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How To Get Around Craigslist Phone Verification

All About Craigslist Phone Verification [Top Hacks] - DoNotPay

All About Craigslist Phone Verification [Top Hacks] – DoNotPay

Craigslist is a world-known advertisement website established in 1995. Apart from being widely popular and covering more than 70 countries, it also has an outstanding 60-million user traffic per month.
This platform uses phone verification, which you need to pass to be able to place ads. If you feel uncomfortable about sharing personal info with the service, we can show you how to solve this without giving away your real contact details.
Why Does Craigslist Ask for Phone Verification?
Bearing in mind that advertisement platforms can be a fertile ground for spammers, Craigslist uses this verification method to make sure the website users aren’t robots.
The platform also wants to prevent inappropriate ads and suspicious activities that may violate any rules prescribed by the Terms & Conditions. As TechCrunch states, this has turned out to be an effective anti-spam solution after years of struggling.
What Does the Craigslist Verification Process Look Like?
Craigslist phone verification page usually appears once you prepared the text of your ad, attached the photos, and clicked to post it. There are slight chances that this step might be omitted, but certain posts on Quora state that you have to go through the verification procedure for more than 90% of ad posts.
Here’s how this process works:
You should input your phone number and choose whether you want to receive a text message code or an automated call
Click on Send Verification Code and wait to receive a code
Once you get the text message or hear the code, you should type it in the required field and click on Submit Verification Code
If you don’t get the code within five minutes, you should select Try Again. Note that you can try only three different phone numbers within 12 hours and that you can’t make more than five mistakes while entering the code.
The Craigslist phone verification system will allow you to proceed further only if your phone number has one of the U. S. area codes, and it isn’t a toll-free number.
Why Do People Use Burner Phones?
Depending on the service you are using, you might not want to share personal details online or let unknown people have them. This might be the case with auction websites, online retailer platforms, or dating apps such as Tinder or Badoo. No one wants to put themselves at risk before making sure they are speaking to a trustworthy person, which is why it’s always easier to get a burner phone or a fake phone number app and use it instead of the real one.
Also, numerous providers require your phone number when you sign up for a membership or specific service, but not all of them stop at verification. It remains in their databases and gives them a chance to start a series of spam texts or emails, offering other related services and stuffing your inbox daily.
For these and many other reasons, people look for fake phone numbers that won’t be connected to their real phones and which can prevent the inconvenience.
What Are the Ways To Bypass Phone Verification?
People come up with various creative ideas on how to avoid giving personal details online and protect their privacy. The table below shows several popular ways of bypassing phone verification:
Finding Fake Phone Numbers on Google
Quick solution
Questionable effectiveness
Google Voice
User-friendly web interface
No customer service to help with issues
Not well-optimized for iPhone users
Physical Burner Phones
No contracts
No stored information
Can be bought in most tech stores
High cost
Not permanent
You can always ask a close person—a friend, spouse, or family member—to use their phone number for verification if they don’t mind having it exposed.
How To Bypass Craigslist Phone Verification With DoNotPay
If you aren’t thrilled about disclosing your real phone number during the verification process, DoNotPay gives you a helping hand with its Burner Phone feature.
We offer you the possibility to generate a temporary phone number to receive a code and bypass any verification with no fuss. This means that no one can abuse your contact details.
Here’s how to generate your burner number with our app:
Log in to DoNotPay in your web browser
Choose the Burner Phone feature
Pick the company whose verification process you want to bypass and click on Create a temporary number
Once they send a text message code, DoNotPay will display it, giving you a chance to use the code in the next ten minutes. After this period is over, the system will deactivate the number and erase the received message.
Apart from being an easy and quick solution, this feature can save you some cash because burner phones and temporary phone apps might cost you more than $50 per number.
Use Our Virtual Credit Cards for Safe Free Trials
Various programs and platforms require leaving your bank details when signing up for a free trial and charge you a monthly fee automatically once the trial period ends. It can be frustrating, especially if all you wanted was a free trial.
DoNotPay doesn’t only generate burner numbers—we can also create a Free Trial Card with a unique 16-digit number and security code, which you can use for free trials with zero risk. You will avoid being charged after the trial period as the virtual card isn’t connected to your real bank account.
The subscription will be terminated automatically, so you can feel free to start trials for any service, including:
What Else Can DoNotPay Do?
We have established a system that can help anyone bypass phone verification with no fuss. Thanks to our feature, you can verify Venmo, PayPal, Tinder, Twilio, Snapchat, Facebook, MeetMe, or any other service by opening DoNotPay in your web browser.
You can learn what’s the best way to report harassment from your ex-partner, what happens if you answer a robocall, or how to prevent such calls on a landline.
All this awaits once you open DNP in your web browser. We can take over:
Finding any unclaimed funds under your name
Filing warranty claims or appeals
Waiving college application fees
Protecting your work against copyright infringement
Dealing with credit cards issues
Fighting speeding tickets
Canceling subscriptions or memberships
Getting revenge on robocalls
Disputing traffic tickets
Suing people and companies in small claims court
Scheduling a DMV appointment fast and easy
Applying for clinical trials
Getting refunds and compensation for delayed or canceled flights
Dealing with bills you are unable to pay
Protecting yourself from stalking and harassment
Getting refunds from companies
Signing up for free trials risk-free
Getting rid of spam mail forever
Stopping text spam
Contesting parking tickets
Getting in touch with your incarcerated loved ones
Jumping the phone queue when getting in touch with customer service reps
Signing up for other services without phone verification
Want your issue solved now?
Can You Verify a Google Account Without a Phone Number?

Can You Verify a Google Account Without a Phone Number?

It’s next to impossible to create a new account on popular platforms such as Google, Facebook, or Instagram, without giving your phone number. This is a problem because the majority of Americans—80% to be exact—believe that companies and the government track their private information. This is partially true—we all know that Google uses our search history for target advertising.
You can customize the ads that Google presents you with and make sure that you see only relevant ads. For some people, this isn’t enough, though. They want to leave as little information as possible on Google and other websites.
DoNotPay is here to help you with phone number verification. You don’t even have to leave your phone number again because we’ll generate a fake one for you instead!
Why Is Google Asking for a Phone Number To Verify an Account?
The main reason why Google requires your phone number is to protect your privacy. With the phone number, Google can verify your identity. Once it connects the account with a real person, the account is difficult to hack because any time someone tries to access your account, Google will alert you and send another verification code.
Google needs your phone number to:
Verify you’re human—There are robots and automated programs searching through Google, and that’s why Google needs to make sure you’re not some spam bot. This is also solved through a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA)
Prevent identity theft—If a hacker tries to steal your account, they won’t be able to if you’ve turned on the phone number verification. Your phone will get an SMS with the code, and you’ll know that someone is tampering with your Google account
Recover accounts—You can recover your account faster if you turn on the phone number verification. You can also change your password faster
Can You Verify a Google Account Without a Phone Number?
There are a few ways to verify a Google account without providing your phone number. Find them in the table below:
Ways To Verify Your Phone Number on Google
Another Email Account
Burner Phone
Personal Questions
Fake Phone Number Apps
How To Skip Phone Verification on Google
You can leave the phone number field empty and skip the phone verification on Google, but you’ll do it at your own risk. If you decide to skip this step, you might have an issue later—if you need to recover your account, it will be more difficult without the phone number verification.
Follow these steps to create a Google account without a phone number:
Go to Gmail
Click on Create an Account
Enter your full name and Gmail username
Create a strong password
Tap on Next
Leave the phone number field empty
Enter the recovery email address (optional)
Finish setting up your account
You can set up a number verification with a burner phone and protect your personal one.
How To Skip Gmail Phone Verification With a Burner Phone
A burner phone is a prepaid phone you can get without signing a contract with the service provider. You can check with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon if they offer burner phones.
You can use burner phones to:
Protect your identity
Verify your account on various services
Protect your private phone number
Protect yourself from robocalls and spam text messages
Getting a burner phone won’t help you get rid of spam calls and texts for good because they will be redirected to the burner phone. Your prepaid phone number can expire if you don’t top it up regularly.
Bypass Gmail Phone Verification With DoNotPay’s Burner Phone Feature
Using a burner phone might sound cool, but it’s a more expensive option than generating a fake temporary number. DoNotPay wants to keep your private information private! This is why we’ve developed a burner feature of our own.
With DoNotPay, you’ll get a temporary phone number that will be active for 10 minutes, which is enough time for you to get a verification SMS. After 10 minutes, the number will be deactivated. You can keep your personal phone number private and still verify your identity.
To get your new fake temporary number, open DoNotPay in any web browser and follow these steps:
Log in to your DoNotPay account
Open the Burner Phone feature
Type in Google as the company you need the fake number for
Click on Create a Temporary Number
DoNotPay will generate a burner number immediately. You can also use this number when signing up for dating apps and other services that ask for your number. After your fake number is deactivated, the text message will be deleted too.
DoNotPay doesn’t charge extra for this service, and you can create as many burner numbers per month as you need.
The Best Part About DoNotPay’s Fake Phone Number Is Its Versatility
Plenty of apps and services require phone number verification. While two-step authentication is a great way to ensure that nobody else can log into your account, you may not always feel comfortable giving something as private as your phone number to big corporations.
If you want to test out the service, but are reluctant to provide your actual phone number, you can use DoNotPay’s randomly generated phone number instead. Here are some instances in which DoNotPay can help you bypass phone verification:
Services You Can Use DoNotPay’s Fake Phone Number For
Tinder Phone Verification
Gmail Account Verification
Venmo Phone Verification
Grindr Phone Verification
Fake Phone Number for Twitter
Bypassing Discord Phone Verification
Bypassing Instagram Phone Verification
Bypassing PayPal Phone Verification
Bypassing Google Voice Phone Number Verification
Uber Phone Number Verification
Fake Phone Number for Facebook
Snapchat Phone Verification
Use Our Virtual Credit Card To Sign Up for Free Trials Without the Risk of Unwanted Charges
If you are one of the many people who forget to cancel a service before the free trial expires, then you will find virtual credit cards useful. A virtual credit card is a unique card number that appears authentic to the vendor and gets instant approval. It is created through a virtual credit card generator and can be used only for services that don’t require an authorization hold. This is because DoNotPay’s virtual credit card has no deposit.
Our free virtual credit card isn’t connected to your real bank account, so your money will be safe at all times. Here’s how our virtual credit card works:
DoNotPay generates a random credit card number and expiry date
Your new card is approved on the service’s billing page automatically
The company tries to charge you after the free trial expires but can’t because your card holds no funds
The company cancels your subscription automatically
You can access this feature on DoNotPay or after you create a temporary burner number. Our app will ask you if you want to have a randomly generated virtual credit card too.
With DoNotPay, You Can Bypass Your Administrative Issues
Our app is here to protect you from all kinds of dangers that lurk on the internet. With DoNotPay, you can protect yourself from Google spam email and learn how to block emails on Gmail. We can also show you how to cancel Google Adwords, Google Play, Google Drive storage, and Google Store Financing.
Open DoNotPay in your web browser, create an account, and get help with:
Contacting your loved ones in prison
Covering the bills you’re unable to pay
Protecting your work against copyright infringement
Not waiting on hold for customer service agents to pick up
Disputing traffic citations
Applying for clinical trials
Blocking text spam messages
Solving your credit card issues
Discovering your unclaimed money
Getting even with robocalls
Making a DMV appointment in a flash
Signing up for free trials without leaving credit card information
Saying goodbye to spam emails forever
Filing a claim for any warranty
Waiving college application fees
Getting justice in small claims court
Contesting parking tickets
Terminating your subscriptions and memberships
Getting refunds or compensation for delayed or canceled flights
Protecting yourself from stalking and harassment
Getting refunds from companies
Fighting speeding citations
Using temporary numbers to bypass number verification on various services
Want your issue solved now?
Craigslist Locks Down Site With Phone Verification | TechCrunch

Craigslist Locks Down Site With Phone Verification | TechCrunch

Craigslist has long had problems with spam. The one feature that has made the site a success, the ease at which one can post, has become a hindrance as spammers and law breakers have taken over. In early March Craigslist began what is now turning out to be an incredibly effective anti-spam campaign by using phone verification on posts. In an initial effort to rid their “erotic services” section of prostitution and pornography ads, Craigslist has now slowly expanded the system to other service categories within the site.
The system is simple and, thus far, largely unavoidable. When a user attempts to make a post, Craigslist asks for verification with a viable phone number. It then automatically calls the number and issues a verification code which must be re-entered for the post to go live. If the post gets flagged, the phone number is blacklisted, preventing any further posts from that number. The key to this is that, while email addresses are cheap and disposable, phone numbers are not.
This could be a nightmare for Craiglist advertisers as the service expands, and they have yet to find a way to circumvent it. One popular idea has been cheap VoIP numbers, but VoIP services usually charge a fee of a couple dollars after the third or fourth number. This quickly adds up when posting hundreds of advertisements. The only affordable solution thus far has been using public pay phones.
The issue has been around forever on the web, and most solutions involve either moderation within the company, or user and community moderation (which is the model Craigslist adopted). There is a careful balance in trying to keep content clean, but at the same time not taking away the main attraction of the site. Using a phone number is just a short-cut way to establishing some form of identifier token, rather than using email addresses.
Though this should drastically limit spamming for Craiglist, the service may make honest posters think twice if they must publicly display their phone number. It also could prove to be a nuisance to honest users who are illegitimately flagged. In the end, the service gives direct results, and should keep Craigslist largely spam free for now, although at a slight cost to user convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to get around craigslist phone verification

How do I bypass the verification on my phone?

How To Skip Phone Verification on GoogleGo to Gmail.Click on Create an Account.Enter your full name and Gmail username.Create a strong password.Tap on Next.Leave the phone number field empty.Enter the recovery email address (optional)Finish setting up your account.

Is Craigslist phone verification safe?

Craigslist has long had problems with spam. If the post gets flagged, the phone number is blacklisted, preventing any further posts from that number. … The key to this is that, while email addresses are cheap and disposable, phone numbers are not.Jul 17, 2008

How do I verify a phone number on Craigslist?

How does phone verification work? You will be prompted to enter your phone number. After entering it, you should receive an automated phone call or text message (SMS) containing a verification code. Enter this code on the next page of the process.

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