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How To Not Get Action Blocked On Instagram

Action Blocked on Instagram: What Triggers And How To Get ...

Action Blocked on Instagram: What Triggers And How To Get …

Last updated: September 8, so often, Instagram users encounter this problem — Instagram action block. So if you search for tips on how to remove an Instagram action block and find the reasons why it appeared in the first place, look no further. Here’s your short guide with solutions on how to fix and avoid of Instagram action blocksTemporary blockThe temporary block is the most common action block implemented by Instagram. It usually lasts up to 24 hours. You may get it after you break some of Instagram’s terms of stagram action block with an expiration dateAnother type of action blocks on Instagram is one with an expiration date. The name speaks for itself — this type of block states the date up to which the block lasts. These block usually last from 24 hours to 30 stagram action block without an expiration dateThe duration of the block may vary from several hours up to two weeks. This type of block usually doesn’t have the Tell us button, so if you’re sure you haven’t done anything wrong but still got flagged, you may request a manual review going to Instagram Settings ->Help ->Report a rmanent Instagram action blockAs the name of the block entails, you can’t remove this type of block. The reason why such blocks are applied is the violation of multiple Instagram rules. If your account has been temporarily blocked several times or if other users report your profile, you also are at risk of getting a permanent Instagram action can trigger the Instagram action blockAction blocks are typically caused by the exceeded number of actions you perform in a window of time — per hour or day. Once you exceed the allowed hourly or daily actions limits, your actions get blocked by limit set by the platform may vary depending on your account age, previous violations of Instagram rules, misuse of automation third-party tools or bots, activity, and some other things we’ll discuss below. Knowing all the reasons that trigger action blocks will help you to avoid such an issue in the future and remove the Instagram block from your why Instagram blocks your actions? You exceed the Instagram daily/hourly action limitsInstagram has daily limits on actions that are to be performed by each user an hour or a day. In June 2019, Instagram reduced the limits for about half, so now, even those users who perform all the actions manually are at risk of getting blocked if they exceed the action limits touch on likes, comments, follow/unfollow actions, and even users’ data loading. The exact limits are not yet revealed and may be different for each account depending on its age and activity account is too youngYour account age has a direct impact on the allowed number of actions you can perform from this account. The younger your account is, the more limits it has. If your account is 1–3 months old, you should gradually increase the number of actions you do. Otherwise, the boost of activity will be detected by Instagram as suspicious, even if you do it all have already violated Instagram rulesPrevious violations such as blocks or reports sent by other users can cause action blocks as well. The number of allowed daily actions diminishes once you break Instagram you post prohibited content on Instagram like sexual content, hate speech, fake news, and alike or violate the copyright policy of Instagram, you will be reover, if you’ve violated the guidelines from one account, it may influence your other profiles run with the same IP address. That’s why it’s so vital to use different IPs while using several Instagram profiles. To ensure the safe Instagram promotion of several accounts, use proxies or are slightly active on Instagram at allInstagram tracks your activity on the platform, so if you only check it a couple of times a day to like several people, it reduces your limits on daily actions. In this case, perform your actions slowly increasing them week by be more active on Instagram! Upload photos, videos, stories and interact with other ’re too active on InstagramIf you don’t post anything on Instagram, that’s one extreme. But if you post way too much, this is the other thing is that if you upload new posts several times a day every day of the week, Instagram and your followers consider it spam-like. To keep a balance, you should 3–7 times a week when your followers are misuse automationThere still are ways to use automation tools properly; now, it just demands consciousness from your end. To get the most out of automation tools, mix different types of actions, don’t repeat the same tasks, and don’t perform similar tasks within the same windows of instance, if you use any third-party tool for Instagram growth and utilise it only for liking, you should change your strategy like a human within your tool; comment manually on the native Instagram app or follow people automatically, but some time later unfollow them gradually without any mbine the automation with manual use and don’t forget to like posts from your feed because, well, that’s what people usually do on you comment on other users’ posts within a tool like Combin Growth, make templates of different comments in in all, always alter your actions and keep in mind your account age, overall activity rate, number of followers and posts, and types of actions you ’t automate all your actions and try to like, comment, and follow within those daily or hourly actions are too ‘heavy’Have you ever thought why the action limits differ? This is because all the Instagram action types have different ‘weight’. If you use only commenting, for instance, your overall action restrictions elevate. Likes are the lightest actions in terms of log in with various IP addresses and/or devicesIf you log in to your Instagram account from a different IP address or device and you can’t confirm via email or an SMS code that this is you, Instagram thinks your profile has been hacked and tries to protect is why you need to set up the two-factor authentication to be able to confirm to the system that you are the rightful owner of the you try to promote your Instagram page by spamming under other people’s posts and in their DMs, Instagram will punish you for this. No one likes spammers, and Instagram is not an the system cannot detect you on its own, don’t worry, other users will gladly give it a hint by reporting your page for spam-like you still join different engagement groups in 2020, you should stop ASAP. Instagram easily detects such activity and blocks all the to fix the Instagram action blockIn order to answer this question, we’ve done some research and looked through forums to find effective tips on how to remove the Instagram action block. Here’s what we and other users recommend:Reinstall your Instagram most obvious way is to delete your Instagram app and relaunch it. After that, the cookies and other data collected by Instagram should be removed, which is helpful in getting rid of the action block, especially the temporary one. 2. Report a imarily, if you did nothing wrong. When the ‘action blocked’ error pops up, it usually has two options: Tell us and Ignore. To request a manual review by Instagram, tap the Tell us some types of error pop-ups have no other option but OK. In this case, do the following: press Settings, then Help, then Report a Problem. In the text field, write that for some reason you’ve been blocked though you haven’t done anything wrong (try it even if you’ve done) should be done even if you spam or use third-party tools for growing your account. This action of yours will show Instagram that you’re not a In February 2020, Instagram implemented a new appeals process for disabled accounts. It means that now if your account is disabled and about to be deleted, you can appeal direct from the log-on Media TodaySo when you log in and see a message about your account to be deleted, you can either Download Data to get access to your content or Request Review. If you choose the second option, you will need to fill in your full name, Instagram username, and tell Instagram why you think they’ve made a mistake. Instagram will review your appeal which takes up to 24 hours. 3. Switch to mobile reason for your actions blocked might be your IP address. Sometimes, Instagram even blocks accounts at the stage of creating ones if it doesn’t like the IP. So after you see any errors, switch from the Wi-Fi to the mobile data. 4. Link your Instagram account to Instagram allows creating Business and Creator accounts without connecting them to Facebook. If your account is not linked to Facebook and it has been threatened with the action block, link it to your Facebook you’ll prove that you’re not a bot. To make it even better, you can link your Instagram page to other socials. 5. Log in with another deviceChange the device you log in to Instagram. Try using another phone, tablet, or even PC. 6. Wait it out for 24–48 of the aforementioned ways may or may not help. If none of the above enables you to get rid of the Instagram action block, wait it out, and your block will disappear shortly. Even better if you stop any of the Instagram actions for 24 or 48 hours. Don’t use Instagram or any third-party tool within this period of read all our updates and get new Instagram marketing tips, follow us on Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Youtube.
What Triggers Action Block On Instagram And How To Avoid It

What Triggers Action Block On Instagram And How To Avoid It

Hello everyone, I’ve been promoting my YT channel a bit on Reddit and Quora and I’ve seen a lot of people asking questions and struggling with action blocks on Instagram. I was working on a video about Instagram hashtags and best practices on how to use them, but since I even received a few DMs from my subscribers asking questions on how to avoid action blocks and what causes them, I’ve decided to I need to cover this issue first and then I’ll be finishing up and publishing video and a post about hashtags that I’ve promised several weeks ago, so stay tuned for you’ve been doing Instagram marketing or growing accounts you are probably aware that since June 2019 Instagram really started to tighten their rules to prevent people from botting and spamming. Since I’m a member of a private skype group dedicated to Instagram growth, me and some friends from this group decided to do some tests and see what actually triggers these action blocks and what are some best practices to prevent it from happening. Everything that’s mentioned in this blog post and my video comes from extensive testing that we’ve done over the past few months. I’ve made a video covering this already, but since some people like to consume information and learn by reading instead of watching videos, I’ve decided to write a blog post as well, which is basically a transcript of this ’s also worth mentioning that on the account that I’m growing for my 0 to 10k follower series/ challenge, I haven’t experienced any action blocks, even thou the account was completely new when I started with follow-unfollow and other strategies, so you might want to check that out as well, and pay attention to see if you’ve been doing something different than this post I’m going to cover several things about IG action blocks:What Triggers The Action Blocked Message On InstagramDifferent Types Of Action BlocksHow To Avoid Getting Action Blocked On InstagramMy Own Action Limit/ Cap RecommendationMy Opinion About These Action BlocksFuture Of IG Growth-Hacking And My ConclusionAction blocked message on Instagram is usually triggered by the number of actions you’ve been doing per hour and per day on your account. Now the limit is quite different and so far we’ve figured out it depends on a lot of different things, so let’s go over these igger #1 Account Age: The more age your account has the more actions you will be able to perform. We’ve seen big increases in daily actions after the account reaches 1 month of age, 3 months of age and 12 months of igger #2 Account Authority: When I say account authority I mean it in terms of total followers, posts and the overall engagement rate that your posts are receiving. The more followers you have and engagement the more actions you are able to perform. 1-month-old accounts with let’s say 5k followers and good engagement rate are usually able to do more daily actions than 1-month-old accounts with 500 followers. Also, you need to have at least several published posts, accounts that are empty or have only 1–2 posts usually get the action block much igger #3 IP Address: Your IP address also plays a role in daily action limit (the daily limit cap) and we’ve noticed that accounts which use 4G mobile data while performing actions usually have the ability to do more daily actions than the ones on the home IP address. It also seems that the total amount of accounts you are running from the same IP address, especially if it’s home network play a role in the daily action igger #4 Previous violations: If the account had previous action blocks, action limit decreases. We are not sure how long the account stays flagged from previous violations. But we’ve also noticed that violations on one account, can also affect other accounts that are being used on the same device and IP igger #5 Usage of 3rd party apps and tools: I’ve mentioned this before and you probably know this, but using 3rd party tools, apps and bots definitely lowers your account health score and it’s easily detectable by Instagram and not only that this lowers your action limit, it can also be the sole cause of the action igger #6 Your BIO & a link in BIO: Accounts with a link in BIO usually have lower action limit than accounts without. Also, accounts that have empty BIO have the lower action limit, than ones with a regular igger #7 Account Health Score: If you’ve been doing IG marketing for some time, you are probably aware that Instagram keeps a health score for each account. The lower your health score is the lower your action limit gets. I’m going to make another video and a blog post explaining what affects the health score of your IG igger #8 Type Of Actions You’re Performing: Not all actions carry the same weight in Instagram’s eyes. Uploads, DMs and comments carry the most weight, after that follows then unfollows and at the end likes. You probably knew this already but for example, you can perform more likes per hour and per day than follows, comments and DMs. Another thing that increases the chance of getting action blocked is if you are performing the same type of actions without mixing things up. So if you are following every day and only do that no likes, comments, DMs and so on, you will more likely trigger the action igger #9 Type Of The Account: It seams that business and creator accounts are less likely to get hit with the action blocked message than personal accounts of the same age and authority. Also, accounts that are linked to a facebook page have less chance to trigger the action block than accounts that are not linked. And finally, business and creator accounts that have spent money on ads have the lowest ability to trigger the action block — I’m wondering why…Trigger #10 Your Activity Level It also seems that Instagram is tracking your overall activity level and time you spend in the app browsing. If you let’s say only open Instagram every two hours for 1 minute to follow a certain amount of people, and that’s it, your daily action limit decreases dramatically. We’ve also noticed a correlation between the activity level and overall account reach, but that’s for another blog post or a igger #11 Constant Actions: I’ve forgotten to mention this in my video, but it also seems that constant actions without any longer breaks can trigger the action block. Like following 50–100 people every day for 30 days straight. I’ve mentioned in my follow-unfollow video already that you should do things in cycles in order to avoid getting igger #12 Random Factor: There is one more trigger which I’m going to call a random factor. I’m not really sure what that is if it’s a something we’ve missed, or Instagram really does this randomly in order to hide how their algorithm actually works and the exact number of actions you are able to perform (exact action cap). This is something that I’ve noticed before as well and it’s not just related to action limit but to other things as well such as post-performance in hashtags and on the explore page, IG TV videos performance, ranking stories with hashtags and so on. This wouldn’t really surprise me since I know Google actually has the same thing with their algorithm which is called random ranking factor and it does make sense since if you add some sort of randomness, it gets much harder to manipulate the algorithm and figure out how it works exactly. This definitely deserves some further we were testing we’ve also noticed that there are 3 types of action blocks:Temporary action block: This on is usually the most common and expires pretty fast from several hours to 24h. 2. Action block with an expiration date: This one has a timestamp saying when exactly it’s going to expire. 3. Action block without an expiration date: These are the ones that don’t have an expiration date and can last from several hours to two weeks. These are the most annoying ones, but most of the time they can be we go over the best practices to avoid action blocks I just want to mention something important. Instagram AI sometimes makes a mistake and can falsely flag a user and block their actions. It seems that they are still tweaking settings, and a lot of users get action blocks for absolutely no reason. If you are just a regular Instagram user and you are 100% sure that you did nothing wrong, you need to report the problem to Instagram and they are most likely going to fix it for you. It’s also worth to check 8 methods that successfully removed action blocks for us (87% success rate) let’s talk about things that you can actually do to avoid or decrease your chances of getting the action that you know what triggers the action block, it’s pretty easy to figure out what you should do to decrease chances or to completely avoid these annoying action of all, avoid bots, 3rd party apps and tools completely. If you’ve been using some tools, make sure to remove them and to change your account’s password. Depending on what kind of tools you’ve been using, some of them can perform actions without you even knowing. From what I’ve seen so far, even tools for scheduling Instagram posts can cause the “You’re account is compromised” message to pop up, so I suggest you avoid these as well, if you want to schedule Instagram posts it’s best and safest to use Instagram’s own feature for my video about the follow-unfollow method, I’ve mentioned that I’ve been using a tool that helps me unfollow people, I haven’t had any problems with it but just to be 100% safe you should stop unfollowing from within the app and start unfollowing manually directly in the Instagram app. If you haven’t watched that video and want to grow using follow unfollow make sure to check it out because as I’ve mentioned already, I haven’t got the action block and my method is still completely safe. I’m actually thinking of doing another video where I will again cover the f/uf method but mention these things also, and mention how to warm up the account and my action cap recommendations. What do you think, would you like me to make that video? Anyways, let’s continue. As you can see from these triggers above, you need to start behaving like a regular user, which means mixing and using different actions like commenting, liking, following, etc and not just one type of actions. Try to mimic the behaviour of a regular Instagram user as much as possible (This also means viewing stories, uploading new posts, stories and so on) not to keep repeating actions in the exact same time and the exact same amount of actions, like for example don’t set your timer on every 1 hour and open Instagram to follow exactly 50 people, keep things random. It’s also a nice practice to sometimes take a break of 24 hours, without taking any actions — Again this is what regular users are doing. You should also spend some time scrolling a bit and liking posts in your feed, or commenting now and then. This increases your visibility and helps with getting new followers and profile visits and it also helps avoid action blocks because as I’ve mentioned Instagram is tracking your time in-app (And they’ve said that they are doing it to help people with addiction, haha) you are having problems with action blocks, once your action block is lifted, first stop actions for a few days and then lower your actions per hour and per day. If you’ve been using your home IP and get action blocks constantly switch over to mobile data (4G network). If your account is completely new warm it up a bit, I will soon publish a guide and a video covering that, but in the meantime, start with really low actions per hour and per day and increase slowly. I’ve mentioned that we’ve noticed a boost in action limit at 1 month, 3 month and 1-year age mark, keep that in you are growing your account using follow-unfollow don’t put your link in BIO. Make a facebook page and link it up with your account, this should increase your action limit. If you have the ability to switch to creator account, do it because it has the highest action cap from what we’ve managed to geather, just make sure to remove all 3rd party tools and apps before and to change your password, I will mention in some other post or a video why is that finally, if you have several pages and you got action blocks on a few of them, if possible, use a different device and IP for the ones that haven’t received the action block. I can’t give you the exact numbers of actions you should be doing daily/ hourly, especially because of that potential random factor but if your account is completely new, start really slow in the first week like 3–4 follows every few hours and up to 20 in a day, along with some likes and comments. This is called “warming up the account” and should be done after longer inactivity as well. Then slowly increase your actions to 20–30 per hour and up to 150 per day if you want to be extra safe. Make one or two 24 hour pauses in between where you won’t perform any actions. Then after one month, start to increase again slowly up to 40 per hour and 250 per 3 months, if you are following my other methods you should be having enough followers to stop follow unfollow completely, but if you still want to keep doing it, you should be able to increase to 50 per hour but I still wouldn’t recommend going over 300 per day, there is absolutely no need to do so and it’s better to be safe. I’ve mentioned that paying for a promo (Instagram ad) can increase your action cap a lot. If you have money to pay for ads, do it — even just one 5$ promo helps a lot. And you won’t be wasting money since the promo should be done to attract new followers, and start growing organically faster. I also plan to write a blog post and make a video covering the best ways to get new followers with Instagram ads. Once again I advise you to check my other posts and videos and to start implementing other strategies that I’m showcasing, which will allow you to grow organically by this point and stop using follow-unfollow and risking getting action my opinion, these action blocks are not a bad thing. I mean sure, they are annoying and I understand that, especially for regular users, who get falsely flagged while doing nothing wrong. As I’ve mentioned I’m sure Instagram is still just tweaking their settings, and they will probably get better at detecting who actually did something wrong and stop blocking actions of regular users. A lot of their users are getting pretty angry and I’m sure they are going to address the other hand, this is really a great thing for everyone who’s in the Instagram game trying to grow new accounts/ pages and make money on Instagram because a lot of people who are using bots or doing follow-unfollow incorrectly will just give up and go to some other platform. This means less competition for people who are doing things manually and correctly. I’ve lately noticed that follow-unfollow became much more effective with much better follow-back ratio. This is probably because people are getting less and less notifications and spam from people who were just using bots to mass-follow. So in conclusion, this is not the end of Instagram growth-hacking methods, like some people are saying, it’s just the new beginning, and follow-unfollow method is working better than ever before. I really hope that you like this post and that you got some useful information about action block triggers and how to avoid them and my action limit cap. If you implement some of these things you’ve read here, I’m sure you will be able to successfully avoid action blocks in the future. We’ve spent a lot of time testing, so please help me by sharing this post or my video with your friends or other people who would benefit from always, if I come across some more information or find out something new, I’m going to update this post and include these things. I’ve mentioned already that there are some methods you can use to potentially fix the action block instantly without having to wait it out. If you are interested to find out how, check my other post or a video about that. My blog where I’m writing about Instagram marketing, online marketing and making money online, in general, is called Equals Cash, and it’s definitely worth checking if you are interested in social media growth, making money online and entrepreneurship in you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, and I’m going to answer ASAP (usually within 24 hours).
How To Fix Action Blocked Instagram Message (Oct 2021)

How To Fix Action Blocked Instagram Message (Oct 2021)

Last updated: Oct 5, 2021 • 8 min read
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Action blocks affect millions of Instagram users – learn what they are and how to fix them.
Got Instagram action blocked message recently?
The message inside the Instagram app will look similar to this:
“Action Blocked: This action was blocked. Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake. ”.
After recent updates to the Instagram algorithm, tens of millions of Instagram users have started seeing the temporary action blocks appearing in their Instagram app during certain activities.
Though action block on Instagram can be a real pain, we prepared this article for you to give you more insights into it.
In this article, you will learn:
What Is an Instagram Action Blocked Error?
How Long Temporary Action Block on Instagram Lasts?
Why am I seeing “Action Blocked” Instagram error?
Why am I being blocked on Instagram?
Do I risk my account getting banned?
How to get Instagram unblocked?
How to avoid getting blocked by Instagram
Action Blocked Instagram: Final Thoughts
The Instagram Action Blocked is an error you may receive when you follow, like, or comment on Instagram. Action blocks appear when you exceed hourly or daily action limits or when Instagram’s anti-spam algorithm detects that the actions are automated.
Instagram blocks render you unable to perform actions on your IG account: “follow” other accounts, like or comment under the pictures and send direct messages.
Action blocks, among instagram shadowban, are another way for Instagram to safeguard the platform from abuse.
Instagram action blocks are temporary – not permanent. Blocks can last anywhere from a day to over a week.
In most cases, they disappear within 48 hours or after taking certain steps (about which you can read later in this article).
In some situations, you might see a notification from Instagram with a specific expiration date when the action block will be taken down.
However, Instagram might not reveal how long you will be blocked on Instagram to prevent you from exploiting it.
You are likely to receive this message when:
trying to follow a lot of profiles in a short timeframe
trying to like a lot of pictures in a short period of time
you’ve been commenting the same thing under too many pictures
your actions appear to be automated with a bot
you have been using 3rd party app to complete certain actions on Instagram
So why Instagram would want to block your activities even if you are genuinely trying to, without relying on apps or bots?
Over the years, Instagram has been cracking down on “follow for follow” abuse and the high amount of likes and comment activity happening on their platform.
Instagram is aware that mentioned actions work very well in growing Instagram accounts.
These methods were used heavily in the early days of Instagram as an effective means of building traction and user retention on the platform.
But as Instagram matured and grew to be one of the biggest social networks on the planet, we can certainly be sure the focus has shifted.
So why is Instagram trying to restrict such activities, sacrificing its own user’s experience?
The answer is… money.
Instagram’s number one goal is to maximize revenue from ads.
If you want to increase your number of followers on Instagram, the company wants you to spend money on their ads rather than growing your followers manually or with the help of a third-party app or service.
In the last few years, Facebook has been investing its resources heavily into building an advertising platform on Instagram.
Advertising remains the main lifeblood of the service and this comes as no surprise, Facebook is trying to protect their revenue.
By the fiscal year 2020, Instagram accounted for $23 billion, or 27 percent, of Facebook’s ad sales, according to a report done by analyst Youssef Squali.
However, many users are not happy with Instagram’s activity blocks and a new emphasis on ads because they are now forced to pay more for advertising to make up for the loss of organic reach, which is dwindling every year.
NO, you don’t risk a ban if you:
do all the activity manually and just ended up doing too many actions
use organic Instagram service or social media manager to grow your account manually
YES, there is a moderate to high risk of getting your account banned if:
you purchased bulk followers
you use bots, software solutions that promise follower growth
Since the Instagram block is not going to stay on your IG account forever, there are ways to make your Instagram account unblocked.
The most important is: if you participate in any type of automation, immediately stop these activities.
Here are known ways to get your Instagram unblocked:
stop running bot/software solutions (if you do)
give yourself a break from “follow” and “like” activities for at least 72 hours
change your IP address
link your Instagram account with Facebook
switch devices
report action block to Instagram
Let’s go into more details for each method.
1. Stop automation
If you are running any third-party app or bot to automate your Instagram—stop it. Instagram is aware of the bot activity, which, after many Instagram updates introduced to the app algorithm, is easier to detect nowadays.
Either invest the time to grow your account manually or delegate it to a dedicated growth service that does not rely on software solutions, keeping your account safe and sound.
2. Take a break
Since overdoing activity on your Instagram account is the most common reason why you would receive the “Action Blocked” message, it might be a good idea to take a break from following, liking, and commenting, in order to avoid seeing the unwelcome Instagram error.
We recommend stopping all activities for at least 72 hours although in some cases, the block might last longer, up to 5-7 days.
3. Change your IP address
Try to change your IP address. If you are currently on your WiFi, switch to a mobile network (4G/5G). If you are using a data plan already, select your home WiFi instead.
Likely, Instagram flagged or banned your home or work IP, so switching the source of Internet connection, might help to unblock actions on Instagram.
4. Link Instagram with Facebook Page
If you haven’t done so yet, try to connect your personal or business Instagram account with your or your brand’s Facebook account.
This way, you are showing Instagram more credibility that indeed you are a real person using an account and not a bot.
Often, Instagram accounts that were machine-made or are machine-maintained are not associated with any Facebook accounts, and Instagram might see it as a trust issue.
See how to link your Instagram with Facebook guide to learn how to do it efficiently.
5. Switch devices
If everything above fails and you are still experiencing Instagram action block, as a last resort option you might simply try to change the device you are logging in to your Instagram account.
6. Report it to Instagram
Something I wouldn’t exclude is reaching out to Instagram support and reporting the issue.
Report the problem and send to their support email address a message that you don’t see the reason why your activities are being restricted.
In certain situations, your action block could be simply a glitch, making you one of many unfortunate users who are taking the hit.
Once you managed to get your Instagram unblocked, the best is to not let the block happen in the first place.
As Instagram’s algorithm constantly changes with each update, both the causes why you are getting blocked and the ways to avoid might change.
However, as of today, there are few confirmed ways to prevent getting “Action Blocked” on Instagram:
1. Don’t use automation
If you have been using third-party apps available on AppStore or Google play as well as bots you found online, make sure to stop using them and instead, use only organic service or social media agency where each action is completed manually, not automatically.
This way, it will look just like you would do it yourself.
2. Don’t complete too many actions
If you are on a follow or like spree, slow down.
Although it might be tempting to do many actions at once, this way you are more likely to get your actions blocked on Instagram.
We hope this article was helpful and gave you few ideas about the reasons you might be getting blocked on Instagram.
We know how frustrating it can be to run into issues with your social media profile you poured so much time and energy into.
Having an Instagram action block is like having a car and being unable to drive it.
However, with a bit of planning and careful selection of activities as well as third-party apps you are going to use, you can enjoy the steady and safe growth of your Instagram account.

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