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How To Remove Instagram Follow Ban

Action Blocked on Instagram: What Triggers And How To Get ...

Action Blocked on Instagram: What Triggers And How To Get …

Last updated: September 8, so often, Instagram users encounter this problem — Instagram action block. So if you search for tips on how to remove an Instagram action block and find the reasons why it appeared in the first place, look no further. Here’s your short guide with solutions on how to fix and avoid of Instagram action blocksTemporary blockThe temporary block is the most common action block implemented by Instagram. It usually lasts up to 24 hours. You may get it after you break some of Instagram’s terms of stagram action block with an expiration dateAnother type of action blocks on Instagram is one with an expiration date. The name speaks for itself — this type of block states the date up to which the block lasts. These block usually last from 24 hours to 30 stagram action block without an expiration dateThe duration of the block may vary from several hours up to two weeks. This type of block usually doesn’t have the Tell us button, so if you’re sure you haven’t done anything wrong but still got flagged, you may request a manual review going to Instagram Settings ->Help ->Report a rmanent Instagram action blockAs the name of the block entails, you can’t remove this type of block. The reason why such blocks are applied is the violation of multiple Instagram rules. If your account has been temporarily blocked several times or if other users report your profile, you also are at risk of getting a permanent Instagram action can trigger the Instagram action blockAction blocks are typically caused by the exceeded number of actions you perform in a window of time — per hour or day. Once you exceed the allowed hourly or daily actions limits, your actions get blocked by limit set by the platform may vary depending on your account age, previous violations of Instagram rules, misuse of automation third-party tools or bots, activity, and some other things we’ll discuss below. Knowing all the reasons that trigger action blocks will help you to avoid such an issue in the future and remove the Instagram block from your why Instagram blocks your actions? You exceed the Instagram daily/hourly action limitsInstagram has daily limits on actions that are to be performed by each user an hour or a day. In June 2019, Instagram reduced the limits for about half, so now, even those users who perform all the actions manually are at risk of getting blocked if they exceed the action limits touch on likes, comments, follow/unfollow actions, and even users’ data loading. The exact limits are not yet revealed and may be different for each account depending on its age and activity account is too youngYour account age has a direct impact on the allowed number of actions you can perform from this account. The younger your account is, the more limits it has. If your account is 1–3 months old, you should gradually increase the number of actions you do. Otherwise, the boost of activity will be detected by Instagram as suspicious, even if you do it all have already violated Instagram rulesPrevious violations such as blocks or reports sent by other users can cause action blocks as well. The number of allowed daily actions diminishes once you break Instagram you post prohibited content on Instagram like sexual content, hate speech, fake news, and alike or violate the copyright policy of Instagram, you will be reover, if you’ve violated the guidelines from one account, it may influence your other profiles run with the same IP address. That’s why it’s so vital to use different IPs while using several Instagram profiles. To ensure the safe Instagram promotion of several accounts, use proxies or are slightly active on Instagram at allInstagram tracks your activity on the platform, so if you only check it a couple of times a day to like several people, it reduces your limits on daily actions. In this case, perform your actions slowly increasing them week by be more active on Instagram! Upload photos, videos, stories and interact with other ’re too active on InstagramIf you don’t post anything on Instagram, that’s one extreme. But if you post way too much, this is the other thing is that if you upload new posts several times a day every day of the week, Instagram and your followers consider it spam-like. To keep a balance, you should 3–7 times a week when your followers are misuse automationThere still are ways to use automation tools properly; now, it just demands consciousness from your end. To get the most out of automation tools, mix different types of actions, don’t repeat the same tasks, and don’t perform similar tasks within the same windows of instance, if you use any third-party tool for Instagram growth and utilise it only for liking, you should change your strategy like a human within your tool; comment manually on the native Instagram app or follow people automatically, but some time later unfollow them gradually without any mbine the automation with manual use and don’t forget to like posts from your feed because, well, that’s what people usually do on you comment on other users’ posts within a tool like Combin Growth, make templates of different comments in in all, always alter your actions and keep in mind your account age, overall activity rate, number of followers and posts, and types of actions you ’t automate all your actions and try to like, comment, and follow within those daily or hourly actions are too ‘heavy’Have you ever thought why the action limits differ? This is because all the Instagram action types have different ‘weight’. If you use only commenting, for instance, your overall action restrictions elevate. Likes are the lightest actions in terms of log in with various IP addresses and/or devicesIf you log in to your Instagram account from a different IP address or device and you can’t confirm via email or an SMS code that this is you, Instagram thinks your profile has been hacked and tries to protect is why you need to set up the two-factor authentication to be able to confirm to the system that you are the rightful owner of the you try to promote your Instagram page by spamming under other people’s posts and in their DMs, Instagram will punish you for this. No one likes spammers, and Instagram is not an the system cannot detect you on its own, don’t worry, other users will gladly give it a hint by reporting your page for spam-like you still join different engagement groups in 2020, you should stop ASAP. Instagram easily detects such activity and blocks all the to fix the Instagram action blockIn order to answer this question, we’ve done some research and looked through forums to find effective tips on how to remove the Instagram action block. Here’s what we and other users recommend:Reinstall your Instagram most obvious way is to delete your Instagram app and relaunch it. After that, the cookies and other data collected by Instagram should be removed, which is helpful in getting rid of the action block, especially the temporary one. 2. Report a imarily, if you did nothing wrong. When the ‘action blocked’ error pops up, it usually has two options: Tell us and Ignore. To request a manual review by Instagram, tap the Tell us some types of error pop-ups have no other option but OK. In this case, do the following: press Settings, then Help, then Report a Problem. In the text field, write that for some reason you’ve been blocked though you haven’t done anything wrong (try it even if you’ve done) should be done even if you spam or use third-party tools for growing your account. This action of yours will show Instagram that you’re not a In February 2020, Instagram implemented a new appeals process for disabled accounts. It means that now if your account is disabled and about to be deleted, you can appeal direct from the log-on Media TodaySo when you log in and see a message about your account to be deleted, you can either Download Data to get access to your content or Request Review. If you choose the second option, you will need to fill in your full name, Instagram username, and tell Instagram why you think they’ve made a mistake. Instagram will review your appeal which takes up to 24 hours. 3. Switch to mobile reason for your actions blocked might be your IP address. Sometimes, Instagram even blocks accounts at the stage of creating ones if it doesn’t like the IP. So after you see any errors, switch from the Wi-Fi to the mobile data. 4. Link your Instagram account to Instagram allows creating Business and Creator accounts without connecting them to Facebook. If your account is not linked to Facebook and it has been threatened with the action block, link it to your Facebook you’ll prove that you’re not a bot. To make it even better, you can link your Instagram page to other socials. 5. Log in with another deviceChange the device you log in to Instagram. Try using another phone, tablet, or even PC. 6. Wait it out for 24–48 of the aforementioned ways may or may not help. If none of the above enables you to get rid of the Instagram action block, wait it out, and your block will disappear shortly. Even better if you stop any of the Instagram actions for 24 or 48 hours. Don’t use Instagram or any third-party tool within this period of read all our updates and get new Instagram marketing tips, follow us on Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Youtube.
Instagram Action Blocked: How To Fix It - Hiking Illustrated

Instagram Action Blocked: How To Fix It – Hiking Illustrated

So you’ve been action blocked on Instagram? Welcome to the club. Stop mashing your index finger into the “Tell us” button, take a deep breath and relax. We’ve been there, and despite all of the advice out there on the interwebs, there are really only two things you can do to get yourself out of Instagram’s penalty familiar? You can hit ‘Tell us’ until your finger is a bloody stump, but it won’t do you any good. (ADA text for screen readers: “Action Blocked. This action was blocked. Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake. Tell us. ”) Skip to contentBeware the “fixers” – no one but you can fix thisHow did this happen?! – we break down why you got blockedA’ight stop watcha doin’ – what you need to do (or don’t do) nowThe waiting is the hardest part – how long will you wait? Gettin’ nerdy with it – what happens during an extended block? Oops, I did it again – blocked for sharing your account with a serviceThe private profile theory – one possible solutionFAQ – answers to the most frequently asked questionsComments section – comments from users like youRelated book topics on Amazon Beware the “fixers”First things first: Be wary of anyone out there telling you that for a nominal fee they can resolve the issue. They can’stagram’s action block ban is time-based, and the length of your punishment is based on the severity of your crime. No so-called “Instagram technician” has the power to speed up the turds take your money, tell you to wait while they “get to work, ” the Instagram ban naturally expires when time is up, and then the turd tells you they magically fixed it., don’t bother writing to Instagram about your woes. They don’t care and wouldn’t have the manpower resources to look into it if they course, if it makes you feel better to rant, then by all means proceed. Screaming at a brick wall might be equally tweeted mean things at Instagram’s founder. AndrewA cathartic if not productive activity. How did this happen?! If you’ve been banned from following other accounts, you’ve likely done one of a few things:1) You followed way too many people too quickly, or2) you unfollowed too many accounts at once, or3) evolution has given you super-fast hyper fingers and you’re secretly an second reason might make you scratch your head. Why would Instagram block you from following others merely for batch unfollowing? Well, it would honestly be kind of weird if Instagram tried to stop you from unfollowing someone, because let’s face it – sometimes you pick up some real weirdos (I’m looking at you, guy who only takes pictures of people on the toilet) the alternative is to block you from following anyone for a while. That’ll learn ya! (AUGUST 10, 2019 UPDATE: Two of our readers told us today they have been action blocked from unfollowing as well, which we’d never heard of. Has this happened to you too? Let us know in the comments! ) A’ight stop watcha doin’ …If you were using an app for automated follow/unfollow tasks like us, this activity is probably what landed you in jail. No, you don’t have to delete your your Instagram settings and you’ll see that your automation apps aren’t recognized as linked accounts. What you do have to do is change your mindful of Instagram’s hourly and daily limits and abide by them (there are theories elsewhere on the Internet about these limits, but the last I heard was to keep it under 200 “actions” per day and no more than 20 follow requests in an hour), you can still use your apps to find that jerk who unfollowed you even though you had “liked” twenty terrible pictures of his ugly stupid kids. AndrewSeriously, twenty damn you can’t do is unfollow several hundred accounts in a few minutes. That’s what we did. I flirted with the long arm of the Instagram Community Guidelines and got the book thrown at us. There are also punishments for spammy comments, too many likes, batch rando DMs, copyright violations, rapid follow activity and other suspicious behavior. The waiting is the hardest partThe other thing you can do? mentioned above, this is a time-based ban. Some crimes are apparently worse than others, although it’s not entirely clear which particular offense will earn which ban. The Internet is filled with blog post comments about bans being lifted after a few days to upwards of a ban lasted three weeks on the dot. And now that you know you’re basically screwed for the next week or three, let’s dive into the anatomy of what happens when your account has been given the smackdown. Gettin’ nerdy with itKatThink anyone will get these retro music references? AndrewProbably not, but I’m having fun. 1. Your follow activity stagnates. This is by design, and it’s pretty painful when tracked in a quickly dispatching nearly a thousand accounts that weren’t following back (red line) over the course of a couple days, Instagram’s action block follow ban leveled off our followers gained (blue line). 2. You lose followers every day. This is kind of fascinating, really. With the inability to follow others, you not only lose the followers you were going to lose anyway from the whole garbage follow/unfollow tactic, you also lose those who were just fishing for more followers by following you. KatSounds like BS. How is that fascinating? It points to a serious problem with Instagram. If you’re putting out good content regularly (which I think we were doing a decent job – judge for yourself at), you’ve done your best with hash tags and you’re still not gaining followers, it poses the question:Does anyone out there really care, and is Instagram’s model more broken than ever? This chart shows the total number of followers gained per day for our account. After gaining an average of 60 followers per day, our account began losing as many as 20 followers per day after the action block and rarely had a day in the black. 3. Your engagement rate plummets. If you look at Instagram’s JSON data feed for your account, the platform believes you are only as relevant as your twelve most recent posts. Using these last twelve posts, we can calculate our engagement ratio as:((total likes for last twelve posts + total comments for
last twelve posts) / 12) / number of followersAndrewJust look at the pretty chart. Without new (fake? ) followers, our inflated engagement rate soon you’re interested in looking at your own JSON data, replace “lustrated” with your Instagram handle in the link below (note: you’ll have to copy and paste the link because Instagram recently updated their code to intentionally redirect all server calls to the root directory, which of course shows how petty they’ve become): Lastly, while you wait for the ban to be lifted, don’t feel like you have to stop posting or liking (if you’re lucky and Instagram hasn’t blocked you from doing that as well) all, the platform is supposed to be fun, and someone out there might actually genuinely like your terrible photos of ugly stupid kids. AndrewTwenty photos. Twenty! Oops, I did it againOne week after the ban was lifted, our account began to recover from a growth perspective. It was interesting to see engagement climbing as well, but that was happening more slowly. I felt that we were still under the watchful gaze of Instagram at times, however, because some days our hashtag game seemed horribly was also worried about some of my other automated tinkerings running behind the scenes, which eventually got sniffed out by Instagram and earned us the threatening notification below. (ADA text for screen readers: “We’re Removing Inauthentic Likes and Follows. You may have shared your username and password with an app that offers followers or likes. We’re removing activity from these apps, such as new followers, because they violate our Community Guidelines. Please change your password to prevent your account from being disabled. ”)Looking at a couple social automation threads, it was apparent this warning sent a few shockwaves, although no one reported that they actually had followers or likes removed that were gained by automation software. I thought it may be time for me to stop thumbing my nose at Instagram and play by their rules. Botting is hard, they say. Husbanding is hard too, haha. Still, I thought I’d found something that was starting to work. Instead of automating follows and likes with Socinator (a cheaper Jarvee ripoff with non-existent support as far as I can tell), I used the platform to simply scrape user that, I’d dump a text file of usernames into the system and set it up to follow and like. It was working, but I got got us blocked again! Yep, I got us blocked again. This time the penalty was shorter (one week as opposed to three), but we were banned from posting, commenting (even on our own posts), following and liking. That’s cold, Instagram! (ADA text for screen readers: “Action Blocked. Your account has been temporarily blocked from taking this action. Sharing your account with a service that helps you get more likes or followers goes against our Community Guidelines. This block will expire on [date] 2019-07-23. ”)KatSo have you learned your lesson? AndrewI guess so. Although I did read an interesting article about writing your own automation software in for the love of all that is holy. I may be done with automation software as far as our hiking Instagram account goes, but I do find the process tting blocked stinks, but it is also a peculiar way to see Instagram’s behind-the-scenes efforts to discourage botting on their told, I don’t think we actually gained a single follower using third party software anyway (all we managed to do was grow the accounts of others), and in the end the action blocks cost us at least a few hundred my experience, it just wasn’t worth the owing what I know now, I’m not sure Instagram is worth the trouble either as far as being a platform for content marketing. I’m not ready to give up just yet, but I think it’s also a sobering reminder of the potential consequences of building an empire on someone else’s lated books on Amazon The private profile theoryI’m going to get way less scientific and simply throw this out there …Another user who had been action blocked responded in the comments section of this article about an anomaly he’d noticed: Even though he was blocked from following others, he noticed his “Following” total slowly rising. He thought he’d been hacked, but after thinking about it for a bit, I realized what was most likely happening. I think he had sent follow requests to private profiles, which do not count toward your following total until they accept the request. AndrewI hate to tell you didn’t! Oh, when I managed to get our account action blocked for the third time, I immediately took screenshots of our profile page. The two below were taken an hour apart, both after our account had been reenshot taken 6:49 reenshot taken 7:54 here’s my theory: Instagram notices you’re performing too many actions in an hour or day, which it flags as suspicious behavior and enacts a temporary action, since you’ve previously sent follow requests to a handful of private accounts, these are now little ticking time bombs. I think it’s possible that each time a private profile accepts your follow request after you’ve been blocked, it extends the length of your ban. It’s almost as if there is something in Instagram’s code that is trying to defend against what it sees as a hack (you’re still somehow following despite the block? ), but in reality it’s fighting against its own I be sure about that? Nope. But I haven’t heard a better stagram is also apparently more protective of private accounts. The platform realizes some of us are trying to grow our accounts, and doing so with public profiles is fair wouldn’t it make sense for Instagram to try to keep that tactic away from those who really don’t want to be bothered, a. k. a. the private profiles? The real kicker is that, after a few days, I unfollowed those who weren’t following back, and it turns out that I had several private accounts in there who had accepted my follow request but hadn’t followed back. Hmph! From now on, I’m going to avoid most private profiles as far as growth hacking goes, and I’d advise others to do the same. There’s something in that combination that is going to get you in yes, that means visiting each profile individually before following. That’s the only place where you can be sure an account is public (although after following on non-profile pages you can tell if the button changes to “followed” or “requested”) are the days of scrolling through another user’s followers and clicking the little blue follow buttons on the right. That activity is also too fast, and it’s sure to land you in the penalty box course, these profiles are obviously public, but you’ll want to avoid hitting those follow buttons when you encounter lists of individual users. You can’t be 100% sure from this view that a profile is I was curious – how many little ticking time bombs did we still have out there? It turns out, there is a way to find out in your account you find yours, you might be surprised how many pending requests you had 88. I wanted to make sure I went in and cancelled all of those requests, because otherwise they’ll just sit there for eternity (and some people think this counts toward your hourly/daily following limit). I learned that you can do this both on a smartphone and a desktop computer, but desktop is going to be way ’s what you do:(AUGUST 10, 2019 UPDATE: Although this worked for us, I’ll admit that by no means is this a proven tactic, and it’s hard to say if it actually had anything to do with lifting our ban or if it was just a fluke. One user had success with this tactic, another tried it with no luck, and two others said their action blocks were made worse after trying it. Yikes! Of course, we don’t know what else is going on with their accounts, but do with that information what you will. )Go to Settings (the little gear icon) > Privacy and Security > Account Data > View Account Data > Connections > Current follow requests > View ’s a short video if that’s easier:Once you’ve found your pending requests, open a second window in Instagram and begin copying and pasting those usernames one by one into the Instagram search need to visit each profile, click where it says “Requested, ” and then confirm you want to cancel your request to follow that account (this does not count as mass unfollowing because technically you aren’t following them yet), I know, it’s a huge pain and Instagram doesn’t make it, we did this, and our days-long action block ended it wasn’t your typical 24/48 hour block, nor was it a week or three was four and a half days. Now THAT is odd. Again, can I say for SURE that it helped lift the block prematurely? Nope. AndrewAgain, I totally deserve that. I had to go into our account a couple times to finish the job, but for some reason there are still about 24 that show up in my pending requests that I simply can’t get rid of no matter if you don’t think Instagram has any bugs in its code, I present to you Exhibit A (here’s where I’d post the list of accounts I just can’t seem to scrub, but since they’re private profiles that probably isn’t cool) the second attempt to remove these pending requests, the action block expired at some point over night. The strange length of the block leads me to think there’s something to this theory, but only the devs at Insta know for sure, and they’re not talking. AndrewYes, it’s all a conspiracy by the guys with the funny little hats in the funny little cars. Instagram Action Blocked FAQWhy is my action blocked on Instagram?
You performed too many actions too quickly. An action block is commonly caused by following too many users in a day or hour, or by mass unfollowing too many accounts. A ban may also be triggered for sharing your account with third party software that manages or automates follows and do I fix action blocked on Instagram?
There is not much you can do but wait it out. If you have not been given a date for when your block will expire, try logging out and logging back in. It doesn’t always work, but occasionally it long do you get temporarily blocked on Instagram?
If you haven’t been given a date with your action blocked message, the temporary ban can last from a couple hours to a couple days and onward to four weeks. We’ve never heard of a ban lasting longer than four weeks. If you have been given a date, the action block typically ends at the same time of day as when you first received Instagram permanently block you from following?
Your action block is not permanent. Instagram can, however, completely disable and delete your account at their will, but that is I write to Instagram for help?
Yes. You can email them at You can also write your message on a piece of paper and throw it down a well. This will provide a similar didn’t the action block expire on the date given?
There are a couple possibilities that may cause this. If you are a user outside western time zones (North and South America), we suspect a bug in Instagram’s code. You may also receive a “delayed ban” where an action block is enacted hours after your activity, in which case you’re likely looking at multiples of 24 hours for the action block to expire.
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Instagram Action Blocked: Here is How to Fix It? - instamber blog

Instagram Action Blocked: Here is How to Fix It? – instamber blog

If you are reading this article, your Instagram account probably has been blocked and you cannot follow other users, like their posts or leave comments on them. If so, you see the message ‘Action Blocked’ whenever you want to perform one of these actions. However, it is totally different from ‘Instagram Suspension’ in which you cannot log into your question is, why does Instagram prevent its users from performing certain actions at certain times? How can you prevent being banned? And how to make your Instagram account unblocked? Here we will talk about this issue completely and answer two main questions:Why does Instagram block an account? How can you unblock your Instagram account? Hence, if you have faced this problem, continue does Instagram block an account? Instagram is rigid in many cases; especially when believes an account is spamming (i. e. creating useless information, bothering other users, or even creating fake accounts). It is so rigid that it will even ban accounts which look like spammers. By banning we mean limiting a user’s access to perform actions like ‘commenting’, ‘liking’, and ‘following other users’. So the rule of thumb here is to avoid too many activities to gain more new followers and sending too many messages which might bother other that Instagram automatically spots violators. So, it sometimes bans your account for a minor or unintentional mistake. The worst part is that there is no way to find out the reason behind banning your account. Instagram neither warns the user nor explains the reasons to its yes, as you see, one small mistake might lead to your being banned without knowing the reason! But don’t worry! In this article, we will talk about different reasons for being blocked and also the ways to unblock your are the reasons behind blocking an account by Instagram? First, let’s have a close look at reasons Instagram may block you for. Reading these reasons, you can prevent being blocked and be sure that no problem of this type might ever happen to your account. If your Instagram account has been blocked already, find the reason below and go to the next part to make your Instagram enough posts in your Instagram accountYou might have recently created an account, but now you cannot like a post or comment on it. The reason is that Instagram would consider you a fake user as you have no post in your account yet. So, make sure to publish some photos in your profile. 10 posts may be good for the start. DO NOT post all of them simultaneously, instead, post them one by one over mplete your account’s infoHaven’t you filled your profile info yet? Doesn’t your account have a profile picture or a bio? If so, Instagram may consider your account as a fake user and block it. In order to make your Instagram account unblocked as soon as possible, you need to complete the information on your ’t publish too many posts in a timeDo you post consecutively? So, this might be the reason behind getting blocked on Instagram. Instagram considers accounts that publish too many posts at a limited time as a spammer and may block them. A simple solution is to have a schedule and avoid excessive posting! Don’t like too many posts in a given timeLiking too many other Instagram posts may also lead to being blocked by Instagram. Instagram considers it as spamming since some people would like as many posts as possible to make people notice them. According to Instagram rules, you are allowed to like 350 photos and videos in one hour at the most. We highly suggest observing this llowing too many accounts leads to being blockedFollowing too many accounts are also considered as spamming activity and again, Instagram would consider you as a spammer. If you have followed too many people recently, this might be the reason. Don’t follow more than 20 people in an hour from now on. Also, notice that you can follow the maximum of 7500 people; so, don’t be in a hurry to follow other petitive contentIf you use repetitive posts, emoji, and comments, Instagram blocks you as soon as it finds out, and would not let you post or comment; but for how long? No one knows! According to other users who have had similar experiences, if you have received the message “Action Blocked”, Instagram may block you for some hours to even a couple of not ‘mention’ other users too many timesThe other reason which may cause being blocked by Instagram is mentioning other users too many times. Do not mention other users in your posts and comments very much. Again, this is a matter of repetition and excessive use. This is especially important when you mention people who are not in your list of ‘Followers’. Refrain from doing this as much as possible if you want to keep your account Instagram bots properlyYou are probably aware that there are bots that follow other users, like their posts and leave comments on them on behalf of your account; for example, one of these bots is Instamber bot for increasing the number of followers. Though these bots are very effective in increasing the number of your followers, it is better to use them properly; You need to be cautious in using order to be sure that Instagram would not block you for using bots, you need to pay attention to two points. First, when you run a bot, limit its activities (for example, 15 or 20 “likes” seem well for a given time). Secondly, choose a bot which performs a variety of tasks like a real person. Both these features have been considered in Instamber attention to Instagram rulesIgnoring Instagram rules is another reason for being blocked. Read Instagram Guideline to be sure that your activities are not against their can you do to make your Instagram account unblocked? When Instagram blocks you, it takes 3 hours to even 4 weeks to unblock your account. Yes, it is too long, so observe the above-mentioned rules to avoid being banned. But, how can you make the process of unblocking your account faster? To do so, you need to send a request to Instagram to review your account again. How? Following we are going to present some methods to connect with a request when you see Action Blocked messageAs we said, if you receive the message saying “Action Blocked”, it means that your account has been blocked. When you see this, press “Tell Us” to write about the mistake to pressing “Tell Us”, Instagram most probably wants you through your email to complete security information and then, asks you to send your own photo to make sure that you are a real user. After sending the photo to Instagram, your account will be activated after a few unblock request through Instagram settingsPress the “Option” or “Setting” button in your Instagram profile (the icon in the top right corner of the screen), then scroll down and press ‘Report a Problem’. Here, you can report different problems to Instagram. From the options available, press ‘Something isn’t Working’. Now fill the form with a request for unblocking, mention you are a real person and press ‘send’ methods to unblock your Instagram accountEdit your Instagram BioUninstall and reinstall Instagram on your cell phone. Note that you need to back up your information before uninstalling finally, the safest way is to be patient. Instagram itself will unblock you after a listed all the situations which may lead to being blocked by Instagram and also provided some solutions to make your Instagram account unblocked. We hope that you find them helpful. Please let us know if this article has been useful for you or you have other questions regarding Instagram ban at the comment section below.

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