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Gsa Ser List

HTTP & SOCKS Rotating Residential Proxies

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GSA ser lists: GSA SER verified lists

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High Quality pre-sorted & auto-sync GSA Search Engine Ranker link listsReal-time updates directly through your SER software using Dropbox View plans and pricing
GSA SER lists empowers your GSA search engine ranker and increases your SER’s LPM and VPM
Real-Time UpdatesConstant fresh links directly into your GSA SER softwarePre-Sorted Site ListsURLs are categorized based on their enginesFast De-dupe on DomainsDuplicate domains are removed each 2 minutesWe just scrape from GoogleScraping over 10 Million URLs per day
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What do we use for making GSA SER lists? Two AMD Ryzen9 dedicated servers(200T) ★ GSA SER ★ GSA CB ★ GSA PI ★ Scrapebox ★ XEvil ★ MOZ DA ★ 100 dedicated proxies ★ Unlimited bandwidth backconnect proxies ★ Catchall emailsLPM & VPM highly depends on your setup and server/VPS configuration. You should get over 400 LPM/VPM and constant 100+ LPM with 600-800 threads and using dedicated proxies.
How many users can access your site lists? We don’t sell our site lists to more than 100 customers. In this way, we will ensure our site lists quality won’t Us a QuestionIf you have any questions, don’t hesitate to you know scraping setup costs around $1000/month? You don’t need to pay for scraping URLs anymore. We will send fresh links directly to your GSA search engine ranker every hour. All URLs are pre-sorted (categorized) based on their bscribe Rated 5 of 5Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying About UsTop notch GSA list provider. Running at 40-45 Lpm with low OBL filters etc. I highly recommend this service! Been testing it for a month with tier 2s and tier 1s and they all got a pretty healthy boost.
All I can say is well done and keep up the good work! Takeoff Digitalfrom GSA forumThis list is great. All unique domain 0 duplicate URL/Domain and VPM is perfect. Highly Recommended! iamsrilankanfrom GSA forumI am using this list for 2 months now and I’m very satisfied. The support is great, even helped me with the settings via remote, to get really good LPM.
can recommend this service very much! The lists and the price are very satisfactory. It’s definitely the best! I am running 1 project.
With the new setup now I have VpM 57 and LpM 163 with 300 threads. Jonas RaskauskasOur happy memberWe provide
Identified Contextual Submitted Verified MOZ DA sorted
We offer High-quality GSA SER verified site lists
Basic$24. 99Monthly1 Month Access Full access to all foldersDe-dupe domains each 2 minutesContextual targets & domains includedGSA CB + XEvil compatibleMOZ DA Top Tier Targets included
Recommended$69. 993 months AccessFull access to all foldersDe-dupe domains each 2 minutesContextual targets & domains includedGSA CB + XEvil compatibleMOZ DA Top Tier Targets included
Save $$139. 996 months AccessFull access to all foldersDe-dupe domains each 2 minutesContextual targets & domains includedGSA CB + XEvil compatibleMOZ DA Top Tier Targets included
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GSA SER Verified List Service | FREE Exclusive Templates ...

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GSA SER Verified List Service | FREE Exclusive Templates …

After learning to use GSA Search Engine Ranker and building my own link building campaigns, I came to the same problem many other GSA SER users experience. I needed a constant fresh list of verified sites to post to and list vendors I tried were either not updated enough or many of the sites weren’t even verified. Over time I learned how to successfully find verified backlinks using custom footprints and created my own personal verified list to I have launched a members-only verified list service using several different techniques to find websites from all around the web that allowed GSA SER to post to. Not only do I scrape different search engines, but I ALSO have a PRIVATE DEDICATED SERVER running custom software in order to find verified backlinks 24/7. Dropbox Live SyncDropbox AUTO-SYNC for a fresh, auto-approve site list 24/7Save Time with Verified SitesDedicated server running 24/7 with custom software designed to find verified linksRecaptcha v2 SitesWebsites with GOOGLE Recaptcha v2 security protection includedProxies IncludedTHOUSANDS of fresh, active public proxies to use during your link submissionExclusive Templates3 GSA SER campaign template to help you get started with your campaignsOCR Captcha SoftwareCreated using powerful OCR captcha solving software (GSA Captcha Breaker and XEvil)ONLY $65 a month! Limited time only (Retail price is $87)After payment you will receive an email invite to a Dropbox folder where all of the verified list can be found. The invite will be sent to the e-mail address your provided at checkout once your payment is a Scrapebox Auto Approve List instead? We also offer access to our Scrapebox Auto Approve Verified List at this page and easy setup! Simply download Dropbox (completely free) to your computer in order to have your site list updated around the clock. As soon as a site is posted to successfully by GSA it is moved into the Dropbox Verified Folder easiest way to use the site list is to sync it directly to your GSA SER program by going to the Settings -> Advanced option and set the Dropbox folder as one of your site list. Your GSA SER campaigns can then AUTOMATICALLY post to sites within the Verified folder.
GSA SER Verified Site List Annual Subscription - Gumroad

GSA SER Verified Site List Annual Subscription – Gumroad

Fabulous Offer For 2018 – Buy 12 month list for 2 months’ paymentWe are offering a service where you will get 12 month GSA list for a low one time payment of $50. You can see the lists here: you click on download you will need a password which you can get after making the payment. You will receive a text file where you will find your you don’t get 12 month lists then you will be refunded all your money. So we are giving you 12 month money back guarantee with this SER Verified List | Article Builder | Article SpinnerThis offer will stay up for another 48 Hrs. only. Please hurry up!! Tired Of Buying GSA Lists Which Expire Very Soon? Usually GSA SER list sellers just sell you a linklist which expires after few days only. We built this service to provide users with fresh lists each month. We build a database where we keep adding links from Hrefer and Scrapebox. We use GSA to identify them and submit links. We store all raw sites, verified sites and non-verified sites on our build these GSA SER lists using Hrefer, Scrapebox and GSA ser. We scrape fresh links every 2 weeks and then use them in a project to build verified linklist. On another server we also run GSA to independently build links to another project. This way we get more backlinks in same amount of time. We only use dedicated proxies and Captcha sniper to build these GSA SER lists. You can use GSA captcha breaker too as both these tools use same technology to break reset each tool (Hrefer, Scrapebox, GSA) each month to build fresh backlinks. This way you don’t get outdated UpdateThe last update to our gsa ser List was done yesterday. This list contains 350, 000+ verified target links and will be valid till next month and you will get 90% backlinks from this. After a month we will update this list to include latest list includes following backlinks:Category – Article…………: 25000+Category – Blog Comment……. : 210000+Category – Directory………. : 250+Category – Document Sharing…: 3Category – Exploit…………: 1800+Category – Forum………….. : 5000+Category – Guestbook………. : 5000+Category – Image Comment……: 6500+Category – Indexer…………: 50000+Category – Microblog………. : 30+Category – Pingback……….. : 1000+Category – Referrer……….. : 35+Category – RSS……………. : 2Category – Social Bookmark…. : 40+Category – Social Network….. : 4000+Category – Trackback………. : 10000+Category – Unknown…………: 50+Category – URL Shortener……: 7000+Category – Video………….. : 1500+Category – Web 2. 0…………: 40+Category – Wiki……………: 900+Article Builder Review | Article Builder DiscountBuy Now – GSA SER Verified List – Instant DeliveryYou will receive a download link of a rar file with all the text files inside it, immediately after payment. Please make sure you check your spam for an email from Gumroad with delivery instructions. You can contact us here for any help: Contact Support

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