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How To Use Tribot Old School

How to use TRiBot [Full Guide on OSRS Botting]

TRiBot is currently one of the largest and safest OSRS botting clients on the market. Although the client is more advanced than some of the others listed, it is one of the most feature rich and low banrate clients out right now. TRiBot is basically a Java program that plays Old School Runescape for you giving you the ability to live your life while your computer grinds your OSRS character.
Installing TRiBot
Installing TRiBot is really easy. All you need to do is visit and click on the big blue “Download” button on the main page.
Once your file has completed downloading, you can then double click on the “” file to run TRiBot. Keep in mind you will need the latest Java version to do this so you should install that before running ” “. You can find a good tutorial on how to do that here. If you see a window like the image below pop up you have successfully installed TRibot!
Now that you have TRiBot installed you need to log into the client.
Creating a TRiBot Account
To do this you must first create an account on the TRiBot website. You can find the account registration link here!
Adding Scripts To Your Account
Before we can start botting, we must first add some scripts to your TRibot account. You can do this by logging in and navigating to the TRiBot Repository. Once you are in the repository you should see a lot of different scripts that are offered on TRiBot.
Once you see tghis screen you can simply add scripts to your account by clicking on the “Purchase” or “Activate” buttons under every script.
Using The Client
Once you have registered and selected your scripts, you then need to insert your TRiBot details into the Username and Password sections of the pop-up box and click on the “Login” button!
After this you will reach a screen that looks like this:
To create a new OSRS client instance you must now click on the “new client” button in the center of the screen.
After this you should see a normal OSRS client load in the TRiBot client area.
After this screen loads you can then add an OSRS account to your client. You can do this by clicking on View and then on Account Manager. You can then add all your account information in that popup and save.
You can now start your script. To do this simply click on “Start Script” in the top right corner and fill out the popup with what script you want to load. You first need to choose your script, you can find the selector in the left-most section of the script pop-up. You then need to choose your account – you can do this by clicking on the “Auto-Relog dropdown”. You can then simply click on “Start”!
Final Thoughts
You should have a good understanding on how to run the TRiBot OSRS Botting client.
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How to use RuneMate? | Community

How to use RuneMate? | Community

How to use RuneMate? | Community | RuneMate
So, I’ve never used a bot before and I have no idea what I’m doing. I have a bot in my thing and when I go through the steps and press start instance, nothing happens, but I also have an option at the bottom right that say add instances and I’m not sure how to do that. Anything would be helpful. Thanks.
I’ve watched that. Literally nothing happens when I push start instance though. I don’t have any options come up for the bots or anything.
Add the account you want to bot on (top left), goto the bot store, pick the bot you want to use..
open, select the bot you want to use (bottom left), press “play”, Pick the account you want to bot.
start osrs/rs3 client depending on what ur account is, and what u want to bot..
wait a second till the window ID pops up, click it, and hit “start instance”
the rest should be logical, even tho ^ should be too x)
Right, yeah, I got all that. When I press start instance though, it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t actually start it.
edit: it just does the little loading circle like it’s going to do something, and then nothing. Goes right back to the part where normally you should click start instance again.
And you’re sure that you picked a bot for whatever you’re using? OSRS/RS3?
yessir. playing osrs and trying to use “quantum woodcutter”
No clue then, try another WC bot and see if it does the same thing – if so, then it’s a user problem not a bot problem.
I did. Tried maxifisher and maxiwoodcutter as well:/
It’s really not all that hard.
1: Start Runemate
2: File > New OSRS Client
3: File > New Instance
4: Select the bot you want to use.
5: Select the account you want to use.
6: Select the client you started before, click “Refresh Clients” if it’s not there.
That’s it.
post logs.
in RM Help > View Logs
Thanks for this tip man. Looks like this is the error I’m getting.
instrument library is missing in target VM
at (fp:30)
at (yub:27)
at (ozb:46)
Caused by: Failed to load agent library
at (wo:88)
at (fp:12)
at (fp:19)
at (fp:67)… 2 more
Do you ever not shitpost
Please create a thread at Client & Site Support with the issues/logs since this appears to be a client issue, instead of an how-to.
Same thing, just constantly get a loading circle…..
TRiBot | OSRS® Bot

TRiBot | OSRS® Bot

We develop TRiBot to be as user-friendly as possible. Get started today in a few simple steps!
Download TRiBotWe offer simple installers for all operating systems, bundled with Java for a seamless WNLOADFind scriptsEasily browse our collection of scripts, find the ones right for you, then purchase or activate SCRIPTSConfigure and run your scriptsRun the TRiBot client, add your OSRS® account, and start your script(s). Every script will have a wizard to help you configure the script to suit your needs.
How are we different from our competitors? We care about our users and the gameplay experience of all players.
How do we show we care about our users? Great customer support
Solid UI and UX
Amazing, reliable software
Traditional bots seek to maximize XP/h, GP/h, and to simply outperform all other players. This is not fair for non-botting players and downgrades the gameplay experience. We alleviate this problem by ensuring that our bots perform at the same level as the average player. This way, users can avoid the exhausting grind of training while being considerate of the gameplay experience of non-botting players.
Our botting ideology is not only more fair for the entire RuneScape® community, but it also protects our users from bans. By fitting in with the average player, it makes our bots significantly harder to detect, reducing the chance of your account getting banned.
In the future, we plan on allowing our bots to communicate and interact with other OSRS® players. Instead of bots having a negative or neutral effect on the game, they can have a positive one!

Frequently Asked Questions about how to use tribot old school

How do you use a DreamBot?

Add the account you want to bot on (top left), goto the bot store, pick the bot you want to use.. open runemate.exe , select the bot you want to use (bottom left), press “play”, Pick the account you want to bot. start osrs/rs3 client depending on what ur account is, and what u want to bot..Aug 19, 2017

How do you bot in Old School RuneScape?

The best Oldschool Runescape® bot you’ll ever useYou don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use our bot. DreamBot is the most user friendly bot available today. … We have the most amazing scripts to choose from. … You’ve never seen a better community and staff.

How do you use Runemates?

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