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How to Build an Instagram Bot with No Code - ManyChat

How to Build an Instagram Bot with No Code – ManyChat

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram (IG) is one of the largest social media platforms around today. Experts predict the platform will add another 103 million users in the next two years and invest heavily in eCommerce features like IG Shops and creator enablement to continue its dominance in the social media category.
Given that Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes every day on the platform, it’s no surprise that marketers want to leverage it to increase their sales and earn Instagram growth.
But providing optimal customer service poses a challenge: Manually replying to hundreds—or thousands! —of direct Instagram Messages isn’t feasible for most businesses. (Note that this isn’t a concern for brands selling on Facebook because Facebook Messenger makes it easy to automate and scale marketing using Messenger Marketing. )
So, what’s a business to do when they want to embrace Messenger Marketing on Instagram? Sign up for ManyChat! Facebook now allows select platforms like ManyChat to offer Messenger Marketing features on Instagram. We’re working hard on the release, and we’ll have more news to share soon.
Are Instagram bots legal?
Instagram bots are legal when they comply with the Instagram Platform Policy. Particular types of Instagram bots (like follow bots and like/comment bots) violate Instagram’s terms and can be shut down because they result in fake Instagram followers, fake likes, and sporadic bot activity.
That said, ManyChat Instagram bots are 100% legal. Our partnership with Facebook has allowed us to create fully compliant Instagram bots you can use for your marketing campaigns. ManyChat is an automation tool that helps you connect with real people, gain real followers or Instagram follower growth, and build meaningful Instagram relationships. There’s nothing fake about it.
How to make Instagram bots worth your while
Like Messenger Marketing, Instagram bots will support business-to-customer conversations with Instagram followers by automating conversations and business processes. The goal is to answer customer questions, grow your follower count, and generate sales through Instagram’s Messenger feature—all on autopilot. Here’s how you can fully take advantage of Instagram’s chatbot capabilities for Instagram follower growth once the feature is live.
Send marketing campaigns via Instagram Messenger
Instagram becomes an ideal platform for digital marketing and follower growth when combined with other social automation tools. Throw Instagram chatbots in the mix with the automation tool, and you’ve got yourself a perfect solution to increase your business’s brand awareness and boost conversions.
You can implement default welcome Instagram Messages through direct message automation to make an excellent first impression. Offering a thoughtful welcome response means that you’ll leave a good impression, no matter what time a customer, or an Instagram follower, messages you. You can even throw in an emoji or two for a bright, engaging welcome message.
Try creating specific messages to share deals and discounts with customers. You could even “train” your Instagram chatbot to provide customer support by having it follow a predetermined conversation sequence.
Use bots to respond to repetitive customer questions
Automated direct messages are ideal for responding to potential customers if you have a growing business. Depending on the volume, it could be virtually impossible for you or your team to manually answer every single query. Providing a script your chatbot can follow to answer customer questions will save you from having to personally answer the same question 50+ times.
Run Instagram Ads that send customers to Instagram Messenger
Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Inbox ads send users into a Messenger conversation with your business after the recipient clicks to open the communication. You can use Facebook’s growth tools to find potential customers, then transform Instagram Messages into mass direct messages to these new customers by leveraging Instagram’s chatbot integration.
A common practice in Messenger Marketing is to create Facebook or Instagram Ads that, when clicked, open up to a Messenger conversation. Similarly, on Instagram, you can create IG ads, like Stories or posts, that start a dialogue between your chatbot and customers.
Drive sales by automating a promotion or coupon giveaway with an Instagram automation bot
Marketers and merchants can promote products and boost sales at scale by automating the coupon delivery process or simply by directing customers to a destination, like a website.
Brands can use IG Stories or directly ask customers to message them a keyword, and then your chatbot will send those individuals the coupon and more product information.
How to build an Instagram bot (once available)
Before you start making your own Instagram automation bot,, you’ll need a few things:
A Facebook Business Page for which you are the administratorAn Instagram Business accountA ManyChat Pro account
To create an Instagram bot, follow these steps.
1. Connect your Facebook Business Page to ManyChat
2. Once connected, click Settings in your dashboard.
3. Under Channels, click Instagram.
4. Click the Add Instagram Account button. Then follow the prompts to add your account.
Note: Your Facebook Business Page and Instagram Business Account must be connected to activate the Instagram for ManyChat channel.
5. Once you’ve added your IG account, you should see the following screen if your ManyChat account is ready to build your Instagram bot.
Now you can take advantage of incredible Instagram marketing features for follower growth, like:
Live chat with a real person through InstagramInstagram Story mentions to help acquire new contactsConversation automation features like keyword triggers and default replies Conversations startersInstagram ads for lead generation and brand awareness campaignsFast customer support… and more to come!
From our research, brands that set up IG bots to send default replies, provide Conversation Starters, and respond to keywords generate the most engagement and drive the best marketing outcomes.
Using Instagram and ManyChat to grow your business
There’s a lot of hype surrounding chatbots on Instagram—we can’t blame you for being excited! (We are too. ) Make sure you sign up for ManyChat or join the IG Waitlist so we can notify you once the Instagram Automation by ManyChat is officially live. This new integration will help you grow your Instagram account, acquire new followers, improve engagement, and generate additional sales.
Grow your Instagram following and make sales with Instagram Automation by ManyChat. See if your business is eligible by applying below.
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Instagram Bots in 2021 — The Best Bots And Everything Else You Need ...

Instagram Bots in 2021 — The Best Bots And Everything Else You Need …

Automation is still effective, but finding a bot that won’t get blocked is no longer easyPhoto by Arseny Togulev on UnsplashHistorically, Instagram bots have been a relatively inexpensive, effective, and easy-to-use tool casual users could employ to rapidly increase the number of people that discovered their accounts. For most, it was the only way to grow on Instagram without having to rely on the unsustainably expensive and ineffective Promote Your Post feature. That is coming to an end in year, automation is still effective but finding a bot that can automate interactions for months, without being blocked or having to change your username, is no longer simple or Tube video from @pinlordIn 2019, Instagram began implementing measures that effectively curved the use of automation bots within its user base. In 2021, they are close to perfecting them. Although Instagram keeps its bot detection strategies private, we know from users’ experience that they reduce bot activity by implementing the following measures:Interaction thresholds are variable and dependent on each user’s historical and current app useAn account’s interaction threshold is the number of interactions an account can do per hour/day before having their interactions blocked by Instagram. Previous to 2019, interaction thresholds we not unique to each user, and therefore, could easily be determined by most well-informed in 2021, each account interaction threshold is unique and dependent on the person’s previous and present usage. The more recent an account has been opened and the less ‘organically’ they interact with users (such as liking posts from several users in a mechanical pattern, in a short period of time), the smaller their threshold is and the fewer interactions they can, since an account’s threshold continually changes as their use changes, it’s easier than ever for people to inadvertently interact past their threshold and be negatively aphic created by the authorGoing over interaction thresholds result in an account’s interactions being blocked and/or a required password changeIf an interaction threshold is crossed, users either receive a notification letting them know that their action has been blocked or their interactions are simply not counted. This is experienced when an account likes a post and then it’s automatically unliked by Instagram. If crossed repeatedly, a user runs the risk that Instagram will require them to change their password or, in extreme cases, having their ability to interact revoked for a few hours, days, or even is why having unique and continually changing thresholds is so effective to curve bot usage. It takes away the ability for a user to effectively identify what their threshold is, and therefore, automate a bot to interact under that number. This greatly increases the likelihood of going over thresholds when using a bot, and given the threat of possibly having an account blocked because of that, provides a real disincentive for casual users to try interaction aphic created by the authorAll Instagram users are punished for going past their interaction thresholds, regardless of whether they’re using a botIn 2021, any user, regardless of whether or not they are implementing automation software, can have their interactions blocked if they consistently go over their interaction thresholds or interact in an inorganic doing this, Instagram also reduces the number of casual users who will interact at high-numbers, which then effectively reduces the number of spammy interactions, as well as the number of people who are willing to take the risk of using a provider’s access to payment and email platforms is deniedThrough speaking to several people who run automation companies, I’ve also learned that payment and email providers like PayPal, Square, and Mailchimp deny services to companies who offer Instagram automation services. How these companies know they are automation software providers isn’t clear — what is clear is that most companies that offer bot tools end up being denied access to payment and email disincentivizing Instagram users to mechanically interact at high numbers and by taking away an automation company’s access to payments and email, Instagram has effectively reduced the number of accounts that use automation in 2021 (You can check out my Instagram Small Business Class if you want to learn more about more sustainable ways of how to monetize). Because of these measures, some of the most well-known bot providers like Social Captain, Jarvee, Mass Planner, Social Sensei, and many others stopped offering automation services to the public or have pivoted their offering altogether. Even the automation companies that continue to offer their services are now in an increasingly challenging game of cat-and-mouse, where they not only have to continually improve their software so it’s not detected by Instagram, but also contend with the fact that their payments and emails systems have to be continually changed as providers deny them ’s a bleak outlook for Instagram bots and unless there is a radical and unexpected breakthrough by automation companies, it’s only going to get nerally, I would recommend most casual Instagram users to not use bots and instead concentrate on manually interacting with as many relevant people as they can every day. That being said, for those of you who are unwavering in your interest to use bots, the most effective and harmless way to use Instagram bots in 2021 is the same as it was in 2019 and the years before automate likes, only interact with an audience who might find your content relevant, and keep your interactions to a minimum per aphic created by the authorI go into the topic in-depth in my article about how to automate an Instagram bot that isn’t spammy. In general, by interacting in this way you will not only be giving people value (the great majority of Instagram users appreciate one more extra like on their photos), but by focusing on interacting with people who find your content relevant, you’ll also keep the interactions some user consider spammy to a minimum. This will increase the likelihood of each interaction converting into a sincere Instagram follower, as well as decrease the likelihood of getting your interactions you want to use bots in 2021, be prepared to get interactions blocked and constantly change your interaction provider if you want to continue automating likes over a long period of time. Given the measures Instagram is taking, this is just the aphic created by the authorInstead of being constantly frustrated by not finding a “good bot”, just know that for most people, there simply won’t be one and you’ll have to spend a lot more time and energy than ever before automating interactions. There are no stead of thinking that there is one bot that is better than the rest, it’s more productive to be aware that there are different bot providers that have different strengths and weaknesses. These are the bots that are most likely to provide the best results for you depending on your most effective, right nowAs of now, the most effective bot service in the market is Massgrammer. It starts at €24. 99 ($29) per month and it’s mostly effective because it’s relatively new. Like other automation companies, their customer service isn’t anything out of this world but the automation works and they have pretty decent extra tools alongside the basics like Instagram email scraping, mass story viewing, story downloaders, and a few others. If you’ve tried bots in the past or if you’re new to automation, they are worth testing out. If they don’t work for you, or if the price is too steep, a comparable, but slightly less effective option is Nitreo that starts at $49 per month (Please note that Nitreo automates the activity of follow/unfollow to get you great results. Keep that in mind when you’re signing up because not everyone wants that for their account. ). If you use an android phone, Followyst that starts at around $35 USD is also an option that is currently getting best valueInflact is software made by the people behind Ingrammer and it’s still the way to go when it comes to reliability and value in the automation space. On top of their interaction automation feature, they have several other features like a stories viewer (which can also generate a lot of growth, as liking automation can), post automation, DM manager, hashtag generator, profile analyzer, content downloader, and a bunch of others included in their $57 per month price their still very responsive customer service, ease of use, the great grouping of features, and established track record of keeping accounts safe, they are the best value and safest automation service in the market right now if you’re looking for more than just cheapest optionRight now, the lowest-cost automation service that is still effective is Instamber. They start at $15 per month and they provide all of the basic features, decent customer service, constant updates, and other tools like a story Android users, they have an even safer and effective feature called Social Bridge (you can learn how to use it in this guide) which is an individual app that identifies your usage patterns, uses your IP for your activities, and deletes the sensitivities of bot access to your account to create very-low-risk interaction based on your defined you’re looking for a low-cost automation service that works, Instamber is your best bet right now and a decent runner up is Insta stamberA new type of automationHyper has a new service that is called Story Voter Pro, and in my opinion, it’s worth trying if you haven’t been able to successfully automate regular interactions like likes and enables you to automate and scale the process of viewing stories and voting in people’s polls. Like and comment automation will inevitably continue to get more regulated and harder to achieve results through. Starting at €9. 00 per month, it’s worth trying new channels of automation that are less monitored by Instagram (like Story viewing automation. )HyperVoteIf all you want is followersIf all you want is new followers regardless of who they are or where they come from, try Social Sensei. They partner with real influencers to get them to tag you in their giveaways and send traffic your services start at $200 for 5, 000 followers and up to $999 for 20, 000 followers, which isn’t cheap. This is actually a much safer option vs. just buying fake bot followers because they are (mostly) followers who are real people. Since these are international influencer accounts tagging you, most followers you get will be international, and they likely won’t convert into any real value. If a larger number of followers is all you want, this the best option that’ll keep your account Social Sensei doesn’t work for you to buy followers, another option is Viral Race. They are cheaper because the followers they sell aren’t real. I don’t recommend doing that for your account, but if you’re looking for a safe option to do that, they are reliable in that ’t buy followers if you charge for paid partnerships based on your follower number. Honestly, you’re just scamming people and that’s not ’s the state of Instagram bots in 2021 and those I have described are the best service providers out there right now. The services’ effectiveness continually changes, so I’ll also update this list every sure to keep checking in to see if any have you find it valuable! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my article! If you enjoyed it, you can support me by signing up to my Instagram Small Business class, sharing this article and giving it a bunch of claps. You can also follow me on Instagram to get updates whenever I publish a new piece ❤If you want to read more about how Instagram works and how to grow a small business on the platform, check out my articles about what Instagram really is and how works, Is Instagram dying?, how the Instagram algorithm works, Instagram niches and why they are the key to growth, why you’re losing Instagram followers, Instagram hashtags, how to increase your Instagram engagement, how to pick the right Instagram username, how to write an Instagram bio, the best Instagram content schedulers and automators, Instagram bots, how to create an Instagram visual grid, how to create an Instagram repost account that makes money, how to check if you’re shadowbanned on Instagram, and why your Instagram account isn’t growing.
SimpleInstaBot - GitHub Pages

SimpleInstaBot – GitHub Pages

Use a robot to attract more followers. Now as a simple desktop app!
How does it work?
It runs as a desktop application on your computer and will every day follow up to 150 users (configurable). You choose a list of instagram users whose market you want to target. The bot navigates to each of these, finds the last people to have followed them and then follows each of them. Then after 5 days (also configurable), it will unfollow the users. Simple and effective.
The bot will remember every user it has followed, so if you quit the app and open it later, it will still clean up by unfollowing users that it previously followed.
You can find logs and data in your the “App Data” folder. See userData. For example on Mac OS:
Library/Application\ Support/SimpleInstaBot/
What makes it different from other bots?
Free and open source
No viruses or fishy business, guaranteed to not store your password! (See the code for yourself)
Simple, easy to use
Effective: Follow/unfollow is proven very effective. By only doing follow/unfollow, the bot avoids all those awkward situations where a bot comments “Awesome! ” on a post depicting a tragic events.
Secure: Never stores your username an password
Safe: Runs on your own computer, to reduce the risk of being banned. Instagram is known to crack down on paid Instagram bot services and cloud and VPN IPs
Automatic rate limiting
Uses a normal browser to mimic the behavior of a normal user (does not use private APIs easily detectable by Instagram)
Randomized timed behavior
Simulates human behavior of sleeping at night, and usage in the day time
Change browser signature to avoid being identified
Passes bot tests: and Built on instauto which has been proven to work for over 2 years
Runs on all major desktop platforms
Mac OS X
Linux (x64) AppImage
Linux (x64)
Linux (armv7l) (Raspberry Pi)
NOTE: After installing you may need to bypass “Untrusted app” dialogs. This is because Microsoft requires a costly certificate to remove this dialog (I’m not going to pay for that. ) Alternatively try to google windows run untrusted app.
A word of warning
Many people are getting Action Blocked message these days with this bot as well as other bots (it seems even people just manually following using the app) Instagram is tightening their rules by not allowing promiscuous behavior like following and liking strangers’ photos as much as before, and imposing temp blocks when they think you crossed the limit.
You use this app at your own risk! I have had great success with this app but I am not responsible for any consequences it may have for your Instagram account.
Tips to avoid ban
I advise you to follow these guidelines:
Run the bot on the same internet connection (e. g. WiFi) as you normally use your phone with the Instagram mobile app. It will reduce the chance of being flagged
Use conservative parameters (max follows/unfollows per day 150 and max 20 per hour, maybe even start out lower, and work your way up)
How to run on Raspberry PI
# SSH into your PI
# Download the Raspberry Pi binary
# Extract it
tar xvf
cd SimpleInstaBot-linux-armv7l
# run it
DISPLAY=:0. /simpleinstabot
# or:
DISPLAY=:0. /simpleinstabot –no-sandbox
Follow button not found: switch your instagram account into English as stated in the instauto troobleshooting page
Q: Can I run it on multiple accounts at the same time?
A: No, currently you would need multiple PC’s or multiple VMs for that. See #27
Q: Can I run it on multiple accounts (but not at the same time)?
A: Yes, just log out, and then log in to your other account instead. Followed/liked etc will be remembered.
This project is maintained by me alone. The project will always remain free and open source, but if it’s useful for you, consider supporting me. 🙂 It will give me extra motivation to improve it.
Animations by:
Icons made by Freepik from
See also
– Programmatic Instagram bot API
Made with ❤️ in
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Frequently Asked Questions about instagram bot pc

Is Instagram bot legal?

Are Instagram bots legal? Instagram bots are legal when they comply with the Instagram Platform Policy. Particular types of Instagram bots (like follow bots and like/comment bots) violate Instagram’s terms and can be shut down because they result in fake Instagram followers, fake likes, and sporadic bot activity.May 10, 2021

Is Instagram bot still working?

Automation is still effective, but finding a bot that won’t get blocked is no longer easy. Historically, Instagram bots have been a relatively inexpensive, effective, and easy-to-use tool casual users could employ to rapidly increase the number of people that discovered their accounts.

How do you use a simple Instagram bot?

You choose a list of instagram users whose market you want to target. The bot navigates to each of these, finds the last people to have followed them and then follows each of them. Then after 5 days (also configurable), it will unfollow the users. Simple and effective.

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