residential proxies are more reliable and compatible with most big platforms on the Internet. However, most of them are rotating proxies that change IP too just unblocking accounts and managing accounts, this could put your account at risk. Private proxies remain the same IP address and, as such, perfect for unblocking and account management. Interestingly, they are even cheaper than residential Using WhatsApp Proxies for Unblocking WhatsApp Illegal? The use of proxies is not illegal and as such, using it to deceive the WhatsApp system is not illegal even though it is not allowed on ever, it is important you know that there are some countries that proxy usage is illegal and as such, doing so makes you cross the line. To be on the safe side, I will advise you to find out if your cyberlaw allows the use of proxies or nclusionThere is no doubt that proxies are alien to the WhatsApp user community as they are not required by the majority. However, there are situations you will need to make use of proxies either because you have been blocked from accessing the service or you want to manage many accounts or scrape WhatsApp. Whichever is the case, you can make use of the appropriate proxy service discussed above to get your tasks done unrestricted. Unblock Instagram – The Only Guide you NeedBest Telegram Bots for Telegram Automation MarketingGuide to Using Proxies for YouTube AutomationThe Best Facebook Proxies for FB Automation Bots
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Buy WhatsApp Proxy – ProxyRack

We have 108, 027 proxies online in our network right now and we are one of the largest WhatsApp private proxy services available to the public.
WhatsApp Proxy Features
All of our proxy packages support both user:pass authentication as well as IP white listing.
Rotating WhatsApp Proxies
These packages are ideal if you need a large amount of non-exclusive WhatsApp IP addresses.
There is a huge amount of unique IPs
in this package that are shared amongst our subscribers
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HTPP Protocol
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Dedicated WhatsApp Proxies
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3-Day Money Back Guarantee
WhatsApp Proxy Locations
The proxies we provide are routed through a centralised control server allowing you to quickly add more locations, upgrade or downgrade your subscription
Real SupportFrom Real Humans
We understand that it’s important to be able to get in touch with service providers and because of this we have a dedicated support team of people who know and understand proxies.
The Help Center can be accessed by clicking on the widget in the bottom left corner of your screen.
TransparentService Status
It’s our mission to constantly improve our service and scale with your needs. This is why our service status is completely transparent with full history of incidents available for every one to view publicly.
Testimonials Wow I’m amazed at how many unique IPs they truely have! Definitely great value for money Xec96 You really have amazing customer service, thank you for helping me implement your proxies with my custom Python code. XWhoisRequests We use ProxyRack to bypass website blocks, their IP repository helps us plug and play with our bots. ScrapeHeros Service & Plan Features
All Plans
20 x new IP on every request ports
250 x 10 minute rotating IP ports
HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS protocols supported
Unlimited bandwidth
IP whitelisting for authentication
User+Password for authentication
Access to all of our IP addresses
Highly anonymous, will never leak your IP address
NO Public proxies all IP addresses are private
Residential and other IP addresses
3-day money back guarantee
Customer support
Pricing is based on the amount of max connections (threads) you can make through our servers.
The more “Max Connections” you have, the more jobs / web requests you can complete faster.
Customers use our service with all types of software
Generally speaking our proxies will work with any kind of software that supports HTTP or SOCKS proxies. Below is a list of software that we have either personally tested our proxies with or have had our users report it working perfectly fine.
Developers can also integrate our service using standard HTTP or HTTPs protocols or SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 standard RFC guidelines.
You can view our code examples here.
What makes ProxyRack different?
Traditional proxy services let you purchase a fixed amount of proxies such as 5, 10, 15 or 25 unique proxies that do not change until the end of month.
We do this differently
We allow you to access all of our IPs which is around 100, 000 unique daily IP addresses and more than 1, 200, 000 unique monthly IP addresses.
Multi function rotating ports
Random new IP on each connection port
This port will automatically assign your connection a new unique IP for every thread / connection your software uses
10 minute rotating ports
This port will keep the same proxy static for 10 minutes, allowing you to complete a sequence of requests using the same proxy / IP address
Instant access 1, 200, 000+ IPs
By purchasing access to our system you will gain instant access to thousands of private IP addresses.
Unlike other proxy service providers we have a continuously growing IP base and extensive repository of over 1, 200, 000+ monthly unique IP addresses.
The ProxyRack network consists of a diverse IP structure that allows for dynamic scaling of HTTP and SOCKS requests.
Our IPs are ever growing and dynamic.
12 Best WhatsApp Proxies: Unblock WhatsApp - EarthWeb

12 Best WhatsApp Proxies: Unblock WhatsApp – EarthWeb

WhatsApp Messenger is a famous application owned by Facebook and offers voice-over-IP and cross-platform centralized instant messaging services.
It was founded by former employees of Yahoo, Brian Acton, and Jan Koum. WhatsApp allows users to seamlessly send messages through text or voice notes to one another.
Users can also share images, documents, make voice and video calls, and share other content. It is an amazing service that offers social media users a great way of communicating with each other, and also makes new connections.
Using WhatsApp Services
WhatsApp’s popularity has been on a constant rise over the years, with millions of users worldwide adopting the use of their services.
This voice-over-IP and cross-platform mobile messaging system is arguably amongst the world’s most popular social messaging apps.
What is required to register to WhatsApp and enjoy its services is a WhatsApp-enabled device.
Once you’ve downloaded the app to your device, you will provide your phone number, which the app registers and syncs your device contacts.
You will also need a stable internet connection to connect to the contacts on your WhatsApp and enjoy the services.
WhatsApp has become a very important application in the social media world today and is said to be free to use in all parts of the world; however, it’s not as free as one would expect.
One could face certain restrictions as a traveler, marketer, or even a regular user. There are instances where you can be blocked from accessing the service either by the service itself or by your country.
In such cases, you will need the aid of external software to access WhatsApp. Using proxies or VPN is one easy way to unlock WhatsApp services in case you’ve been blocked.
It is also effective for data scraping from WhatsApp.
What is a WhatsApp Proxy?
WhatsApp proxies are regular proxy servers that act as an intermediary server between websites and clients’ software on the Internet. It helps bypass geo-blocks and other anti-spam restrictions by redirecting a user’s request.
Suppose you use a proxy service for your browser when on the internet; your requests to any website or application won’t go directly to the websites or applications you are surfing.
Your request is first routed via the proxy’s server before being routed to the websites on your behalf.
This works because your IP address is changed with the IP address supplied by the proxy service before your request is sent to the target website or application.
One can say that the proxy service helps with faking your IP address by giving you an IP address of your desired location.
With this, your IP address is completely hidden from the websites or applications you are browsing without a trace. In essence, proxy services are devices that enable IP address masking or spoofing.
Proxy services are efficient for social media applications like WhatsApp. When proxies are used for WhatsApp, the user’s real IP address is masked from WhatsApp.
WhatsApp will only see the new IP address provided by the proxy, thereby making it possible to bypass blocks and evade all forms of geo-location restrictions.
VPNs are closely related to proxies, as they also help mask one’s IP address while acting as middlemen when surfing the internet.
However, proxies work at the application level, while VPNs work at the system level. VPN’s are more efficient because they force all web traffic through the proxy server.
VPNs also provide extra security by encrypting users’ Internet traffic, making it difficult for hackers and eavesdroppers.
Why Use Proxies for WhatsApp?
Most WhatsApp users use the service without using proxies services because proxies are not part of the requirement for users to access its service.
However, some situations may require that a user makes use of proxies to access WhatsApp services. Some of such scenarios are listed below.
Unblocking WhatsApp
Like every social media platform, WhatsApp has its terms and conditions that must be agreed to before using the app.
In a situation where these terms and conditions have defaulted, WhatsApp has the right to ban the user.
If you ever get banned on WhatsApp, it becomes almost impossible to use WhatsApp on that smartphone again because the smartphone’s IP address has most likely been blacklisted.
If you change the number on that phone, it may still not work, which means you need to mask the smartphone’s IP address.
Due to this, users with blocked WhatsApp subscribe to using VPNs or proxies to unblock WhatsApp on their devices.
The new process lets them access WhatsApp services as their real IP address is hidden from WhatsApp.
Bypassing Geo-Location Restrictions
WhatsApp is a free platform for all and uses strict encryption protocols that are forcefully applied to messages and other attachments users exchange on the platform.
This makes it difficult for internet service providers and government institutions to eavesdrop on users’ messages which is something they frown at.
Due to this, the government in some countries, especially those in Asia and the Middle East, restrict WhatsApp service.
If you are a WhatsApp user in any of these locations where WhatsApp usage is blocked or restricted, using proxy services or a VPN will help bypass these Geo-location restrictions.
Your WhatsApp proxy provider will ensure that your requests are routed through their proxy servers.
This works because your internet service providers and government institutions detect these proxies and wouldn’t discover that you are accessing WhatsApp or not.
Manage Multiple WhatsApp Accounts for Marketing Purposes
WhatsApp will allow you to run a few accounts on a single IP address without any hassle. But if it gets too many, they become suspicious of your activities and block your accounts.
Unfortunately, many marketers use WhatsApp in many and own multiple accounts to increase their reach.
With the help of proxies, they can have as many IP addresses as they want without any problem.
Scraping WhatsApp Conversion and Data
Another important reason for using proxies or VPNs for WhatsApp is for scraping WhatsApp. WhatsApp users can scrap conversations on the platform and perform analysis on it.
This is effective for business accounts. Many users use bots for scraping WhatsApp; however, this will raise suspicion because bots send too many requests at once.
To avoid suspicions and hide your footprints while botting for scraping WhatsApp, using a reliable proxy service is important.
How Unblocking WhatsApp Works
Sometimes it is impossible to actually unblock WhatsApp in the real sense for users whose smartphone’s IP address has been blacklisted.
However, with VPNs and other proxy providers, you can change your IP address and unblock WhatsApp services.
To unblock your WhatsApp account and use it like a regular user would using a WhatsApp proxy service, you will have to buy a reliable proxy service that can retain one IP address for a long time.
The kind of proxy services that are compatible with WhatsApp is a private proxy or VPN service.
Best WhatsApp VPN and WhatsApp Proxies
Several VPN and proxy services work well with WhatsApp. These services require that users install their software on their devices.
These VPN and proxy services encrypt user’s traffic for maximum security and work at the system level.
This forces all the traffic on your devices from your requests to go through the VPN system that replaces users’ IP addresses with its own.
The VPN and proxy services available in the market vary in efficiency and price; however, there are a good number of VPN and proxy services you can use in the market.
Here are some of the best VPNs and proxy services you can use for unblocking WhatsApp.
VPN for Unblocking WhatsApp
ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services in the market you can use for unblocking WhatsApp. It is also used for other strict applications and social media platforms because of its high efficiency and use cases.
ExpressVPN is known for its military-grade security that offers users maximum protection against eavesdroppers and hackers.
They are also known for top-level anonymity, numerous servers, and wide network coverage.
They are available to over 94 countries worldwide, providing unrestricted internet access to their users, irrespective of their location.
It is supported for WhatsApp usage on both mobile and WhatsApp on the web browsers. However, ExpressVPN is not restricted to WhatsApp alone.
It also supports other popular platforms and devices such as a router, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS.
The downside to ExpressVPN is that it is considered one of the most expensive VPN services in the market, with its plan costing as much as $12. 95 monthly
NordVPN is another famous VPN service that offers top-notch VPN services to users worldwide. It offers users high levels of anonymity and security by employing the best security protocols in the market.
It effectively masks users’ real IP addresses with a new one and enables these users to bypass any form of restriction when surfing the internet.
NordVPN is perfect for unblocking WhatsApp; even so, blocked users can regain access to their device and account. It is one of the best for bypassing geolocation restrictions placed by ISPs, governments, and authorities.
A unique feature of NordVPN is that it’s very fast, with it being ranked as the fastest VPN service in the market by AV-TEST.
NordVPN is also amazing because it offers a wide location coverage. It has over 5500 servers that are distributed across 59 countries worldwide.
NordVPN has a great number of use cases and is supported on various Operating Systems and platforms, including Windows, Firefox, Chrome, iOS, Mac Android, and many more.
It is a cheaper alternative to ExpressVPN, as it costs $11. 95 for a monthly subscription.
SurfShark VPN
When making a list of top VPNs for unblocking WhatsApp, it is impossible to skip SurfShark VPN. This VPN is one of the people’s favorites in the VPN market due to the unique features it offers.
Looking at the fact that SurfShark VPN is a relatively new VPN service, as it was launched in 2018, it is amazing to see how accepted it is in the proxy market.
SurfShark VPN is a VPN service that boasts of one of the industry’s best security protocols. It can easily evade restrictions and blocks by internet service providers and even government agencies.
This virtual private network also has a wide location coverage, ensuring that users can easily bypass geolocation restrictions and effectively carry out geo-targeting.
It also has lots of servers present worldwide to ensure users enjoy uninterrupted proxy services.
SurfShark VPN supports several devices such as iOS, Android, chrome, firefox, Linux, Windows, macOS, and Amazon Fire TV.
A unique feature of SurfShark VPN that gives it an edge over many other VPN services is that it offers users unlimited simultaneous connections.
This means users can log in with several devices with a single subscription without any form of security or privacy compromise.
SurfShark VPN is considered expensive by VPN users, as it costs the sum of $12. 95 for a monthly subscription.
This pricing is pretty discouraging, especially for a relatively new VPN provider, although their services are worth it. However, users can cut costs by buying a two-year plan for a reduced price of $59. 76.
Residential Proxies for Scraping WhatsApp
Bright Data
Bright Data is arguably the best proxy provider in the proxy market today. Their servers are extremely fast and offer military-grade security to users.
They are known for providing excellent anonymity and proxies that are undetectable. Their residential proxies are known for Minecraft, several A-grade use cases, and it allows the creation of unlimited numbers of threads.
Bright Data has the largest residential IPS in the proxy market, with over 72 million residential proxies available in their proxy pool.
Its residential proxies are also ranked as the best in the market thanks to their compatibility with numerous websites. Bright Data’s biggest selling point is that its servers are available to all countries and major cities worldwide.
It is a perfect WhatsApp proxy service for unblocking WhatsApp blocks and restrictions, as well as scraping conversations on WhatsApp without being detected.
Bright Data offers proxies that are ethically gotten from a peer-to-peer network. One major downside of their proxy service is pricing, as their proxies cost as much as $500 monthly for 40GB.
This is extremely expensive when other proxy services are considered. Also, Bright Data has a limited bandwidth of 40GB monthly, which is poor compared to proxy services offering unlimited bandwidth.
Smartproxy is a premium proxy service that offers top-notch proxy features. It is referred to as the cheaper alternative of Bright Data proxy network, as it offers all use cases they provide at cheaper pricing.
Smartproxy is priced based on bandwidth, with their monthly subscription plans going for as low as $75 for 5GB, which is considered relatively cheap. They offer access to unlimited thread creation but have a limited monthly bandwidth of 5GB per month.
Just like Bright Data, Smartproxy has a large proxy pool, with more than 40 million IP addresses for users to choose from.
They also have a wide location coverage, with their large proxy pool spread across more than 195 locations worldwide.
Smartproxy proxies are great for unblocking WhatsApp blocks and restrictions irrespective of how the block was imposed.
They are also great for scraping, including scraping WhatsApp conversations, and SEO management.
Their servers are extremely fast and secure, thanks to the top-level security protocols they employ to protect users from eavesdroppers and hackers.
Soax Proxy
Soax Proxy is a fantastic proxy provider highly rated as one of the best in the proxy market. It is uniquely known for providing the cleanest proxy pools in the market.
It provides users with mobile, residential, and datacenter proxies to use for their proxy needs. However, their residential and mobile proxies are their most effective proxies.
One of Soax Proxy’s selling points is its large proxy pool, as they offer users access to more than 8. 5 million IP addresses, out of which 5 million of these IPs are residential IPs.
They have lots of servers across all countries worldwide, as their proxies are supported in every state and city in the world.
They boast of pocket-friendly pricing, with their monthly subscription going for $75. Users have access to 19GB bandwidth, starting at $20 daily for 19GB and 300 ports.
Soax Proxies is a perfect proxy service for unblocking WhatsApp. This is because their proxies are effective and efficient for bypassing blocks and geo-restrictions.
Also, Soax proxies are constantly updated, and all bad IPs are cleaned out. Soax proxies are also great for many other use cases apart from unlocking WhatsApp, which includes data scraping and SEO management.
Users can use this WhatsApp proxy service to scrape WhatsApp conversations effectively. They offer users high anonymity and security, as they employ the latest technologies to ensure their users are safe when surfing the internet.
Private Proxies for Unblocking WhatsApp
Blazing Proxies
Blazing Proxies is a subsidiary of BlazingSEO LLC, offering top-quality proxy services. It is known for its unlimited bandwidth and threads concurrency allowed.
Blazing Proxies is a proxy provider rated as the best proxy service in terms of privacy. It offers users a fair number of use cases and is also perfect for unblocking WhatsApp blocks and restrictions.
To get the best out of Blazing Proxies, especially for unblocking WhatsApp, it’s best to purchase their private proxies, as their rotating proxies are not as effective for unblocking.
It is one of the cheapest premium proxy services, and it offers a wide location coverage, cutting across 14 countries.
Blazing Proxies subscription goes for as low as $1. 70 per proxy for a month. Their rotating proxies are very efficient for data scraping, including scraping WhatsApp conversations.
Another important use case Blazing Proxies offers is its high compatibility with SEO services.
Highproxies is a top-rated and a more preferred proxy service used by many gamers and social media users worldwide. This is because of its high compatibility with social media and games.
It also offers a wide range of use cases and unique features. Highproxies is a top-notch datacenter proxy service that is efficient and reliable for unblocking WhatsApp.
Irrespective of the reason for your WhatsApp account being blocked, this proxy provider is capable of bypassing it and granting you access to your WhatsApp account.
Highproxies proxies are static proxies rated as one of the premium proxies in the market thanks to their ability to bypass restrictions and geo-blocks.
It allows users access to up to 100 threads concurrency and unlimited bandwidth. Highproxies proxies are dedicated, secure, and offer top-level anonymity to users no matter the website and application it is used for.
It is very cheap, as users can subscribe for as low as $1. 40 per proxy for a month. Another selling point Highproxies offers is their great geo-location coverage.
It has numerous servers in many locations across the world.
Some of the locations where Highproxies servers can be found include the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, Israel, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, and Australia.
It supports devices such as iOS, Android, chrome, firefox, Linux, Windows, macOS, and Amazon Fire TV.
Myprivateproxy is a proxy provider known for its maximum compatibility for iPlayer, social media, and search engine optimization.
It is a cheap proxy provider going for $2. 49 per proxy for a month, with unlimited bandwidth.
The MyPrivateProxy proxy network is also a fast proxy service rated as the best datacenter proxy service by most proxy users.
Myprivateproxy is known for offering top-level privacy and anonymity with the most secure connections in the proxy market.
Their proxies are compatible with several devices and web services on the Internet. Some of these devices include iOS, android, chrome, firefox, Linux, Windows, macOS, and Amazon Fire TV.
Myprivateproxy is one of the most reliable proxy providers for unblocking WhatsApp, as it is very compatible with it.
It uses the latest protocols to bypass regional WhatsApp blocks and other restrictions on the internet.
One selling point of Myprivateproxy is that it offers users up to 100 threads concurrency and wide location coverage.
This datacenter proxy provider has numerous servers in countries in North America and Europe.
Their proxies rank as one of the fastest proxies in the market and are very efficient and reliable, with excellent uptime.
A unique feature of Myprivateproxy that makes many people worldwide love its services is that it runs on wind power. This makes it one of the few earth-friendly proxy providers.
Proxy APIs for Scraping WhatsApp
ScraperAPI is a highly recommended API service for unblocking WhatsApp. It is highly compatible with WhatsApp protocols and can easily bypass WhatsApp blocks or restrictions and bypass any anti-bot systems.
It is also perfect for web scraping and crawling API, therefore, it works excellently when scraping WhatsApp.
Its special function includes that it performs JavaScript rendering in a headless Chrome environment, solves Captcha issues, and handles browsers.
Users of ScraperAPI can easily get the request page as a response by sending an API request. They offer one of the largest proxy pools, offering users access to over 40 million fully customizable IP addresses and an extensive location coverage.
Their system is very efficient, as this proxy API provides for more than 1500 businesses and developers, as well as handles more than 5 billion API requests monthly worldwide.
It is a cheap proxy API, offering its service at the cost of $29 for 250, 000 API calls, and offers free trials of 1, 000 API calls.
ScrapingBee is a fantastic proxy provider known for its special functions in headless browsers for JavaScript rendering.
It offers users free trials, as they have access to 1, 000 API calls.
If you’ve ever tried unblocking your WhatsApp or you’ve tried scraping data from WhatsApp with other proxies and failed, be sure that ScrapingBee will not fail you.
This proxy provider is a popular proxy API highly compatible with WhatsApp and can easily bypass WhatsApp’s blocks and restrictions. It is also fantastic for scraping WhatsApp conversations and going undetected.
One of ScrapingBee’s selling point is its ability to perform JavaScript rendering in a headless Chrome environment, and they also use proxies behind the scenes.
It is great for geo-targeting because of its wide location coverage and numerous servers. ScrapingBee is a cheap WhatsApp proxy provider that is charged based on successful requests.
This means that failed requests are not charged. It goes for a price of $29 for 250, 000 API credits.
Proxycrawl is a pretty reliable proxy provider that is also efficient for unblocking WhatsApp blocks and restrictions.
It is not as specialized as the other proxy providers listed above; however, it does a pretty good job.
Proxycrawl is rated as a top proxy provider because of its amazing features, including data scraping, crawling API, scraper API, crawler, and backconnect proxy, among others.
It is rated amongst the best amazon scrapers in the world, with great geo-targeting ability. This is mainly because of its extremely large proxy pool of efficient IPs.
If you are trying to avoid blocks and Captcha when browsing the internet, the Proxycrawl crawler API is the best service for you.
Proxycrawl can also be used for scraping WhatsApp efficiently and effortlessly. Its affordability is a big plus as users can get 1000 requests for as low as $3.
Why Use Private Proxies for Unblocking WhatsApp?
It is a known fact that for most big platforms, residential proxies are more efficient, compatible, and reliable when surfing the Internet.
However, residential proxies mostly offer rotating proxies that change users’ IPs too frequently. This will not work effectively for unblocking WhatsApp.
For unblocking accounts and managing your WhatsApp accounts, using residential proxies will raise suspicions due to the frequent change in IPs and could put you at risk.
The best types of proxies to use for unblocking WhatsApp remains private proxies. This is because private proxies use static IP addresses, which are perfect for WhatsApp account unblocking and management.
Also, private proxies are cheaper than residential proxies, thereby saving you some good money.
Is Using WhatsApp Proxies for Unblocking WhatsApp Illegal?
Using proxies to surf the internet is not illegal and also is the same when using it for WhatsApp. There are currently no laws against using proxies, even if you use them to deceive the WhatsApp policy team.
However, some countries prohibit the use of proxy services for certain reasons known to the government.
Also, WhatsApp frowns at the use of proxies as it enables blocked users to bypass their restrictions, but nothing is being done against that.
To ensure you are on the safe side whenever you travel, before using proxies, check for the cyber law in that country to see if you are allowed to use proxies or not.
Is it Expensive to Use Proxies for Unblocking WhatsApp
The pricing of proxy services depends on the proxy provider you choose to patronize.
The majority of the premium proxy services in the proxy market are pretty expensive and may burn a hole in your pocket.
Also, there are cheaper proxy services that offer quality proxy use cases. When choosing a proxy service, analyze the use cases you need the proxy service for and check for cheaper alternatives to help cut costs.
Today in the social media world, the use of proxies for an app like WhatsApp is strange to the majority of the users in the WhatsApp user community.
Proxies are alien to them because it is not a requirement for WhatsApp users to access WhatsApp services.
However, proxies are very effective and efficient when your WhatsApp account is blocked from accessing their service.
This is because proxies help to evade all forms or blocks and restrictions on WhatsApp. It also allows you to manage many accounts at a time and helps with WhatsApp scraping.
Before buying a WhatsApp proxy plan, ensure you’ve checked the available use cases and the reliability offered by the proxy service.
This way, you will enjoy using the service without exposing your account to any form of risk.

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