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How Long Does Instagram Ban Your Account

How To Recover Temporarily-Banned Instagram Account

How To Recover Temporarily-Banned Instagram Account

Olga Kyvliuk
5 March | 2021
If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already experienced a problem of Instagram banning accounts. But there’s nothing to worry about, because a lot of people go through this ban on Instagram and wander how to unblock Instagram account.
Essentially, social media sites like Instagram adhere to strict user policy terms to ensure that every user continues to enjoy themselves and doesn’t worry about unpleasant incidents or inappropriate content.
However, it may happen that your seemingly normal actions raise a red flag, and the next moment you find out that Instagram temporarily locked for suspicious activity.
In this article, we will try to tell you everything you need to know about Instagram banning accounts and will answer your questions: “Why did Instagram disabled my account? ”, “How can I unblock my Instagram account? ” and “How do I stop getting banned from Instagram? ”.
How do I know if I’ve been banned from Instagram? Quite simple. If you’re reading a message that looks something like the one shown in the following screenshot, consider that your account is blocked.
You will also know it when you find out that you can’t perform certain actions. For example, if you upload a photo, like, subscribe or comment, you will most likely be banned.
Here are some of the reasons why your Instagram account may be temporarily blocked.
Mass subscription or unsubscription.
It is likely that if you subscribe to people, they will subscribe in response. However, mass subscribing and unsubscribing of people in a short period of time can get you into trouble. The reason is that this behavior makes you look like a regular Instagram bot, because of which the platform blocks your account.
Put likes or dislikes too fast
On Instagram, it is quite normal to like 3 to 5 photos per minute, but liking a large number of photos (about 100) per minute makes your account suspicious. Since such activity can only be associated with a bot, Instagram will probably ban you.
Use of third-party applications.
There are many third-party apps that offer a variety of great deals to improve the status of your Instagram account. These apps can help you get more followers by automatically commenting on other people’s photos to get more attention or followers.
But all this has serious consequences. Use of third party applications for all of these actions in the Instagram means that you’re following a specific pattern (e. g., bot), and because the Instagram algorithm is smart enough detecting these steps, your account will likely be blocked.
Commenting too fast
Commenting on photos is a good way to attract more attention to your account. However, commenting on too many photos too quickly or using a third-party app to do so may result in your Instagram temporarily locked for suspicious activity.
Posting similar comments.
Another reason for Instagram banning accounts is if you repeatedly post similar or identical comments to people’s photos. There may also be problems with a third-party app here, as they post general comments on people’s photos that are similar to each other and mostly unrelated to the photos.
If this is your first time experiencing a temporary ban on Instagram, you may be wondering how long it will last. Well, it depends on how many times you were banned and what actions led to the ban. Usually, the duration of a temporary ban on Instagram is from a few hours to 24-48 hours.
The duration of the ban also depends on your subsequent actions. If you continue to commit the wrong actions, the ban may be extended. So if this is the first time you get a temporary ban, you’d better start behaving well.
The risk of being permanently blocked depends on your activity after a temporary ban. If you continue to send spam, massively subscribe and unsubscribe, as well as post too many random comments on people’s photos, your Instagram account can be blocked permanently.
Here are a few things youcan do to recover a banned Instagram account and continue your activities as before.
Let Instagram know about your ban.
If you have mistakenly done something that has led to the temporary blocking of your Instagram account, you can report your case to the administration by clicking the “Report us” or “Report” button.
Stop your activities for 2 days and resume from the 3rd one.
As a precautionary measure, you should stop all activities for at least 2 days. I mean stop liking, commenting, subscribing or unsubscribing. Although you can continue to scroll the feed on Instagram.
On day 3, resume using Instagram with the usual actions, avoiding anything that might make you look like a bot. Only like and comment on a couple of photos a day, and even try uploading a photo to check if everything is OK.
In this section of the article you will read about a few things you can do to avoid and find out how to remove action blocked on instagram.
Remove third-party apps.
As I mentioned above, third-party apps that offer to promote your Instagram account actually do more harm than good. So as a first step, you should immediately stop using third-party apps if you are using them.
In fact, if you want to attract real traffic and real users to your account, it’s better to promote it manually.
Linking Instagram to other social networks.
We recommend linking your Instagram account to another social media account. If Instagram considers your account suspicious, linking to other social networks will make you more legitimate.
To link Instagram to other social networks, do the following:
Go to settings
Under “Settings”, select “Privacy and security” > “Linked accounts”.
Fill out your Instagram profile.
The first thing that any social network checks for a suspicious account is a profile. The more complete the profile, the more authentic the user is considered. Take a look at your Instagram profile and fill in if there’s something missing.
Behave yourself!
Last but not least, stop abusing the system or sending spam. Like, subscribe, and comment in an orderly manner with at least 10 seconds between your actions. This will distinguish you from a spammer or bot, and you can continue working with Instagram without the risk of being banned.
How to reactivate your Instagram Account | by IG Kit

How to reactivate your Instagram Account | by IG Kit

If you got here is because Instagram banned your account and you most likely don’t know the answer, to some people is just one more account, to others is their main revenue stream. Below we will show you how to reactivate your Instagram you need to know before being unbannedNo one can magically unban you, and those who can are high-value ad agencies so most likely they won’t bother with. Don’t get IP or browser fingerprint won’t be blocked for sending unban requests, even if you send in 100 you got banned, you violated the Instagram TOS. Accept it and don’t act like you didn’t do will have to send a picture of yourself multiple times, try looking your best can send unban requests from e-mail accounts that differ from the registered on your Instagram order to get your account back here is what you have to do:Get on your ​desktop computer, yes, you’ll have to do this from your computer. ​Turn off any privacy setting, VPN, proxies, you are using your own email domain, make sure your SPF records are your accepted language configuration in your browser to “en-us”Be patient, this could take from a couple of days to a couple of to ​ or​ and fill out the the following:You are a private person, always pick this name does not matter, pick whatever you Instagram username without the e-mail the United States of activation FormOnce you have filled out the form, you should receive an e-mail within 15 minutes. Once you receive it, do, as they say, there is no need to type anything. If they reject you, you can write a simple response, but don’t expect for an what happens if they reject your activation request? KEEP SENDING ’s the only secret to get an account back, be persistent, and keep sending requests until you get your account back, sometimes it can happen on the first try, other times it can take weeks or will notice you won’t get an e-mail on your second request, that’s because Instagram treats each email as a person, and once they have taken a decision on an account, it’s almost always final, so you can try creating different you can see how to create different email aliases for Gmail and you have created a new alias, you can fill the reactivation form and use the new alias, when you receive the e-mail, make sure to reply from your new this helped you, make sure to check our Chrome Extension, it will help you find the most viral posts from your more tips, subscribe to
Instagram Action Blocked: Here is How to Fix It? - instamber blog

Instagram Action Blocked: Here is How to Fix It? – instamber blog

If you are reading this article, your Instagram account probably has been blocked and you cannot follow other users, like their posts or leave comments on them. If so, you see the message ‘Action Blocked’ whenever you want to perform one of these actions. However, it is totally different from ‘Instagram Suspension’ in which you cannot log into your question is, why does Instagram prevent its users from performing certain actions at certain times? How can you prevent being banned? And how to make your Instagram account unblocked? Here we will talk about this issue completely and answer two main questions:Why does Instagram block an account? How can you unblock your Instagram account? Hence, if you have faced this problem, continue does Instagram block an account? Instagram is rigid in many cases; especially when believes an account is spamming (i. e. creating useless information, bothering other users, or even creating fake accounts). It is so rigid that it will even ban accounts which look like spammers. By banning we mean limiting a user’s access to perform actions like ‘commenting’, ‘liking’, and ‘following other users’. So the rule of thumb here is to avoid too many activities to gain more new followers and sending too many messages which might bother other that Instagram automatically spots violators. So, it sometimes bans your account for a minor or unintentional mistake. The worst part is that there is no way to find out the reason behind banning your account. Instagram neither warns the user nor explains the reasons to its yes, as you see, one small mistake might lead to your being banned without knowing the reason! But don’t worry! In this article, we will talk about different reasons for being blocked and also the ways to unblock your are the reasons behind blocking an account by Instagram? First, let’s have a close look at reasons Instagram may block you for. Reading these reasons, you can prevent being blocked and be sure that no problem of this type might ever happen to your account. If your Instagram account has been blocked already, find the reason below and go to the next part to make your Instagram enough posts in your Instagram accountYou might have recently created an account, but now you cannot like a post or comment on it. The reason is that Instagram would consider you a fake user as you have no post in your account yet. So, make sure to publish some photos in your profile. 10 posts may be good for the start. DO NOT post all of them simultaneously, instead, post them one by one over mplete your account’s infoHaven’t you filled your profile info yet? Doesn’t your account have a profile picture or a bio? If so, Instagram may consider your account as a fake user and block it. In order to make your Instagram account unblocked as soon as possible, you need to complete the information on your ’t publish too many posts in a timeDo you post consecutively? So, this might be the reason behind getting blocked on Instagram. Instagram considers accounts that publish too many posts at a limited time as a spammer and may block them. A simple solution is to have a schedule and avoid excessive posting! Don’t like too many posts in a given timeLiking too many other Instagram posts may also lead to being blocked by Instagram. Instagram considers it as spamming since some people would like as many posts as possible to make people notice them. According to Instagram rules, you are allowed to like 350 photos and videos in one hour at the most. We highly suggest observing this llowing too many accounts leads to being blockedFollowing too many accounts are also considered as spamming activity and again, Instagram would consider you as a spammer. If you have followed too many people recently, this might be the reason. Don’t follow more than 20 people in an hour from now on. Also, notice that you can follow the maximum of 7500 people; so, don’t be in a hurry to follow other petitive contentIf you use repetitive posts, emoji, and comments, Instagram blocks you as soon as it finds out, and would not let you post or comment; but for how long? No one knows! According to other users who have had similar experiences, if you have received the message “Action Blocked”, Instagram may block you for some hours to even a couple of not ‘mention’ other users too many timesThe other reason which may cause being blocked by Instagram is mentioning other users too many times. Do not mention other users in your posts and comments very much. Again, this is a matter of repetition and excessive use. This is especially important when you mention people who are not in your list of ‘Followers’. Refrain from doing this as much as possible if you want to keep your account Instagram bots properlyYou are probably aware that there are bots that follow other users, like their posts and leave comments on them on behalf of your account; for example, one of these bots is Instamber bot for increasing the number of followers. Though these bots are very effective in increasing the number of your followers, it is better to use them properly; You need to be cautious in using order to be sure that Instagram would not block you for using bots, you need to pay attention to two points. First, when you run a bot, limit its activities (for example, 15 or 20 “likes” seem well for a given time). Secondly, choose a bot which performs a variety of tasks like a real person. Both these features have been considered in Instamber attention to Instagram rulesIgnoring Instagram rules is another reason for being blocked. Read Instagram Guideline to be sure that your activities are not against their can you do to make your Instagram account unblocked? When Instagram blocks you, it takes 3 hours to even 4 weeks to unblock your account. Yes, it is too long, so observe the above-mentioned rules to avoid being banned. But, how can you make the process of unblocking your account faster? To do so, you need to send a request to Instagram to review your account again. How? Following we are going to present some methods to connect with a request when you see Action Blocked messageAs we said, if you receive the message saying “Action Blocked”, it means that your account has been blocked. When you see this, press “Tell Us” to write about the mistake to pressing “Tell Us”, Instagram most probably wants you through your email to complete security information and then, asks you to send your own photo to make sure that you are a real user. After sending the photo to Instagram, your account will be activated after a few unblock request through Instagram settingsPress the “Option” or “Setting” button in your Instagram profile (the icon in the top right corner of the screen), then scroll down and press ‘Report a Problem’. Here, you can report different problems to Instagram. From the options available, press ‘Something isn’t Working’. Now fill the form with a request for unblocking, mention you are a real person and press ‘send’ methods to unblock your Instagram accountEdit your Instagram BioUninstall and reinstall Instagram on your cell phone. Note that you need to back up your information before uninstalling finally, the safest way is to be patient. Instagram itself will unblock you after a listed all the situations which may lead to being blocked by Instagram and also provided some solutions to make your Instagram account unblocked. We hope that you find them helpful. Please let us know if this article has been useful for you or you have other questions regarding Instagram ban at the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions about how long does instagram ban your account

How do you get unbanned from Instagram?

If you got banned, you violated the Instagram TOS. Accept it and don’t act like you didn’t do anything. You will have to send a picture of yourself multiple times, try looking your best . You can send unban requests from e-mail accounts that differ from the registered on your Instagram Account.

How long does it take for Instagram to unblock your account?

When Instagram blocks you, it takes 3 hours to even 4 weeks to unblock your account. Yes, it is too long, so observe the above-mentioned rules to avoid being banned. But, how can you make the process of unblocking your account faster? To do so, you need to send a request to Instagram to review your account again.

Does Instagram ban accounts permanently?

Account deactivation (permanent ban). This is very rare but may happen if your account gets reported for violating Instagram Terms of Services by others (such as posting prohibited content) while simultaneously trying to game the system by running bots or selling likes as a service.

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