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How To Stop Spam On Craigslist

How to Stop Craigslist Spam | Techwalla

How to Stop Craigslist Spam | Techwalla

Giving out your phone number could lead to text spam.
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The email harvesting software used by spammers scrapes addresses posted on the Internet, particularly on classified ad sites such as Craigslist. Craigslist protects users from spam in several ways — from providing anonymous posting options for users to taking legal action against perpetual spammers and those who use email harvesting programs. To stop spam emails, protect your email and account and report all spam messages to Craigslist.
Step 1
Anonymize your email address. Fill in the “Reply To” field with a contact address. Underneath the field, click the radio button in front of “Anonymize. ” Ad readers reply to a randomly generated email address that forwards messages to your real inbox. Spam may still appear, but the sender never knows your actual email address so long as you don’t respond.
Step 2
Mask your email address. For example, list a contact address of “Joedoe at yourdomain dot com. ” Readers easily interpret the code but scraping software won’t recognize it as an email address.
Step 3
Delete old posts as soon as the ad is no longer valid. Reducing your visibility on Craigslist can help reduce unwanted response and spam emails.
Step 4
Forward suspicious or persistent email to the dedicated Craigslist spam email address (see link in Resources). Craigslist staff may intervene or alert other users to the Craigslist accepts ads without email addresses. However, one form of contact, such as a phone number, must appear. While spam email frustrates users, a system-generated address remains safer than posting a personal phone number.
Activate the junk mail filters or spam protection feature on your email software or online service. All the major email providers offer anti-spam tools that you can use to keep your email inbox clear of unwanted messages.
How to Stop Craigslist Spam Emails for Good [98% Success]

How to Stop Craigslist Spam Emails for Good [98% Success]

Craigslist is a popular online advertisement website. Through the company’s classified ads, people search for jobs, housing, services, and more. Craigslist is no stranger to spamming users with emails, though. If you too have a misfortune to be bombarded with Craigslist spam emails, here’s how you can put a stop on them once and for all.
Craigslist Spam Email
Unsolicited commercial emails, more commonly known as spam, are best when they are only annoying. You can unsubscribe from emails, learn how to stop receiving emails, and even block spam emails on your Android.
Unfortunately, many Craigslist users deal with spams and scams, so if you find yourself among them, know that you’re not alone.
How to Know if a Craigslist Email Is Spam
The first step in fighting spam is always to learn as much as you can about them. Reporting email abuse, before you fall victim to spam, is only possible if you can differentiate the bogus message from a legitimate one.
When it comes to Craigslist, many signs scream spam. Some of the most common indicators of junk mail are:
The sender is not a local one
The offer doesn’t seem to fit the price
A wire payment needs to be made through services like Western Union
Partial payments are fine by the sender
The sender claims he/she already shipped the goods
There is some third party involvement
You are being offered a cashier’s check
An email address contains
These are only some of the most common telltale signs the Craigslist email you received is fake. Poor language use and personal information required at once are other common indicators of fraudulent spam.
How to Stop Craigslist Spam Emails on Your Own
Craigslist has a thorough system when it comes to dealing with junk mail. If you want to stop spam on your own, you have a couple of options:
Reporting the issue through a Craigslist form
Flagging the abusive posts
Sending the potentially dangerous spam to Craigslist
The Craigslist Online Form
One way in which Craigslist helps its users with junk mail that is intended to harm the recipient is by offering an online form you can complete. If you opt for this choice, follow these steps:
Go to the Craigslist Help page
Locate the Abuse section
Find the link that leads you to complete the online form
Click on the Scams, Spams, Flagging option
Choose the type of issue that best describes your situation
Click on the Contact Us option
Provide the details the form requires
Confirm by clicking Send Message
This option is strictly reserved for users who want to report spam to Craigslist.
How to Flag Abusive Content on Craigslist
In contrast to the previous option, flagging is reserved for users who may wish only to avoid spam instead of reporting it to Craigslist. You can flag posts that you feel are violating the Craigslist Terms of Use. You can also flag a Craigslist email spam by:
Opening the email message you believe is spam
Scrolling down to the bottom of the email
Clicking on the Flag option
Depending on the email service you’re using, these steps may vary. For example, in Gmail, you can find the option to flag or report spam in the three dots in the upper right corner.
When you flag a Craigslist email as spam or scam, the company representatives are notified, and the sender shouldn’t be able to reach you again.
Send the Spam Email Directly to Craigslist
The third option you have to fight spam is to send the contents of a bogus message to the company itself. Take the following steps to do so:
Go to the Craigslist help page
Find the Contact Us option
Complete the online form
Include the link in the spam email with the header
Send the message to Craigslist
As you see, the process is quite similar to reporting spam through the online form. Choose this option if you wish the company to investigate the spam message you received in more detail. That is what you accomplish by forwarding them the dangerous link.
Stop Craigslist Spam Emails With the Help of DoNotPay
A straightforward way to deal with any kind of Craigslist spam is to report them through DoNotPay. The advantages are that the process is quick and easy, and you have a chance to be compensated. Plus, you get a perfect spam email revenge.
All you need to do is follow these short steps:
Go to your DoNotPay account using any web browser
Choose the Spam Collector option
Provide your email address
Forward the Craigslist spam email to
And that’s it! The process couldn’t be simpler. If there is a class action against the sender, you’ll be notified, so that you can become a class member and become eligible for compensation.
Can I Report the Spam Email Via
Online Form
In Person
Junk Emails Craigslist Reply
It seems that when you reply to a spammy message on Craigslist, you get more and more in its stead. The first and foremost rule with avoiding spam is to ignore the message completely, and then report it or flag it as spam.
We can provide several pieces of advice to avoid falling into the spammer’s trap:
Ignore anyone whom you can’t meet in person for a transaction
Beware of unclear questions or inquires into your product
Don’t show your real email address in Craigslist postings
Watch out for deals that seem too good to be true
Avoid communication that leans on being too personal
Don’t respond to escrow service offers
Know that Craigslist voice messages are not a thing; anyone asking you to check one is a scammer
Combat Physical Junk Mail With DoNotPay
Spam mail doesn’t arrive at your electronic address only. Unfortunately, scammers can send you phishing spam through postal mail too. The good news is that DoNotMail — a neat new feature of DoNotPay — helps you deal with physical junk mail. All you need to do, once you’re logged onto DoNotPay, is to send the picture of the content you got to
You’ll be unsubscribed from the sender automatically, and there is also a chance to get compensated if there is a class action against the sender.
Stick Around and See What Else DoNotPay Does
Besides helping you report spam email, DoNotPay offers a wide variety of other services. Our primary goal is to fight the infringement of customer rights every way we can. When you have an account on DoNotPay, which you can create in any web browser, it becomes clear how we can help you fight everyday issues.
DoNotPay, being the first robot lawyer in the world, can:
Help you protect yourself from stalking and harassment
Request refunds from companies
End your subscriptions and memberships
Contest parking tickets
Assist you with credit card problems
Contact customer service reps so you can jump the phone queues
Fight traffic tickets
Sue anyone in small claims court
Extend utility deadlines
Get compensation for plane tickets
Combat junk mail for good
Deal with annoying robocalls
Appeal speeding tickets
Schedule your DMV appointment on short notice
Want your issue solved now?
How to Tell if a Craigslist Reply Is Legitimate or Spam

How to Tell if a Craigslist Reply Is Legitimate or Spam

i Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images Craigslist offers users access to buy and sell online through free classified ads. When you access the website, it’s important to protect your personal email from unscrupulous users who may spam you by offering fraudulent payments for your item. Craigslist uses a two-way email relay system meant to purposefully stop spam and scams. Even so, computer hackers and unscrupulous people can still spam you through Craigslist’s email system. Craigslist SpamUnwanted commercial emails — spam — often includes bogus commercial offers that waste your time and steal your money. To stay protected on Craigslist, choose anonymity by clicking on the “Use Craigslist Mail Relay” button when you insert your email address in the appropriate field when posting an advertisement. Make certain that you add “cash only” in your advertisement. At the bottom of the ad posting, make certain the “OK for Others to Contact You About Other Services, Products or Commercial Interests” is not selected. Otherwise, you are asking that advertising emails be sent to you. Email RelayCraigslist protects both sellers and buyers on its website by encoding your personal email with one issued by Craigslist. For instance, a reply from a potential buyer through Craigslist would appear with a series of letters and numbers before the words “” As an example, you might receive a reply to your ad that looks like this: “” But just because the person used Craigslist’s internal email system to respond to your ad, the user still might be attempting to scam you. Too Good to Be TrueBring your common sense to bear when utilizing any online classified program. Bottom line, if something in an email sounds too good to be true, pay attention to your instincts — as you are more than likely right. Craigslist spammers and scammers try to draw you into their net by making you believe you have just received an incredible offer. Craigslist advises users to avoid scams and fraud by not accepting personal checks, money transfers via online wire services, cashier’s checks or money orders, as these can all be faked. It also recommends avoiding deals that involve shipping or escrow services. One main rule when using Craigslist is to keep your transactions local where you can meet the person in a public place — and have someone with you when you do. The Legitimacy of the OfferLegitimate offers usually come from someone in your area. Their email address will come from Craigslist itself as indicated previously and may include specific questions on the item. Someone honestly interested in your offering will want to know more details, ask if you are open to haggling or ask if the product has been sold yet. Illegitimate offers usually come from someone out of the area and ignore your request for “cash only” by suggesting another means to pay for the item. Phishers and ScammersEven with these protections in place, dishonest people still use the Craigslist system to spam people. Craigslist management constantly fights hackers who harvest emails from Craigslist’s system or use malware to send spam to unwary users. To avoid problems with spammers, the FTC advises online buyers and sellers to select one email for online shopping and another for friends and personal use. Report any suspicious emails from the site to Craigslist via its contact form on the site. The U. S. Department of Justice also provides resources for reporting spam online (see Resources). References Writer Bio As a native Californian, artist, journalist and published author, Laurie Brenner began writing professionally in 1975. She has written for newspapers, magazines, online publications and sites. Brenner graduated from San Diego’s Coleman College.

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