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How To Farm Facebook Accounts

**Facebook accounts Farming Guide 2020** | BlackHatWorld

**Facebook accounts Farming Guide 2020** | BlackHatWorld

**Facebook accounts Farming Guide 2020** | BlackHatWorld
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Jan 4, 2020
Feb 13, 2019
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Hello everyone my name is federico.
The purpose of this thread is to create a useful guide for all users who are interested in farming Facebook accounts to advertise etc.
I would be happy if each of us contributed by saying the things he found to be working for:
-Create account
-How to automate and simulate the human behavior of the account (interactions, messages, comments, etc. )
-When and How to create the business manager
I’ll start by giving my contribution to this topic.
I state that I started a few weeks ago in this sector but I have dedicated many hours of work to this end.
My need was to create many business managers to advertise.
Personally I use multilogin software to simulate all independent android browsers (as if they were different phones)
In synergy I use the 4g proxy to mask the ip.
I learned that the 4g proxy has several advantages and you can rotate the IP infinite times, as if you turned the cellphone off and on again to understand each other.
For each profile I try to connect a real phone number by buying sims when possible (by the way I’m looking for anonymous and already active low cost sims to buy). If I don’t have a sim initially connected to a new email, but I suggest you create it with a sim and also connect an email to it.
Once created I upload a photo of a face taken from instagram (obviously I sign the name of the profile from which I take it) and I apply filters with the “inshot” app and the mirror ride on the other side.
I try to enter every single profile at least once a day to make some interactions (I would like to automate this part) always changing the proxy ip every time I change the multilogin profile.
This is my procedure, I know that I have to improve some things and implement others.
I leave you the word for your contribution.
Thanks and happy 2020 guys.
Jun 4, 2017
How many profiles on a single 4G proxy?
Mar 6, 2013
You don’t need activity every day, really.
You’re using MLA, but which proxy provider?
Struggle is not to create and maintain profiles, it comes later on, but good luck.
Sep 12, 2015
Honestly this has been covered. Facebook changes, but I’m still using methods from 2017 to create accounts. ​
I create them using a mixture of Multi login + Bluestacks + Phone. I don’t give a shit for IP I’ve never been banned due to my IP. From my experience, FB doesn’t care about IP. But this is open to debate until the cows come home. I’ve had a ban mainly for spamming groups / another user reporting me. Most of the time its other user who report you. Hypothetical scenario, BLACKHAT AS FUCK, put your ethics to one side. ​
0. 1 – We begin by going to your router, turn it off for 30 seconds then on again. Then head over to your pc or laptop. Turn it on obviously, then download a browser that you never used on your computer. I used Opera a lot and Firefox for this stuff. Perfect for this kinda shit. While your there get a copy of the multi-login app and blue stacks.
1 – Go to Insta, look for some Dweeb over 18 of course. Women tend to work better, for whatever you’re doing on FB. Go to the end of their profiles, the bottom of their profile. Pick some images, go for 10 images, try to go for ones that are not easily distinguishable. Why ten images you ask. Well, we will use 5 to upload during account creating process and then 5 images will be used to upload once a month to the profile. Just to keep you one step ahead of the ban. Normal users upload regularly, so you have to as well. Save the images to your hard drive. Try to ensure the images have different angles of this person. Try to go for images that have a few items within them as well, for example, trees, bikes, people etc etc. We wanna make it as hard as possible for FB to sniff anything. Once you have saved them to your PC, open Photoshop. You should have this software if your serious about your online ventures. If not, any editing software will work. You basically need to change the aspect ratio of each image, add some extra colour layers. Add some vibrancy and just generally make it as different as possible, but still displaying the person kinda clearly. I then add a slight Gaussian blur and then layer a random gradient over the top, turn down the opacity till the gradient is almost merged into the image. Make sure what’s in the image is still visible. you don’t wanna hide the image content, only just to make it different. Save the images to your PC then fire up an MD5 Hash changer. Easily found online, just type it into google. Then as an extra layer change the hash code of each image just to make it extra unique. I hash the living daylights out of them 5 hashes each.
1. 1 – Head over to that browser you downloaded. Go incognito, yes there will be leaks but you won’t be creating the accounts on that browser. Go create Gmail or Yahoo mail you can use the same phone number to verify multiple email accounts. (Ive not noticed any correlation between bans and using the same phone number to verify multiple accounts) That database must be separate. (Stupid Jeffro guess maybe).
NEEEEEEXT – You need a number. To verify your email account In the UK I can order a shit load of free sim cards delivered to my door. I usually order them from every single provider who gives them for free online. Asda, Tesco, Lica Mobile, Gifgaf etc. Sorry if none of these companies mean anything to you. I don’t know what you can do in your country but it’s pretty easy here. I go for Lica mobile, a lot less strict with closing the sim card down due to no usage. I tend to top it up with £10, that £10 is nothing just class it as toilet paper. You just need that money loaded on the sim for it to stay alive in order for you verify all your accounts. Once you have created the email account, verify it and log out and close the browser.
2 – Go to your router again, turn the bastard off and on again.
3 – Back to your PC – Right let’s go to Bluestacks first off. Use the Gmail account or Yahoo account you created to create a profile on blue stacks. Once created, download these apps. Device ID changer Free, Facebook, Operamini so you have a browser to use in bluestacks. These apps will only be used in Bluestacks. Go to device id changer once downloaded. It will give you the current device id of your current system. Select or press Random All, then press apply and reboot bluestacks.
4. 1 – Go to FB app on bluestacks and create the account as you normally would. Verify the account right after registration with your dummy number, or the number you are using specifically for this.
Once verified, add as much info in the profile as you can, school, college, university, current workplace, brothers, sisters etc etc. The GEO that you choose for the profile is one crucial part. DO NOT CREATE A USA ACCOUNT AND START LIKING SHIT OR JOINING GROUPS THAT are NOT FROM USA. Everything has to align with the country you choose, the city, the location. If the profile is USA profile based in texas. Make sure the school is in texas, their university is in texas, yousee where I’m going with this?!. Check this profile I created in 2018 and you will see what I mean.
Click the image is the text is too small. ​
Fill the profile completely, don’t be flippant and think il be fine with this part. You won’t be fine brudda, an extremely complex algorithm is waiting for you to make a mistake.
Also, everything you fill out on the profile needs to be recorded somewhere for when the famous line arrives… “there has been unusual activity on your account”. I save everything into txt file and kinda create a profile of each user in a folder on my desktop. I have a folder with multiples profiles ready for the creation of accounts,

5 – Simulation of normal behaviour (I tend to do this over a week). You can make it last as long as you want really, but I make it last a week. No fucking around with this part or you get DA BAN. This is still working today, I created an account last week and she is still alive and kicking shit loads of friend requests. I never added a single person, thats just dangerous, you can only add people only when you are out of the simulated behaviour period. Even then it’s risky, I never do it. If you do do it, 2-3 adds a day, no more or the Facebook eyes will be on you.
5. 5 – So go over to search on FB and type add me fast, or add me now. We are looking for groups were people will add you. Join about 5-8 of these groups, take it to 10 if you want, but i don’t suggest going over 10. What new user joins 10 groups in one go. No one, so take your time and keep it under 10. Just my findings from my experiences, don’t call me a GURU. I do not know 100%, but I work with the results I get. If you have created a female profile, you will get many adds very easily as cock tends to levitate towards pretty women. After doing this, log out. Go for a wank or walk or spliff or a line. Take a break for the rest of the day. Don’t log into that account. Till the following day. Notice how I’ve not spoken about IP or fukin rotating proxies. I’ve never had to use them because IMHO I don’t think they care about your IP.
DAY TWO, Log in to your account, (PRAY YOU HAVE NOT TRIGGERED THE ALGORITHM). We won’t go into what you need to do once you trigger the Facebook police. It depends on what they ask from you. Either the guys who haven’t got the ban. We are still joining groups but this time its well-known groups. Don’t un-join any of the addmenow groups you have joined, just leave them, for now, we will come back to them. If you know of any groups you could join, do it. I join stuff like Fortnite groups, Chelsea FC group. Essentially you need to join groups because it what FB users do. the ad me now groups are specifically only for gaining friend requests. The other groups you have joined will be the ones where you will actively interact with. EXAMPLE – Let’s say you joined the fortnite group, go into the group and like a few posts and make random comments on them like “haha” “how did they do that” “how many times do you play fortnite” Just random shit really. Do the same for the other groups you joined. I then Like well-known artists and well-known brands. Like Durex, like Mcdonalds, like Jay-Z. Like shit that most people will like. I then Join buy and sell groups in the specific CITY that we have based our user in. Join about 3-4 of those. Once done, logout, go have some fun. EXAMPLE
DAY THREE – Log in to the account, go to one of the groups you joined, but do not go to the addmenow groups yet. Like a few things, comment on a few things then stop. Now go over to your addmenow groups. Create a different post for each group. Facebook hate copy-pasting shit to groups. The post has to entice the users to add you. Use your imagination here, try and think what you could say to get them to bite and add you. Its quite easy if you have created a female profile. Even something as simple as this in a post will work. “Jeez so lonely being at home alone, any new friends wana chat? I can call if you want”. That works a treat, obviously, you will never talk to these people all your doing is getting that friend count as high as possible. Once you have posted to the groups. Log out and call it a day.
DAY FOUR – Repeat steps of liking and commenting and sharing I groups. If you look to the top of the fb page you should have a significant number of friend request at this point. Don’t accept them all, accept 25 to 30, wait for a half-hour and then do the same. No normal user accepts 500 friends in 1 hour. So you shouldn’t either. Your aim is to get to 100 friends and stop. Depending what you want to do with the account created you could either prune your new friends as they won’t be from TIER 1 BRO, you can wish all you want, but they will all come from Tier 3. Still can make money out of them but its LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. So just focus on the behaviour part.
DAY 5 – Like and share as much shit as you can at this point, Like stuff your friends are doing, because that’s what normal users do. Share anything and everything.
Day 6 – Get ready to take off. You don’t need to log in on day 6, as most of the groundwork has been done. Now it’s just a waiting game. Feel free to log in and do more liking/sharing/commenting if you want too. It’s for sure not going to hurt the profile.
DAY 7 – At this stage, if your account is still alive, you should be safe. Now you go and find the groups that will align with the offer you have and join them.
The offer that converted the most for me when I was group posting whore was “Aldi win a £3000 voucher” They love that over on those sweaty freebie groups. If it’s still at Maxbounty give it try if the ECP wasn’t bad at all when I was doing it.
WOW, that was an intense write-up, hope this helps all the “HOW DO I CREATE FACEBOOK ACCOUNT” crew.
These are my methods, I’m not claiming to be a Facebook guru, I’m really not. I’m just a person who always finds a way around a problem. ALWAYS.
PSPS: Apologies if there are some typos, I’ve just finished a nightshift and my brain isn’t quite there.
Congratulations on your sharing will be of great help to everyone.
i am using 4g rotating proxies
I rotate the proxy every time I switch accounts
Last edited by a moderator: Jan 12, 2020
Oct 9, 2016
Damn man! That’s a full guide right there… a surefire way to F*** up Zuck. I’ve bookmarked it for later. Thanks buddy!
Nov 30, 2012
Hat’s off to you mann
Mar 10, 2014
1, 990
1, 024
@jeffro89 Great step by step write up. Thanks for this.
Oct 8, 2019
Bookmarked, thank you
Jan 11, 2020
Do you absolutely use multi login? Is it paid software?
Is it possible to do it your way without having a sim card activated and to activate an account only by email? Or do you have a good website that offers unique phone numbers like textnow but that works every time?
Who is the creator of the device id changer app so that I can download the correct one.
I used it in the beginning, but once I got up to the 10 profiles, I stopped using it. Yes, it is paid if you want to use more than 10 profiles. The owner is a member of BHW. He also has given great advice on this subject. I just can’t find the thread. I used multilogin only to create the accounts, once created I would mix up my log in points. I would log in on multi-login, then following day opera mini and then some days on the Facebook app that is installed on blue stacks.
Yes, I think it is possible to activate via email only. I think I have 1 or 2 accounts like that. I haven’t used those accounts for anything yet tho, so not sure what the probability of a ban is. The accounts I used for money were phone and email verified. Give facebook what they is the one that I used. Not available on play store anymore, thank god I’ve still got a working version.
Any other ID spoofer should be fine. They all work the same. Just make sure you get it from playstore via bluestacks.
PS – Make a note or take a screenshot of your device ID before changing it. You do this to cross-reference and make sure the ID has actually been spoofed. ​
Last edited: Jan 12, 2020
Save the images to your PC then fire up an MD5 Hash changer. I hash the living daylights out of them 5 hashes each. ​
Can you better clarify the md5 question, how do you change it? ​
Jeffro thank you so much for this. Would this work for white hat Facebook ads to run a online business?
Apr 13, 2012
Where are the rest of the Facebook spam crew?
Come on guys, I know you’re out here busy lurking. Share your damn tips and stop just lurking
This is a help each other situation. ​
I agree with what you said about IP addresses. People obsess about IPs. FB have even said publicly that IPs are literally the last thing that they look at in their algorithm. I have no issue using cheap datacentre proxies. 1 IP per account. IP never changes. Works for me.
My biggest issue is the accounts being shadow banned. That is what I’m trying to figure out right now.
Jan 13, 2020
Can I open the Bussiness Ad Account after these 7 days? Can I run ads? Thanks!
Apr 18, 2019
I have an alt facebook account i’m not using anymore since years, (creation 2008 12 years lol) 3500 friends. Do you have any idea about the value $?
Feb 6, 2019
It’s all fine that described the method of preparing the account, but! For a long time, everyone knows that the social network needs real actions of a person, and not by the type of us.
The year of account creation is not important. He can be dead and trust from facebook the same as registered 5 minutes ago (if you do not spend time in your account). We have a solution to this problem and if you are interested, you can write in private messages.
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4 Simple Ways to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts - wikiHow

4 Simple Ways to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts – wikiHow

Download Article
This wikiHow teaches you how to create multiple Facebook accounts. You can set up a Page to represent a business, organization, product, public figure, brand, or artist, or you could set up a separate personal account.
Launch the Facebook app on your phone or tablet. Look for a blue icon with a white “F” on your home screen or app menu.
Be aware that it is against the Facebook Community Standards to have multiple personal accounts[1]. Violating these standards could result in a variety of different consequences, including disabling the account[2].
2Sign out of your current account if you are signed in. Tap the 3 lines in the top right and select Log Out at the bottom.
3Tap Create New Facebook Account. This is at the bottom of the screen.
4Tap Next. This is the blue button in the middle.
Choose whether you want Facebook to access your phone. Tap Allow to grant the permission, or Deny to deny access.
Allowing this access provides certain features such as importing your phone’s contacts, or seeing Facebook events in your calendar[3].
Enter in your name and tap Next. Type both your first and your last name.
You may have received a popup window here to select an existing account on your phone. Tap an account to select it, or tap None of the above to continue with the form.
7Select your birthday and tap Next. Use the wheels to select a day, month, and year. Tap and drag each wheel up or down to select.
8Select your gender and tap Next. Choose from female, male, or custom.
Enter in your mobile number and tap Next. If you prefer to use an email to sign up, tap Sign Up With Email Address at the bottom.
Facebook may automatically detect an email based on any accounts detected on your phone or tablet. Tap Yes to accept this email or Use a different email to enter a new one.
Make sure that you use a phone number or email address that is different than the one associated with any other Facebook account you have.
10Enter a password and tap Next. The password must have at least 6 characters.
11Add a phone number or email address. If you don’t wish to, tap Skip.
12Tap Sign Up. This will create the Facebook account.
Go to on a browser. This is best used on a computer, but can also be accessed on a tablet or phone.
Be aware that it is against the Facebook Community Standards to have multiple personal accounts. Violating these standards could result in a variety of different consequences, including disabling the account.
Sign out of your current account if you are signed in. Click the arrow in the top right and select Log Out.
If you do not wish to sign out of your current account, use a different browser that is not signed in to your account. Or, use a private or incognito browser window. Click the options icon in the corner of the browser and select New Private Window or New Incognito Window.
Fill in the details for your new account. Under the “Create an account” section, enter in the following:
First and last name
Mobile number or email address (this must be different from any other Facebook account you have)
4Click Sign Up. This is a green button at the bottom. Your account will be created.
1Launch the Facebook app on your phone or tablet. Look for a blue icon with a white “F” on your home screen or app menu.
2Sign in to your account if you are not already. Tap on your account name or enter your email and password.
3Tap on the 3 lines ☰ in the top right and select Pages. “Pages” is indicated with an orange flag.
4Tap + Create. This is in the top left corner.
5Tap Get Started. This is the blue button at the bottom.
6Enter a page name and tap Next. Tap into the box to type a name. This can be changed later.
7Choose up to 3 categories that describe your Page and tap Next. Tap the search box and start typing to search for a category and tap to select.
8Enter the website for your Page and tap Next. Tick the box next to “I don’t have a website” if you don’t have one.
9Tap Add cover photo to upload a cover photo. Select one from your gallery by tapping on it.
10Tap Add profile picture to upload a profile picture. Select one from your gallery by tapping on it.
11Tap Done. This will create the Page.
Click on Pages from the home screen of your personal account. This is under the “Explore” section, indicated with an orange flag.
If you are not signed in to your personal account, click Create a Page. This is a blue link at the bottom of the page under the green “Sign Up” button.
3Click Get Started under the page type you with to create. Choose “Business or Brand” if you are trying to reach customers for a product or service, or choose “Community or Public Figure” to connect to an audience or community.
Fill in the form and click Continue. Enter a page name and start typing a category to choose one.
Depending on the category you choose, you may be asked to fill in more details, such as business address and phone number.
5Click Upload a Profile Picture to add a profile picture. You can also skip this step for now by clicking Skip.
6Click Upload a Cover Photo to add a cover photo. You can also skip this step for now by clicking Skip. Your Page will be created.
Ask a Question
200 characters left
Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.
To reduce the risk of getting caught having multiple personal accounts, use a different name and/or birthdate.
About This Article
Article SummaryX1. Log out of your account on your app.
2. Tap Create New Facebook Account, then Next.
3. Allow or deny access to your phone.
4. Enter your name, birthday, then gender.
5. Enter a phone number or email address, then a password.
6. Tap Sign Up.
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How to use 2 Facebook accounts on 1 Android phone - India Today

How to use 2 Facebook accounts on 1 Android phone – India Today

What if you have two Facebook accounts and you need to use both on one Android is an easy, made possible by Facebook people have just one Facebook accounts. In fact, Facebook doesn’t like it when you have two accounts, it prefers people to keep just one account. the idea is “one real name, one account”. But what if you are the rebel, for some reason. What if you have two Facebook accounts and you need to use both on one Android phone.
Here is an easy, made possible by Facebook itself. The company actually offers two Facebook apps — no, we are not talking about the Messenger app — that you can use to log into two different Facebook experience of using two Facebook accounts through two apps is not as seamless as what the Twitter users get when they use two Twitter accounts from within one app, but it also avoids some of the confusion that single app-multiple accounts may create. In fact, it might be even preferable to single app-multiple accounts methods. But we digress, so let’s talk of the way to solve the dual Facebook account problem:– Install official app. Preferably use your primary Facebook account with this. The app is available here. — Now install Facebook Lite App from PlayStore. Launched by Facebook in year 2015, it is a less data-hungry version of Facebook. Use your second account with the Facebook experience between the two apps is slightly different. The Lite app doesn’t offer as rich an experience as the main Facebook app. But then it is also lighter, consumes less data, works better on 2G connections and the more or less gets the job done! Click here for ’s complete coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to farm facebook accounts

Can I create 1000 Facebook accounts?

Be aware that it is against the Facebook Community Standards to have multiple personal accounts. Violating these standards could result in a variety of different consequences, including disabling the account.Apr 1, 2020

Can you have multiple Facebook accounts?

Most people have just one Facebook accounts. In fact, Facebook doesn’t like it when you have two accounts, it prefers people to keep just one account. … The company actually offers two Facebook apps — no, we are not talking about the Messenger app — that you can use to log into two different Facebook accounts.Aug 5, 2016

What is the easiest way to switch between Facebook accounts?

How to Switch Between Facebook Accounts (New Facebook)While logged into Facebook, click on the Account button next to Notifications.Select Switch Accounts, then select Log Into Another Account.Enter your username and password and click Log in.More items…•May 1, 2020

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