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How To Unban Yourself From Pokemon Go

How To Get Unbanned on Pokemon GO—Useful Tips

Pokemon GO has hundreds of millions of active users and strict player guidelines, so bans are common. If you got banned from this game, do not stress out about it—DoNotPay helps you with bans, account suspensions, and locked accounts.
In this guide, we’ll explain the possible reasons for getting banned, how to get unbanned on Pokemon GO, and what to do if you don’t get a response to your unban request.
Reasons To Get Banned on Pokemon GO
Niantic—the developer of Pokemon GO—may decide to ban your account due to a violation of its terms of service or player guidelines.
Here are some of the reasons why Niantic would ban your account:
Harassing other users
Creating inappropriate content or sending spam
Trying to cheat in Pokemon GO will not get you far because Niantic constantly updates its anti-cheat software.
Here are the actions that the software will detect and may get you banned:
Using modified software while playing
Using multiple accounts
Sharing and selling your account
Adding a false location
Exploiting a game bug to win awards
Harassing Other Users
Niantic considers any form of harassment unacceptable, and that includes:
Abusing, stalking, or threatening other players
Violating other players’ privacy
Impersonating Niantic staff or other players
Taking photos or videos of other players without their permission
Creating or Sending Inappropriate Content
Another way to get your account banned from Pokemon GO is by creating and sharing inappropriate content.
If you are not sure what kind of content is considered inappropriate, here are some examples:
Spam email
Pornographic and sexual content
Hate speech
Pokemon GO Banned Account—Niantic Discipline Policy Explained
If you engage in any activity that violates Pokemon GO terms of service or player guidelines, you might not get banned right away. Niantic has a discipline policy that includes three ways to deal with players who commit offenses.
This discipline policy gives you three strikes:
Permanent Ban
If you violated the rules of Pokemon GO, you will receive a warning message that informs you that cheating or similar action is detected on your account.
The company may also restrict your game by disabling the option to find a rare Pokemon and receive new EX Raid Passes. This measure will last seven days, and you will be able to play the game as before the warning.
In case Niantic detects violations on your account after the warning, you will get a suspension. You will receive a message about it, and you will not be able to access the game. This is a temporary measure that lasts 30 days, but you can make the wait shorter by filing an appeal.
If you were already warned and suspended, but you continued breaking the rules of the game, your account will be permanently banned. You will not be able to access Pokemon GO as Niantic will terminate your account.
How To Unban Your Pokemon GO Account—The Appeal Process
If you believe your Pokemon GO account is unjustly suspended or terminated, you should file an appeal. To do that, you will have to follow these steps:
Visit the Niantic help center
Select the Ban Appeal option
Enter your in-game username and email address
Type in your appeal in the description field
Click on Submit
After completing the steps, you will have to wait for a response, which can take days or even weeks. If you are not willing to do that, use DoNotPay to send a demand letter to Niantic and draw its attention to your case.
Unban Your Pokemon GO Account—Support Your Appeal Using DoNotPay
If you want to make sure Niantic takes your complaint seriously, DoNotPay can assist you. Our app can create a demand letter that will support your appeal and make sure Niantic provides you with a prompt response.
You only need to:
Sign in to your DoNotPay account
Click on the Unban Gaming Account feature
Complete our questionnaire specifying:
Name of the game
Date your account was banned
Reason your account was banned
Your address and in-game username
If you feel like this ban is a result of Niantic discriminating against you, let us know by choosing your state or federally protected class. Our app will use this information to bolster your case.
DoNotPay will tailor a personalized demand letter and send it to Niantic on your behalf. The letter will include a two-week deadline to ensure your request is processed on time.
Need Help With Other Bans and Suspensions? Use DoNotPay
Check out our guides and learn how to file an appeal for any suspension, ban, or lockout. Whether you’re having trouble with your League of Legends, GTA V, or DS3 account, you can rely on us.
Aside from these, DoNotPay can assist you with issues on other platforms, such as:
Pinterest Suspended
Google Account Suspension
Facebook Account Suspended
Xbox One Account Banned
Banned From Facebook
Banned From Snapchat
Twitter Locked Account
Steam Account Banned
Banned From Instagram
PlayStation Account Suspended
Banned From TikTok
Snapchat Locked Account
Uber Account Suspended
How To Get Unbanned From Tinder
Banned From Facebook for No Reason
How To Get Unbanned on Omegle
Banned From Twitter
Twitter Suspension Appeal
YouTube Account Suspended
Amazon Suspension Appeal
Reddit Account Suspended
Solve Your Legal and Bureaucratic Issues With DoNotPay
The primary purpose of our app is to provide you with practical tools that can speed up all the drawn-out tasks you must complete. All you need to do is choose a suitable feature from our offer and get your problems solved in a heartbeat!
Once you create an account with DoNotPay, you can:
Appeals for banned accounts
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Divorce settlement agreements
Many other legal documents
Unclaimed money
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Tourist visas
Sweepstake entries
Feeling Unsafe or Harassed? DoNotPay Can Help You!
Have annoying calls and messages become your everyday problem? Don’t give up on your peace—rely on DoNotPay and deal with robocalls and restless text and email spammers easily.
We also take care of your privacy, allowing you to create burner numbers and virtual credit cards to avoid revealing sensitive information when signing up for various online services.
If you are being stalked by somebody or discriminated against at work, we will do our best to help you fight for justice and report the case accordingly! We will also safeguard your creative work from copyright violation and ask for violent crime compensation on your behalf.
Want your issue solved now?
Bypassing soft-bans: PokemonGoSpoofing - Reddit

Bypassing soft-bans: PokemonGoSpoofing – Reddit

Hey, whats up? So, I had an experience today that may or may not help but anyways… I was playing in Busan and teleported to Brazil. Totally forgot about the cooldown, got “soft banned”. But then, I read something about “the ability of the server to define a playing point”. Therefore, until that moment, my account’s “playing point” was in Busan. I teleported BACK to Busan and the “soft ban” was gone. I guess it’s not really a “ban” but more of a question of the ability of the server to define where your location is actually playing and how long does the server take to understand that you moved a long way in a short amount of time. I’m guessing that the “2 hour cooldown” is the minimum time that takes to the server comprehend that you location has changed to make you able to interact with the objects in that, not really a solution if you’re trying to bypass by going to a new location, but if the “soft ban” happens, you can undo it just by going back to where you were.
Pokemon Go account deleted? There is an account reset fix! - GameSkinny

Pokemon Go account deleted? There is an account reset fix! – GameSkinny

Your Pokemon Go account can be recovered!
With the Pokemon Go 0. 31. 0 update this morning that many users have been upset discovering that it appears their Pokemon Go account has been deleted. If this happens to you, you will find yourself back at the Professor after the new Terms of Service acceptance. The game takes you through the tutorial, character customization and then to pick a username. Now, do not go further. After the initial panic and thoughts of having to starting again and even of all the money you have potentially lost, don’t worry there is a fix for those who sign in through their Google Niantic has released an official help post for this for iOS users. Try that before the have suggested making sure you pick the exact username as before and you will get the game back. However this did not work for is what did work to recover my account:
In your browser sign into Google.
Navigate to and remove the permissions for the Pokemon Go app.
Delete (the hardest part) and reinstall Pokemon Go.
Sign in with the email associated with your Pokemon Go account.
You should be in with your account recovered!
Thanks to /u/emil129c on Reddit for this it work for you? Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments!
Published Jun. 30th 2017

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How do you Unsoft a Pokemon’s ban?

So, not really a solution if you’re trying to bypass by going to a new location, but if the “soft ban” happens, you can undo it just by going back to where you were.Aug 20, 2020

How do I get my Pokemon Go account back?

Here is what did work to recover my account:In your browser sign into Google.Delete (the hardest part) and reinstall Pokemon Go.Sign in with the email associated with your Pokemon Go account.You should be in with your account recovered!Aug 1, 2016

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